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Week #3 2010

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Week 3

Game Recaps


Game #1

DC 38, Southern Maryland 0


The DC All Stars high powered offensive attack picked up where it left off in week 2 against Loudoun county with prolific Quarterback Deandre Parker leading the way.  His offensive line is not big by any stretch of the imagination, but "Coach Bink" and the rest of the DC coaching staff do an excellent job of getting the ball out of his hands with a mixture of swing passess, 3 step drops and deep throws.  The DC team has plenty of weopons for Parker (undecided on his high school choice at this time) to throw to and hand the ball off to.  They are going to be very tough to beat, as Southern Maryland found out on this 88 degree Saturday in June.  DC played this game without their #1 deep threat Tony Hansford (Friendship Collegiate), who sprained his ankle in week 2 and was resting up for the next game.

It didn't take long for DC to strike.  After a 3 and out on Southern Maryland's first posession they punted to possibly the most dangerous athlete in the GYFL, Khari Williams.  Khari (who is also undecided on a high school) was electrifying in the opening game against Montgomery County leading his team to victory and was determined not to disappoint in this one after missing the Loudoun County game in week 2.  Khari fielded the punt at his own 48 yard line, made a couple of quick moves and looked like he was shot out of a cannon up the right sideline for the games opening touchdown.  Parker and Williams will be welcome additions to any high school wise enough to pursue them at this point.

After another 3 and out Southern Maryland punted the ball out of bounds to keep it away from the dangerous Williams.  Deandre Parker stepped under center on the first play in the drive from their own 42 yard line.  He flicked a quick swing pass to the small, but speedy Deshaun Cannady (also undecided) to the left side of the backfield and Cannady took off.  He got a great downfield block, showed his blazing speed and 58 yards later he was in the end zone and DC led 14 - 0.  Southern Maryland quarterback Dequan Chappelle (Patuxent HS) was hit hard by Raquan Reeves on the next possession and fumbled the ball, which was recovered by Malik McGill.  DC went to the ground game behind Greg Bryan (Friendship Collegiate)  and Cannady.  A few plays later, Cannady broke loose for a 28 yard TD and the rout was on.

Southern Maryland was bolstered by the return of bruising FB/LB Rafiq Douglass (Patuxent HS), but DC's speed and quickness proved too much for them to handle as the game got out of hand early and kept them from being able to utelize their ball control offense.  Southern Maryland has talent.  Tahir Tyler (Patuxent) HS and Rafiq are arguably one of the most talented backfield duos in the league and will certainly make Patuxent formidable for the next few years, but they have played their first two games against undefeated Fairfax and undefeated DC, which appear to be the best teams in the league right now.

Southern Maryland's next possession ended in an interception of Chappelle by Keith Myers Jr., who had 2 interceptions the week before.  Myers is a dynamic player that is making a name for himself in the GYFL.  He is also undecided on a high school.  DC was on the move again, with slick runs by Myers, Cannady, and Williams.  Khari had a 60 yard TD run that was called back but it was worth the price of admission to see him weave his way through the Southern Maryland defense and run away from defenders.  Williams will remind purists of a young Eric Metcalf from the 80's.  Daijon Carson (undecided) capped of the TD drive with a 13 yard run up the middle to give DC a 26 - 0 lead that they took into halftime.  Southern Maryland got a little momentum right before the half with an interception of Parker by Chappelle, then Chappelle completed a 36 yard pass to Daniel Caputo (Patuxent HS) to the 5 yard line.  Caputo was not able to get out of bounds and time ran out on the first half.

DC opened the 2nd half picking up where they left off in the first.  Parker completed a series of mid range passes to Darez Diggs (undecided)  and Greg Bryan (Friendship Collegiate) which moved them right back into scoring position.  Bryan scored on a 2 yard run to make the score 32 - 0.  On Southern Maryland's next possession the fire was totally gone from the team.  The center snapped the ball a mile over Chappelle's head and Daijon Carson ended up recovering the fumble.  On the next play Parker hit Diggs on a quick slant.  He made a great catch and carried the defender into the end zone with him for the last score of the day.

DC took their foot off of the gas at that point in the game.  Southern Maryland didn't quit, as Rafiq Douglas and Tahir Tyler continued to gain yards on the ground.  They had the ball in scoring position before a 17 yard sack by Brogan Pruitt took them back into their own territory.  Zavon Morton picked off another Chappelle pass and that was your ball game.  DC knelt down for the remaining snaps of the game and the game was over.

Defensively for Southern Maryland, the dynamic offensive backfield of Tahir Tyler and Rafiq Douglas played well on the other side of the ball.  Tyler had 3 tackles and Douglas had 2 tackles and a bone jarring sack.  Trayvon Chase and Daniel Caputo also chipped in with 3 tackles a piece and Dequan Chappelle had a highlight reel pass break up to go along with his 3 tackles.  There is no quit in this Southern Maryland squad who have been playing shorthanded without the assistance of great players from Charles County and St. Mary's that could help them.  Hopefully, those regions will participate in year 2, but for now it is up to this group from Calvert County to represent Southern Maryland and we appreciate them so much for their fight.  For DC, Raequan Reeves and Brogan Britt both had a sack on the day, Keith Myers Jr. picked off another pass, Daijon Carson had another fumble recovery and Darez Diggs, Devyn Cannon, and Kenneth Holmes all chipped in with 2 tackles a piece.

The final score was DC 38, Southern Maryland 0

Game Stats:

Game Stats:

DC All Stars



Passing                     Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int      Sacks   Fum

-Deandre Parker         11      17          155      2          1            0         1

Total Passing:           11      17          155      2          1            0         1


Rushing                         Att       Yards   Avg.     TD       Fum

-Deshaun Cannady       3           68      22.6      2           0

-Greg Bryan                   4           17        4.3       0           0

-Keith Myers Jr.             1           16      16.0       0          0

-Daijon Carson              1           13      13.0      1           0

-Khari Williams              3             5        1.6       0           0

-Deandre Parker           2            -8      -4.0       0           1

Total Rushing:          14         115       8.2       3           1


Receiving                   Rec       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Darez Diggs                3            35     11.6       1           0

-Miguel McIntosh          2            20     10.0       0           0

-Greg Bryan                  2              9       4.5        0           0

-Dashaun Cannady      1            58     58.0       1           0

-Devyn Cannon             1            18     18.0       0           0

-Keith Myers Jr.            1              6        6.0       0           0

-Khari Williams             1              2       2.0        0           0

Total Receiving:       11           155   14.0        2           0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing             115

-Total Receiving          155

Total Offense:            270

DC All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks         Int        F Fum   R Fum

-Devyn Cannon                 2            0                0             0           0

-Khari Williams                 2            0                0             0           0

-Darez Diggs                    2            0                0             0           0

-Kenneth Holmes             2            0                0             0            0

-Greg Bryan                     2             0                0             0            0

-Raequan Reeves           1             1                0             0            0

-Brogan Pruitt                  2             0                0             0            0

-Daijon Carson                1             0                0             0            1

-Miguel McIntosh             1             0               0              0            0

-Burke Davis                   1             0               0              0            0

-Zavon Morton                 0             0               1              0            0

-Keith Myers Jr                0             0               1             0             0

Totals:                           16             1               2             0             1     


DC All Stars

Special Teams


Kick off Returns               Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-                                          0             0         0.0       0           0

Total KO Returns:         0             0        0.0        0           0


Punt Returns                   Ret       Yards   Avg.       TD        Fum

-Khari Williams                1             48       48.0       1           0

Total Punt Returns:      1             48       48.0       1           0

Southern Maryland All Stars



Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Dequan Chappelle        3           9         88       0           2             2           1

Total Passing:               3           9         88       0           2             2           1


Rushing                       Att       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Tahir Tyler                     6          28       4.6       0           0

-Rafiq Douglas              3          13       4.3       0           0

-Dequan Chappelle      3         -17      -5.6       0           0

Total Rushing:          12          24       2.0       0           0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards   Avg.    TD        Fum

-Tahir Tyler                    1           50      50.0      0           0

-Vaughn Gray                2           38      19.0      0           0

Total Receiving:         3           88       29.3     0           0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing               24

-Total Receiving            88

Total Offense:            112


 Southern Maryland All Stars



Name                          Tackles   Sacks          Int       F Fum   R Fum

-Tahir Tyler                      3            0                 0             0           0

-Trayvon Chase              3            0                 0             0           0

-Daniel Caputo               3            0                 0             0           0

-Dequan Chappelle        3            0                 0             0           0

-Rafiq Douglas                2            1                 0             0           0

-Michael Trybus               2            0                 0            0            0

-Malik Washington          1            0                 0            0            0

-Austin Long                    1            0                 0            0            0

Totals:                          18            1                  0            1            0     


Southern Maryland All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Andre Broussard           1            1       1.0         0           0

Total Punt Returns:     1            1       1.0         0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards      Avg.     TD      Fum

-Daniel Caputo               2           28       14.0       0           0

-Rafiq Douglas               2           16         8.0       0           0

Total KO Returns:       4           44        11.0      0           0


 Game #2

Loudoun County 14, Baltimore Metro 12



The GYFL family expected a barn burner in this one and that is just what we got.  Rusty Markland and his Loudoun County All Stars were coming off of 2 tough losses in the first 2 weeks and this was the first time they were at full strength.  Their starting QB Will Hollister, whose outstanding play in the opening game may have created a great opportunity to attend Georgetown Prep in the fall, was back under the center, which allowed Loudoun to move their top tight end and favorite target Cole Herdman back to his natural position.  He and Hollister combined to terrorize Fairfax County in the opening game.  They also had the services of star WR/DB Troy Vincent Jr. (Georgetown Prep), which put them at full strength for the first time all season.  They would need a herculian effort to keep pace with the Coach Ty Johnson's Baltimore Metro All Stars and that is just what they got.

Baltimore was still reeling from a last second loss at home in week 2 against Montgomery County.  They were looking to get back on track and keep pace with the front runners of the GYFL, Fairfax County and DC.  Both teams brought their A games on this sweltering Saturday afternoon at Bishop McNamara and to say the game went down to the wire was an understatement.  

Loudoun started out moving the ball down the field on the first posession behind the arm of Hollister until penalties halted the drive and they were forced to punt.  A poor snap over the head of the punter gave Baltimore the first break of the game as they took possession of the ball inside the Loudoun 40 yard line.  Baltimore All Star Eddie Nelson III fumbled the first handoff and Loudoun got the ball right back.  Under intense pressure on 3rd down, Hollister stepped up in the pocket and found Jonny Howard (Flint Hill) on a 30 yard completion as he got behind Jordan Adams down the right sideline.  Loudoun was in business at the 22 yard line of Baltimore.  The first quarter ended with a 0 - 0 score, but Hollister opened up the 2nd quarter with fireworks.  He found his favorite reciever Cole Herdman, who had slipped behind Quante Cornish on a flag pattern.  Hollister lofted a beatiful spiral right over the outstretched arms of Cornish and Herdman fought for the Touchdown catch.  Loudoun was unsuccessful on the conversion and led 6 - 0.

After a nice 25 yard kickoff return by Maurice Williams of Baltimore, QB Jaques Adams had his team on the attack.  Baltimore ran off 3 straight first downs with sweet runs by Williams, and Quante Cornish.  Dalontae Jennings had a nice run to get them in striking distance.  But Baltimore is a running team and can't afford to take major losses of yardage.  Williams was caught in the backfield and Loudoun's defense tightened up and forced Baltimore into a 4th and long where they could not convert and turned it over on downs.  Pinned back close to the goal line, the Baltimore All Stars had a chance to get the momentum right back when Hollister tried to go long to Jonny Howard.  It was perfectly covered by Jordan Adams who appeared to have an interception but he dropped the pass on the landing.  It gave Hollister another opportunity which proved deadly on the very next play from scrimmage.  Troy Vincent Jr. ran an out pattern and Hollister threw the ball behind him a bit.  He reached back and caught the ball one handed, then proceeded to put on a show.  He faked out Adams, got him off balance and shot him a stiff arm.  Next, he broke a tackle by Eddie Nelson III.  He cut back on Dalontae Jennings and used his left arm to push Jennings into the sideline.  Finally, he gathered his balance and took off for a 92 yard touchdown reception.  Maurice Willams did his best to track him down using an angle, but Vincent was just too fast to be caught.  The crowd was stunned and his NFL All Pro father Troy Senior could be seen smiling from ear to ear in the stands.  Jonny Howard mad a great catch over Quante Cornish for the 2 point conversion and the game was 14 - 0, with 3:27 left in the first half.

Quante Cornish brought the ensuing kickoff back 38 yards and Baltimore began to mount a comeback.  On the first play from scrimmage, Baltimore crossed Loudoun up as Jacques Adams went deep to Eddie Nelson III who had beaten Vincent on the play and had a sure touchdown pass slip through his fingers.  QB Adams eluded pressure on the next play and scrambled for a 15 yard game before a fumble which was recovered by Jennings of Baltimore giving them great field position.  A holding penalty on the next play nullified and electrifying run by Williams, who was wearing bright gold shoes to accentuate his moves.  The penalty pushed Baltimore way back out of scoring range, or at least it seemed that way.  Quante Cornish replaced Adams at quarterback and on the next play he rolled to his left and threw back to his right as a streaking Eddie Nelson III had scorched his defender on a post pattern.  The pass appeard to be a little out in front of Nelson but he had an opportunity to make a SportsCenter type catch had he chosen to stretch out and dive for the ball.  Instead he tried to reach out and catch it in stride and he barely got his fingertips on the ball......Incomplete pass.

Baltimore got a break with a pass interference all on Cornish's next pass attempt and the Baltimore All Stars had a 1st down with plenty of time to score.  This is when the tide turned on Baltimore and it was brought on by Cornish.  He was sacked on the next play and lost his cool.  He took his helmet off and threw it to the sidelines almost hitting the referee.  He snatched away from his coach and cost the Baltimore All Stars a huge 15 yard penalty which pushed them back on the other side of the 50 yard line.  Cornish could have been thrown out of the game, but the officials chose to reprimand him and allow him to continue to remain in the game in an effort to use this as a learning opportunity.  Adams was sacked and injured on the last play before the half as the penalty and actions by Cornish appeared to take the steam out of the Baltimore All Stars.  The halftime score was 14 - 0 Loudoun and the fans were in shock.

The KO return game was good for the Baltimore All Stars all day and Dalontae Jennings gave them good field position to start the second half with a 25 yard return out to the 46 of Baltimore.  After a first down, Loudoun took Baltimore to 4th down before Quante Cornish hit Dalontae Jennings on a crossing pattern where he beat Spencer Bibb with 1 on 1 coverage.  Jennings turned it up and accelerated at the 20 with just one man to beat, Troy Vincent Jr.  Vincent tried to tackle him at the 5, but Jennings muscled his way into the endzone and after the conversion failed, Baltimore was back in the game at 14 - 6.  Brandon McGurk made a crucial error on the kickoff then fielded at the 1 yard line.  He was brought down at the 4 on a great tackle by the Baltimore kick off coverage team.  The Baltimore All Stars defense was inspired by the special teams play and came after Loudoun with reckless abandon.  They stopped them on successive plays and on 3rd down Deangelo Wright broke free along with Aubrey Moffett.  Wright sacked Hollister causing a fumble which was recovered by Nelson Buchanan on the 8 yard line of Loudoun.  Baltimore was in business.

Rusty Markland must have said something to inspire the Loudoun County defense because they played big on the next possession.  Baltimore started off on the wrong foot with a procedure penalty pushing them back to the 13 yard line.  Then they went to the Wildcat with Cornish who saw nothing but wall of white jerseys on his first 2 carries as Loudoun's defensive line was deep in the backfield.  As time in the 3rd quarter ran out Baltimore found themselves in 3rd and long.  After another incompletion Cornish found Marcellus Pack open in the back corner of the endzone and threw a perfect pass.  Pack just misjudged the ball and had it go right through his hands turning the ball over on downs.  Loudoun came out conservitively on offense trying to drain clock and almost hurt themselves with a fumbled handoff, but Hollister was able to fall on it and save the possession.  Raymond Jackson (Dunbar of Baltimore) was putting so much pressure on the center that Hollister was having difficulty getting a clean snap.  Loudoun was forced to punt and just as it appeared Baltimore would make another run at a score, Cornish unleashed a deep pass down the right sideline that was picked off at the 3 yard line by Troy Vincent Jr.

Pinned back agains their own end zone Loudoun had no choice but to keep in on the ground and play conservative.  Three straight runs totalled -2 yards in offense and Loudoun found themselves punting from their own 1 yard line.  That is when the fireworks began and the nailbiter we were all expecting began to take shape.  The Baltimore fans were on their feet expecting something big and that is exactly what they got.  Delontae Jennings muffed the punt at first at the 24 yard line but gathered it and took off towards the left sideline.  He broke a Hunter Ford tackle at the 8 yard line, got a monster block by Duane Powell at the 2 and dove over the pylon into the end zone to set up the tying 2 point conversion.  The crowd went nuts!!!!!

Aaron Crawford of Loudoun would not be denied and overpowered his blocker to stop Cornish on the 2 point conversion leaving the score 14 - 12 in favor of Loudoun County.  Baltimore still had time if they could get the ball back quickly, which they did.  On the final possession, Quante Cornish was intercepted by Robert Carter at the Loudoun 6 yard line.  Hollister was able to kneel down and kill the rest of the clock, as Baltimore had no more time outs left.  It was truly a thriller ladies and gentlemen.  You should have been there.

The final score was Loudoun County 14, Baltimore Metro 12

Game Stats:


Loudoun County All Stars



Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Will Hollister                    8       11         183       2          0            0            0

Total Passing:                8       11         183       2          0            0            0


Rushing                       Att       Yards     Avg.     TD        Fum

-Jonny Howard             12         16       1.3        0           0

-Bryce Wince                 4          13       3.3        0           0

-Troy Vincent Jr.            2          - 2      -1.0        0           0

Total Rushing:          18           27      1.8        0           0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards   Avg.    TD     Fum

-Troy Vincent Jr.           2           92      46.0      1           0

-Jonny Howard             4           66      16.5      0           0

-Cole Herdman            1           22       22.0     1            0

-Hunter Ford                 1             3         3.0      0           0

Total Receiving:        8         183      22.9      2           0

Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing               27

-Total Receiving          183

Total Offense:            210


Loudoun County All Stars



Name                           Tackles   Sacks          Int        F Fum   R Fum     P Block

-Troy Vincent Jr.               5            0                 0            0           0              0

-Atticus Keane                 4             1                 0            0           0             0

-Koosha Kassiri               3             0                0            0           0              0

-Caleb Trump                   3             0                0            0           1              0

-Robert Carter                  2             0                1            0           0              0

-Cole Herdman                2             1                 0            0           0             0

-Jordan Bibb                    2             0                 0            0           0             0

-Brian Gianelos                2             1                0            0            0             0

-Micah Hotz                      1              0                0            0           0              0

-Isiah Haynes                   1              0                0            0           0              0

-Mike Hickey                    1              0                0            0           0              0

-Aaron Crawford              1              0                0            0           0             0

-Will Prendergast             1              0                0            0           0             0 

-Uzoma Kpaduwa            0              0                1            0           0             0

-Reese Ottoson                1              0                0            0            0            0

Totals:                            29              3                2            0            1            0     


Loudoun County All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                   Ret       Yards   Avg.    TD      Fum

-                                      0            0        0.0        0           0

Total Punt Returns:     0            0        0.0        0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Troy Vincent Jr.            2           19       9.5       0           0

-Brandon McGurk         1              2       2.0       0           0

Total KO Returns:      3            21      7.0       0           0 

Baltimore Metro All Stars


Passing                        Comp     Att       Yards  TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Quante Cornish             2           9          49        1           2             1           1

-Jacques Adams            0           2            0        0           0             2           1

Total Passing:              2         11          49        1           2             3           2


Rushing                                Att           Yards     Avg.         TD       Fum

-Quante Cornish                  13              27        2.1            0              0

-Dalontae Jennings               1              12       12.0           0              0

-Maurice Williams                 3                9         3.0            0              0

-Eddie Nelson III                    3               -5       -1.6            0              0

-Jacques Adams                  4                5        1.3             0              0

Total Rushing:                  24              48        2.0            0              0


Receiving                            Rec            Yards      Avg.         TD          Fum

-Dalontae Jennings              2                49          24.5           1              0

Total Receiving:                 2                49          24.5           1              0


Offense                                Yards

-Total Rushing                        48

-Total Receiving                     49

Total Offense:                       97




Name                           Tackles   Sacks           Int       F Fum   R Fum

-Michael Pickett               4            0                 0            0           0

-Deangelo Wright            3            1                 0            1           0

-Dalontae Jennings         3            0                 0            0           0

-Marcellus Pack               3            0                 0            0           0

-Jordan Adams                3            0                 0            0           0

-Eddie Nelson III               2            0                 0            0           0

-Duane Powell                  1            0                 0            0          0

-Raymond Jackson          1            0                 0            0          0

-Maurice Williams            1            0                 0            0          0

-Quay Marshall                 1            0                 0            0          0

-Aubrey Moffett                1            0                  0            0          0

-Nelson Buchannan         1            0                  0            0          1

Totals:                            24           1                  0            1          1     


Baltimore Metro All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                  Ret       Yards      Avg.   TD      Fum

-Dalontae Jennings         1          24         24.0     1          0

-Maurice Williams            1            9           9.0     0          0

Total Punt Returns:      2          33          16.5    1          0


KO Returns                  Ret         Yards  Avg.     TD        Fum

-Quante Cornish              1           38     38.0       0           0

-Dalontae Jennings         1           25     25.0       0           0

-Maurice Williams           1           25     25.0       0           0

Total KO Returns:        3           88     29.3       0           0

Game #3

Fairfax County 35, Prince Georges County 0



The final game of the day was expected to be a good one as the Prince George’s County All stars were looking to redeem themselves after a bad showing against Baltimore Metro in their opening game.  They had a bye in week 2 and the staff was working hard trying to get them ready to represent the county.  They would have a difficult opponent to test themselves with as Fairfax County was 2 – 0 after two impressive victories to open the season.

Coach Eric Henderson and his staff do a great job of preparation and rely on the arm and legs of star quarterback Ish Sesay (sources tell us will attend St. Stephens/St. Agnes) to make the offense run.  They have a tremendous amount of balance in their offense though.  They can run the ball behind massive OL Jonathan Sackey-Addo (6’2” 308 who will attend DeMatha).  Phillip Tyler or Demornay Pierson (both to attend West Potomac) carry the ball effectively and can take it the distance.  They can throw it to Sam Gallahan (St. Stephens/St. Agnes) and Celeb Henderson (West Potomac), who are both big receivers with great hands.  They can also shut you down with Jake Pinkston (Robinson), Derien Pickett (West Potomac), and Michael Gyamfi (West Potomac).

Coach Bullock of Wise HS and his staff have some weapons on the other side of the ball as well.  They feature Eddie Gross, who is a dynamic athlete that can do it all from the RB or LB position (McNamara).  QB Jamal Brown is steady and can make plays with his arm and feet (McNamara).  Elijah Kee is a big, fast, and explosive athlete who is effective at WR or DB.  Taiwan Deal is an exceptional athlete at 6’1 and 185lbs who plays TE and DE (DeMatha).  They have size on the line with Brandon Sims, Jourdain Smith and the Flemming brothers (Malik and Maurice who will attend Forestville).  They also feature Deandre Kelly, who may be the top 7th grader in the league with his combination of size 6’2”, 185lbs and speed coming from the DE position.  Kelly will be one of the most sought after recruits in the region when he becomes and 8th grader.

The game started out very competitive, with neither team moving the ball on the first possession.  Sesay was a victim of 3 dropped passes in his first two possessions.  PG had the momentum on their second possession as Joshua Burke took a handoff around the right side of the line and broke loose down the sidelines for a 39 yard run before being pushed out of bounds by Xavier Wicker (West Potomac) at the 10 yard line.  Gross took the next carry down to the 3 and it looked like PG was in business before Pickett and Pinkston took matters into their own hands.  Those two kids have been dominant in every game defensively for Fairfax.  Pickett made a tackle for a 3 yard loss on 2nd down before Pinkston recorded 2 consecutive sacks on Jamal Brown, turning the ball over on downs.  He had tremendous help and pressure from Michael Gyamfi on the second one.

Fairfax was motivated by the defensive goal line stand and scored two plays later on a couple of great runs by Pierson, who had a phenomenal game for Fairfax with 4 touchdowns.  He ran 9 yards on the first carry.  On the second carry he ran up the middle from the I formation, got a great block from Pinkston, who doubles as an offensive guard, broke back to the right sidelines and turned it into a track meet that he would not lose.  52 yards later, Pierson was in the end zone for the first score of the day.  The blocked extra point made the score 6 – 0.

PG was not intimidated though and came right back down the field on the next possession.  Jamal Brown saw some holes in the Fairfax defense and audibled for a series of quarterback sneaks that moved the ball deep into scoring position.  Brown came out for a breather and Ashton White-Meeks picked up where he left off.  He broke up the middle for a 7 yard gain before Pierson came out of nowhere with a jarring hit that knocked the ball loose and it was recovered by Ethan Hall of Fairfax (undecided).  One would have thought that turnover would have taken the spirit out of PG, but that was not the case.  The kids hung in there and stopped Fairfax for a 3 and out.  It was the next special teams play that really hurt PG and put Fairfax in the drivers seat going into the half.

Sam Gallahan let loose a booming 52 yard punt that soared over the head of Burke and landed at the 2 yard line.  Burke tried to run it out but was tackled at the 1.  One the next play, Pinkston struck again and tackled Brown in the end zone for a safety that put Fairfax ahead 8 – 0.  Had PG been able to get to the half only down 8 – 0 to the powerful Fairfax All Stars, it would have given them something to be excited about.  But, that was not to be.  After the free kick, Fairfax took over with less than 20 seconds left in the half.  A hand off to Pierson turned into another touchdown on an electrifying run of 27 yards and with the clock running out to end the first half, Fairfax was leading 15 – 0, instead of 8 – 0.

As the second half started, the game was still in reach, but the rain began to come down and the Prince George’s All Stars turnovers began to go up.  On the second play from scrimmage, a fumbled snap was recovered by Alek Shultz of Fairfax.  After 2 nice runs by Phillip Tyler, he scored from 2 yards out giving Fairfax a 21 – 0 lead.  Fairfax had not dominated statistically at this point in the game, but nonetheless, the score was 21 – 0 and the confidence of the PG All Stars was waning.  The rain came down even harder on the next possession for the PG All Stars and only 1 play after a nice 8 yard completion from Jamal Brown to DJ Turner, another fumbled snap gave the ball right back to Fairfax in scoring position.  Pinkston recovered it Fairfax was back in business.  The PG defense held for a moment and after a 7 yard tackle in the backfield by Deandre Kelly, it looked like they may have been able to hold.  However, Sesay lofted a swing pass to Pierson from the 10 yard line and he shook a PG defender and found himself in the end zone for the 3rd time on the day as he carried Zuri Page across the goal line to give Fairfax the 28 – 0 lead.  It was the Demornay Pierson show at this point.

The rest of the game was uneventful for the most part.  PG was unable to move the ball effectively on offense.  Defensively they didn’t give up as much as the score would indicate.  The Fairfax punt team kept PG deep in their own territory and had a huge impact on the game because of the field position.  At the end of the 4th quarter, on a punt by Eddie Gross for the PG All Stars, the opposite happened.  Demorney Pierson, realizing that no PG All Star downed the punt, scooped it up at the 27 yard line and ran it in for another touchdown as the PG looked on in disbelief.  Pierson was certainly the player of the game with 4 scores to go along with great defense by Fairfax.

The PG defense was the first team to keep Sesay from going crazy.  They held him to 65 yards passing and -13 yards rushing.  But, concentrating on Sesay and Gallahan so much left open opportunities for Pierson and coach Henderson and the staff did a great job of exploiting them.  The Fairfax All Stars found a different way to dominate on this day, but they dominated nonetheless.  Derian Pickett was just insane on defense with 6 unassisted tackles and 2 sacks.  Jake Pinkston recorded 3 more sacks to add to  his impressive season total.  Alek Shultz and Pierson also chipped in with multiple tackles, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery.  Javon Roye, Kalin Powell, Eddie Gross and Deandre Kelly led the Prince George's All Stars in tackles.  Gross was also effective for PG in the return game.

The final score was 35 – 0 Fairfax County over Prince Georges County

Game Stats:

Fairfax County All Stars


 Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards    TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Ish Sesay                       5          13          53        1           0             2           0

-Caleb Henderson         2            3          12        0           0             0           0

Total Passing:              7          16          65        1           0             2           0


Rushing                        Att       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Demornay Pierson      8          104    13.0       2           0

-Phillip Tyler                   6            35      5.8       1           0

-Sam Gallahan              1              7      7.0        0           0

-Ish Sesay                      2          -13     -6.5        0           0

Total Rushing:          17         133      7.8        3           0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards    Avg.      TD          Fum

-Joshua Perez              1            20       20.0       0              0

-Ethan Hall                    1            19       19.0       0              0

-Demornay Pierson     2            10         5.0       1              0

-Brennan Lane             1              8         8.0        0              0

-Sam Gallahan             1              4         4.0        0              0

-Alek Shultz                   1             4         4.0        0              0

Total Receiving:         7           65         9.2        1             1

 Offense                      Yards

-Total Rushing             133

-Total Receiving            65

Total Offense:            198


Fairfax County All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks           Int      F Fum   R Fum

-Derian Pickett                  6             2                 0           0          0

-Jake Pinkston                  1             3                 0           0          1

-Michael Gyamfi                1             0                 0           0          0

-Ethan Hall                         2             0                 0           0          1

-Alek Shultz                       2             0                 0           0          1

-Brian Burns                      1             0                 0           0          0

-Demornay Pierson          3             0                 0           1          0

-Jonathan Sackey-Addo  2             0                 0           0          0

-Tafari Black                      1             0                 0           0          0

-Xavier Wicker                  1             0                 0           0          0

-Karee Boyens                  1             0                 0           0          0

-Phillip Tyler                       1             0                 0           0          0

-Tre'Juan Wesley              1             0                 0           0          0

Totals:                             23             5                 0           1          3     


Fairfax County All Stars

Special Teams


Kick Off Returns                Ret        Yards    Avg.     TD        Fum

-                                            0             0          0.0        0           0

Total KO Returns:           0             0          0.0        0           0


Punt Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD      Fum

-Demornay Pierson        1           27     27.0        1           0

Total Punt Returns:     1           27     27.0        1           0

Prince Georges County All Stars



Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Jamal Brown                 1          1            8        0           0            4           2

Total Passing:             1          1            8        0           0            4           2


Rushing                       Att       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Joshua Burke              7           44      6.3        0           0

-Eddie Gross                4           16      4.0        0           0

-DJ Turner                     5           10      2.0        0           0

-Ashton White-Meeks  2             3      1.5        0           0

-Alvin Brown                  5             8        .6        0           0

Total Rushing:         26           78      3.8        0          0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards   Avg.      TD           Fum

- DJ Turner                     1             8         8.0        0              0

Total Receiving:        1             8         8.0        0              0

Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing               78

-Total Receiving              8

Total Offense:             86


Prince Georges County All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks           Int        F Fum   R Fum

-Javon Roye                       3            0                 0            0             0

-Kalin Powell                      3            0                 0            0             0

-Deandre Kelly                   2            0                 0            0             0

-Elijah Kee                          2            1                 0            0             0

-Zuri Page                           2            0                 0            0             0

-Vance Adams                   2            0                 0            0             0

-Eddie Gross                      2            0                 0            0             0

-Joshua Burke                    1            0                 0            0             0

-Isaiah Jackson                  1            0                 0            0             0

-DJ Turner                           1            0                 0            0             0

-Steven Rivers                    1            0                 0            0             0

-Jordan Mitchell                  1            0                 0            0             0

-Taiwan Deal                      0             1                0            0             0

-Ayron Monroe                    1            0                0            0             0

Totals:                              22            2                0            0            0     


Prince Georges County All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Joshua Burke                1             0        0.0        0           0

Total Punt Returns:    1             0        0.0        0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD      Fum

-Eddie Gross                 3           29       9.6       0           0

-Ayron Monroe               1          15     15.0        0           0

-DJ Turner                      1            2       2.0        0           0

Total KO Returns:      5          46     15.3       0            0


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