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2012 8th Grade FBU Team MD (Class of 2017) 2012 8th Grade FBU Team MD (Class of 2017)

The Grassroots Youth Football League concept is unique in nature and works a bit differently than most youth football leagues.  We would like to take a moment to walk you through the process so that you will understand exactly how the process works.

Contact Football Leagues:
Grassroots provides a number of activities and programs.  We offer the 11 on 11 contact football league for middle school age kids, which is played in the spring and summer (April - June). Prospects must be between 11 - 15 years of age, and in the 5th - 8th grade to be eligible to play.  We offer a Varsity League, that consists mainly of 8th Graders and elite 7th Graders.  The Junior Varsity League, consists of mainly 7th Graders and Elite 6th Graders.  We offer a Frosh League, that consists mostly of 6th Graders and elite 5th Graders.

We offer combines/mini-camps during the month of March that serve as showcases for ages 7 - 15.  The combines also serve as the initial try-outs for the spring league. However, they are open to all kids of all ages who are interested in football and want to get exposure to how we do it.  They offer opportunities to be coached by and recruited by some of the top High School Coaches in the area.

Since a picture is worth a Thousand Words, we thought we would provide a video for you to see how they work.

Training Sessions:
We also refer our prospects to training sessions with some of the best companies in the DMV.  These sessions prepare youth for the combines and/or prepare them for the spring/summer season or fall football season.  The initial training begins in January and runs through March.  During April through July, we offer both Speed, Strength and Agility training, as well as Positional Skills Training through a network of certified trainers and coaches.

All three programs work together for the overall development of the athlete, but they can also operate independently.  By that I mean that it is possible for a 13 year old athlete to focus only on training with us from January to July if the focus is just to get better as an athlete and football player.

In addition, it is possible for a 10 year old who is not old enough to be eligible to play in the league, to take advantage of the conditioning clinics in January - March, then attend a combine/mini-camp in March, where he has a chance to showcase his talents and compare himself against kids his age from his region and other regions.

It is also possible for a 13 year old to train January - March, attend a combine in march, try out for the all star team in his region in April, then play in the season from May - July.  The combinations of numerous, but an athlete can participate in 1, 2, or all 3 of the programs.

Once we get out of March, the training and combines are over and we transition into GYFL Season mode.

Spring Season:

*For the 2017 season, Combines held in March are mandatory in order to attend an official try-out or practice.  The combine benefits are endless, and details further explaining those can be found on a separate tab.  Click Here for that tab.

Spring Football League try-outs (practices) will begin in March/April.  Each regional GM and Coaching Staff has the option to schedule practices as they see fit as well as once the season starts. (Refer to each individual Team Page for the information regarding when and where they will practice.)

After try outs and practices, the teams will be selected and season play begins in April 2017.  Regular Season runs from April - June, with playoffs and a championship game.  

The GYFL runs similar to the NFL in many ways, particularly with regards to roster spots.  Just as the NFL allows teams to sign players at any point in the season, the GYFL keeps the rosters open past the first week of the Spring season, which means that technically a prospect will have the opportunity to try out for a team up until the 2nd week if the team has roster spots available.

Some teams have active squads and practice squads, but each team has the flexibility to run their program the way they see fit.  Contact the individual GM's and coaches on the All Star Team Pages to find out the process for the a specific region.

For 2017, we have teams in the following regions: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore Metro, Central PA, Delaware, District of Columbia, Fairfax County, Frederick County, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Prince William County, and Southern MD.

While the season is in session for the players that made the teams, practice will take place 2 to 3 days per week.  Positional Skills Training Sessions and Speed, Strength and Agility Training will be taking place at least 2 times per week. 

For those that don't make a team because they are not age eligible, or perhaps were not big enough, fast enough, strong enough, or skilled enough, the months of April - July provide a great opportunity to focus on the training necessary to improve as a football player and be prepared to have a successful season in the fall.

Fall Season:

Once the Spring season is over, athletes will have a short break before reporting back to Grassroots for Evaluations in July to be a part of our Fall youth league, which is purely spectacular. That Fall League runs from September to the middle of November.

We take one weekend off in October to produce the Burning Sands, which is a full contact showcase event that is one of a kind. Words do not do the Burning Sands justice, so we are attaching a Video for you to review.

We play Thursday Night Showcase Games on SEN Television so the world can see the GYFL.  There is one playoff weekend and a Championship before we roll into the Post Season

Post Season All Star Opportunities:

After the fall season ends in November, we roll right into the Post Season Activities.  We select kids from our Fall League for the youth Crab Bowl, and the Football University National Championship Teams in Maryland and Northern VA.  Our top athletes will compete for National Championships in December in Naples, Fl.

Our best kids also have exclusive access to the Under Armour 8th Grade All American Bowl in Orlando, Florida immediately following the HS Under Armour All American Game.

In addition, they have exclusive access to the FBU 8th Grade and Freshman All American Games, which are played in San Antonio, in conjunction with the US Army All American Game.

The best of our best also have a chance to play in the USA Football International Bowls in AT&T Stadium during Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

Starts All Over in the New Year:

Athletes will take another short break before Grassroots begins in January with the training sessions designed to get them in shape for the next Grassroots season.  The process starts all over again.  We call them Conditioning Clinics.

High School Alums:

It doesn't end for our HS Grassroots alums.  Once they enter HS, they will continue to train with our training partners during conditioning clinics, and speed, strength and agility training from January through July. In Feb/March our alums prepare to compete for invitations to some of the top national showcase events in the country like the Rivals Camp Series, VTO Showcases, and Nike Football Training Camps.  The only way to get invitations to some of those next level events is by excelling throughout the Grassroots life cycle.

At the end of their HS Careers our kids have exclusive access to the Nike Opening Finals in Oregon, HS Crab Bowl, the HS Capitol Bowl, the US Army All American Game, the Under Armour All American Game, and the USA Football North American Championships.

There is simply no other youth league quite like the GYFL.



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