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2010 Off Coord of the Year

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Maurice Vaughn/DC All Stars & Eric Henderson/Fairfax All Stars

Many of our faithful GYFL followers were frustrated with us because we did not announce the MVP and Coach of the Year awards on Monday Jan 31st as initially announced.  They couldn't understand how tough a choice this was for Offensive Coordinator of the Year.  We did not want to do Co-Offensive Coordinators, but we honestly felt like it would be a crime to slight either one of these coaches.  If you had a chance to see any of the games in person, or even watch them on tape, you will understand how magical these guys were in the summer of 2010. 
They are both students of the guys and take their craft very seriously.  Maurice "Coach Bink" Vaughn coaches youth league for Beacon House and quite honestly prefers to play power football with the younger kids because he rarely has a prolific quarterback that can handle a spread offense.  He was fortunate to find himself the offensive coordinator with a quarteback like Deandre Parker that can make all of the throws, along with some running backs and receivers who are game breakers.  Khari Williams was the fastest player in the league.  Deshawn Cannady was one of the most elusive and speedy backs.  Greg Bryan was fast and quick with long strides and great vision.  Tony Hansford is a highlight reel receiver who can break a game open at any moment.  The issue was that DC had an extremely undersized line.  Those kids played their hearts out against 300lb DL every week it seemed, but they were just so small.  Coach Bink knew they couldn't run a power game against the size in the GYFL.  What worked in Pop Warner weighted ball wouldn't work here, so he improvised and devised an offense to take advantage of the quickness and speed of the DC skill players.  All of those coaching clinics that Coach Bink invested in paid off.  A series of swing passes, 3 step drops, and short button hooks would bring the defense up close, then it was over the top for 60 yards to a streaking Hansford for 6 points. 
Once the defense was softened up, then he would run draws to Bryan for big chunks of yardage.  Next it was quick tosses to Cannady or Williams who could get to the corner in an instant.  When that wasn't enough he would find the 6'0 180lb Darez Diggs over the middle of the field, where he would make a catch, over power a defender and be off to the races.  Coach "Binks" offense was just a thing of beauty and if you don't believe me, just go to the Video Gallery, get some popcorn and prepare to be amazed.  He and his staff deserve this award and we are proud to acknowledge him.
Not to be outdone though, was Eric Henderson.  Coach Henderson is the Head Coach of the West Potomac High School football team and any player that has the pleasure of playing in a  season or 2 of Grassroots for this guy better sign up for a combine as soon as humanly possible.  He is a pure scientist.  The spread offense that he concocted was truly brilliant and entertaining.  He brought the HS game down to the youth club level and found just the personel to make it flourish.  This guy is so serious about winning, offense, and fairness, that he actually benched his own son, who will be a fantastic QB and is already 6'3 and 180lbs as a freshman, for the Sensational Ish Seisay.  Who does that?  Caleb Henderson is very, very good, but Coach Henderson realized that Ish could do things that his own son couldn't do at 14 and he put the ball in Ish's hands and let the young man titillate the GYFL audiences.  Caleb took in in stride and played well at WR, DB, and back up QB. 
Coach Henderson took some very good athletes and made them household names with his offense.  Sam Gallahan flourished in the offense and made 1st Team All GYFL as a WR.  Joshua Perez made 2nd Team.  DeMornay Pierson would have had more of an impact had he been able to play more games but he showed flashes of brilliance when he was there.  Phillip Tyler benefitted from Coaches ability to keep defenses totally off balance.  Coach even put Jake "Pink Slip" Pinkston at fullback in the DC game and he showed his versatility averaging 5.0 yards per carry.
DC primarily did it through the air, leading the league in passing (952 yards/158.6 ypg) and total offense (1,440 yards/240 ypg).  Fairfax did it on the ground and in the air.  They were second in the league in rushing behind Baltimore (646 yards/107.6 ypg), second behind DC in passing (603 yards/100.5 ypg), and second behind DC in total offense (1,279 yard/213.2 ypg).
The statistics were too close to call.  The performances were too impressive to differentiate.  Therefore, we decided it would be unfair to choose one over the other, so there you have it!  Congratulations Coach "Bink" Vaugh and Coach Eric "We need a nickname for you" Henderson, for Co-Offensive Coordinators of the Year.


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