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Fall League 2018 Featured

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We have some of the best youth clubs in the DMV participating with us in the Fall! We have some of the best youth clubs in the DMV participating with us in the Fall!

2018 GYFL Member Organizations

DMV Academy (Frosh)                   DMV Academy (JV)               Metro Va Raiders (Varsity)
Maryland Seahawks (Frosh)            Maryland Heat (JV)                 Maryland Heat (Varsity)
TSA  Blitz (Frosh)                            TSA Blitz (JV)                        TSA Blitz (Varsity)


2018 Non League Opponents

Frankfurt Chargers (Frosh)               Landover Seminoles (JV)       Central Va Hurricanes (Varsity)
utztown Cougars (Frosh)               West Va Elite (JV)                   757 Colts (Varsity) 
Lawncrest Lion (Frosh)                    Millersville Blue Devils(JV)   
San Antonio Outlaws  (Varsity)        
                                                                                                           Atlanta Ducks (Varsity)
                                                                                                           IE Ducks (Varsity)   

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Click Here to view the Frosh Schedule/Standings

Click Here to view the JV Schedule/Standings

Click Here to view the Varsity Schedule/Standings

In the Fall of 2018, we will unveil latest version of The Grassroots Youth Football League. This will be our 6th year playing Fall Football. We started in the Spring of 2010 and after 4 years of exclusive Spring Football, the demand of our organizations was so significant that we had to create a boutique or "niche" league exclusively for those coaches and athletes who had become addicted to the "Select/All Star" format and wanted us to move into the Fall.

We had spoiled our partners in the Spring with the Grassroots Style of Football, so we answered the call and launched the first Fall GYFL League in 2013 with only 4 Organizations.  After a successful year two in 2014, we expanded with other programs that fit our profile.  We will continue to expand as needed in future years.  So to all of the youth clubs reading this, we are not in competition with you.  We serve a niche population of student athletes.  We would love to join forces with you in the future.  Contact us if you are interested in joining us at some point at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

For now, we are excited about what we are about to do in year 6.  There has never been a league quite like this in the history of the DMV.  We are not better or worse than any league.  We are different and serve a different profile of player.  This league is attractive to the truly elite athletes that love intense competition, and dream about being Under Armour All Americans, UA Army All Americans, or representing their country in the USA Football North American Championship one day at the conclusion of their HS careers.


The kids and parents that believe they have what it takes to be a 6th Grade Crab Bowl All Star, a 7th Grade Team USA Football All Star, an 8th Grade Under Armour All American, or a 9th Grade FBU All American.  The kids that want to play for an FBU National Championship at 6th, 7th, or 8th Grade or play in Battle Sports Battle of the DMV during Thanksgiving Weekend, are the ones that GYFL was designed for.  If those are some of the dreams that your kids have, then Grassroots is the ONLY place to be.

We will only touch a small percentage of the elite talent in the region and will not impact the majority of football leagues that cater to the masses of football players. We only have 3 divisions (Frosh, JV, Varsity), with a max of clubs in each division along with outstanding non league game from other parts of the country. We will not have any more than 30 players per team, which means that with clubs the maximum number of kids we will have in any division will be minor.  

If you are a parent or athlete and are interested in learning more about the GYFL Fall League, the first thing you need to do is PRE-REGISTER by CLICKING HERE NOW.

Here are the GYFL Fall 2018 League Highlights:

  • Top Notch Coverage of ALL Games by the will be provided.
    • Live Game Announcing by Chad Ricardo of the Ricardo Report & Broadcast Team
    • Statistics and highlights on the Chad Ricardo Report
    • Weekly interviews and profiles of top athletes on website
    • Game Day Pre-Game and Post Game Desk Shows by Chad's Staff
    • Sideline reporting by Chad's Staff
    • Live Internet streams of the Game of the Week by DMV Red Zone
    • Pre-Season and Post Season interviews and coverage by The Ricardo Report
  • Significant Discounts on Team Cleats and Gear for Grassroots Coaches and Programs
  • All Games on Turf Fields at Elite HS Facilities
  • Frosh, JV and Varsity Games played back to back on same field every week, with marquee games under the lights so the High School Coaches can scout with no conflicts
  • HS Federation Rules
  • Top Notch Regional Competition
  • Exposure to Top Area High Schools and National Recruitment Services (Rivals, SEN, ESPN150, 24/7 Sports, NextGen, Youth1, FBU, VTO Sports, MaxPreps, Scout, Maryland,, etc.)
  • Only officially scouted league for Battle of the DMV, and FBU State All Star Teams for MD and Northern VA.
    • Grassroots Coaches get first priority on all All Star Game coaching slots.
    • Grassroots Coaches get exclusive access to U of Maryland Coaches Clinics
  • Prelude to the USA Football International Bowls, The Under Armour Youth All American Game, the FBU Youth All American Game, US Army HS All American Game, Under Armour HS All American Game.

League Structure (Age Cutoffs):

  • Frosh League: Primarily 6th Graders & Elite 5th Graders (May not turn 13 before August 1st)
  • JV League: Primarily 7th Graders & Elite 6th Graders (May not turn 14 before August 1st)
  • Varsity League: Primarily 8th Graders & Elite 7th Graders (May not turn 15 before August 1st)

Notes and Application Guidelines:

  • The age cutoffs are exceptions, not the rule.
  • We traditionally have 6th Graders in Frosh, 7th Graders in JV, and 8th Graders in Varsity.
  • But the age cutoffs have been established for those exceptions.
  • The #1 prerequisite to league positioning is the athletes Ability Level.
  • We WANT them to improve and kids don't improve by playing down when they can play their age/grade.
  • So we evaluate the birthday when evaluating the exceptions, but don't use that exclusively, and it is not the 1st cut.
  • Practical Example to apply to all Division Decisions:
    • Start with grade and then let's begin to evaluate.  For example let's look at a Generic 7th Grader.
    • Initial Evaluation:
      • Is he big enough to play Junior Varsity and compete?
      • Is he skilled enough to play Junior Varsity and compete?  He could be big but not very good.
      • If he is a 7th Grader and is big enough and skilled enough to compete, he will play JV regardless of age.
    • But what if he is a freak and would simply dominate JV and could compete at Varsity?
      • We play him up so he can improve, regardless of his age.
    • What if he is in the 7th Grade but is NOT big enough or skilled enough to compete at JV?
      • That is when we look at his age.  If he does not turn 13 before August 1st, he is age eligible for Frosh.
      • He is one that the competition committee would sign off on for Frosh Eligibility.
    • We would not just sign off on him playing Frosh just because he is age eligible.
    • That does NOT help him develop to his full potential as a football player. 
    • It may stack the team and help them win on a technicality, but it is not good for the athlete or the league.
  • This is a practical example of why the rules were developed this way.

New Plans and Goals for 2018!!!!

We had the most amazing year in 2017. People want to know if we can even come close to replicating what we did.  If we can secure the best of the best talent from the DMV area, we are confident that we can.  But we need YOU to get this done!!!! Calling All Ballers.......

There are still roster spots available on our member organizations.  If  you are interested in joining the most elite league in the DMV you must do two things:

  1. Fill out the MANDATORY Pre-Registration List by CLICKING HERE
  2. Reach out to the regional Contact below that you are interested in (Listed Below):


#1. FBU Gave us 3 National Championship Teams for the Tournament. Team Maryland, Team Virginia, and Team Delaware are now run by all GYFL Organizations!!!  The core kids for those teams will be selected from the 2018 Fall GYFL League, as well as the FBU All Americans from the DMV. FBU NC and All American Games will take place in sunny Naples, Florida the week before Christmas.


Check the FBU Box...

#2. Under Armour witnessed the unbridled success of the GYFL and put us on the selection committee for the 2019 UA Next 8th Grade All American game.  Not only have they taken full control of their game, but they have entrusted GYFL to help select the players from across the country!!!  

Of course we believe the best kids in the DMV play in the GYFL. So we will start inside the league to find the best of the best from this area. If they are not already in they league they would be wise to join asap.  Under Armour All American Game takes place in Orlando, Florida immediately following the HS Game at the Citrus Bowl during the first week in January.


Check the Under Armour Box.....

#3. USA Football watched us closely and asked for us to partner with them on selections for their International Bowls for U14 (7th Grade) through U16 (9th Grade).  The games take place in Dallas TX at Jerry World on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday weekend, which is the 3rd week of January 2018!  Of course the core of those selected will be the best of the best from the Fall 2017 GYFL League.


Check the USA Football Box...

#4. The Battle of the DMV presented by Battle Sports is coming!!!! It will be the first year of the Tournament so that has been no Graphic for it yet.  But there will be a 4 Team Tournament (North, South, East, West) that will compete for Regional Supremacy.

Check the Battle Box!!


GYFL has the ammunition to do the unthinkable, which is to outdo what we did in 2017. With just the 4 opportunities listed above (There are more!), we plan to blow the doors off in 2018. 


Actual Tentative Schedule for 2018 Fall:

  • Official Season Opener Thursday Sep 8th.
  • There will be games on Sunday 16th, Saturday the 22nd, the 29th of September.
  • We have a week of Oct 6 for the Burning Sands.
  • Chad Ricardo will be on the Mic.
  • 2 more Reg Season Saturdays Oct 13th and 20th.  
  • Playoffs Oct 27th.
  • Championship Sunday Nov 4th to be free for WCAC Playoffs on Sat.

Post Season Schedule:

  • FBU Practice begins the week of November 5th!!
  • The Battle of the DMV takes place Thanksgiving weekend. The tournament is November 22nd - 24th.
  • FBU opening weekend Dec 1st and 2nd at Wise HS.
  • Winner goes to Naples Dec 17th -21st to play National Championships and FBU All American Games.
  • 8th Grade Under Armour All Americans (UA Next Game) prepare to leave for Orlando right after Christmas for the game the first week in January.
  • 7th and 8th Grade USA Football International Bowl All Stars travel to Dallas, TX for the Bowl Games at Jerry World the week of January 12th - 19th.

Begin Training to prepare for March GYFL Combines.

That is all for now.  I have laid it out and explained it the best way I know how.  I am always accused of being long winded.  I just love these kids so much and I want you parents to be informed about the "Matrix" that is big time football.  There is so much that you don't know and my job is to share the information with you.  It is up to you to do your research and make the decision on what you want for your son's.  

Research requires reading, patience, and understanding.  It can't be successfully done in 180 characters.  You will never be able to say that Coach Mike didn't try to tell you though.  The ball is in your court now.  We have no regional boundaries.  You have no excuses.

If there are ANY more questions about our credibility and track record, all you need to do is CLICK THIS PARAGRAPH and read what the Baltimore Sun had to say about Grassroots and read the "Who's Who" of alums who have received College Scholarship Offers since our inception.

There are still roster spots available.  If  you are interested in joining the most elite league in the DMV you must do two things:

  1. Fill out the MANDATORY Pre-Registration List by CLICKING HERE
  2. Reach out to the regional Contact below that you are interested in (Listed Below):



Baltimore Metropolitan & Surrounding Areas

Tackle Sports Academy Blitz (TSA Blitz) Select
Contact: Jamaal Ebron
Cell: 443-413-1179
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

District of Columbia & Surrounding Areas

DMV Academy
Contact: Dante Settles
Cell: 202-725-0198
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prince Georges County MD & Surrounding Areas

Maryland Seahawks
Contact: Jarvis Thomas
Cell: 202-658-0077
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prince William County VA & Surrounding Areas

Metro Va Raiders
Contact: Jwan Banks
Cell: 571-398-1440
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Southern MD/DC & Surrounding Areas

Maryland Heat
Contact: Terrance Byrd
Cell: 240-346-6555
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fill out the MANDATORY Pre-Registration List by CLICKING HERE

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