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Week #5 2010

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Week 5

Game Recaps


Game #1

Montgomery County 28, Prince George's County 0


The Prince George's County All Stars were truly fortunate in week 5.  Superstar NFL running back Lamont Jordan from Suitland HS and the University of Maryland decided that he wanted to get involved and take over the head coaching reins.  He had a challenging task on his hands trying to get this team it's first win of the inauguaral GYFL season.  Head Coach Andy Stefanelli's Montgomery County All Stars are really beginning to come together as a unit behind a massive offensive line and strong running game.  They would be tough to beat on this hot summer day at St. John's High School.  Both teams looked great in their custom uniforms.  PG was sporting a purple gold and black uniform that would make the Baltimore Ravens proud, while Montgomery sported an orange and white combination unlike any design we have ever seen with one leg orange and the other white.  Very slick!

Montgomery came out running the ball as expected behind Perry Stefannelli and big bruising FB/LB Kyle Snyder (Both will attend Good Counsel in the fall) and moved the ball down the field on the first possession.  Snyder had a nice 28 yard run on the second play from scrimmage and it wasn't looking good for PG.

That is when Deandre Kelly (7th grader), Zuri Page (Gwynn Park), Eddie Gross (McNamara) and the rest of the PG defense turned it up a notch.  They stiffened at the goal line and Snyder fumbled a handoff giving PG the ball.   The Montgomery defense wasn't giving up anything and the drive ended on an incomplete pass by Alvin Brown (McNamara) that was a split second away from being a sack and a safety.  Garvin Brooms is a 7th grader that is having a phenomenal year at the linebacker position for Montgomery and put heavy pressure on Brown, who was just able to get the ball off.  Jemal Averette (Good Counsel) almost made a circus type interception on the play.

The electrifying Robbie Walker (Gonzaga), who returned after missing 3 weeks with an ankle injury started off a great game with an exciting punt return from Montgomery to start their second drive deep in PG territory.  Prince George's has a decent defense but the offense has struggle mightily this season trying to move the ball.  The defense is constantly in bad field position, which was again the case here.  After a couple of running plays and a nice pass from Colar Kuhns (Good Counsel) to Johnny Prather (Good Counsel) to move the ball to the 2 yard line.  Walker scored the first points of the day running off right tackle benind Sam Maderas, who pinned the DE, and fullback Aaron Savage (Both to Good Counsel) who had a great lead block on the 2 yard TD run.  Montgomery County lead 8 - 0 after the 2 point conversion.  PG was  unable to move the ball on the next possession and Montgomery was back in business. 

Montgomery County moved the chains with Stefanelli on the next drive untill Kelly appeared to energize the PG defense with consecutive tackles for no gain on Savage and Stefenelli.  On fourth and long, Colar Kuhns showed the fans that Montgomery was more than just a running team when he dropped back and launched a beautiful 24 yard strike to Ryan Perigard that hit him in perfect stride as he crossed the goal line.  Kuhns (Good Counsel) had his best game of the season so far and appears to be getting much more comfortable under center.  He was 7 for 9 on the day for 106 yards, a TD and no INT's.  If Kuhns continues to play like this, Montgomery may be able to make it very interesting down the stretch and will be extremely difficult to beat.  Montgomery led 16 - 0 after the conversion with less than 3 minutest left in the half.

The Montomery County All Stars continued to swarm and that Garvin Brooms kid struck again from the blind side with a big sack and forced fumble by Eric Harvell, giving the ball back to Montgomery County with another chance to score.  Brooms looks like the real deal and I am sure he will have several schools in hot pursuit of him over the course of the next year.  He plays for the White Oak Warriors.  The half ended with the score 16 - 0 Montgomery County.

The second half opened up with PG having a little life and moving the ball behind Joshua Burke and Eddie Gross, who had nice runs to get a couple of first downs.  But, the passing game was ineffective and failed them again and they were not able to maintain the first possession.  Montgomery went back to the ground game with Walker, who had a couple of really nice runs on the drive running behind big Darrin Myers (Good Counsel) and Conner Tilton (Quince Orchard).  Then came the BOOM!  From the 13 yard line, Kuhns pitched the ball to the right side to fullback Aaron Savage.  Savage cut the ball up field with a swagger and a full head of steam.  When he got to the goal line Steven Rivers was coming up from his safety to postion to make the tackle.  Savage put his head down and brutalized Rivers, sending him flying back into the end zone as Savage carried Eric Harvell on his back into the end zone for the score.  This will be on the GYFL highlight reel at season's end.  Failed extra point left the score at 22 - 0 Montgomery County All Stars.

On the ensuing kickoff, Booker Napoleon (Westlake), showed the burst of speed that made him the talk of the PG County combine.  He turned the left corner, got up the field and look like he may have a chance to get loose before being pushed out of bounds by the kicker Marvin Galdamez.  As the 4th quarter rolled around, PG was still trying to score.  Robbie Walker is not just a terrific running back that should have a great career at Gonzata, he made several big plays on defense and had 5 big tackles.  PG could not get a first down and Perry Stefanelli and Kyle Snyder took over on the ground.  Stefannelli moved the chains with some nice runs, then Snyder showed the fans why he was such a coveted recruit.  He had a violent 15 yard run where he ran over Sherif Hassan and carried what seemed like the entire PG defense on his back before they finally brought him down.  Snyder followed that up with another 7 yard run where he carried about 6 PG defenders.  Snyder finished the drive with a 14 yard run off the right side of the line where it began to look like the sprit of the PG All Stars defense was broken.

That was your ball game ladies and gentlemen.  Deandre Kelly and Eric Harvell turned in good defenseive efforts with 5 and 4 tackles respectively.  Gross chipped in with 4 as well to put him in a tie for the leading tackler in the league with 20 on the season.  The whole Montgomery County All Star team played well today as they brought their record to 2 - 2.  Mathematically, none of the 2 loss teams are eliminated from Championship contention at this point.  It is a complicated formula, but it will be very interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.  Snyder and Robbie Walker both had 5 tackles, Brooms had 4 to go along with a sack and forced fumble.  Roger Richardson (7th grader who will also be heavily recruited) played great from his cornerback position with 4 tackles.  Leo Ekwange (Good Counsel), who rushed for 141 yards last week chipped in with 4 tackles.  Joe Ralli (Good Counsel) also had 4 big tackles. 

The final score was Montgomery County 28, Prince Georges County 0

Game Stats

 Montgomery County All Stars



Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards     TD        Int      Sacks   Fum

-Kolar Kuhns                  7           9          106        1          0            0         0

Total Passing:             7           9           106       1          0            0         0


Rushing                       Att         Yards     Avg.    TD        Fum

-Perry Stefanelli            9            65        7.2       0           0

-Robert Walker             7            55        7.9       1           0

-Kyle Snyder                 7            52        7.4       1           0

-Aaron Savage             4           18         4.5        1           0

Total Rushing:         27          190        7.0       3           0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards    Avg.      TD        Fum

-Johnny Prather             2            28      14.0       0           0

-Aaron Savage              2            15        7.5       0           0

-Kyle Snyder                  1            30      30.0       0           0          

-Ryan Perigard              1            28      28.0       1           0

-Perry Stefannel            1              5         5.0       1           0

Total Receiving:         7          106       15.1       1           0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing              190

-Total Receiving           106

Total Offense:             296


Montgomery County All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks        Int        F Fum   R Fum 

-Kyle Snyder                    5              0              0            0             0

-Robert Walker                5              0              0            0             0

-Leo Ekwange                 4              0              0            0             0       

-Garvin Brooms               4              1              0            1             0                 

-Roger Richardson         4              0               0            0             0 

-Joe Ralli                         4              0               0            0             0              

-Jelani Williamson          3              0               0            0             0              

-Jemal Averette              3              0               0            0             1

-Vincent Gorgone           1              0               0            0             0

-Aaron Savage               2              0               0            0             0           

Totals:                          35              1                0           1             1             


Montgomery County All Stars

Special Teams

 Punt Returns                Ret       Yards      Avg.      TD        Fum

-Robert Walker              1             15       15.0         0           0
Total Punt Returns:    1             15       15.0         0           0
KO Returns                  Ret       Yards     Avg.     TD      Fum
-Vincent Gorgone          1             0          0.0       0           0
Total KO Returns:       1             0          0.0       0           0
Prince Georges County All Stars
Passing                  Comp      Att       Yards     TD        Int        Sacks      Fum
-Jamal Brown             3           8          10          0          0              0           0
-Eric Harvell                0           0            0          0          0              1           1
-Eddie Gross              0           2            0          0          0              0           0
Total Passing:          3         10           10          0          0              1           1
Rushing                      Att       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum
-Joshua Burke             8           29      3.6          0           0
-Eddie Gross               7             7      1.0          0           0
-Alvin Brown                 2             7      3.5          0           0
-Booker Napoleon       1            -4    -4.0           0           0
-Eric Harvel                  1            -5     -5.0          0           0
Total Rushing:          19           34     1.8           0           0
Receiving                    Rec      Yards   Avg.         TD           Fum
-Elijah Kee                      1              8       8.0          0              0
-Zuri Page                       1              2       2.0          0              0
-Jordan Mitchell              1              0       0.0          0              0
Total Receiving:           3            10      3.3          0              0
Offense                       Yards
-Total Rushing               34
-Total Receiving            10
Total Offense:             44
Prince Georges County All Stars


Name                           Tackles    Sacks          Int        F Fum   R Fum
-Deandre Kelly                  5            0                 0              0            0
-Eddie Gross                    4            0                 0               0            0
-Eric Harvell                       4            0                 0              0            0
-Elijah Kee                         3            0                 0              0            0
-Vance Adams                  3            0                 0              0            0
-Sherif Hassan                  2            0                 0              0            0
-Steven Rivers                  2            0                 0              0            0
-Isaiah Jackson                 2            0                 0              0            0
-Kyle Jackson                   1             0                 0             0             0
-Joshua Burke                  1             0                 0              0            0
Totals:                            27            0                 0              0            0     
Prince Georges County All Stars
Special Teams
Punt Returns                     Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD       Fum
-                                           0             0        0.0        0           0
Total Punt Returns:           0             0        0.0        0           0
KO Returns                    Ret     Yards   Avg.     TD      Fum
-Eddie Gross                   1          18     18.0        0           0
-Booker Napoleon           1          39     39.0        0           0
Total KO Returns:        2          57     28.5        0           0

Game #2

Loudoun County 3, Southern Maryland 0


The Loudoun County All Stars and Southern Maryland All Stars competed like warriors in our 2nd game of the day.  Although Southern Maryland is winless on the season, we all knew they had talent.  We wrote in last weeks recap about how these guys just refused to quit and we were so proud to see the effort they gave on Saturday to get a win.  They did it again on this day.  Gary Wynn and the rest of the Southern Maryland coaching staff had those kids ready to battle, and lay it on the line.  Not to be outdone, the Loudoun County All Stars came into this league with something to prove.  Mark Stock, Rusty Markland, Larry Jenkins and the Loudoun staff put together a fantastic team that never got much respect around the Washington Metropolitan Area with regards to football, until this group of ballers from Loudoun County stepped into this Grassroots league and let it be known they they could beat the best from the other regions with a stunning defeat of the powerhouse Baltimore Metro team last week.  This week though, they would have to win without their star WR/DB Troy Vincent Jr., who has been nothing short of amazing in the 2 games he has played in so far for Loudoun County. 

Both teams had something to play for.  Southern Maryland was playing for pride and respect.  Loudoun was playing for respect, to stay in the hunt for the championship, but more importantly, one of their coaches (Coach Crawford) was in the hospital in critical condition.  The whole team bonded together to try to win the game for Coach Crawford.  At the end of a hard fought game, Loudoun won the game and handed the game ball to his son Aaron Crawford, who played a great game under trying circumstances.  Aaron would later present the ball to his father in the hospital.  Coach Crawford is not out of the woods and we would ask that the entire GYFL lift coach Crawford and his family up on prayer during this difficult time.  We have an army of GYFL supporters our there guys, so let's all come together with a collective prayer for coach that God will be humbled by.

Before I get into the game write up, as the President of the league and co-creator of the concept, I thought it was important before each game Saturday to explain to all of the teams what the real purpose of the league was and what the potential benefits to each of them could be, if they bought in and gave it their all.  I had heard that there were some parents that were pulling their kids from teams because they were losing, etc.  When I heard that, I realized that I hadn't done a good enough job of conveying the true purpose of the league.  I challenged all of the teams to not just play to the score, or play based on a losing record.  I specifically spent quality time with the PG All Stars and the Southern Maryland All Stars.  They are both winless and it is difficult to stay motivated when you are being beaten badly every week.  I was particularly disappointed with the effort I saw from Malik Washington of Southern Maryland last week because I think he has a chance to be a great, great player one day if he keeps his motor running on every play.  He is a potentially dominant player. 

I told them all that they were playing for team goals first, but individual goals as well, and that when the team goals are no longer in reach, they still need to play like their futures depended on it.  I explained to all of the teams that when coaches ask me to see the films, they could care less about who won and lost, they just want to watch individual kids to see how well the play, how hard they play when they are up by 30, and how hard they play when they are down by 30.  This league is not just about winning and losing, it is about trying to create a venue to get kids exposure if they are unexposed, more noteriety if they are lacking in name recognition, and it can become a straight up hype machine and marketing outlet if they are already on the radar screen.  I want those kids to be household names because it will matter when the college coaches come around in a few years.  The kids and the parents needed to understand that they could recieve all of those things whether they won or lost.   Whether they went 6 - 0 or 0 - 6, if they played every down like it was their last, they could still recieve the individual accolades.  High schools and colleges don't recruit whole teams, they recruit individuals. Not only would there be coaches and reporters in the stands, but more importantly because, the "eye in the sky" (video camera) never, ever lies.  

Everyone that has ever played this game at a high level understands that film can make you or break you.  I have had writers from the Washington Post and at GYFL events.  You never know who is watching and it only takes one writer to take a liking to you and make your name larger than life.  I do that when I write these recaps, and it doesn't matter to me who wins or loses.  That is why parents and kids need to take advantage of this opportunity and not quit because their team is losing, or they aren't getting enough playing time.  I knew Tahir Tyler from Southern Maryland was going to be a star after seeing him carry the ball on 2 plays, and they haven't scored a point in this league, or won a game.   My GYFL partners and I have access to every high school coach, college coach, and even NFL scouts that recruits this area.  They are in our Blackberry's and if we see a kid and love a kid, we have the power to alter his destiny with a phone call.  That is what this league can offer these kids, win or lose.  I explained to the kids that even if they lose the game, they can still win if they buy in play hard.  Apparently, Washington and the rest of the Southern Maryland All Stars were listening because the kid played his tail off and so did the rest of the team.  I have never been more proud of a losing team than I was for these Southern Maryland All Stars, who have battled adversity all season long.  They earned their respect from the league on this day.

Now to the game.  It was a defensive struggle that had plenty of offense.  Both teams were able to move the ball up and down the field, but they were just unable to score or get into field goal range.  Southern Maryland opened up with an 11 play drive that should have ended up in a score when QB Dequan Chappelle lofted a great pass on fourth down that was dropped by his reciever.  It should have been a 32 yard TD pass, but instead, it wound up being a turnover on downs.  Both team exchanged possessions for the rest of the 1st quarter with no scoring.  They both kept it primarily on the ground with Southern Maryland using the GYFL's second leading rusher Tahir Tyler (Patuxent), running behind big Malik Washington (Calvert HS), who apparently heard the pre-game speech I gave to the Loudoun County team about playing for pride and remembering that the "eye in the sky" (video camera) is always watching. Chappelle did find Daniel Caputo on a 23 yard pass that gave them momentum, but that drive was stopped with a sack by Tucker Langmead (County HS).  Loudoun ran behind a host of backs.  Bryce Wince (Woodgrove) gobbled up yardage, Atticus Keane (Valley) had success on the ground, and Johnny Howard (Flint Hill) were all productive on the ground, but Loudoun didn't really move the ball consistently until the drive before the half when they decided to put the ball in the air with prolific QB Will Hollister (Georgetown Prep or Episcopal).  Hollister is a big time prospect who gives Loudoun a chance to beat any team in this league.  He is tall and rangy, with a strong arm, but a tremendous amount of touch on his flag patterns.  We look forward to following his high school career very closely.  He has a chance to be a blue chip prospect.

Hollister hit Melvin Holland (Westfield) on a 34 yard pass where Holland made a great catch.  He found Johnny Howard a couple of plays later to move the chains, then he found Hunter Ford for 16 more yards before time ran out in the half with the score knotted at 0 - 0.

Loudoun opened the 2nd half with an 11 play drive using some big runs by Atticus Keane and Bryce Wynn, but a big sack by Austin Long (Calvert) pushed them back and kept them from getting a much needed first down.  The defenses kept on banging each other and causing turnovers on downs until we got close to the end of regulation.  Loudoun had the most opportunities to score but Southern Maryland would not give in and we found ourselves with the first overtime game in GYFL history.  The defensive battle ensued and neither team was able to score in the first overtime.  Austin Long and Malik Washington kept making tackles for Southern Maryland, and for Loudoun it was Abi Hamai (Broad Run), Mike Hickey (Stonebridge), and Micah Hotz (Parkview) who kept making big stops for Loudoun. 

On third down Hollister had his favorite target Cole Herdman open running an out pattern toward the goal line.  Herdman, who catches everything, unexpectantly dropped a pass that would have won the game.  But on fourth down, kicker Will Prendergast jogged calmly onto the field and hit a 18 yard field goal to win the game.  The Loudoun County team went nuts and celebrated a hard fought victory. 

Both sides played lights out defense.  Brian Gianelos (County) and Tucker Langmead (County) had big sacks for Loudoun and held super productive rusher Tahir Tyler to 23 yards.  Austin Long, Malik Washington, Tryvon Chase, and Nathaniel Taylor were the first ones to keep Will Hollister under 100 yards through the air.

The final score was Loudoun County 3, Southern Maryland 0

Game Stats

Loudoun County All Stars



Passing                     Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int      Sacks   Fum

-Will Hollister                 6       16            89      0          0            0         0

Total Passing:            6        16           89      0          0            0         0


Rushing                         Att       Yards   Avg.     TD       Fum

-Atticus Keane.               9          44       4.9       0           0

-Johnny Howard              8            9       1.1       0           0

-Brian Andrade               1            7       7.0       0           0

-Hunter Ford                    1            5       5.0       0           0

-Bryce Wince                  8            4         .5       0            0

-Will Hollister                   2        -13        0.0       0           1

Total Rushing:            29         56        1.9       0           0


Receiving                   Rec       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Melvin Holland             1            34     34.0       0           0

-Cole Herdman             1            20     20.0       0           0

-Johnny Howard            2            17       8.5       0           0

-Hunter Ford                  1            16     16.0       0           0

-Bryce Wince                1               2       2.0       0           0

Total Receiving:        6             89      14.8      0           0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing               56

-Total Receiving           89

Total Offense:           145

Loudoun County All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks         Int        F Fum   R Fum

-Abi Hamal                        4            0                0             0           0

-Mike Hickey                     3            0                0             0           0

-Micah Hotz                       3            0                0             0           0

-Spencer Bibb                  2            0                0             0           0

-Atticus Keane                  2            0                0             0           0

-Tucker Langmead           1            1                0             0           0

-Brian Gianelos                 1            1                0             0           0

-Uzoma Kpaduwa             1            0               0             0            0

-Jordan Bibb                     1             0               0             0            0

-Cole Herdman                 1             0               0             0            0

-Robert Carter                   1            0               0             0            0

-Stephen Root                   1            0               0             0            0

-Collin Peterson                1            0                0             0           0

-Aaron Crawford               1            0                0             0            0

Totals:                             21           1                 1             1            2     


Loudoun All Stars

Special Teams


Kick off Returns               Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD       Fum

-                                          0             0         0.0       0           0

Total KO Returns:         0             0         0.0        0           0


Punt Returns                   Ret         Yards   Avg.       TD        Fum

-                                         0              0         0.0          0           0

Total Punt Returns:      0             0         0.0           0           0

Southern Maryland All Stars



Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards      TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Dequan Chappelle        4         15          62         0           0             2           0

Total Passing:               4         15          62         0           0             2           0


Rushing                       Att       Yards     Avg.    TD        Fum

-Tahir Tyler                   11          27       2.5       0           0

-#1                                   6         15        2.5       0           0

-Dequan Chappelle       3        -22      -7.3       0           0

Total Rushing:          20          20       1.0       0           0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards   Avg.    TD        Fum

-Daniel Caputo             2          56       28.0       0           0

-Tahir Tyler                    1            5         5.0       0           0

-Dane Whiteman          1            1         1.0       0           0

Total Receiving:         4          62        0.0       0           0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing               20

-Total Receiving            62

Total Offense:             82


 Southern Maryland All Stars



Name                          Tackles   Sacks          Int       F Fum   R Fum

-Austin Long                    5            1                 0            0           0

-#1                                    5            0                 0            0           0

-Malik Washington         3            0                 0            0           0

-Trayvon Chase              3            0                 0            0           0

-#13                                 3            0                 0            0           0

-#2                                   3            0                 0            0           0

-#7                                   2            0                 0            0           0

-Nathaniel Tayler            2            0                 0            0           0

-Tahir Tyler                      2            0                 0            0           0

-Robert Smith                 1            0                 0            0           0

-Michael Harley              1            0                 0            0           0

-Dequan Chappelle       1            0                 0            0           0

-Dane Whiteman           1            0                 0            0            0

Totals:                          32           1                 0            0            0     


Southern Maryland All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-#7                                   1             0        0.0         0           0

Total Punt Returns:    1             0        0.0         0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.      TD      Fum

-#13                                 1            3        3.0         0          0

Total KO Returns:       1            3        3.0         0          0

Game #3

Baltimore Metro 14, D.C. All Stars 6


Spectacular, unreal, magnificent, brilliant, extraordinary, incredible, amazing, unbelievable, etc. etc. etc.

Those are just a sample of the words that can be used to try to describe the epic battle between the Baltimore Metro All Stars and the DC All Stars.  I would need a Thesaurus to think of more words and there is no way that this re-cap can truly explain how thrilling this game was.  We will have all of the games on the website over the next week and the second we do, everyone needs to pull this game up and watch it from beginning to end.  I was worth the price of admission.  The GYFL most certainly delivered on this scorching 90 degree day.  The sun was hot, but the field was sizzling with talent!

The high school coaches were in the stands.  Of course Joe Patterson (Head Coach of St Johns) and one of his assistants James Johnson was on hand.  Sean Costello from DeMatha was in the in stands.  Azzar Rahim (Head Coach of Friendship Collegiate Academy) and Andy Stefanelli from Good Counsel were there as well.  Several other coaches were also there to see what all the fuss was about.  When a youth league begins to get fans to come out that have no relation to the kids playing, you know you are on to something.  Everyone knew that despite the Baltimore record of 2 - 2, they are a much better team than that.  GM/Head Coach Ty Johnson (Chairman of the Northwest Bulldogs) and the rest of his staff had the Baltimore Metro All Stars on a mission to show and prove that they are the real deal.  Coach Ty did the math and determined that if they could beat the powerhouse and undefeated DC All Stars, they could still be in the hunt for the GYFL Championship.  A win would mean DC had 1 loss.  Then, if they beat Fairfax the next week that would give them 1 loss.  DC and Fairfax play each other the last game of the season, so 1 of the teams would have 2 losses, just like Baltimore.  However, because Baltimore would have beaten them both, they would have the head to head tiebreaker with the 2 loss team.  That meant that there was a possibility that they could get the #2 seed and play for the championship.  That is all they wanted and they played with reckless abandon.

The DC All Stars had championship on their minds also.  They were 4 - 0 and full of swagger that was earned.  DC doesn't get the respect that they deserve on the youth football scene and they have used the GYFL as a platform to let every region know that they get it done in DC.  It is not a game for them, neither is it for the Baltmore All Stars.  It is almost July and several of these talented kids still don't know what high school they will attend in the fall.  That is a crying shame, but some of the coaches in attendance had every intention on doing something about that dynamic.  But first, they wanted to see if these kids were the real deal.  Boy, were they in for a show!

For those of you not fortunate enough to be there, I will do my best to paint the picture, but you need to mark Saturday afternoons from May to July on your calendar and find out where the GYFL will be, because we are here to stay and it is only going to get better.  You don't want to miss games like this!  Here we go.

The game started off with the opening kickoff dropping into the hands of the always dangerous Quante Cornish from the Baltimore Metro All Stars.  Quante (Charm City) is a dual threat quarterback/running back that can score from anywhere on the field.   He was only able to get 13 yards on the first return as the DC defenders swarmed him like bees on honey.  The GYFL's leading rusher Maurice "Gold Shoes" Williams Jr (Liberty) was held in check on the first drive.  He is lightning quick and not accostomed to playing against kids as fast as he is.  Everywhere he looked on the first drive, he saw nothing but black and red.  The hitting was ferocious on the first drive.  Tevon Green had 2 bone crushing tackles on the first drive and Fahim Muhammad had an unbelievable striking tackle on Dalontae Jennings (Liberty). 

DC took over and picked up where they had left off on so many drives before.  Greg Bryan (Friendship Collegeiate) ripped off a 24 yard run right up the middle to put DC in striking distance.  As Baltimore tightened up the defense to shut down the running lanes, the Dynamic Deandre Parker (one of the frontrunners for GYFL Player of the Year) dropped back and did what he does.  Rumor has it that Parker is leaning towards Friendship Collegiate, which will certainly make coach Azzar Rahim happy, who was actually on the DC sideline supporting his committed players and recruiting others.  Parker is a bona fide star and threw a missle into the right flat to his favorite reciever, the speedy and elusive Tony Hansford.  Hansford (Friendship Collegiate) is a special reciever who has a combination of speed, quickness and bravado that will make him a major DI caliber talent one day if he takes care of his books.  He found himself one on one with Tamal Campbell (Charm City), who is one of the best corners in the league.  Hansford went right at him, made a hard shake move to the left, which made Campbell jump to the right to make the tackle.  When he got there, Hansford was not there.  He was in the end zone celebrating.  They young boys talk about breaking people's ankles on the basketball court.  That is exactly what Hansford did to Campbell and it was on.

Both teams got pep talks before the game from the president of the GYFL about the importance of this game and how crucial it was they all of the players show nothing but class, character, and integrity on the field that day because everyone would be watching.  Durning a scrimmage in Baltimore before the season, it got a little testy out there and the kids were jawing back and forth, talking trash, and had to be separated.  The GYFL wanted to assure that there were no issues like that today and there were absolutely none.  It was a beautiful day with two teams playing like their futures depended on it, but with no trash talking and no tension (although that move was so sweet that it must have been a little difficult for Hansford to keep quiet!!!) 

On Baltimore's second possession, they moved the ball effectively.  The Quante Cornish to Dalontae Jennings (undecided) connection has been very good to them the last couple of weeks.  Jennings is a kid that has a chance to be a star one day.  He can play reciever, running back, he is fierce on defense, he has speed, quickness and the whole package.  Somebody better recruit this kid and get him in their school asap.  He caught a pass and took it 28 yards on the drive before it stalled and DC took over. 

DC looked like they were on the move again, before Jennings stepped in front of Parker pass and ran it back 10 yards to turn the momentum around.  Baltimore could not move the ball though because Muhammad was making plays all over the field.  When they dropped back to punt and the crowd saw Khari Williams go back deep to receive, the crowd got on their feet expecting something big.  Khari Williams is the most exciting player in the league, capable of breaking a game open at any moment.  He has been a menace in the return game this year and scored on kick returns and interception returns.  Coach Johnson was fully aware of Williams game breaking abilty and had them put a net around Williams.  The contained him to 12 yards on the return. 

On the first play from scrimmage Jennings caught him 8 yards in the backfield.  2 plays later, Raymond Jackson, who is without a doubt one of the most disruptive and devasting DL in the league took advantage of a major difference in weight and pushed the center back into the backfield.  Both teams have tremendous speed, but what makes Baltimore so dangerous is that they have several 300lb OL/DL to go along with that speed.  DC only has 1 big kid in Marcus Jackson.  The kids on the DC OL/DL have more heart than any kids that I have ever seen.  They are outweighed at every game, but they have still be able to open up gaping holes for the backs and to protect Parker in previous games.  But, not on this day against these giants from Baltimore.  Jackson is 293 pounds and virtually unblockable.  He disrupted this play opening up a lane for the ferocios Muhammad, who took it out on Williams.  He caught Khari 8 yards in the backfield, laid another hard hit on him, and Williams did not get up.  He eventually limped off the field and did not return to the game because of an injured ankle, which was a big blow to DC. 

DC turned it over on downs and Coach Johnson tried to use the considerable weight advantage to run the ball on the smaller DC All Stars.  Baltimore features Anthony Coxall (Hamilton), who weighs 260, Jackson (Hamilton), who weighs 293, and Orlando "Little Zues" Brown (Overlea/DeMatha), who is 6'6 and 350lbs.  Even with the size advantage, the speedy Maurice Williams lost 13 yards on the first 2 carries.  Muhammad and Daijon Carson (undecided) were all over him.  That is when the always dangerous Cornish went to work.  He doesn't throw often, but when he does, good things normally happen.  He dropped back and saw his reciever Tamal Campbell (Charm City) streaking down the left sideline against double coverage.  Cornish made a perfect pass to the front left pylon,  Campbell made a great adjustment, Darez Diggs from DC misjudged the ball, and Kenny Holmes couldn't get there fast enough to keep Campbell from making a great catch and stretching the ball out over the pylon before falling out of bounds.  Great play and will certainly be on the GYFL highlight reel.  The halftime score was 6 - 6 and after 16 minutes of pure 100% football, the crowd was on fire.  The hitting was truly unbelievable and to really appreciate it, you had to be on the field to hear and feel the pads popping.


The coaches went to work making adjustments and DC came out after the opening kick off trowing the ball, as they tried to get Parker going again.  Parker is leading the league in every passing category, but outside of the touchdown pass to Hansford, he was unable to get into a groove in the first half.  He had 2 completions on the first drive, but 2 consecutive incompletions caused a turnover on downs.  The Baltiomore defense was playing lights out.  Baltimore then ran off a 12 play drive that ate up a lot of clock and gave them confidence.  Mark Childs (Dunbar), Darez Diggs (undecided), and Muhammad made most of the jarring tackles on the drive, which made it all the way down to the DC 2 yard line.  Jennings broke off a 16 yard run that was a thing of beauty and would have scored had it not been for a GREAT defensive play by cornerback Devyn Cannon (Central).  Cannon is a big time prospect and made a great play to keep Jennings out of the end zone, giving DC a chance that they took advantage of.  After a penalty pushed them back, Muhammad went to work with 4 consecutive tackles keeping Baltimore out of the end zone and forcing a turnover on downs at the 5 yard line.  DC was feeling good about their defense and the Baltmore coaches were furious......What a game!

That is when the tide turned.  The big powerful Baltimore defensive line went to work.  The pressure up the middle was intense and Parker got sacked for a safefy by a great rush.  Aubrey Moffett made the play in the end zone to put Baltimore up 8 - 6 with the ball being kicked to them.  

DC wasn't about to let up becuase their defense was playing great too.  Darez Diggs forced a fumble that was recovered by Muhammad on the next possession and DC was back on the move.  Parker, always confident looked like he was about to put the team on his back and go down to take the lead.  The crowd was stunned when on the 3rd play of the drive, Parker made a poor throw down the middle of the field that was picked off by Marquis Williams and returned 10 yards.  The Baltimore All Stars went nuts and if finally looked like Parker was mortal.  Gold Shoes Williams broke off a 14 yard carry up the middle, putting Baltimore in striking distance.  That is when Cornish struck again over the top to Eddie Nelson the III.  Cornish caught the DC defense backfield off guard, but had to jump pass over a rusher to get the ball into the endzone.  Keith Myers Jr, who is leading the GYFL in interceptions was almost inconsolable after being beaten on the play for the touchdown, which extended the lead to 14 - 6 after a failed extra point.  There was still enough time on the clock for DC to go down the field and tie the game, and even though Parker was not on his A game, the DC faithful had full confidence that he could mount a "John Elway like" comeback that the GYFL faithful would talk about for years to come.  The look in Parkers eye said the he believed it too.  Even his mother, who was on the DC sidelines was expecting her baby boy to perform a miracle.

It was not to be on this day though.  Today was the day of the Baltimore Metro All Stars.  On the final money possession, the Baltimore defense went into overdrive.  Quay Marshall (Northwest Bulldogs) had back to back sacks on Parker before he went deep on 3rd down to Hansford trying to get it all back in 1 play.  The pass was picked off by Eddie Nelson III, who had a fabulous day.  That was the ballgame ladies and gentlemen.  It was a GYFL Instant Classic!!!!!!!  If you want to see another one, make sure to see us next week at Georgetown Prep for the Baltimore Metro vs Fairfax County game.  The sensational Ish Seisay, who has changed his committment from St. Stephens/St. Agnes to the mighty DeMatha Stags, will be on display next week and trust me, he is ready to roll.  If Baltimore can contain Seisay and the Fairfax All Stars, they will deserve to play for the GYFL Championship.  I can't wait to see it and we hope to see you all there.  Tell everyone you know to be there or be square, because it will be another GYFL Barn Burner!!!!!

The final score was 14 – 6 Baltimore Metro over DC

Game Stats

  Baltimore Metro All Stars



Passing                        Comp     Att       Yards  TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Quante Cornish              3           5          79       2          0             0           0

Total Passing:               3           5          79       2          0             0           0


Rushing                       Att       Yards   Avg.     TD       Fum

-Maurice Williams III  10           19      1.9         0           0

-Dalontae Jennings     6           30      5.0         0           0

-Quante Cornish          6           19      3.2         0           0

-Marquis Williams       4             9       2.3        0            0

-Tamal Campbell        4             1         .2         0            0

Total Rushing:        29           78       2.7        0            0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards   Avg.      TD     Fum

-Tamal Campbell          1            40     40.0       1         0

-Dalontae Jennings      1            28     28.0       0          0

-Eddie Nelson III            1            11    11.0       1          0

Total Receiving:         3            79     26.3      2          0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing               78

-Total Receiving            79

Total Offense:            157


 Baltimore Metro All Stars



Name                           Tackles   Sacks           Int       F Fum   R Fum

-Marcellus Pack                5            0                 0            0           0

-Quay Marshall                  4            1                 0            0           0

-Tamal Campbell              2            0                 0            0           0

-Marquis Williams            1            0                 1             0           0

-Quante Cornish               1            0                 0             0           0

-Raymond Jackson          1            0                 0             0           0

-Dalontae Jennings          1            0                 1            0            0

-Eddie Nelson III               1            0                 1             0           0

-Aubrey Moffett                 1            1 (Safety)   0            0           0

-Duane Powell                  1             0                 0            0           0

-Edward Pollard               1             0                 0            0           1

Totals:                            19             2                 3            0           0     


Baltimore Metro All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                  Ret      Yards      Avg.    TD      Fum

-                                         0           0           0.0       0           0

Total Punt Returns:     0           0           0.0       0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Quante Cornish             2           27     13.5       0           0

-Maurice Williams          1           20     20.0       0           0

Total KO Returns:       3           47     15.7       0           0

DC All Stars



Passing                     Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int      Sacks   Fum

-Deandre Parker          5       14            29      1          3            3         0

Total Passing:            5        14           29      1          3            3         0


Rushing                         Att       Yards   Avg.     TD       Fum

-Greg Bryan                    6          19        3.2       0           0

-Khari Williams               3         -13      -4.3       0           0

-Deandre Parker            3         -15      -5.0       0           0

Total Rushing:            12          -9       -.75      0           0


Receiving                   Rec      Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Tony Hansford             2            22     11.0       1           0

-Darez Diggs                1              5        5.0       0           0

-Khari Williams             1              5        5.0       0           0

-Grey Bryan                   1            -3       9.0        0           0

Total Receiving:        5            29       5.8        1           0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing                 -9

-Total Receiving             29

Total Offense:               20

DC All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks         Int        F Fum   R Fum

-Fahim Muhammad         7            0                0             0           1

-Kenneth Holmes             5            0                0             0           0

-Raquan Reeves              4            0                0             0           0

-Tavon Greene                 4            0                0             0           0

-Darez Diggs                    4            0                0             1           0

-Devyn Cannon                3             0                0             0           0

-Daijon Carson                3             0                0             0            0

-Mark Childs                     2             0                0             0            0

-Jabari Robinson             2             0                0             0            0

-Eric Magwood                1             0                0             0            0

-Khari Williams                1             0                0             0            0

-Keith Myers Jr                1             0                0             0            0

Totals:                            37            0                0             1            1     


DC All Stars

Special Teams


Kick off Returns               Ret        Yards   Avg.     TD      Fum

-Keith Myers Jr.                 2             36    18.0       0           0

-Daijon Carson                  1             21    21.0       0           0  

Total KO Returns:          3             57     19.0      0           0


Punt Returns                   Ret       Yards     Avg.       TD        Fum

-Khari Williams                1             12       12.0        0           0

Total Punt Returns:      1             12       12.0        0           0

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