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2010 Championship Game

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  Baltimore Metro All Stars 12, DC All Stars 6


We were fortunate to have an outstanding finish to the regular season. Our Game of the Week for Week 5 featured a war between a 2-loss Baltimore Metro All Star team against an undefeated DC All Star team, which was won by Baltimore 14 – 6. Week 6 featured a battle between an undefeated Fairfax All Star team against those same Baltimore All Stars. Baltimore scored on 3 interception returns touchdowns and a punt return for a touchdown, in route to a 32 – 8 victory in that one. Week 7 produced a matchup between a 1-loss DC All Star team against a 1-loss Fairfax All Star team to see who would make it to the inaugural championship. Going into that game, there were still 4 teams with a chance to make to the final game. DC beat Fairfax 22 – 7 and the stage was set for a rematch of epic proportions between DC and Baltimore and that is exactly what we got!
It was a beautiful, sunny, late Saturday afternoon at Bishop McNamara High School. As the crowd began to pour in from all over Baltimore and the District of Columbia, we all had the feeling that we were in for something special. Rick “Doc” Walker had been promoting that Grassroots All Star Football Championship Game on ESPN 980 hard on Thursday and Friday. The Sports Junkies gave the game a major plug on 106.7. Glenn Harris was promoting us on Sports Talk. The word had gotten out! The call had been made and the people had responded. As the fans began to file in we were all in awe. To have a capacity crowd fill up a high school stadium for a youth league championship game where they happily paid $5.00 per person was unheard of……..But, it happened.
The teams were fired up! The Baltimore All Stars huddled up in a tunnel located under the South Goal post that was property of the Northwest Bulldogs. The DC All Stars were in the North End Zone watching, because as the #1 seed they would be announced after Baltimore. The Baltimore All Stars chose to be announced one by one. As they heard the voice of JB Brown, the co-founder and vice president of the league, call their names one after the other, they exploded out of the tunnel with enough swagger to remind you of a BET Awards Show. They stopped at the 50 yard line and waited. The DC All Stars came out arm in arm, row after row in almost a military formation. As they walked out towards the 50 yard line in unison, you could cut the tension with a knife and the trash talking started. Before you know it the referees stepped in to make sure it didn’t become more than a little trash talk! Those of us the played the game at the highest level understood how hyped and excited the kids were and it was merely a ritual prior to the game. We knew the hitting would not start until the opening kickoff…….. and boy, were we right!!!! They were ready for some football as the teams were escorted to their sidelines.
A wonderful rendition of the National Anthem was sung by Jesska Marie of Cheverly. Then, it was “time, time, time for some action,” as Redman used to say. Both teams would have disadvantages on the day. DC would have to play without the mastermind behind their league leading spread offense, Maurice “Coach Bink” Vaughn. The DC Offense has lit up the league all season. Coach Bink’s squad leads the GYFL in Passing Offense at 158.6 ypg, Team Offense at 240 ypg, and Scoring offense at 27.0 ppg. But “Coach Bink” could not bet there to call the plays. 
On the other side, Coach Ty Johnson’s Baltimore All Stars were playing without their devastating nose tackle and center Raymond “The Run Stopper” Jackson (Hamilton/Dunbar). Raymond has been a thorn in the side of every team in the league this year and he would be missed. He was the anchor of an offensive and defensive line that help Baltimore Metro lead the GYFL in Rushing Offense at 119.1 ypg, Rushing Defense at 42.1 ypg, Passing Defense at 59.8 ypg, Total Defense at 102.0 ypg, and Scoring Defense at 7.0 ppg.
The DC All Stars would be kicking off first. Khari Williams (Sousa Jr. High/undecided) kicks off for DC and he is so fast that he was able to cover one of his own off-side kicks earlier this season. He is arguably the fastest player in the league. He is such a blur that he needs a nick name. I am thinking of calling him “Kilowatt” because he lights up the field with his electrifying running style the same way 100 kilowatt bulb lights up a dark room.  He can also finish teams off with game breaking runs and in effect, “turn out the lights on opposing teams to conserve energy since the game is over! So, I think Kilowatt Williams is appropriate for Khari.  Plus, it has his initials "KW."
“Kilowatt” Williams kicked off deep to Keontay Gaines and was the first one down the field to make the tackle. He forced a fumble that was recovered by Mark Childs (Beacon House/McKinley Tech), who had a great game with 6 tackles, a sack, and a fumble recovery to go along with a tremendous season. DC started out with the ball inside the 10 yard line of Baltimore after the opening kickoff. The DC All Stars rely on the spread offense, which is smart because they don’t have huge offensive and defensive linemen like some of the other teams. 
The kids are as tough as nails though and aren’t afraid of anybody. Their names are: Harry Bridges (Beacon House/Washington Jesuit Academy), Kareem McDonald (Beacon House/SEED), Malik McGill (Watkins/Rising 7th Grader), Raequan Reaves (Beacon House/Banneker) Brogan Pruitt (Woodridge/Bell), Marcus Jackson (Home schooled), Corey Carter (Watkins/Rising 8th Grader), Cordell Wright (Beacon House/Coolidge), Diamond Johnson (Maryland Spartans/Wise), Dereon Carr (Beacon House/ Banneker) and Nathaniel Carr (Beacon House/Rising 8th Grader). 
Deandre “The Rifleman” Parker (FBR/Friendship Collegiate) is the leading passer in the GYFL with 953 yards on 66 completions and 13 touchdowns, while completing 58% of his passes in only 6 games. Those statistics are unheard of for youth football. We call him “The Rifleman” because he is always loading up his arm and taking shots down the field. We expected them to come out passing as usual, but they went to the ground game with Greg Bryan (FBR/Friendship Collegiate). Greg has had flashes of brilliance during the season with his running. But on the first 2 carries, he was shut down by Dalontae “Di Di” Jennings (Liberty/Mervo Tech). Wilbur “The Body Snatcher” Young (Old Town Gators) made a big play on 3rd down and forced a 4th down. Young has been a stud the last few games and I call him “The Body Snatcher” because with 9 tackles on the day, he was just snatching bodies everywhere.
The Rifleman tried to find his favorite target Tony “Highlight Reel” Hansford” (Beacon House/Friendship Collegiate) on a skinny post in the end zone but Tamal “Tight Cover” Campbell (Charm City) was in his hip pocket and the pass was off target. Turnover on downs!!! Baltimore Metro’s defense showed why they were #1 in the league this year. Don’t forget though, the small but scrappy DC All Stars were ranked #2 in the league in total defense, only giving up 106.6 ypg.
On Baltimore’s first offensive possession in the shadow of their own end zone, they came out with “Di Di” Jennings at quarterback, instead of Quante Cornish (Charm City). As we found out after the game, Quante was injured in the Fairfax County game 2 weeks prior and was unable to take snaps.  Coach Johnson and his staff did a great job of keeping that under wraps for 2 weeks.  It was after moving Cornish to QB that the Baltimore All Stars went on the winning streak to put them in this Championship Game, so that was going to be a problem for Baltimore. 
Jennings is a great football player and is without a doubt one of the best in our league, but he is not the passing threat that Cornish is, which would affect the Baltimore Metro offensive game plan and allow the DC All Stars to load up the box to stop the run. That is exactly what they did. DC came out hammering Baltimore as Jennings tried to run 3 consecutive times behind one of the GYFL’s most dominant offensive lines. Even without Jackson in the lineup, the offensive and defensive linemen for Baltimore are the real deal. They are: Orlando “Little Zeus” Brown Jr (Overlea/DeMatha), Anthony Coxall (Hamilton), Barry Goins (Hamilton), Kennard Reed, Jonathan Tynes (Northwest), D’Angelo Wright (Liberty) and Nigel Williams (Randallstown).
Daijon Carson (FBR/McKinley Tech), Keith "Pick Pocket" Myers Jr. (Beacon House/undecided), and Jabari Robinson (Beacon House/Flowers) made tackles that had shoulder pads and helmets “popping” on the first series. The hits were hard on both sides of the ball. Baltimore had a 4th down and chose to go for it inside their own 10 yard line, which caught us all off guard. Carson stopped Jennings on 4th down and DC was back in business.
They came back out on the ground and were unable to get it in the end zone. They found themselves in another 4th down play after “Tight Cover” Campbell, Quay “The Bounty Hunter” Marshall (NW Bulldogs/Rising 8th Grader), Michael Pickett (Liberty), and Young made tough tackles for short gains. Marshall relentlessly pursues quarterbacks the way Bounty Hunters track down criminals.  If he is not one of the most highly recruited players in the entire Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area this year as an 8th grader, some coaches are just not doing their homework and not watching film.  The kid is long, lean, and ferocious!  His father is about 6'3 or 6'4 with size, so I expect this kid to be a dominant defensive end at the next level and some school would be wise to get on him EARLY!!!
The Rifleman went back to Hansford on a quick post and this time he created space in front of Campbell, whose coverage was a little loose. The pass was on target for what looked like would be the first touchdown of the game…………………but Hansford dropped the pass! He was almost inconsolable after the drop and was so distraught after the drop that he never seemed like the same Hansford for the rest of the game. He has made big play after big play all season long and is a GYFL fan favorite, but on this play it was not to be. Turnover on downs.
Baltimore was forced to punt as the defenses just kept hammering each other. “Kilowatt” Williams ran the punt back 19 yards before “The Body Snatcher” Young got him to the ground. The hard hitting continued by Young, Campbell, and Marcellus Pack (Liberty), who is a devastating hitter that has been “ringing the bells” of ball carriers all season for Baltimore. Instead of taking the easy route and calling him Pack Man, how about we go with “The Bell Ringer”, because that is exactly what the kid does.  Keep the smelling sauce nearby when Pack is in the vicinity.
DC turned it back over and Baltimore went back on the offense. For the first time they began to move the ball. Cornish moved back into the quarterback position. Maurice “Gold Shoes” Williams III, who was the second leading rusher in the league, had a nice run. Then “Di Di” got loose on a couple of nice runs to move the chains from the running back position. Cornish went to the air and after a couple of incompletions, he threw the first interception of the day to Kenneth “Stud” Holmes (Beacon House/St. Thomas Moore). Holmes is small in stature but big in heart, so they call him the “stud.” He made the first big play of the game to give DC the ball back. On this possession, Parker loaded up the rifle and went for the long shot down the field to the “Highlight Reel” who was being covered by Eddie "Fresh" Nelson III (Charm City/Dunbar). Nelson has been one of the keys to the Baltimore turnaround this season and picked up in this game right where he left off in the last games, making big plays.  He got the first interception of the day, but it wouldn't be the last one, or his last one.  His family calls him "Fresh" because his football skills are as fresh as  a new pair of sneakers on display in a shoe store window.  Now, his family and I will have to debate because I think he needs a nickname that represents the way great actors perform when the curtain is pulled back and the bright lights come on.  He has played so big in all the big games this year.  "Prime Time" would have been perfect but Deion Sanders beat us to it.
Baltimore was not able to move the ball and elected to punt again backing DC up against their end zone inside the 10 yard line.  “The Rifleman” loaded up again and went deep down the left sideline to a streaking Juwan Hakim, who had Justin Hawkins covering him from Overlea. Hakim is an athlete! Long, lean and fast like Marshall.  We understand he is a tremendous basketball player as well.  He is about 6’1 already and looks to weigh about 165 or 170lbs. The kid is only a rising 8th grader at Ceasar Chavez and all I can say is that coaches need to start putting your bid in now for this one. He made the over the shoulder catch and was tackled by Hawkins after a 43 yard play. This may have been just what Parker needed to get warmed up. He found Eric Magwood (HMB/Northwestern) for a 9 yard reception. Then he hit Khari “Kilowatt” Williams for another 5 yards. 
As time was running down in the second quarter, Parker decided to go for it all to Hansford “The Highlight Reel” and called for an out an up on the left sideline. From the press box it looked like Hansford had his man beaten for a possible touchdown and the perfect spiral made its way through the air. Out of nowhere came Cornish from his safety position to make a great interception. As he began the runback, Hakim appeared to come out of nowhere and literally “lit Cornish up” with a bone crushing hit. Cornish was okay and Baltimore took over. The half ran out on a sack by Mark “Man Child” Childs. Mark doesn’t hit like a kid. He hits like a man, which he consistently did all season and all game. Thus, the name “Man Child.” I hope it sticks. The score was 0 – 0, but it was a very entertaining game up to that point. 
The D.J. played the hot music during the break and the concession stand line was long as the Gatorade, hamburgers and hot dogs were handed out. I interviewed two of the PG County All stars who are expected to be great players if they stay focused and hungry. Eddie Gross Jr., who I believe is one of the best rising 9th  graders in the entire Washington Metro area, and will be taking his talents to Bishop McNamara in the fall said a few words about his experience with the GYFL.  If Eddie continues to keep the tremendous work ethic that he has and he stays humble, he has a chance to be an All Met type of performer one day.  There are no guarantees in the football business, but some kids have the God given stuff, and Gross most definately has the gifts.  Then Deandre Kelly, a rising 8th grader, who will undoubtedly be one of the most coveted recruits from the 2011 class stopped by to thank us for allowing him to be a part of a wonderful experience.  Kelly is already 6'1 and 185lbs.  His father is a big man also at about 6'3" and his mother has good height on her as well.  Deandre is already a specimen, even though he is still young and raw.  KLM has a potential great player on their hands and I would suggest that coaches follow this kid and get in early because major moves are already being made to get him.  Remember those two names ladies and gentlemen. You will be hearing from them again soon, I can assure you.
When the 2nd half started, Baltimore kicked off to DC and Khari “Kilowatt” Williams almost broke it all way. He ran it back 40 yards before being tackled by Maurice Williams III. DC could not get a first down and Eddie Nelson III broke up a 4th down pass by Parker to give the ball back to Baltimore. The Baltimore moved the chains on the ensuing possession with runs by “Gold Shoes”, Cornish, Marquis Williams (Charm City), Eric Latham Jr. (Charm City) and “Di Di.” After a couple of hard-nosed tackles by Fahim “The Hitman” Muhammad (Beacon House/McKinley Tech), who had a great game with 6 tackles, “Di Di” tried to go deep on the post pattern to Nelson III. Devyn “Deep Cover” Cannon (Beacon House/Central) had him covered like glue. I call Devyn “Deep Cover” because his man to man skills are unbelievable and he is rarely thrown against because his man is always covered. For some reason, “Di Di” decided to try him on this play and learned the reason for the nickname. “Deep Cover” Cannon picked off the pass at the 1 yard line and was tackled in the end zone. His forward progress brought the ball back out to the 1 yard line.
DC took over and on 3rd down, Parker went after Eddie Nelson III again, who had already picked off one pass.  "Fresh" Nelson III and Hakim were one on one down the left sideline. Nelson timed his jump perfectly, went high for the ball and came down with the interception. As we went into the 4th quarter with a 0 – 0 tie, the tension was thick. Baltimore turned it over on downs. Then Darez “The Boogeyman Jr” Diggs (Fatz Bulldogs/undecided) dropped a big 3rd down pass, which he never does. Diggs is the brother of Stephon Diggs from Good Counsel. He is big, fast, and a special playmaker that normally does big things in every game. But, he only had 1 pass thrown his way on this game and was unable to convert. Also, I don’t know why he chose “Boogeyman Jr”, but he wanted it, so I gave it to him.
“Kilowatt” got off a 58 yard punt that put Baltimore deep in their own territory. Baltimore could not move the ball because of big stops by Muhammad, Tavon Green (Beacon House/McKinley Tech) and Daijon Carson. On the 4 yard punt return, Williams was wiped out by “The Bell Ringer” Marcellus Pack. With time running out in the 4th quarter, DC began to move the ball down the field into the red zone. Quay Marshall was still on the hunt, Wilbur Young was still snatching bodies, and “The Bell Ringer” Pack was ringing bells, even though DC was moving the chains. On 4th  down, “The Rifleman” Parker had Hakim running a post-corner pattern on Tamal “Tight Cover” Campbell. As the ball was released, the pattern look precise, the pass looked good, and it appeared that if Parker could get the ball high enough, the tall and athletic Hakim would be able to make a play on it. But, “Tight Cover” had different thoughts. He made a great adjustment on the ball, jumped up in the back corner of the end zone with Hakim, and came down with a game saving interception. We were going to overtime!!!!!!
The overtime rules were as follows: Both teams get at least one possession with the ball from the 10 yard line, with 4 chances to score. If one team scores a touchdown, they have the chance to make the extra point. The other team takes over and gets 4 chances to tie or take the lead. If neither is able to score, or they both score and the tie remains, they go into double overtime and do it again. They keep doing this until somebody wins the game.
Baltimore got the ball first. They ran the ball hard for 3 down and got it to the 2 yard line. On 4th down, “Di Di” ran a quarterback sneak and got the ball over the end zone for 6. The Baltimore crowd went nuts!!! After a failed conversion, the score was 6 – 0 Baltimore Metro. On DC’s first possession, “The Rifleman” Parker pitched the ball to Khari “Kilowatt” Williams around the right side. “Kilowatt” made a great cut, broke a tackle and dove into the end zone to tie the score. He was trying his best to turn out the lights on Baltimore’s chances of winning the title. If DC converts the extra point, the game is over and they win the 5 foot trophy that was on display at the 50 yard line.
Baltimore dug in deep. Parker barked out signals. The crowd was going crazy. The sun was going down. I told everyone parked at the top of the hill that we may need them to turn their headlights on because if they stopped DC, we were going to keep on playing and it might be dark soon. Baltimore fans were certain they would hold and were looking for their car keys. DC fans stood and cheered. The pitch went to Williams around the left side. Before he could flip the switch on Baltimore’s season, Eric Latham Jr broke through the line and stopped him dead in his tracks. No extra point. Double overtime! Lights still on.
This time DC got the ball first. They tried to run Deshaun Cannady (Beacon House/Banneker) up the middle. Aubrey Moffet (Hamilton) would have none of it. Wilbur Young made a second stop on a short run by Cannady. Parker was stopped for a short gain on a quarterback sneak. They rolled the dice on the arm of Parker and a 4th down play. Parker rolled to his left, and under pressure lofted in a pass into the left corner of the end zone that was incomplete. Baltimore ball!
At this point, if Baltimore can score the game is over. They ran “Gold Shoes” Williams. Raequan Reeves (Beacon House/Banneker), who is having a phenomenal season, stopped him for a loss. “Di Di” got wiped out by “The Man Child” on 2nd down. Eric Latham Jr was stopped for a 3 yard loss by Darez Diggs on 3rd down. Baltimore was looking at 4th down and 12. Then, DC made the mistake of jumping off sides and giving Baltimore 5 important yards.
On 4th and 7, with the crowd on its feet and the noise deafening, “Di Di” dropped back like he was going to pass for a moment. Fahim “The Hitman” Muhammad, who was having the game of his life, was coming off the left corner where he was supposed to contain. He put his head down to pulverize the running back who was trying to block him so that he could get to Jennings. “Di Di” pulled it down, broke Muhammad’s contain and got outside to the corner. As he turned it up and got into a full sprint, his blockers were trying to hold off defenders. “Deep Cover” was fighting off of a block as “Di Di” got his steam rolling. Jabari Robinson was in an all out sprint from his linebacker position to try to beat “Di Di” to the end zone. They met at the 2 yard line. “Di Di” laid out and gave his body up. Robinson laid out and gave his body up…….. and the ball crossed the goal line for the game winning touchdown!!!!!!!!! No flags on the play…….Game over!!!!! Final Score was Baltimore All Stars 12, DC All Stars 6.
The Baltimore fans went crazy, while the DC fans were in shock. The Baltimore All Stars screamed, ran around, jumped, and hugged each other, while the DC All Stars dropped their heads in disbelief. It was an absolutely unbelievable youth football game. It was one for the ages. I have no idea how we will top that in future years. The very first GYFL Championship Game went into double overtime and was an instant classic thriller. 
There were some role players for Baltimore that helped them accomplish this great feat that need to be acknowledged. Damon Barnes (Sandtown), Samuel Botchway (Northwest), Antonio Brown (Northwest), Justin Brown (Overlea), Duane Dowell (Northwest), who had a great game for Baltimore and a strong season, Shemar Edwards (Liberty), and Rodney Jones (Liberty).
The teams met at the middle of the field for the presentation of the trophies. JB Brown, 12 year NFL veteran, GYFL Co-Owner and Vice President presented the 5 foot trophy to Coach Tyrone Johnson, who made a great speech and gave DC all the love and respect that they deserved.
Chad Scott, 11 year NFL veteran, GYFL Co-Owner and Vice President had the unenviable task of selecting the game MVP. It was truly a difficult choice. In such a defensive struggle it was most likely going to go to a defensive player.  Had DC won, it would have been a toss up between "The Hitman" Muhammad and "The Man Child."  On the Baltimore side, it was even more difficult to choose.  “Di Di” had a phenomenal game and could have easily been the game MVP. Eddie Nelson III had two interceptions and great coverage all day and could have been MVP. Wilbur Young had 9 tackles and played ferocious defense. When it was all said and done, Tamal “Tight Coverage” Campbell was selected as the Game MVP. He had a sensational season, as well as a great game coming up with multiple big plays for the Baltimore All Stars, great coverage all day, big hits, and a game saving interception in the end zone to send the game into overtime.
Special thanks to the following coaches from some of the above mentioned programs, as well as individuals who were truly essential to the formation and success of the team.  From Northwest, General Manager and Head Coach Tyrone Johnson.  Coach "Ty" in his role as General Manager, was responsible for assembling the entire team of coaches, spreading the word, and getting the team off the ground.  He put a lot on his shoulders!!!  He was also the head coach.  Also from Northwest, we thank Asst. Coach Duane Dowell, and Asst. Coach Godfrey Brown.  From Charm City, Asst. Coach Greg Hill, Asst. Coach DeJuan Jefferson, and Asst. Coach Eric Lacount.  From Liberty, Asst. Coach Lance Jennings.  Special thanks to Bernie Cooper, who coordinated all of our coaches, ran the background checks, and served a variety of essential service for the Baltimore team.  Also, Randy Carrington of Sports Profiles Unlimited.  He is the commissioner of the Randallstown organization and provided critical assistance and support from day 1.
From the DC All Stars we want to give a heartfelt thank you to The Beacon House Falcons, The Watkins Hornets, The FBR Tar Heels, Sousa Jr. High, Fatz Bulldogs, HMB Boys & Girls Club, The Maryland Spartans, and the Woodridge Warriors.  We hope to have a broad range of participation from all parts of the District next year, including the middle schools.  Special thanks to coach Jason Lane from McKinley Tech for allowing us to practice at their school and Athletic Director Tom Veith from St. Johns for the use of the facility for 2 games.
The General Manager responsible for so much of the tiring work of putting the DC team together was Rodney Cephas of Beacon House.  We can't thank him and his staff enough for all of the hours that they put in coaching these kids.  At post time, we were still awaiting a detailed coaching staff list because we don't want to leave anyone out.  As soon as it is received, this portion of the recap will be updated with the entire staff.
Well ladies and gentlemen, that will do it for this first season of GYFL Football. We hope that you enjoyed all of the games. We hope that you enjoyed the facilities, the uniforms, and the events that we tried to entertain you with. Just know that we are just beginning. We will be back again next year doing it all over again, only with more teams from more regions.  It will be bigger and better next year.  If you thought the talent was top notch this year, just wait until we have an entire year to recruit, which we did not have this year. 
Before I give you the final statistical breakdowns, understand that although the Grassroots Youth Football League is a two month season which will run next year from May 1st to the last weekend in June, Grassroots Football runs all the way through December. We cover Grassroots Football and our website will be a one stop shop for all of the news you need to know from all of the leagues in all of the regions that we cover. 

The GYFL All Stars for next year will be the selected from the youth football leagues that play during the fall. So, we will be following them closely, writing about their teams on this site, and providing you with the same type of updates that we did all year for our league. So make sure to stay tuned on a regular basis as we will be taking this website into another stratosphere.  If you like it now, just wait until we add the message boards and all of you will be able to have at it!  We want you to share all of your comments, good and bad.  We aim to please you and offer you a product that you will want to see long after your child is finished playing with us.  We are going to have an alumni section and will continue to follow them all through high school and beyond.  We will have a fierce photo gallery going up soon.  We have so much for you.  In the meantime, many of our pages have comment sections at the bottom.  Feel free to begin to comment and post thoughts there and we will respond.  I promise you that.  We love you! We appreciate your support! We look forward to seeing you next year!!!!!! 

The final score was Baltimore Metro All Stars 12, DC All Stars 6
Game Stats:
Baltimore Metro All Stars
Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int        Sacks   Fum
-Quante Cornish              1        6          -2        0           1             1          0
-Dalontae Jennings         0        2            0        0           1            0          0
Total Passing:               1        8           -2        0           2            1          0
Rushing                        Att         Yards    Avg.    TD        Fum
-Dalontae Jennings     13           47       3.6       2            0
-Maurice Williams         10          13      1.3        0            0
-Eric Latham Jr.              5            9        1.8        0            0
-Marquis Williams           3            8        2.6        0           0
-Quante Cornish             4           -1         -.2       0           0
Total Rushing:                25         76         3.1         2          0
Receiving                    Rec      Yards      Avg.     TD          Fum
- Dalontae Jennings     1            -2        -2.0       1              0
Total Receiving:             1            -2          -2.0       1               0

Offense                       Yards
-Total Rushing               76
-Total Receiving             -2
Total Offense:                74
Baltimore Metro All Stars
Name                           Tackles    Sacks           Int           F Fum   R Fum
-Wilbur Young                    9              0                0                0          0
-Marcellus Pack                5              0                0                0          0
-Dalontae Jennings          3              0                0               0          0
-Quay Marshall                  4              0                0               0          0
-Tamal Campbell              2              0                1               0          0
-Michael Pickett                2              0                0               0          0
-Eric Latham Jr.                2              0                0               0          0
-Marquis Williams            2              0                0               0           0
-Maurice Williams            1              0                0               0           0
-Aubrey Moffett                 1              0                0               0           0
-Justin Hawkins                1              0                0               0           0
-Eddie Nelson III               1              0                2               0           0
-Quante Cornish               0              0                1               0           0
Totals:                              33              0                4               0           0     
Baltimore Metro All Stars
Special Teams
Punt Returns                      Ret        Yards    Avg.      TD      Fum
-                                            0             0          0.0        0           0
Total Punt Returns:            0              0          0.0         0           0
KO Returns                  Ret       Yards     Avg.       TD        Fum
-Keontay Gaines            1            0         0.0           0           1
Total KO Returns:          1            0          0.0           0            1
DC All Stars
Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards     TD       Int      Sacks   Fum
-Deandre Parker             7        22          65        0          4          1          1
Total Passing:                   7         22          65         0           4          1          1
Rushing                         Att       Yards   Avg.     TD       Fum
-Khari Williams               7           20       2.9       1            0
-Deshaun Cannady        6           11      1.8        0            0
-Deandre Parker           3             3      1.0        0            0
-Greg Bryan                    6            -2        -.3       0            0
Total Rushing:               22           32        1.5        1            0
Receiving                    Rec      Yards    Avg.      TD        Fum
-Eric Magwood              2            16      8.0         0           0
-Juwan Hakim                1            43    43.0        0           0
-Khari Williams              1            5       5.0        0            0
-Tony Hansford              1             2       2.0         0            0
-Greg Bryan                   1             2       2.0         0            0
-Deshaun Cannady       1            -3     -3.0        0            0
Total Receiving:             7           65       9.3          0            0
Offense                         Yards
-Total Rushing                 32
-Total Receiving              65
Total Offense:                  97
DC All Stars
Name                           Tackles    Sacks         Int        F Fum   R Fum 
-Mark Childs                      6              1              0            0             1          
-Fahim Muhammad          6              0              0            0             0               
-Daijon Carson                 5              0              0            0             0                 
-Jabari Robinson              3              0              0            0             0                
-Eric Magwood                 3              0               0           0             0
-Raequan Reeves            3              0               0           0             0              
-Tavon Green                    3              0               0           0             0
-Khari Williams                 2              0               0           1             0         
-Darez Diggs                    2              0               0            0            0 
-Keith Myers Jr                 1              0               0            0            0         
-Kenneth Holmes             1              0               1            0             0 
-Devyn Cannon                0              0                1            0             0           
Totals:                             35              1                2            1             1             
DC All Stars
Special Teams
Punt Returns               Ret        Yards    Avg.      TD        Fum
-Khari Williams              2             23       11.5        0           0
Total Punt Returns:   2             23       11.5        0           0
KO Returns                  Ret        Yards     Avg.     TD      Fum
-Khari Williams              1            40        40.0       0           0
Total KO Returns:       1            40        40.0       0           0
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