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2016 FBU All DMV Tryout #2

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If you want a chance to hold this trophy in your hand, you need to be at this FBU Tryout If you want a chance to hold this trophy in your hand, you need to be at this FBU Tryout

2016 FBU ALL DMV National Championship Tournament Team Tryout #2


  • Event is for 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders.  
  • 5th Graders are allowed to try out for the 6th grade teams.
  • This is the 2nd official tryout for Team Maryland, the home of the 2012 7th Grade National Champions, and Team Metro Maryland, the 2nd Regional Franchise that we have been awarded for the 2016 Season.  
  • This is the 1st Official Tryout for Team Northern VA.  Northern Va coaches will be leading the drills and running the show.
  • So in essence we have 3 teams from the DMV that will compete in this prestigious tournament.  This means there are more than enough opportunities for kids with the talent to play in this tournament.
    • During Tournament time, we will all compete against one another, but prior to that we will compete with one another to find the best of the best and place them on the teams that are the best fit for them.
    • There will be up to 40 roster spots per team, and each region has 3 Teams (6th, 7th, and 8th Grade.  That is up to 120 roster spots per region.
    • There will be 3 regions (Maryland, Metro Maryland, & Nova), for a total of 360 total roster spots.
  • Participants from the entire DMV are welcome! (Maryland, DC, Northern Va, and Delaware are all welcome).  For states bordering MD and Virginia, if you don't have an FBU Team in your area, you may be eligible to play for one of our teams.  It is all a function of the distance from your home to the closest home base for our teams.
    • Home Base for Maryland and Metro Maryland is Upper Marlboro, MD
    • Home Base for Northern VA is Alexandria, VA
    • So if you are from out of state please go to and find the regional teams that are closest to you. Calculate the distances and you will know what regional team you are eligible.
    • For example, Delaware and regions of Pennsylvania are closer to Upper Marlboro than the next closest region and you would be eligible for FBU Maryland or Metro Maryland. While, West Virginia, Central and Southern VA are closer to Alexandria, Va than the next closest region and you would be eligible to play for FBU Nova. 
  • Date: Sunday October 9th, 2016
    Venue: Hayfield High School
               7630 Telegraph Rd,
               Alexandra, Va 22315
  • Time: Check in at 9am
             Tryout 10:00am to 2pm.
    Cost: $25.00 in advance or at the gate
  • For more information about FBU, go to the site directly at 
  • To view the FBU National Championship Selection Show, which was unreal, please click the link:


History of Team Maryland in the FBU National Championship Tournament

In order to gain respect nationally and turn the DMV into a Nationally respected Football HOTBED, we must take State All Star Teams and play against State All Star Teams from North Carolina, from Georgia, form Florida, from Louisiana, from Texas, etc.  

We must have a platform to compete against those teams and WE MUST WIN!  The platform must be a respected platform and when we participate in that platform, play against those state All Star Teams with the best that the DMV has to offer, we will begin to CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!

We have already started the process. As we change perception the colleges will Notice and MORE scholarship offers will come to the DMV when we become that Nationally respected Football Hotbed.

Football University is the ONLY National Platform that provides an opportunity for us to change our perception. They own the US Army All American Game which has the top 4 and 5 Star HS athletes each year that have committed to the top Colleges.  College Programs follow the US Army Game and they Follow FBU because both properties are owned by the same parent company, All American Games (AAG).  

AAG created FBU to find the next group of elite middle school athletes that will one day have a chance to play in the US Army Game.  The connection between FBU and Major Colleges is purely undeniable.  FBU is critical to our overall objective, which is to maximize our athletes chances to compete for a college scholarship.  If you are not interested in playing college football, this is probably NOT the tournament for you and there are other opportunities that we can refer you to.

FBU's 64 State Team National Championship Tournament at the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade division is like the Little League World Series of youth football.  NOTHING CAN COMPARE to it.  Team Maryland 7th Graders followed my lead and obliterated Central Virginia, Eastern Carolina, Chicago, Massachusetts, South Florida, and NE Louisiana on the way to the 7th Grade National Championship in 2012.  It was not about winning a ring.  It was about revolutionizing a Region guys and earning National Respect, which in turn will increase scholarship offers for this region.

This year we have two Maryland teams, Team Maryland and Team Metro Maryland.  We are not only looking for players, but we are looking for coaches for both teams.  we also work hand and hand with, and support Team Northern VA.  If any of the 3 of us win, the DMV wins.

That is how serious this is for us at Grassroots.  If we are going to be successful in changing the entire paradigm and perception about our region as a football power, which will in turn, manifest itself with more scholarship offers to our region, your child will have a better chance at earning one when he graduates.  You need for this to happen and we are the ones to make it happen.  For the last 4 years, Maryland put formidable teams together at all 3 age groups.  

When we begin to dominate the FBU Tournament at every level and win Championships in front of 200,000 viewers on the internet, along with the powerful marketing and promotion campaign of FBU, college coaches will look at us differently all over the country.  High School football coaches from all over will understand that the youth football leagues in the DMV are putting out monsters that are a force to be reckoned with.  The game will continue to change!!!

As more an more of them matriculate to college and dominate, you will see our average number of scholarship offers increase each and every year.  This is the mission that we are on at Grassroots and we are succeeding.  Check out the Grassroots Track Record if you need more proof. Click Here to see the details.  

No single event or showcase is more important to the machine than the FBU National Championship Tournament.  The 2nd Team Metro Maryland allows us to service twice the number of 6th, 7th , and 8th Graders and offer them an unreal experience.  Supporting Team Nova, gives us 3 times the roster spots.

If you think you are ready for this level of football, click on the link below and we will see you on Sunday Morning......Spread the word!!!!!!

Details for event:

  • Date: Sunday October 9th, 2016
    Venue: Hayfield High School
               7630 Telegraph Rd, 
               Alexandra, Va 22315
  • Time: Check in at 9am
             Tryout 10:00am to 2pm.
    Cost: $25.00 in advance or at the gate
  • Wear your official Game Jerseys for ID purposes
  • Shorts and/or sweats
  • Bring own water/Gatorade
  • We will run the following:
    • 40 Yard Dash
    • Pro Agility Shuttle
    • 3 Cone Drill
    • Position Specific Offense/Defense Drills
  • Cost $25.00

Walk Up Registration will be available for $35.00


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