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NextGen & Grassroots Join Forces Featured

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Well Grassroots Nation!!!

The blessings just keep coming for Grassroots.  Former NFL Star Brent Williams has turned his vision into reality and created a company called the NextGen All American Camp.

We sat back and watched to see if it would be the real deal. All you have to do is google Brent to know that he had the credibility to do some next level stuff. But, credibility and the ability to turn a dream into reality are two different things.

Many of us have visions and dreams, but very few are willing to take the risks and make the sacrifices necessary to fight through the hard times, the naysayers, the critics, and all the obstacles to persevere and get it done,

It is very easy to promote on FB and claim to be special, but it is quite different to truly make a commitment to excellence and stand the test of time, So we have been watching, just as we watch every company that comes into the market place to see whether they are who they truly claim to be.

Well, it is official. Brent Williams and NextGen are the real deal and we were honored and humbled to be asked to commit to a strategic relationship with NextGen, as well as to be on the selection committee to recommend elite student athletes to The SHOW!!!!!

Now before tonight Grassroots, many of you may not have heard of the Show, but you are about to learn all about it. Keep reading and you won't be disappointed.

We are fortunate to be asked by a many companies to endorse and support many events, and quite frankly, we just have to be very selective about who we support. Our name and our brand is on the line and we just can't support every event that asks us to. It took us 7 years to build this brand. One wrong decision and partnership can damage it.

We must vet, we must vet, and vet again, because we can't afford to be wrong or attach our brand to companies that don't believe in our values and are not willing to make the commitment that we make. When we decide to put the Grassroots name behind a brand, we need for our athletes and alums to KNOW that it is trusted and proven.

When Brent Williams personally called me back in February, he was not aware that Eric Levenberry of the Pwc Raiders had already told me all about NextGen when they first hit the market place a couple of years ago.

We knew about them and were watching and vetting. We just were not ready to commit yet. They had to prove themselves, just like we had to prove ourselves. It takes time to become a proven and trusted brand. You can't will it into existence. You can't talk about how great you are before you have done anything. You have to earn it over time.

Brent and I spoke for the first time in February and he told me that he respected the Grassroots Brand so much that he WOULD NOT BRING the NextGen camp to the DMV if he couldn't do it in partnership with the GYFL.

I was floored. I was humbled. I was honored. The man played 11 years in the NFL and KNOWS what the heck he is doing. Well this is the official announcement that Grassroots Accepts the invitation to be a strategic partners with the NextGen All American Camp, as well as a member of the exclusive selection committee for The Show.

You will see on the details on the site over the next week or so regarding the partnership.

In the meantime, Click HERE to read the detailed story below about "The Show" written by Youth1,, which will in essence be the Youth Version of the Nike Opening event, which will be held at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and you can best believe we will be recommending the best of the best Grassroots kids for the event.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the Grassroots Nation to Mr. Brent Williams of the NextGen All American Camp. please visit to learn more and feel free to Google Mr. Brent Williams, the Founder and CEO.

Welcome him and his company to the Grassroots Family.

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