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2010 Def Coord of the Year

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Tyrone Johnson  Baltimore Metro
This one was not very difficult for us to select.  The Baltimore defense was absolutely devastating.  It would have to be "Coach Will" or "Coach Carlos" from the DC All Stars, or "Coach Ty" from Baltimore Metro.  Those two defenses absolutely slugged it out all year long.  Baltimore was number 1 in EVERY Defensive category.  However, DC was nipping at their heals in each one.  Baltimore only gave up 42.1 ypg rushing.  But, DC was close at 45.5 ypg.  Baltimore only gave up 59.8 ypg passing to DC's 61.6 ypg.
In total defense, Baltimore was suffocating only giving up 102 ypg.  But, DC was right there with them at 106.6 ypg.  We loved that fact that we only had to decide between 2 top choices, unlike all of the other selections which were grueling.  In the end, it was coach Ty Johnson's Baltimore Metro Defense that was simply the best and he and his staff deserve the credit for putting together packages that shut down two of the best 8th grade quarterbacks and offenses that the GYFL had to offer last summer.
Just as in the MVP award, we had to look at more than statistics.  We had to factor in the way that coach Johnson's defense just smothered and dominated the Fairfax All Stars and the Offensive Player of the Year Ish Seisay.  They picked him off 4 times and made a rout of a game that we all expected to be a nail biter.  Fairfax was 4-0 at the time and appeared to have a clear path to a championship showdown with Deandre "The Rifleman" Parker of the DC All Stars until they ran into Coach Ty's defense.  Next up was the prolific DC offense who was 5-0 when they met Baltimore and for the first time all season, Parker and Tony Hansford were kept in check in a barn burner at St. Johns HS in week #5.  The Baltimore defense shut down Seisay and Parker in back to back weeks when their backs were against the wall and they couldn't afford another loss.  Not only did they win, but they won in impressive style.
Then, for Parker and DC to have a second shot at them in the championship game, and they were able to pick off Parker 4 times in the Championship game and stand in the way of him winning the Offensive Player of the Year award.  That truly sealed the deal for the Baltimore defense and coach Ty as the Defensive Coordinator of the Year.
When Baltimore was 1-2 after 3 games and immediatly after a crushing defeat at the hands of Loudoun County, coach Ty called to find out what the tiebreaker system was going to be because he knew that he still had to play both DC and Fairfax, who were still undefeated at the time.  He not only predicted that they would win out and play for the championship, but he and his staff made the kids believe they could do and the defense put the team on it's shoulders and led Baltimore to a the first ever GYFL Championship.  Coach Ty's unyeilding confidence in his team was successfuly transferred to his kids, even though they has lost 2 games in a row.  The staff could have fallen apart and turned on each other, but Coach Ty kept them together.
Congratulations Coach Ty Johnson and his staff for winning the Defensive Coordinator of the Year Award.  The NW Bulldogs are lucky to have you as their Chairman and Coach, and we wish you nothing but the best of luck in Season #2.


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