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Burning Sands Invitational

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We had a unique situation with regards to the selection of the 8th Grade Team and we had to handle it in a unique manner.

We had far too many exceptional players to cut down to 35.   Instead of trying to cut down arbitrarily and make team decisions, we decided to create an event that will allow kids to compete and earn those coveted spots.

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The Burning Sands Invitational

  • We needed to see the kids in pads to make the Final selections.  All HS coaches public and private are invited.
  • On Sunday October 21st we had the 1st Annual “Burning Sands” Invitational.
  • The venue was the API Training Facility in Gambrills MD from 2pm - 5pm. 
  • Athletes were required to bring a copy of the email invitation for admission into the event.
    Each Child came in full equipment.
    o  Each parent was asked to bring their child’s latest report card
    o  It was a college style practice session.
  • Within 48 hours after the event, team selection emails were sent to those who were selected, as well as those who will be placed on the alternate list.
  • Over 40 of the Top public and private school coaches from all over the DMV were on hand to scout the event. 
  • was on hand to scout the event.

This was a Can’t Miss event that changed the way 8th graders will be recruited in the future. This was a FREE event.  

Athletes COULD NOT pay to attend this event. It is truly INVITE ONLY.   Receiving an invitation to this event means that a prospect has already put himself in exclusive company as one of the best 8th grade football players in the DMV.  Invitations were given to student athletes that have either played in the Grassroots League, attended a Grassroots Combine or training session, attended one of the FBU Evaluations, were scouted by Grassroots representatives, or were nominated by a respected youth club coach.

The event was very similar to a Senior Bowl practice session for College Seniors trying to position themselves for the NFL Draft. College players who are invited to the Senior Bowl can attest to the fact that is during the week of practice that they are truly evaluated by hundreds of NFL Scouts.

The top HS coaches from all over the DMV were invited to this event and whether a child was selected as one of the final 35 or not, he had the opportunity to perform and audition for the top HS coaches in the Region.  Coaches were blown away by the talent!  "Mike, you changed the entire game with that event.  From now on everytime you have an event all of the High School coaches will have to be there because they know that all the other coaches will be there, and the top players will be there.  It was truly remarkable," said Elijah Brooks (DeMatha Head Varsity Coach).

We called the event "The Burning Sands" Invitational out of respect for all of the college students who have ever pledged to become a member of a Fraternity.  The pledging process can be extremely grueling and difficult, just has this decision on team selection has been for us.  For those pledges that make it to the end of the process, the last step before induction into the fraternity is a ritual called, "Crossing The Burning Sands."

One can't just apply for a fraternity and get in without going through a truly monumental process.  One can't just become a part of the FBU Dream Team without going through the same.  For now, and in the future, every year at the end of the FBU evaluation process, there will be a Burning Sands Invitational where the best of the best come together to compete for a coveted spot on the 8th Grade All State Team.

That is how we do it at the GYFL!   Train......... Compete...........Get Noticed!  Enough Said

Details to come........


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