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#1. Why would my son want to participate in the GYFL?

Answer: The benefits are numerous. Our desire is to provide unprecedented exposure for youth football players to the high schools that they will attend in the future. We want to help each player be the best football player and student-athlete that he can possibly be. Participation in the GYFL accomplishes both of those goals if the athlete is dedicated. Exposure is the key to getting noticed by high schools and many GYFL activities occur in the winter, spring, and summer months, when high school football season are over. 
This allows high school coaches the chance to evaluate talent in a way that is impossible during the fall football season when they are all trying to win championships. Also, the exposure during the summer season will be phenomenal for those selected to the teams.  In addition, the training that we provide during those months will allow players to maximize their conditioning and skill set. We provide an outlet that allows serious football players to focus on football year around, the same way elite, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse players do.  They get more exposure, elite training, and the experience of a lifetime.
#2. What is the age group for participation in the GYFL?
Answer: For the contact portion of the football league, the age group is 12 to 15 (Can’t turn 15 before Jan 1 of the current year). No 9th graders are allowed in the contact league.  For the combine portion of the league, the age group is 7 to 15. The training and skills training referrals are for 7 to 15 year olds as well.
#3. How are the Teams selected?
Answer:  Prospects are encouraged to participate in a GYFL combine/mini-camp where they will be evaluated by GYFL GM’s, scouts and coaches. This will be their first and best opportunity to impress the decision makers.  There will be additional try-outs during the month of April for those who were unable to attend the combines for any reason.  For serious prospects, contact with youth coaches from the participants youth organization will be made and input included. 
In some cases, film will be evaluated in the selection process. Participants will be notified upon completion of all combines to let them know if they have been invited to the additional try-outs that will take place in th the month of April.  Each regional GM and Head Coach have different criteria for team selections.  Some make cuts, while other have active rosters and practice squads.  Contact the individual GM's and coaches regarding the specific procedures for your region.  Go to the All Star Team Pages for contact information.

#4. What is the cost for the combines and where are they located?
Answer: The cost is $100 per combine. The website has details and directions, but there will be combine opportunities to service each of the regions that we will have all star teams (Anne Arundel County, Baltimore Metro, Central Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Prince William County, and Southern MD). 
Regions are grouped according to location.  Combines will have between 3 and 4 Teams included.  Facilities are TBD on a yearly basis.  During March, the combines that will take place in indoor facilities. There may be combines in late March/April that will take place at high schools on field turf if necessary. See the website for details.

#5. How does a typical Combine/Mini-Camp work? 
Answer: Players will pre-register online, however there will be walk ups at the event. They will check in @ 8am and the combine testing portion will begin between 9am and 9:30am depending on the volume. There are 5 stations that will be tested (40 yard dash, pro agility shuttle, broad jump, L cone drill or vertical jump, and medicine ball throw). Prospects will be divided up by age group and report to their first station. All testing will commence. As each group finishes one station, they will move to the next station as a group and this will continue until all 5 stations have been completed. All results will be recorded and posted. 
We will break for an hour then come back to do the mini-camp portion in the afternoon. Prospects will be broken up by offensive position first, then be age. Quarterbacks and Receivers will work out together; linemen will work out together, and running backs. High school coaches will put the prospects through individual skills work for an hour. We will take a break and then move to defensive positional skills drills for the next hour. Evaluation forms will be filled out for each prospect for offense and for defense. These results will be recorded and posted. 

#6. Does a prospect have to play for the team in their region?

Answer: No. We encourage players to try out for the team in their region, if one exits (not all counties have a team yet). However, as long as they can make it practice they can play on any team.

#7. Can a prospect attend a combine in another region if there is a conflict with the date for his region, but still be eligible to play in his region?  
Answer: Prospects can attend any combine in any region and still be eligible for his local region. The registration forms for every combine has a field for the regional team of choice, so if a prospect from Prince Georges County can only make a combine in Montgomery County, his results will be submitted to the Prince George’s County GM and scouts for selection.
#8. Can a prospect attend multiple combines?
Answer: Yes, a prospect can attend as many combines as he likes. The highest scores will be taken from multiple combines and placed into 1 master result to be evaluated.
#9. Can a player benefit from GYFL if they don't make Spring Regional Team?
Answer: Yes. The goal is to get players as much exposure as possible and to help them become the best football players they can possibly be. There will be numerous high school coaches at each of our combines evaluating talent. Even those players that aren’t fortunate enough to make a team in any given year still have the opportunity to make an impression on coaches that they may be playing for in the future. In addition, the combine results give us a base for evaluating the needs of each athlete. Grassroots Football Training referrals will be available through July of every year for players of all ages to help them maximize their football talent whether they make a team or not.
In addition, we have an elite level Fall League run by traditional youth programs that a prospect will have a chance to play in.
#10. How can a prospect maximize his chances of making a Spring Regional Team?  

Answer: The GYFL will offer pre-combine training for all interested parties through referrals that will run from January to July during the evenings in selected high schools throughout the metro area. Parents and kids that want to be in the best shape possible and be trained by many of the scouts and former NFL players that will make the selections have a chance to get a head start on the completion.
Under the training tab on the home page, you will find the list of referrals for trainers that will be able to service your needs.
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