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Need Your Support!

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Calling All Grassroots Supporters:

This goes out to all of the Grassroots Nation.  We need the help of all the alums, all of the parents, and all of the supporters of the entire Grassroots Initiative.  I don't say Grassroots Youth Football League because the GYFL is only a part of the real initiative.  As important as the league is to the youth of the DMV, it only scratches the surface of what we are really trying to accomplish.

Those that have heard me speak or read any of my messages about the goal for the league, have heard me talk about creating a path to get to college and using the God Given football talent as a means to an end.  Everyone that knows me is aware of how much I believe a college degree can give our kids an advantage when they play their last football game and step into the real world, just as it did for me.

FBU and Crab Bowl Athlete Support:

The All Star Teams play a role in the entire process positioning student athletes to compete for college scholarships in the future.  Throughout our evaluations of youth in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes each year, the All Star selections represent who we believe to be at the top of the classes in any given year.  Only the top players from each class will be in line to get those scholarships when they leave high school.  Where they are projected in middle school does NOT guarantee where they will be projected in high school, but if they are at the top of their classes in middle school, continue to work hard on and off the field and continue to develop, there is no reason why they won't be at the top of their classes during their junior and senior years when the offers are on the line.

With that being said, being selected for any one of our All Star Teams is a blessing and a tremendous opportunity for these young student athletes that can change their destinies.  The life experience, the confidence, and the memories that will be gained by participating on these teams is invaluable.  The opportunities for next level exposure is incomparable at this age and we don't want any of the kids to miss out on these opportunities because their parents can't afford the registration fees, or the travel in the cases where it is applicable.

If any of you out there believe in what we are doing at Grassroots and you want to help us help these kids and parents, please support us.  We are providing a number of options for you to support.  If you are youth program that wants to help one of your kids with some of these expenses, we have options for you.  If you are a high school coach that is recruiting one or more of these kids and you or some of your alumni want to help, we have an option for.  If you are a parent of one of the kids who is playing and you can afford to help another, we have an option for you.  Lastly, and most importantly, if you are the parent of a Grassroots Alum who has benefited from any of the opportunities that we have provided and you want to help us help another family get to where you are, we have an option for you and we do need you!

Here are the options:

-You can contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and arrange to write a check to the non profit GYM Foundation (details about GYM Below).
-You can support and individual parent or child directly by contacting us and we will provide  you with athletes on rosters.
-You can make a donation via the GYFL Website to either the Grassroots Youth Football League, or the Grassroots Youth Mentoring Foundation
-A donation to the Foundation will provide you with a tax write off.
-At Checkout, you have the option to put the name of the student-athlete with all of the details to ensure the right person is credited.

  • CLICK HERE to support the Grassroots Youth Football League.
  • CLICK HERE to support the Grassroots Youth Mentoring Foundation


Grassroots Youth Mentoring Foundation Re-Launch:

As much as we need your short term and immediate support for the athletes participating in these All Star Games, that is not where our most pressing needs are.  All this talk of football and focus on football would lead many to believe that we at Grassroots are obsessed with football.  We want to re-launch a major initiative in the Winter and we are going to need your financial support more than ever.  But, as far as Grassroots being obsessed with football...............Nothing could be further from the truth.  We are not obsessed with football at all.  We are obsessed with helping young boys become productive men and leaders of the future.  That is our real mission and our only mission to be perfectly honest.  If football is not our main focus, then why do we spend so much time focusing on football, training, camps, games, new leagues, and National Championships?

Let me answer that for you in full because if you understand the answer and see what our true vision is, you may be truly inspired to want to help us achieve our goals because you will understand that if we are successful, your kids will be successful, and this world will be a better place when we leave here than it was when we arrived.  The answer to the question is very detailed and it is important that I share with you before asking for you support.

If you are already on board and you know fully well why we are here, and what we are really about and you know that you are ready to help:

  • CLICK HERE to support the Grassroots Youth Football League.
  • CLICK HERE to support the Grassroots Youth Mentoring Foundation

The REAL Vision and Purpose of Grassroots:

For those of you that are not fully aware of the Genesis of the GYFL and the GYM Foundation, the following paragraphs will be very beneficial for you to know.  Most of you don't know the full story because I haven't shared it with the masses until now.  After reading this piece, you will better understand why it is so critical that we fulfill our mission, and we can't complete it without you.

In 2002 when I was 35 years old, I was sitting with one of my greatest mentors on a Friday evening after work.  One thing that I have learned in my 46 years is that the best way to get to the next level in your life is to surround yourself with people that are at the level where  you are trying to go.  There are not many things more valuable in a young man's life than a mentor that God has implanted in his life for the sole purpose of sharing guidance and wisdom.  I have been very blessed to have men like that in my life since I was a child.  My father was my first mentor and he put me on the path to success, but he  needed other successful men to impart different levels of wisdom as I got older and exposed to new levels of life.  I thank God for all of those fine men that have mentored me.  None of them were perfect men, but they all had different strengths and weaknesses and I learned so much from all of them through the years.

My mentor at the time was also my employer and he sat me down on that fateful Friday evening and shared a conversation with me that changed my life forever.  He asked me a very basic question and it may seem quite simple on the surface, but there is nothing simple about what he asked me.  He said the following to me, "If you hit the lottery for $100 Million Dollars and you never had to work another day in your life for money.......... what would you do with your time?

Seems very simple on the surface.  My first thoughts were that I would buy myself a Mansion, buy the flyest cars, travel all over the world, etc., etc.  He laughed at me for a few seconds, and then he asked a follow up question that made it much more challenging for me.  He said, "After you finish buying all of the material things that you could possibly buy, and travelled to every exotic destination that you ever wanted to visit, and given money to every person and charity you wanted to help, and you still had more millions than you could ever spend in ten lifetimes......... what would you do with your time?

I was dumfounded.......  I really had no idea what to do with my time.  I could try to find ways to spend a fraction of the money, but I never thought about what I would actually do with my time and my days if I never had a need for money.  Everything in my life until that point had seemed like a chase to be successful.  Being successful meant earning money and having everything that I wanted right?  It seemed like every minute of every day of my life up to that point had been chasing success.   Well, if I was able to attain success a $100 Million times over, what would I do with those minutes and those days?  I had absolutely no idea.  My mentor could see that I was dumfounded so he gave me a hint, and then he made it interesting.   He said that he wanted me to think about the most fulfilling experience that I ever had.  He didn't want me to focus on the most fun I had ever had, but the most fulfilling experience.  Could I think of something that I ever did that just made me feel special on the inside?  Maybe it made me cry tears of joy.  Was there something that overwhelmed me with peace and joy?  Was there ever a job that I had that made me feel special?  Was there an organization that I volunteered for that made me feel worthwhile?  Was there an event that had an impact on my heart and soul that I could never forget?

Mind you, he was my employer at one of the top accounting firms in the DC area that he owned and he paid me a very nice salary to provide auditing services for some major contracts.  I had a very comfortable lifestyle at the time.  When I said he made it interesting for me, he told me that he was going to give me the weekend to think about it and when I came into work on Monday morning he wanted an answer and he was serious about this.  I had no idea at the time that he was trying to get me to find out what my destiny was.  I really didn't understand what destiny was to be honest.  I thought my destiny was to be successful, but I had no real clue at 35 what destiny was all about and how important it was.  All I knew was that my boss had given me a directive and he seemed real serious about it, so I took it seriously.

From Friday night, all through Saturday and deep into Sunday, I pondered what I would do with my time if I never had to work for money again.  Finally, it began to unfold for me.  When I first graduated from college, I had dreams of making it big in the sports management industry.   Prior to that I was going to be an NFL Football Player without a doubt.  I spend my youth career, high school career, and part of my college career chasing the NFL dream.  I was getting very close to it too, before I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia during the summer of my rising Junior Year at Maryland.  That is a story for another day and I will write a book about it one day, but for now just know that my NFL Dreams came to a streaking halt with the news that I had blood cancer at 20 years of age.  After I got over the depression and realized that I was going to live, I had to begin chasing new dreams and my dream was to be in the sports management business.  If I was successful at that, I would be able to stay close to the game and make a good living doing something that I loved to do.

After college, I was working as an intern on commission for one of the top upcoming agencies, but I was not getting paid.  I had to find a job and I had a contact with the District of Columbia government at the Department of Employment Services.  Mayor Barry's Youth Leadership Institute was a place that I worked the two previous summers before graduation making $12.00 per hour, which seemed like a lot of money back in college days.  There was full time job opportunity available and I was able to get the job.  I made $19,000 a year being a Youth Trainer for the MBYLI and I absolutely fell in love with it.  I was living at home with my mother and not making much money, but I was a professional mentor and was responsible for the development of young people in the District of Columbia.  We taught them Life Skills, Leadership Skills, and we mentored the young men and women between the ages of 12 - 18.  I absolutely fell in love with the kids and in love with what I was doing.  I was truly giving back and being able to share my experiences with those kids was truly fulfilling. 

My personal story of overcoming Leukemia and playing 2 sports at the University of Maryland inspired them.  They clung to my every word and I was excited to get to work every day of my life because I knew that I was making a difference and young kids were looking up to me and respecting me for more than just my athletic ability.  While I was fulfilling my spirit from 9am - 5pm, I was still chasing my dreams from 7pm - 11pm on weekdays and every weekend.  I was excited to be able to recruit players like Sam Cassell, Joe Smith, Randolph Childress, and Tim Duncan.  I was in the game and I was very good at it too.  In 1995, when Joe Smith was a Sophomore at Maryland and was the #1 NBA draft prospect, the agency I was affiliated with realized how important Joe could be to the company.  They also realized that I was at a disadvantage having to work a full time job and recruit the #1 player in the nation part time.   They offered me a full time position and my career was about to take off. 

I had to chase that opportunity and I left MBYLI.  Everyone as the Institute was happy for me and supported the move.  I cried when I left because I loved the kids so much, but I knew that I had to chase my dream of being successful and I did just that.  The stories about my time in the industry are truly book worthy and one day I will get around to putting that story in writing as well, but that is for another day.

I had a lot of success in the industry and it lasted for a while, but I had my share of failures as well, and by the time I got around to 2002, I was out of the business and working full time in an accounting firm for my boss and mentor.  The answer to his question hit me like a ton of bricks late on a Sunday night!  If I never had to work for money again, I would volunteer at the newly named Youth Leadership and Development Insitute!!  On Monday morning I want in and told my mentor exactly that and I was excited about it.  I had no idea what he had in store for me but we sat down and I told him all about how much I had learned in the last 10 years through all of the ups and downs of my life.  But, my memories of the Youth Leadership Institute were all fond ones.  Nothing made me happier in my life than to mentor young men and women and share my experiences with them. 

There was no question that kids were where my heart truly was and if I could spend the rest of my life working with kids, that is what I would do.   He thanked me for my response and told me to get back to work on my audit.   I was kind of shocked to be honest.  I thought there was going to be something at the end of the rainbow for all of that thought over the weekend (LOL).  No vacation time..... No nice lunch or dinner at Ruth's Chris....... nothing but, "get back to work."

The next day he came into my office with a stack of documents.  It was the application for a 501c3 Non Profit designation, a ton of other paperwork on non-profits, and a new laptop computer.  He told me that I was going to start my own Non-Profit Organization.  He said that it would be up to me to design the concept, create the company, acquire the Non-Profit status, learn how to fundraise, and launch the organization.  He said that he would pay my full salary for the next year to give me a chance to get it off the ground and funded.  He told me that I was to turn all of my current audit work over to one of my collegues and begin the development of the foundation that day!  I told him that I didn't know ANYTHING about starting a foundation.   He told me that anything that I needed to know could be found at the end of a Google Search....... and he was gone.

I was in a state of shock!  After gathering my thoughts, and doing some serious praying, it finally was revealed to me that my mentor had helped me find the path to my mission and purpose in life!  I was NOT destined to be a football player.   How can your destiny be something that you are too old to do at 30 years of age if you make it to the HIGHEST level?  My destiny was not to be an auditor.  How can your destiny be something that you don't even enjoy doing?  I realized on that day that my destiny was to mentor kids.  Over the course of the next week, I came up with a mission statement for Mike Anderson, a name for the Non-Profit, and began the process of developing an entity that would one day make an impact on the world that we know.

My personal mission statement is to be a positive, motivational, and inspirational force in the lives of young people.  God revealed that to me in the spring of 2002 and I have not wavered from it since the very day.  Have I gone through a ton of changes?  No doubt.  Has the name of my Non-Profit changed?  Absolutely.   Did my initial plan come to fruition?  Absolutely not.  But, the good news is that I am still here and I still have the same purpose and with your help, we will make it a reality.  BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

To finish up the story and bring it to the present, I created the GYM Foundation in 2002.  The Acronym stood for Growing Young Minds.  It was an unbelievable concept that brought many of the components of the Youth Leadership Institute together, combined with a more intense Life Skills piece, an academic enrichment piece, a Health and Wellness component, and a subtle but powerful spiritual component that would bless kids from all religious backgrounds without being overbearing whatsoever.  After 4 months, I had the 501c3 and we were on the hunt for the financial support that we needed to make it a reality.   We had no intention on trying to get wealthy from the organization, but in order to make it succeed, we needed capital for salaries, expenses, etc.   We wrote grants..... We applied for funding from everywhere we could find, but after 9 months we could not raise one red cent for the worthwhile program.

Not only were we having problems finding the funding, we were having an even more difficult time drawing interest from the youth of DC.  Kids were not volunteering to sign up for after school tutoring sessions, evening exercise classes, and an intensive summer leadership program to help them prepare for life.  I realized that one of our serious issues was going to be that we were not a part of the summer jobs program like the Youth Leadership Institute was.  Kids were making $5.00 an hour to participate in the summer program and although they benefitted tremendously in the long run, most were there for the money initially.  We were not in position to pay any kids for our program.  After the 10th month, we had no money on the horizon, and very few kids who were interested.  My deal with my mentor was salary for 12 months and if we made it, I would be self sufficient. 

If we didn't make it, my family would be in trouble.  To say that I was beginning to panic was an understatement.  About midway through month 11, the fear overtook me.  As much as I loved kids and wanted to mentor,  I had a 4 year old daughter and a wife that I had to provide for and my dream was not working.  I was heartbroken when I went back to my mentor and told him that I had failed and I could not get it done.  I needed my old job back and the security that it provided for my family.

We never discussed what went wrong.  I tucked my tail between my legs and put my dreams on the back burner.  I thought it was over, but over the next 5 years as I went back into the accounting and auditing world, I realized that you can't run away from destiny.  You can't avoid it.  You can't escape it.  You can't hide from it, and you most certainly can't quit on destiny.  No matter how difficult it may get...........No matter how much you have to sacrifice............No matter how many tears you may cry, or how many sleepness nights that you have.   When it is truly your destiny to do something and be something, you must find a way to bring it to reality.  You must adapt.......You must change.......... You must fight............But, when it is all said and done, you must find a way to make it come to pass.  If God gave it to you to accomplish, He will provide all that you need to accomplish it, and you don't have the option to run to safety and hide.  Trust me, I know this to be true.

What you all see me doing now is adapting and changing.  You see me fighting forces and people that are trying to stand in my way of blessing these kids.  I have no intention on losing this battle.  But, I NEED YOUR HELP!

If you don't need to know any more and are ready to help:

  • CLICK HERE to support the Grassroots Youth Football League.
  • CLICK HERE to support the Grassroots Youth Mentoring Foundation

From 2003 to about 2005, I tried to run and hide in the security of a good job.   I was making good money, but there was a hole in my soul because I knew I was not living the purpose that God put me here for.  I was not blessing any kids.  I was not being a positive, motivational, or inspirational force in the lives of young people.  When you are blessed enough to find your purpose and your destiny, but you are not living it, you have not peace or happiness.  I knew what I had to do.  I had to adapt.  I had to be creative.  I had to process and think about why it didn't work in 2002.   I began to pray harder than I have every prayed before and God began revealing a new plan for me.  It was a plan using one of the oldest and most effective tactics in history.  It is called Bait and Switch!

It started with the kids.  My biggest problem was not that I couldn't generate the funding.  If I had all the funding in the world, but had no kids, we would have not been successful.  I had to find a way to draw kids to me like bees to honey.  How could I draw tons of kids?  It hit me like a ton of bricks......... I could draw them through sports!  That is what they love.  That was what I loved.  For the next year I studied the phenomenon of AAU Basketball.   There was a lot of negativity associated with AAU Basketball, but nobody could deny that every time there was a big tournament there were thousands of kids and parents flocking to the gyms.  I saw the same dynamic withTtravel Baseball, Club Soccer, Lacrosse and all of the other sports.   Each one of the other major sports had an Elite, Select, All Star Level and kids flocked to those Elite Level Clubs during every season.  I realized that there was NOTHING like that for Football!!!!!

What if I could create an elite Football League that would provide next level competition, next level coaching, and next level opportunities for kids that were serious about playing football at the high school and college level?  If I could pull that off and provide for the kids and parents what they needed, I would have a pool of kids to launch my Life Skills and Leadership Program with.  If the league was successful enough and I made it something that every kid felt like he must be a part of, then I could make participation in my Foundation mandatory and all of them would take part in it whether they actually wanted to or not.  In the same way that DC kids came to the Youth Leadership Insitute for the $5.00, but walked away changed for life, I would be able to do the same thing with my football players.  They would come for the football, but leave with Life Skills and Leadership Skills that would change them for life. 

We could touch girls through a Cheerleading Program that we would launch, and expand to even more kids when we expanded into Marching Bands!!!!  God was revealing a grand vision for me around 2006.  I knew that if my vision could work, I would create a database with hundreds of kids and parents that would trust and love us for what we had done for their kids on the football field.  I knew that when I finally introduced the Foundation components to them, that many of those kids and parents would jump on board.  I believed that many of the parents would even support the Foundation financially.

I also believed that if we could create the most successful youth football league in the DMV, that we would be much more attractive to sponsors, investors, and even donors.  We have some of the best schools in the country right here in the DMV.  Many of the alums are some of the most successful businesspeople in the country.  Our society is obsessed with football, just as I used to be.  I thought that we would be very attractive to some of the alums from some of the top institutions in the DMV if we could show them that not only are we producing the best student-athletes in the region, but we are producing young men and women that were preparing to be leaders of our society one day. 

I thought that those alums would want many of our kids to attend their schools to not only make their athletic programs better, but to also add diversity and academic excellence to their schools.  If we could do that, we would be a very attractive option for them for donations and tax write offs.  By the time I got to 2008, I was convinced that they way to adapt and revive my passion, my mission, and my purpose was to go about developing a State of the Art Youth Football Program that would captivate the region and revolutionize the way football is played in the DMV.

I believed that if I could make that happen, there would come a point in time, where we would be ready to unveil the true purpose of the Grassroots Nation.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we launched the Grassroots Youth Football League in the Spring of 2010 and we have just completed our 4th Spring Season.  Our alums, who were 8th graders in 2010 are not rising Senior and are some of the most highly recruited Student Athletes in the region bar none.  The Football Portion of the dream has become a reality for these kids!!!!!  The dream of drawing kids and parents to us like flies has been accomplished.  We successfully launched our JV league this Spring, which was the prelude to launching of the best Fall Youth Football League that the DMV has ever seen.  We are about to launch that in September and it will be phenomenal.........  Now it is time to re-launch the GYM Foundation!!!!  To do so, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

If you know that you are ready to help:

  • CLICK HERE to support the Grassroots Youth Football League.
  • CLICK HERE to support the Grassroots Youth Mentoring Foundation

Current Reality:

The name is no longer Growing Young Minds.  We have changed the acronym to the Grassroots Youth Mentoring Foundation.  We have had our 501c3 designation for the new GYM Foundation since 2011, but we have been unable to launch due to finances.   As successful as the GYFL has been for the kids, you can not even begin to imagine how difficult it has been for me and for my family to survive on.   God has found a way every year to keep us in play, but we are just scraping by family.  Don't be fooled by the elite fields, the two athletic trainers on both sidelines, the announcers, the referees, the uniforms, the trophies and all of the other things that you see on Saturdays and Sundays.  We are so committed to these kids and them having an elite experience that we put every penny that we generate back into the league first and foremost, and we try to live on whatever is left.   We are that committed to what we are doing and we are going to stay that committed, but for us to go to the next level that we need to get to, we have to be able to do more than just Survive from month to month.  We must be able to Thrive, instead of just survive and we can't do that without your help.

If we continue to just Survive, we will never be able to launch the GYM Foundation.  That is not an option for us.  We are not here to just do football for kids.  We use football to draw them.  We use football to open doors for them that nobody can close.  We use football to provide High School Financial Aid.  We use football to get College Scholarship Offers.  We use football to help kids create brand names that will make them marketable in the real world.  But, all of their football careers will be over when they are very young, even if they are the 1 in 10,000 High School kids that will make it to the NFL.  We are trying to prepare them for the real world and to make an everlasting impact.  Football can give them and advantage and open doors, but it can't keep them there.  They must be bigger than football players and the GYM Foundation is the tool to help them become bigger than football players.  The GYFL will open the doors, and the GYM will ensure that they thrive when they get there.

If the GYFL is able to reach the success level that it has the potential to reach, not only will it be able to open doors, but we pray that it will be a multimillion dollar, multi-state, business conglomerate one day so that when your kids graduate from college after a full scholarship with a degree in advertising, they will be able to come back and work in our advertising department.  If the GYFL is successful at that level, they will be able to use their accounting degree in our accounting department, or their marketing degree in our marketing department.  We want GYFL Alums to get Law Degrees and come back to work in our Law Department.  We want GYFL alums to become surgeons and perform operations on the current GYFL players, etc., etc.  I hope that you are all beginning to see the Grand Vision!

If you are, then you understand why we need your support so bad.  Doing it the way we have done it for 4 years has been good, but not great.  On our own, we generate just enough to survive most months.  To see our GYFL vision come to full reality and be in position to employ our babies in the future, we need your help to begin to Thrive, and not just survive.

To reach our true mission, WE MUST Launch the GYM Foundation and we must do it soon.  We want our first project to be a Health & Wellness Tour in the schools and recreation centers beginning in January when school starts back up.   We want to launch a youth fitness initiative, but it is going to cost money.  We have to get our website up and running and that costs money.  We want to launch our after school tutorial program and academic enrichment component next September, but that costs money.  During the Summer of 2014 we want to launch our intensive Summer Life Skills and Leadership Program as soon as the kids get out of school where we will be teaching curriculum components like Conflict Resolution, Personal Growth and Development, Etiquette Training, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship Curriculum, etc., etc.  There is so much to tell you, but my fingers are getting tired and I am sure you have enough information to decide to support us or not.

The Program is going to be absolutely phenomenal, but we cant' do it without you!!

GYFL Support:

You can support is in a variety of ways.  You can provide sponsorship, or donations to the GYFL to help the league grow and prosper.  We have kids that can't afford the registration fees.  We need new uniforms.  We need to pay for facilities.  We need to have an awards banquet (could not afford it this year).  We have so many needs as we move into year round football and if you want to help us in the form of a donation, CLICK HERE to be directed to our shopping cart where you can donate anywhere from $5.00 to $1,000.

If you are interested in a sponsorship package, CLICK HERE to see the sponsor benefits and be directed to a list of our different sponsor packages.  Packages can be tailor made for you upon request.

If you are interested in investing and becoming an equity partner with the league, we are interested in hearing from you.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

GYM Foundation Support:

If you are interested in helping the Non-Profit, you can also receive a tax write off for your support.  CLICK HERE to be directed to our shopping cart where you can donate anywhere from $5.00 to $10,000.

For amounts higher than $10,000 please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you are interested in Sponsoring the GYM Foundation, we are in the process of developing sponsorship packages, similar to what we are offering for the GYFL.  Again, please contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  Our 501c3 number is located on the payment page in the shopping cart for your tax write off.


In conclusion family, the time is now for us to move.  If we have done anything at all to support you and your son over the last 4 years, we need your help now.  No amount is too small, as every dollar is significant.  This is a ministry for us and just like your church needs for you to support it in order to fulfill it's purpose in the community, Grassroots does as well.  I chose not to just put a post out asking for money.  I wanted you all to understand what motivates us and what we are attempting to get accomplished for your sons.

This is a cradle to grave ministry for us and we are not done with your sons until they have made a successful transition into the real world and at that point, we will encourage them to come back and help us provide for the next generation what we tried to provide for them.

We appreciate you all so much and we love you guys!  Please spread the word to every person that you know, GYFL alum or not.  Spread to businesspeople, friends, family, and whoever you believe are as in love with these kids as we are.  Send to your pastors and parishioners.  Send to your politicians.  Send it to you doctors, dentists, and lawyers.  I promise that we will not let you down.  We will use the money for what it is intended for and we will make this dream a reality.

We believe that elite athletes have a unique opportunity to truly change the world because so many kids look up to them.  If the GYFL and the GYM Foundation can have a profound impact on the truly elite athletes, the rest of the athletes who model after them will fall in line, and the rest of the kids will follow suit.  We have a unique opportunity to change our world and use the student-athletes to do so, but we can't do that with just football.  We need the GYM Foundation, and the GYM Foundation NEEDS YOU!

Thanks and God Bless,


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