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Week #4 2010

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Week 4

Game Recaps


Game #1

Fairfax 27, Montgomery County 20


We should have made this the 3rd game of the day because everyone interested in the GYFL had this game circled on the schedule and it did not disappoint.  We had two well coached and talented teams lining up to do battle.  Several of the Fairfax County All Stars will be attending the powerful West Potomac HS squad coached by Eric Henderson and his staff.  While many of the Montgomery County All Stars will be attending Good Counsel in the Fall and they are coached by Good Counsel freshman coach Andy Stefanelli and his talented staff.  There were athletes on both sides of the ball and they were well prepared.  We didn't know whether to expect a shootout, or a defensive struggle, but we expected the game to be close and that is what we got.

The Fairfax All Stars are led by multi-talented quarterback Ish Sesay (St. Stephens/St. Agnes), who loves to throw to his favorite reciever Sam Gallahan (also headed to St. Stephens/St. Agnes).  They should be a duo that will be fun to watch over the next four years in the IAC conference.  Demornay Pierson (West Potomac) is coming off of a 4 touchdown performance in week 3 and was looking forward to the challenge.  Montgomery had a bye in week 3, which gave them a chance to get speedy and talented RB Leo Ekwange back, who hails from the Olney Boys and Girls Club (coached by Sal Gorgone).  Ekwange (Good Counsel) turned an ankle in the first game and sat out game 2 along with Robert Walker (Gonzaga), who was still out for this game.  Perry Stefanelli played big for Montgomery in an 8 - 0 thriller against Baltimore Metro and was looking for another strong performance behind a big and powerful Montgomery County offensive line led by Jemal Averette, Sam Madaras and Darrin Myers, who will all attend Good Counsel in the fall. 

The game started off with a defensive stop by Fairfax, but the first punt sailed over head of the Montgomery County punter giving Fairfax and first and goal from the 10 yard line.  Pierson capitalized quickly with a quick pitch to the right sideline where he scored in one play.  Gallahan showed that he was more than a reciever as he demolished the left cornerback with a crushing block to lead the way.  After a successful extra point, Fairfax led 7 - 0.  Montgomery County got an 11 yard kick off return by the always dangersous Jalen Tabor (Good Counsel), who was selected as the second rated 8th grader in the region at the prestigious National Underclassmen combine in New Jersey the week before.  Tabor is expected to be a force at the high school level and the GYFL is fortunate to have him suiting up for our league.  The Montgomery County All Stars mounted a drive on the possession primarily behind the running of Ekwange, who broke off a 35 yard run behind the massive Offensive line to get them in scoring position.  On 3rd down from the 14 yard line QB Colar Kuhns (Good Counsel) lofted a perfect pass towards the right corner of the end zone where Johnny Prather had beaten Pierson on a flag pattern.  The ball hit Prather perfectly for the touchdown, but Prather wanted to make the catch more exciting so he bobbled it and turned a routine catch into circus highlight reel catch in the back corner as he secured the ball and dragged his feet in before falling out of bounds. After a blocked extra point the score was 7 - 6 and the crowd realized that it would be shoot out, as opposed to a defensive struggle.

Fairfax got a big kickoff return from Pierson as he tried to redeem himself from getting beaten for a touchdown.  The masterful Sesay went for the jugular on first down with a wonderfully executed out and up to Josh Perez who found himself wide open behind the Montgomery County secondary.  Sesay put the ball right on the money as Tabor tried to cover for the beaten cornerback.  The ball his Perez right in the hands, but he dropped a sure touchdown pass.  A couple of plays later, Sesay overthrew a streaking Randy Cooper who may have been glad the pass wasn't catchable as Tabor broke on the ball perfectly.  Had he caught the ball the collision would have certainly been violent.  Fairfax punted to Montgomery and Tabor returned the punt 9 yards.  With penalty yardage, Montgomery County was in business down 7 - 6.  Derien Pickett took the possession into his own hands and made consecutive tackles and a big sack forcing a punt by the Montgomery County All Stars.

With the ball back in the hands of the versatile and exciting Sesay, who has made no secret if his desire to lead his team to a GYFL championship and win the MVP award, it was time to make something happen.  Sesay rolled out of the pocked and had Joshua Parez behind the Montgomery County defense again.  He threw another bomb down the field and this time Parez misjudged the sure touchdown pass.  We are not sure if Parez lost the ball in the sun, but he was clearly frustrated by not being able to make the adjustment needed to catch that ball.  Sesay, who was a victim of 4 dropped passes the week before, decided to take the game into his own hands (actually feet) on the next play and showed the crowd that he is the real deal.  He faked an option pitch to to Pierson out of the short shot gun, turned up the field and started breaking ankles in route to an 18 yard carry to move the chains.  Two plays later, Sesay found his favorite reciever Gallahan in the middle of the Montgomery County zone defense for a 15 yard touchdown pass.  Roger Richardson (undecided) made a great open field tackle on Demornay Pierson to keep them from executing the 2 point conversion, so the score was 13 - 6 Fairfax All Stars.

The crowd expected Montgomery to run out the clock with about a minute and a half remaining on the clock but that big offensive line and Leo Ekwange had different ideas.  His first run was for 14 yards up the middle.  Then, with less than a minute in the half, Ekwange took a pitch to the right side of the line from his own 43 yard line, cut back up the middle, made a couple of guys miss, broke it back to the left and turned on the jets.  If Karee Boyens doesn't have breakaway speed himself, Ekwange would have tied the score before going into halftime.  Ekwange went 54 yards on the carry all the way down to the 2 yard line before being tackled by Boyens (undecided).  Big Kyle Snyder (who will be attending Good Counsel with his older brother who is a major D1 prospect himself) took the next carry right up the middle behind Connor Tilton (Quince Orchard) and Vincent Gorgone (Good Counsel) for the touchdown.  The 2 point conversion attempt was intercepted by Xavier Wicker (West Potomac) leaving the score at 13 - 12 with 28 seconds to go in the half.  After a short kick and a good return the crowd expected Fairfax to take it to the half, but Henderson would have none of that.  He called for a double pass and Sesay threw a lateral to the backup quarterback Caleb Henderson who had a streaking Xavier Wicker running a deep post pattern in front of Tabor.  He had Tabor beaten on the play but the pass was just out of the reach of Wicker.  It looked like he could have stretched out and tried to make a diving catch, but he chose not to and just missed it.  Great call by Henderson, who is definately up for coach of the year honors.  Time ran out on the half with the score, Fairfax All Stars 13 and Montgomery County All Stars 12.

Henderson and the Fairfax All Stars opened up the second half with extra wide spacing between the lineman, in an effort to open up some running lanes for the backs.  On second play from scrimmage, the tactic worked as the sensational Sesay found some room up the middle, bounced to the left sideline and got a great block from Parez to help him turn the corner on a 42 yard run with a touchdown saving tackle by Shammon Love.  Sesay was amazing on this drive with his running ability.  After a few penalties pushed them back, he got Fairfax to the 1 yard line with an array of moves that will certainly be on the GYFL highlight film when it is produced.  Then Henderson got tricky again and put Sesay  under center from the 1, with the wide splits he was able to walk into end zone.  Josh Parez redeemed himself by catching Sesay's 2 point conversion. to give Fairfax a 21 - 12 lead in the 3rd quarter.  This Henderson just keeps pulling rabbits out of his hat and I can't wait to see what that West Potomac team will look like in the fall if his Fairfax team is any indication of what that staff is capable of.

Montgomery County was back on the move again before Ekwange fumbled on a tackle by Tre 'Juan Wesley (7th grader) that was recovered by Oscar Gonzalez (Edison) of Fairfax.  Caleb Henderson took over for Sesay who was limping after the previous drive and he was moving the chains before Phillip Tyler turned the ball over on a great play by Joe Ralli (Good Counsel).  Marvin Galdamez scooped up the fumble and took it all the way back to the 27 before he was run down by Caleb Henderson saving the touchdown.  The Fairfax All Stars defense stepped up with big tackles on the possession by George Williams IV.  He made a 4th down stop on a conservative run play by Montgomery County for the turnover on downs.  That's when the Montgomery County defense stepped up.  The posession ended with a big 10 yard sack by Garvin Brooms (7th Grader) on Ish Sesay at the 1 yard line, forcing Fairfax to punt.  Montgomery County got great field position and struck again when Brian Strittmatter (Mater Dei) found Ryan Perigard streaking down the middle of the field from his TE position for a 28 yard touchdown.  Kyle Snyder banged up the middle for another 2 point conversion making the score 21 - 20 Fairfax with 5:00 left in the 4th quarter.  It was anybody's ball game as Stefanelli drew up a brilliant play to catch Fairfax off guard.  We hadn't seen that play from Montgomery in the 3 weeks of the season so it was no wonder it caught Karee Boyens peaking into the backfield.

On the next possession, as Sesay began to move the Fairfax All Stars again, he made his first mistake of the season and threw a lame duck that should have been intercepted by Roger Richardson who had great coverage.  He dropped an easy intereception.  You just can't give Sesay opportunities like that because he will kill you.  On 4th down Sesay did exaclty what Sesay does.  He surveyed the field from the shotgun and found his favorite sure handed reciever Sam Gallahan wide open in the back of the end zone after an out and up move on Richardson.  He threw a perfect pass to Gallahan that slipped right threw his fingertips.  Montgomery County ball.  But, before they could appreciate their good fortune, they gave a gift in the form of a touchdown right back to Fairfax on the next play.  Colar Kuhns, who was having a good day for Montgomery fumbled the snap and appeard to lose his bearings after he picked up the loose ball.  He hurled a pass into the right flat, but the only person in the vicinity was Alek Shultz (DeMatha) of Fairfax.  Shultz picked the ball off at the 25 yard line and raced into the end zone for the score.  After the failed extra point, Fairfax led 27 - 20 with 1:55 seconds left in the ball game.

Montgomery County was back on the move again after Bryan Strittmatter connected with Jalon Tabor over the middle for a big 18 yard reception.  With 1:04 left in the game, Strittmatter dropped back again.  This time he was looking down the right sideline for Johnny Prather.  Under pressure he threw into double coverage and Demornay Pierson looked like superman as he leaped high for the ball and picked it off at it's highest point at the 28 yard line.  He gathered himself and returned it all the way back to the 50 before being pushed out of bounds.  Fairfax took a knee and ran down the clock in this thriller of a game.

Ekwange had a monster game on offense with 141 yards on the ground and 6 tackles on defense, but it wasn't enough to overcome Sesay, who contributed 142 yards of total offense, which included several key drops that could have pushed him up to well over 200 yards of total offense.  Kyle Snyder turned in another great defensive effort with 5 tackles.  On the Fairfax side of the ball, Derien Pickett turned in another stellar defensive performance with 7 tackles and a sack.  Ethan Hall stepped up big for Fairfax as well with 4 tackles.  As always, Jake Pinkston was stout in the middle and causing havoc.

The final score was Fairfax County 27, Montgomery County 20

Game Stats

Fairfax County All Stars



Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Ish Sesay                       7         13          63       1          0            1           0

-Caleb Henderson         1           2          15        0          0            0           0

Total Passing:              8         15          78       1          0            1           0


Rushing                        Att       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Ish Sesay                       7           79    11.3       1           0

-Demornay Pierson       8           31      3.9       1           0

-Phillip Tyler                    3             6      2.0       0           1

-Caleb Henderson         1             4      4.0       0           0

Total Rushing:            19       120      6.3       2           1


Receiving                    Rec      Yards     Avg.     TD          Fum

-Sam Gallahan              3           45       15.0       1              0

-Randy Cooper             2           16         8.0        0              0

-Demornay Pierson      1           14       14.0       0              0

-Joshua Perez               1             2         2.0       0              0

-Caleb Henderson        1             1         1.0       0              0

Total Receiving:         8           78         9.8       1              1

 Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing             120

-Total Receiving            78

Total Offense:            198


Fairfax County All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks           Int      F Fum   R Fum

-Derian Pickett                  7             1                 0           0          0

-Ethan Hall                         4              0                0           0          0

-Jake Pinkston                  3              0                0           0          0

-Oscar Gonzalez               2              0                0           0          1

-Alek Shultz                       2              0                 1TD     0          0

-Phillip Tyler                      2              0                  0          0          0

-Michael Gyamfi               2              0                  0          0          0

-Jonathan Sackey-Addo 2              0                  0          0          0

-Tafari Black                     2              0                  0          0          0

-George Williams IV        2              0                  0          0          0

-Karee Boyens                 1              0                  0          0          0

-Tre'Juan Wesley             2              0                  0           1         0

-Jonathan Clay                 1              0                  0           0         0

-Kris Sheckles                  1             0                  0            0         0

-Randy Cooper                 1             0                  0            0         0

-Ish Sesay                          1             0                  0           0         0

-Caleb Henderson            1             0                  0           0         0

-Demornay Pierson          0             0                  1           0         0

-Xavier Wicker                  0             0                  1           0         0

Totals:                             36             1                  3           1         1     


Fairfax County All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                      Ret        Yards    Avg.     TD        Fum

-                                            0             0          0.0        0           0

Total Punt Returns:        0             0          0.0        0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.       TD      Fum

-Demornay Pierson        2           40     20.0        0           0

-Alek Shultz                     1             6        6.0        0           0

Total KO Returns:        3           46     15.3        0           0

Montgomery County All Stars



Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int      Sacks   Fum

-Kolar Kuhns                  2           5           15       1          2            0         0

-Brian Strittmatter          3           5           54       1          1            1         0

Total Passing:             5          10          69       2          3            1         0


Rushing                       Att       Yards     Avg.    TD        Fum

-Leo Ekwange            14         141      10.1      0           1

-Perry Stefanelli            8           34        4.3       0           0

-Shammon Love           2             4        2.0       0           0

-Kyle Snyder                 3              1          .3       1           0

-Brian Strittmatter        1             -4      -4.0        0           0

Total Rushing:         28          179      6.4        1           1


Receiving                    Rec      Yards    Avg.      TD        Fum

-Jalen Tabor                  2            26      13.0       0           0

-Johnny Prather             2            15        7.5       1           0

-Ryan Perigard              1            28     28.0       1           0

Total Receiving:         5             69     13.8       2           0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing              179

-Total Receiving             69

Total Offense:             248


Montgomery County All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks        Int        F Fum   R Fum 

-Leo Ekwange                 6              0              0            0             0          

-Kyle Snyder                    5              0              0            0             0               

-Garvin Brooms               3              1              0            0             0                 

-Roger Richardson         3              0               0            0             0                

-Jalen Tabor                    2              0               0            0             0

-Shammon Love             2              0               0            0             0              

-Marvin Galdamez          1              0               0            0             1

-Joe Ralli                         1              0               0            1             0         

-Aaron Savage               1              0               0            0             0           

Totals:                          24              1                0           1             1             


Montgomery County All Stars

Special Teams

 Punt Returns                Ret       Yards   Avg.      TD        Fum

-Jalen Tabor                   1             9        9.0         0           0
-Jelani Williamson         1             0        0.0         0           0
Total Punt Returns:    2             9        4.5         0           0
KO Returns                  Ret       Yards     Avg.     TD      Fum
-Jelani Williamson          3           39       13.0       0           0
-Jalen Tabor                   1            11       11.0       0           0
-Abe Pishar                    1            11       11.0       0           0
Total KO Returns:       5            61       12.2       0           0

Game #2

D.C. All Stars 56 vs Prince Georges 12


Our second game turned out to the strangest game of the GYFL season so far.  The DC All Stars have been scoring in bunches every week with a small team that has blazing speed at all of the skill positions and a tremendously accurate quarterback in Deandre Parker, who is tearing up the league and giving Sesay a run for his money for MVP.  The whole crowd was stunned to see the Prince George's All stars jump out to a 12 - 0 lead after the first quarter.  PG made a coaching change after last weeks loss to Fairfax.  NFL star running back Lamont Jordan will be taking over the reins starting in week 5, so the GM Alvin Brown (PG Chargers) acted as interim head coach and a dedicated group of assistant coaches from youth organizations stepped up to assist until Jordan could implement his system. Tyrone Jackson of the 301 Panthers took over the offensive coordinator role.  Jackson, whose talents were discovered by the Bryce Bevill and the fine staff at McNamara during the GYFL mini-camp/combine season will be taking his considerable talents to Bishop McNamara in the fall, was excited to have an opportunity to call plays.  He, Brown and the rest of the staff obviously studied the tape of the DC All Stars because they were ready coming out of the gate.

The DC All Stars like to isolate their speedy players and offensive coordinater "Coach Bink" has found creative ways to get his athletes out in space where they can do the most damage.  They run a series of swing passes to their tailbacks that no team has been able to stop this season.  Coach Brown had his PG defenders waiting on the swing passes and the first score of the day happened when Deshaun Cannady (undecided) dropped a swing pass that was actually a lateral.  Ashton White-Meeks (7th grader from the 301 Panthers) smartly picked up the ball and raced 69 yards for a touchdown.  DC had shot themselves in the foot on a penalty during the first punt return to create the opportunity.  Khari Williams (undecided), clearly the fastest player in the league and possibly one of the fastest 8th graders that any of us have ever seen in our lives broke the first punt return 58 yards for a touchdown, but it was brought back to the 25 yard line for an illegal block in the back that was far behind the play.  That mistake allowed the second mistake to happen, which the well coached PG defense took advantage of.  After a failed extra point, the PG All Starts lead 6 - 0. 

DC came out throwing on the next possession.  Parker (undecided), who has the highest completion percentage in the league and who also leading the league in passing yardage was slightly off target on a couple of passes, one to a streaking Tony Hansford (Friendship Collegiate) who had torched his defender and broke open down the right sidelines.  Hansford also dropped a post pattern that hit him right in the hands as well.  DC was not firing on full cylinders initially and may have been taking PG lightly.

On DC's next possession, Williams lined up in the tailback position from the 14 yard line and took a sweep around the left side.  The kid looked like he was on ice skates as he blew past all of the PG defenders on an 86 yard touchdown run.  He didn't even look tired when he finished.  This play was also called back for a penalty but it was so exciting that I had to include it.  Just when it looked like Parker was getting back into his groove after a beautiful 30 yard bomb to Hansford, Elijah Kee (DeMatha) read Parkers eyes and stepped right in front a swing pass to the slot reciever and took off toward the PG endzone.  74 yards later the Prince George's All Stars were leading the powerful DC All Stars 12 - 0 and coach Brown had to be all smiles.  The film study was paying off and the defense was stepping up big time.  When coach Brown called for an onside kick that was successfully recovered by Vance Adams, a 7th grader from South Bowie, the crowd went nuts and it looked like the PG All stars had an opportunity to go into halftime with at worst a 12 - 0 lead.  Coach Jordan was studying from the press box and wanted the PG All Stars to play conservative in the last 2 minutes to preserve the lead.

The last 2 minutes of the first were 2 of the strangest and unbelievable minutes that I have seen in 35 years of watching football.  DC held PG withouth a first down on 3 downs and instead of punting, PG chose to go for it on 4th down, most likely to keep the ball away from Khari Williams, which is understandable.  What happened next, you almost had to be there to believe.  I will describe as best as I can.  Greg Bryan (Friendship Collegiate) gobbled up big chunks of yards on the ground with consecutive draw plays when PG expected a pass.  Then Parker went over the top for a touchdown pass to #45, who made a circus catch.  After the 2 point conversion the score was a more manageable 12 - 8 and it looked like we would be in for a surprisingly good game.

PG took the kickoff and tried to run out the last 2 minutes on the clock.  After 1 first down, Jamal Brown (PG Chargers headed to McNamara) tried a QB keeper around the left end and was held up by the DC defenders.  In an unbelievable sequence of events, Reyquan Reeves (undecided) stripped the ball from Brown and returned it 25 yards for the DC go ahead touchdown.  Instead of PG going into halftime with a 12 - 0 lead, in less than 2:00 minutes they were down 16 - 12 and in in a state of shock.  It didn't stop there.  The remarkable Khari Williams, who also kicks off for DC pulled a trick of his own.  The DC coaching staff fooled the fans by calling for an onside kick, and Williams kicked off and ran down his own kick!  Williams recovered the ball with 1:32 left in the half and DC had another shot to go for the jugular.  Williams came in motion, took the hand off and broke of a 16 yard run to get DC back into scoring position.  On the next play, Parker looked for his big reciever Darez Diggs (younger brother of Stephon Diggs from Good Counsel).  Diggs is undecided on a high school, but the kid is a legit 6' and 180lbs and he is hard to cover.  He runs great routes, has tremendous hands, and is fast enough to run past defenders, but also big enough to run over them. 

Diggs ran a post route on Kalin Powell (Wise) that was actually defended perfectly.  Powell, who is a great athlete with excellent size and speed, stepped in front of Diggs and deflected the pass.  Unfortunately for PG, he hit the ball up in the air, Diggs kept his concentration and caught the ball for a 3rd DC touchdown within 2 minutes.  After the 2 point conversion, DC was ahead 24 - 12, all of PG's momentum was gone and the team was in a state of disbelief. 

PG came out inspired on defense at the beginning of the second half and Isaiah Jackson caused a Deandre Parker fumble in the first posession that was recovered by Eddie Gross (Marlboro Mustangs heading to McNamara) giving the PG All Stars life early in the 3rd quarter.  They were unable to take advantage to due a turnover on a high snap, which was recovered by DC.  Parker seemed to have had enough by this time and made a point to put his print on the game.  He went deep down the right sideline to his favorite reciever Tony Hansford.  Hansford was open in the first quarter on the same play and Parker overthrew him.  But not this time.  Hansford beat his defender White-Meeks and Parker hit him in stride at the 30 yard line.  Hansford did the rest out sprinting White-Meeks and Joshua Burke to the end zone to make the score 30 - 12. 

DC forced a punt on PG's next possession and Darez Diggs showed his versatility by bringing it back 22 yards setting the DC All Stars up for another score.  Khari Williams exploded 19 yards around the left side on a hand off and there were no yellow flags on this touchdown run making the score 36 - 12.  On the next PG play from scrimmage, Jamal Brown found Booker Napoleon (Westlake) open down the left sideline and made a perfect pass to him.  Booker, who some of you may remember from the Washington Post article about the GYFL, was the fastest player at the PG County combine.  He lit up the stats in the 40 yard dash and the broad jump, but after a great catch in the first quarter of the game, he dropped 2 passes that were crucial to PG trying to make a comeback and this was 1 of them.  Parker wasn't finished yet.  He got the DC All Stars on the board quickly in the 4th quarter by going over the top for another touchdown pass of 20 yards to Hansford giving DC a 42 - 12 lead, and the rout was officially on.  Hansford stepped up on defense on the next possession by picking off a Jamal Brown pass.  At that point, Williams struck again with a 60 yard run on a reverse that was worth the price of admission.  The DC All Stars were up 50 - 12 and pouring it on to the dismay of many in the crowd who questioned the sportsmanship of the DC All Stars. 

On the next possession, Greg Bryan closed out the scoring with a 45 yard TD run, which made the score 56 - 12.  Defensively for PG, Eddie Gross had another high volume tackle day with 4, to go along with 2 recovered fumbles.  Ashton White-Meeks had 3 tackles and the 69 yard touchdown.  DC had an all around strong defesive effort.  Reyquan Reeves was the star of the defense with a big sack to go along with his strip of the PG quarterback that he ran back for a touchdown.

Although the PG All Stars haven't collected a win yet, several of the players on the team have shown tremendous heart and talent and are getting individual exposure that will benefit them in the long run.  As the high school coaches review the films of these games, they really don't care about who wins and loses.  They are looking for talent and win or lose, if these kids continue to play extremely hard and don't quit, they will see the benefit down the road.  Some of the head coaches of their future high school teams are getting the first chance to look at them on film.  Some of the 7th graders are being evaluated for high school next year, while some players who were unknown before are showing the talent that was unnoticed before.  If they keep playing hard they just may give coach Lamont Jordan a chance to teach them some things about this game of football and the game of life that they would never have known and they may shock a couple of teams before this season is over.  If nothing else, they are laying the foundation for future Prince George's All star teams that will be phenomenal in the future.

The final score was DC 56, Prince George's County 12

Game Stats

DC All Stars



Passing                     Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int      Sacks   Fum

-Deandre Parker          5       16          157      4          1            0         1

Total Passing:            5        16          157     4          1            0         1


Rushing                         Att       Yards   Avg.     TD       Fum

-Khari Williams.              5        100      20.0      2           0

-Greg Bryan                  10          99        9.9      1           0

-Deshaun Cannady        5          37        7.4       0          0

-Keith Myers Jr.              3          18        6.0       0           0

-Tony Hansford               1            0        0.0       0           1

-Deandre Parker            1            0        0.0       0           1

Total Rushing:            25       253      10.1       3          2


Receiving                   Rec      Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Tony Hansford             3          126     42.0       2           0

-Darez Diggs                1            22     22.0       1           0

-Eric Magwood             1               9       9.0       1           0

Total Receiving:        5           157    31.4        4           0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing             253

-Total Receiving          157

Total Offense:            410

DC All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks         Int        F Fum   R Fum

-Eric Magwood                 3            0                0             0           1

-Khari Williams                 3            0                0             0           0

-Kareem McDonald         2            0                0             0           0

-Kenneth Holmes             2            0                0             0           0

-Marcus Jackson             2            0                0             0           0

-Raquan Reeves              2            1               0             1            1

-Brogan Pruitt                   1            0               0             0            0

-Devyn Cannon                2             0              0             0            0

-Tony Hansford                1             0              1             0            0

-Darez Diggs                   2             0              0             0            0

-Greg Bryan                     1             0              0             0            0

-Jabari Robinson            2             0              0             0            0

Totals:                            21            1              1             1            2     


DC All Stars

Special Teams


Kick off Returns               Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-                                          0             0         0.0       0           0

Total KO Returns:         0             0        0.0        0           0


Punt Returns                   Ret       Yards   Avg.       TD        Fum

-Khari Williams                1             38       38.0        0           0

-Darez Diggs                   1             22       22.0        0           0

Total Punt Returns:      2             60      30.0         0           0

Prince Georges County All Stars


Passing                  Comp      Att       Yards   TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Jamal Brown             4         12          20        0          1            2           2

Total Passing:         4         12          20        0          1            2           2


Rushing                      Att       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Joshua Burke              6           32      5.3        0           0

-Sherif Hassan             4             9      2.3        0           0

-Eddie Gross               1             4      4.0         0           0

-Eric Harvell                 2             4      2.0         0           0

-Brandon Sims            1             0      0.0         0           0

-Alvin Brown                6             0      0.0         0           0

Total Rushing:        20          49     2.5         0           0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards   Avg.      TD           Fum

-Eddie Gross               2            11       5.5          0              0

-Booker Napoleon       1              9       9.0          0              0

-Elijah Kee                   1              0       0.0           0              0

Total Receiving:       4            20       5.0           0              0

Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing               49

-Total Receiving            20

Total Offense:             49


Prince Georges County All Stars


Name                           Tackles    Sacks           Int                F Fum   R Fum

-Eddie Gross                     4            0                 0                      0             2

-Ashton White-Meeks       2            0                 0                      0             1 (69 TD)

-Elijah Kee                         1            0                 1 (74 TD)        0             0

-Kalin Powell                      2            0                 0                     0              0

-Vance Adams                   2            0                 0                     0             0

-Sherif Hassan                   2            0                 0                     0             0

-Joshua Burke                   1             0                 0                     0             0

-Isaiah Jackson                 2             0                 0                     1             0

-Booker Napoleon             1            0                 0                      0            0

Totals:                            17            0                 1                      1            3     


Prince Georges County All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                     Ret       Yards   Avg.       TD        Fum

-                                           0             0        0.0        0           0

Total Punt Returns:        0             0        0.0        0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD      Fum

-Joshua Burke               1          11     11.0         0           0

-Booker Napoleon         1            1        1.0        0           0

Total KO Returns:       2         12        6.0        0           0

Game #3

Baltimore Metro 36, Southern MD 0


The Baltimore Metro All Stars were looking to get back on track after 2 heartbreaking defeats in the last 2 weeks of the season.  They lost in the last minute against Montgomery County and were unable to convert a 2 point conversion against Loudoun that would have tied the game and given them momentum going into overtime. GM/Coach Ty Johnson and the his staff were well prepared and ready to make a statement on the final game on a steamy Saturday afternoon at Spalding HS.  They did just that against a Southern Maryland squad that looked like a triage unit.  They had several injured players and were only able to suit up 15 for the game.  Southern Maryland is one of the scrappiest group of kids I have ever seen and the GYFL loves and respects them so much. 

Southern Maryland has not scored a point yet in either of their 2 previous games, but they continue to come out and fight every week. GM/Coach Gary Wynn (Solomon Steelers) has earned the respect of the entire GYFL brass by putting a team together in the midst of many obstacles and not allowing them to quit.  These are some of the toughest kids in the league.  The starting RB/LB Tahir Tyler could play on Any team Any where.  He takes a pounding on every play and still hits the hole with reckless abandon on every snap no matter what the score is.  It is as if he either doesn’t know what the score is, or he just doesn’t care.  He is a pure, 100% football player that has made a name for himself in just 3 games in the GYFL.  He will attend Patuxent HS in the fall and his coaches should be excited to have him.  We are certainly going to keep our eyes on him and follow his high school career.

He is certainly not the only kid on that team who is tough as nails.  QB Dequan Chappelle has been brutalized in 3 games so far, but he gets up and gets right back in the huddle and calls the next play.  He is a tremendous leader that leads by example and won’t come out of the game.  He is a hard hitting safety as well who makes plays on both sides of the ball.  He will also be at Patuxent in the fall.  Michael Harley (Calvert County HS), Austin Long (Calvert County HS) and Dane Whitman (Patuxent) are warriors on defense who just bring it on every play.  Nathaniel Taylor (Patuxent), Robert Smith (Patuxent), and Daniel Caputo (Patuxent) also stand out on film.  With an assortment of other good players and the addition of Rafiq Douglas (Patuxent), who has been injured, this team could be pretty good.  They dynamic in Southern Maryland went against that franchise in year 1, as we were not able to spread the word about the GYFL to Charles County and St. Mary’s County which would have provided more depth and more talent for the squad, but we thank these coaches and these kids for fighting for the league and fielding a team.  Help is on the way next year fellas.  Just keep plugging away.

Back to the game at hand though, this was not Southern Maryland’s day.  It was all about the Baltimore Metro All Stars who have an assortment of size and speed.  They are well coached and can beat teams in a variety of ways, as Southern Maryland would find out.  They had something to prove because they believe they are one of the top teams in the league, but their record of 1 – 2 does not show that. That would change on this day.   After both teams failed to move the ball on their first possessions, the fireworks started.  Dalontae Jennings from the powerhouse Liberty youth organization has been lighting up the scoreboard in the GYFL the last couple of weeks and got the scoring spree started with a 60 yard TD run, where he showed his tremendous burst of speed up the right sideline.

Southern Maryland fumbled on its next possession.  It was recovered by clearly the top nose tackle in the league Raymond Jackson from Hamilton, who will attend Dunbar in the fall.  Jackson has been dominant in every game so far for Baltimore with constant pressure into the backfield.  He constantly sees double teams that can’t stop him and his 293 pounds.  On the next play, the electrifying Maurice “Gold Shoes” Williams the III showed that Khari Williams from DC was not the only showstopper who could take it the distance on this hot June day.  He scored from 54 yards out like it was a walk in the park.   He could have run another 54 and nobody would have caught him.  The score was 14 – 0.  Baltimore struck again on their next possession.  QB Quante Cornish from the mighty Charm City youth program found Jennings on a crossing pattern and 38 yards later he found himself back in the end zone where he was becoming quite a regular guest.

Williams got his gold shoes into the end zone again from 20 yards out on the next possession and the rout was officially on.   The Baltimore defense kept constant pressure on Chappelle, while Tyler was able to move the sticks, but the offense would eventually get a sack or a turnover that kept them from scoring.  With the score 30 – 0, Cornish moved from his QB position to the tailback position.  The line did a great job of blocking for him as they had done all day.  Anthony Coxall (Hamilton), Orlando “Little Zues” Brown (Overlea/DeMatha), Barry Goins (Overlea), Raymond Jackson (Hamilton),  Jonathan Tynes (Northwest), Kennard Reed, Darryl Redmen (Hamilton), and the rest of the offensive line opened up holes all day for the Baltimore backs.

On this play, Jennings pitched it Cornish going right and he cut up into hole, made a move, broke back to the sideline to daylight.  He scored from 55 yards out to end the scoring for the day.  With the score 36 – 0 the running clock was in effect and Baltimore showed class by no trying to run up the score.  Southern Maryland continued to play hard all the way to the final whistle.

Next week final game between Baltimore Metro and DC will be worth the price of admission.  Both teams are hungry and the way Baltimore Metro's schedule works out, they are not mathmatically eliminated from the GYFL Championship.  They still have to play undefeated DC and Fairfax.  If they can beat both of them, that would put at least one loss on both of them.  DC and Fairfax still have to play and one of them will lose, giving that team 2 losses.  However, with that team and Baltimore both having 2 losses, Baltimore would win the head to head tie breaker.  It will be very excited and we can't wait for it.

On this day, Marcellus Pack of Baltimore had a big day on defense with 4 tackles.  Jennings played lights out on defense as well with 4 tackles.  Quay Marshall and Aubrey Moffet were relentless coming off of the edges and both got sacks.  Maurice Williams not only rushed for 103 yards on offense in 7 carries, but he chipped in with 3 tackles.  Austin Long led Southern Maryland in tackles with 3.  Tahir Tyler found a way to average 4.9 per carry and 84 yards, to go along with 2 tackles and a fumble recovery.


The final score was 36 – 0 Baltimore Metro over Southern Maryland

Game Stats

  Baltimore Metro All Stars



Passing                        Comp     Att       Yards  TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Quante Cornish              2           4          40       1          0             0           0

Total Passing:               2           4          40       1          0             0           0


Rushing                       Att       Yards   Avg.     TD       Fum

-Maurice Williams III     7        103     14.7        2           0

-Dalontae Jennings     2           62     31.0        1           0

-Quante Cornish          3           52     17.3        1           0

-Marquis Willisms       3             2          .6        0           0

-Tamal Campbell        1            -2      -2.0        0            0

Total Rushing:        16         217    13.6        4            0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards   Avg.      TD      Fum

-Dalontae Jennings       2            40     20.0      1          0

Total Receiving:          2            40     20.0      1          0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing              217

-Total Receiving            40

Total Offense:            257


 Baltimore Metro All Stars



Name                           Tackles   Sacks           Int       F Fum   R Fum

-Marcellus Pack                4            0                 0            0           0

-Dalontae Jennings          4            0                 0            0           0

-Michael Pickett                3            0                 0            0           0

-Maurice Williams III         3            0                 0            0           0

-Shemar Edwards            3            0                 0            0           0

-Marquis Williams            3            0                 0            0           0

-Aubrey Moffett                 2            1                 0            0           0

-Quay Marshall                 2            1                 0            0            1

-Eddie Nelson III               2            0                 0            0           0

-Duane Powell                 1             0                 0           0            0

-Antonio Brown                1             0                 0           0            0

-Quante Cornish              1             0                 0           0            0

-Tamal Campbell             0            0                  1           0            0

-Raymond Jackson         0            0                  0            0           1

Totals:                            30           2                  1            0           2     


Baltimore Metro All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                  Ret      Yards      Avg.    TD      Fum

-                                         0           0           0.0       0           0

Total Punt Returns:     0           0           0.0       0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Deangelo Wright           1           13     13.0       0           0

Total KO Returns:        1           13     13.0       0           0

Southern Maryland All Stars



Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Dequan Chappelle        0         3            0         0           1             2           2

Total Passing:               0         3            0         0           1             2           2


Rushing                       Att       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Tahir Tyler                   17          84       4.9       0           0

-#2                                   3            7       2.3       0           0

-Dequan Chappelle       7        -11      -1.6       0           0

Total Rushing:          27          80       2.9       0           0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards   Avg.    TD        Fum

-                                      0            0        0.0       0           0

Total Receiving:         0            0        0.0       0           0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing               80

-Total Receiving              0

Total Offense:             80


 Southern Maryland All Stars



Name                          Tackles   Sacks          Int       F Fum   R Fum

-Austin Long                    3            0                 0            0           0

-Michael Harley               2            0                 0            0           0

-Tahir Tyler                      2            0                 0            0           1

-Michael Trybus              1            0                 0            0           0

-Robert Smith                 1            0                 0            0           0

-#2                                   1            0                 0            0            0

Totals:                          10            0                 0            0            1     


Southern Maryland All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-                                        0             0        0.0         0           0

Total Punt Returns:    0             0        0.0         0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.      TD      Fum

-#11                                 3            66      22.0      0          0

-Tahir Tyler                      2            44      22.0      0          1

Total KO Returns:       5          110      22.0      0          1


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