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Week #7 2010

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Week 7

Game Recaps


Game #1

Loudoun County 18, Prince George's County 6



This final game of the season showed that Lamont Jordan's PG All stars had no quit in them.  After an 0 - 5 start to the season, they had every intention of getting a victory over a well coached and hungry Loudoun squad on a 3 game winning streak.  Rusty Markland and his Loudoun staff did not take PG's record for granted and prepared his team well for the matchup.

PG's first possession ended after four plays on an interception by Atticus Keane (Valley) of a Jamal Brown (McNamara) pass.  Will Hollister of Loudoun County (Georgetown Prep or Episcopal) got off to a slow start with his passing game and Loudoun was forced to punt.  Tucker Langmead (County) sacked Brown on the next possession forcing another punt and Loudoun put their ground game in effect.  Johnny Howard (Flint Hill) had a couple of good runs to get into scoring position.  Bryce Wince (Woodgrove) took the handoff up the middle and was blasted by Zuri Page (Douglas) forcing a fumble near the goal line, which was recovered by Kalin Powell (Wise).  After two big defensive stops by Caleb Trump (Valley), Brown dropped back to pass from his own goal line.  Under intense pressure by Aaron Crawford (7th Grader), who was in the PG backfield all day long, Brown threw his second interception of the day.  This one was costly as Abi Hamal stepped in front of the reciever, picked off the ball and ran it back 5 yards for the touchdown, giving Loudoun a 6 - 0 lead to begin the scoring.

Loudoun stopped PG and forced a punt on the next possession.  That is when Hollister struck with a vengeance.  He dropped back in the pocket and launched a perfect spiral up the right sideline, where he caught his reciever Brandon McGurk in stride.  McGurk sprinted the rest of the way into the end zone, making the score 12 - 0 after the failed extra point.  PG moved the ball on the ensuing possession.  Ronald Bell broke off a 15 yard run.  Joshua followed that up with a 19 yard run and PG was in business.  The drive was stopped abruptly when Brown was picked off for a 3rd time by Robert Carter, who returned the interception 80 yards up the left sideline.  Loudoun was in striking distance again when the PG defense stood tall.  Deandre Kelly (7th Grader) got a timely sack on Hollister and after 2 incompletions, Loudoun turned it over on downs.  The halftime score was 12 - 0 Loudoun County.

As the second half opened up, PG forced a Loudoun punt after a sack by Isaiah Butler.  PG could not get a first down and turned it back over on downs.  That's when the Loudoun ground game really took over.  Johnny Howard, who had a great day on the ground running behind a stout offensive line with 112 yards on 14 carries, had runs of 25 yards, 10 yards, and 12 yards on the drive, which culminated in a 1 yard TD run by Bryce Wince, giving Loudoun an 18 - 0 lead.

PG refused to go down without a fight on the next possession, Jamal Brown got hot.  From his 10 yard line, he found a streaking Booker "Napo" Napoleon running down the middle of the field behind the linebackers and in front of the safety.  Brown hit him in stride and Napoleon showed off the speed that was written about in the Washington Post article from the PG County mini-camp.  "Napo" ran a 4.7 forty at the camp, which was the fastest from all of the camps, and he showed the crowd that the time was legit as he broke a tackle at his own 45 yard line, turned on the jets, and ran away from the Loudoun County defensive backs en route to a 90 yard touchdown to give life to the fledgling PG County All Stars.  Their sidelines went crazy with excitement.

PG forced a turnover on downs on the next possession and Brown remained hot.  He had a ten yard completion to Elijah Kee (DeMatha), the followed that up with a 17 yard completion to Deandre Kelly for another first down.  It looked like the PG All Stars were in business.  Unfortunately for them, Atticus Keane was having the game of his life.  He broke on an overthrown pass by Brown, laid out and made a "Sportscenter Worthy" diving interception, where he kept the ball from touching the ground in remarkable fashion.  That took the wind out of the PG sails, as Loudoun ran down the rest of the clock with the ground game.

On the defensive side of the ball, not only did Keane have 2 interceptions, but he also lead the team in tackles with 6 on the game.  Robert Carter had 2 interceptions and 3 tackles.  Michah Hotz and Jordan Bibb both had 3 tackles, while Mike Hickey chipped in 2.  Aaron Crawford was absolutely dominant on the defensive line.  He seemed to be in the backfield on every play and made it impossible for Jamal Brown to get comfortable in the pocket.  Crawford wrecked the offensive game plan with his constant penetration.  On the PG side, Elijah Kee had another monster game with 6 tackles.  Joshua Burke added 4 tough tackles and Zuri Page had another dominant game on defense with 4 tackles and a bone crushing forced fumble near his goal line.

Congratulations to the Loudoun County All Stars for running off a 4 game winning streak after losing their first 2 games.  They won in a variety of ways.  They won with the ground game running behind a tough offensive line.  They won with the passing game relying on the arm of sharp shooter Will Hollister.  They won when the amazing Troy Vincent Jr. was their picking off passes, catching touchdowns, and running back kickoffs.  They won with pure defense when he wasn't their but totally shutting down opponents running games.  They also won on the leg of Will Prendergast and the kicking game.  The War Eagles came to the GYFL to gain respect for football in their county, and without a doubt, they earned it.

The final score was Loudoun County 18, Prince George's County 6

Game Stats:

Loudoun County All Stars



Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Will Hollister                   2         11         50       1           0            2           0

Total Passing:              2         11         50       1           0            2           0


Rushing                         Att       Yards   Avg.     TD       Fum

-Johnny Howard            12         114     8.0       0            0

-Bryce Wince                  8           30      3.8       1            1

-Brandon McGurk           1             5      5.0       0            0

-Brian Andrade               1             1      1.0       0            0

-Chris Aust                      2             0      0.0       0            0

-Will Hollister                   2            -8     -4.0      0            0

Total Rushing:           28         140      5.0      1            1


Receiving                    Rec      Yards     Avg.     TD          Fum

-Brandon McGurk         1           49        49.0       1              0

-Johnny Howard            1             1          1.0       0              0

Total Receiving:         2           50       25.0       1              1

Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing             140

-Total Receiving            50

Total Offense:            190


Loudoun County All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks           Int           F Fum   R Fum

-Atticus Keane                  6              0                2                0          0

-Robert Carter                   3              0                2                0          0

-Jordan Bibb                     3              0                0                0          0

-Micah Hotz                       3              0                0                0          0

-Mike Hickey                     2              0                0                0          0

-Spencer Bibb                  2              0                 0               0          0

-Tucker Langmead           1             1                 0               0           0

-Caleb Trump                    2              0                0               0           0

-Bryce Wince                    1              0                0               0           0

-Koosha Kassiri               1              0                0               0           0

-Will Prendergast             1              0                0               0           0

-Reece Ottoson                1              0                0               0           0

-Abi Hamal                        0              0                1(5TD)     0           0

Totals:                             26             1                 5               0          0     


Loudoun County All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                      Ret        Yards    Avg.     TD        Fum

-                                            0             0          0.0        0           0

Total Punt Returns:        0             0          0.0        0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards     Avg.       TD      Fum

-Abi Hamal                     1            3         3.0           0           0

Total KO Returns:       1            3         3.0           0           0


Prince George's County All Stars



Passing                        Comp   Att       Yards     TD       Int       Sacks   Fum

-Jemal Brown                5          17         130       1          5            1         1

Total Passing:             5          17         130       1          5            1         1


Rushing                       Att       Yards     Avg.    TD        Fum

-Joshua Burke              4           20        5.0       0           0

-Ronald Bell                  6           16        2.6       0           0

-Sherrif Hassan            2             5        2.5       0           0

-Elijah Kee                    1             0        0.0       0           0

-Jamal Brown               5            -9      -1.8        0           0

Total Rushing:         18           32       1.7        0           0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards    Avg.      TD        Fum

-Booker Napoleon        2            96      48.0       1           0

-Deandre Kelly              1            17      17.0       0           0

-Elijah Kee                     1            10      10.0       0           0

-#22                                1              7        7.0       0           0

Total Receiving:         5          130      26.0       1           0


Offense                         Yards

-Total Rushing                 32

-Total Receiving           130

Total Offense:             162


Prince George's County All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks        Int        F Fum   R Fum 

-Elijah Kee                       6              0              0            0             0          

-Zuri Page                        4              0              0            1             0               

-Joshua Burke                 4              0              0            0             0                 

-Ronald Bell                     3              0               0           0             0                

-#22                                  3              0               0           0             0

-Vance Adams                2              0               0           0             0              

-Kalin Powell                   2              0               0            0             1

-Steven Rivers                1              0               0            0             0         

-Eric Harvel                     1              0               0            0             0 

-Isiah Jackson                 1              0               0            0             0         

-Kyle Jackson                 1              0               0            0             0 

-Deandre Kelly                0              1               0            0             0

-Isaih Butler                     0              1               0            0             0           

Totals:                          28              2               0            1             1             


Prince George's County All Stars

Special Teams

 Punt Returns                Ret        Yards   Avg.      TD        Fum

-                                        0             0        0.0         0           0

Total Punt Returns:     0             0        0.0         0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards     Avg.     TD      Fum

-Booker Napoleon         1            33       33.0       0           0

-#72                                 1            20       20.0       0           0

-Eric Harvell                    1            10       10.0       0           0

-#22                                 1              5         5.0       0           0

Total KO Returns:       4            68       17.0       0            0


Game #2

Southern Maryland 14, Montgomery County 6



This was certain to be a tough, physical, hard fought game.  The Southern Maryland All Stars had been playing well the last 2 weeks with the return of Rafiq Douglas (Patuxent HS), their big bruising RB/LB and the fleet footed running of the GYFL's leading rusher Tahir Tyler (Patuxent).  They played a double overtime game against Loudoun that they lost on a last second field goal and blew the doors off of the PG All Stars a week later, so they were finishing the season off strong.  Always tough Montgomery County was playing without some it's top players on this day, which would make their task a daunting one.  Brian Strittmatter, Leo Ekwange, Jalen Tabor, and Kyle Snyder were not in uniform.  Even with depleted numbers, Andy Stefanelli's Montgomery County All Stars were going to play hard until the final whistle, which is what they did.

Montgomery County opened up on the ground as usual with Perry Stefanelli (Good Counsel) running behind a stud offensive line.  They tried a halfback option pass with Stefanelli, but Nathaniel Taylor made a great defensive play and intercepted the pass giving Southern Md great field position after the run back.  Southern Md came out running with Tyler and began moving the chains.  Tyler is an electrifying runner who hits the hole with bad intentions and looks to elude defenders, but is not afraid to lower his shoulder and deliver a blow when necessary.  A big sack by Garvin Brooms, who is an exceptional 7th grader that has made his mark on the GYFL this summer and will be a highly recruited prospect in the fall, forced a turnover on downs to stop the drive.

On Montgomery's next possession, after Stefanelli broke off a 12 yard run, his next carry was disastrous.  James Galloway (Patuxent) attacked the ball during a tackle on Stefenelli and the ball popped into the air.  Rafiq Douglas plucked it out of the air and showed that not only does he have great size (5'11" and 203lbs), but he has tremendous speed as well.  He ran 53 yards for the first score of the day, leaving the crowd stunned.  Montgomery was unable to maintain their next drive and turned it over on downs, but a bad snap by Southern Maryland allowed Brooms to make yet another play when he outfought QB Dequan Chappelle for the ball and recovered the muff.  A personal foul by Douglas, who lost his head, gave Montgomery good field position, but Southern Md had begun to close the gaps in the defense and force Montgomery to air, where Colar Kuhns (Good Counsel), who had played well the last couple of weeks, was ineffective.  After an exchange of possessions, Southern Maryland got another break.  Kuhns, the only quarterback with playing experience on the roster was chased out of the pocket and run down by Austin Long for a 14 yard sack.  Unfortunately, Kuhns was injured and had to be replaced by Shammon Love (Good Counsel), the starting WR.  Love fumbled the snap and Raphael Douglas (Patuxent) recovered it.

On the first play from scrimmage after the turnover, Tyler showed why he is the league's leading rusher.  He got a great block by Raphael Douglas, Daniel Caputo (Patuxent), and Rafiq Douglas, exploded through the line, broke out to the left sidelines, accelarated, and nobody was going to catch him on his 36 yard TD run to put Southern Md up 14 - 0 after a successful conversion.  They took that lead into halftime.  Montgomery tighted up on defense on the opening drive of the second half with Jessie Frazier making a succession of tackles.  They forced a punt.  Colar Kunhs got back under center, which was just what the doctor ordered for Montgomery County.  On the drive, Kuhns went deep over the middle to Shammon Love for a 20 yard touchdown pass that was just over the outstretched arms of Trayvon Chase, putting Montgomery County right back in the game at 14 - 6.   On Southern Maryland's next drive, Rafiq Douglas broke off an unreal 9 yard run where he just refused to go down and it took about 7 defenders to finally get him to the ground.  Tyler got loose on a 14 yard run and it looked like the defense of Montgomery was beginning to wear down.  Southern Md got tricky and put speedy Collin Gant (Patuxent) in at quarterback.  Gant ran on his first play to the left sideline and looked like he had room to move, but he stumbled and fumbled the ball forward, which was recovered by Robbie Walker of Montgomery County.  They were in great scoring position.  On 4th and long, Coach Stefanelli dialed up the perfect pass play.  Kuhns threw the perfect pass to a streaking Shammon Love, who had gotten 2 steps behind the defense.  Dakota Edwards appeared to be shot out of a cannon as he closed on the ball.  He ran Love and the ball down and in the last second reached out and batted a ball away that would have been a sure touchdown for Montgomery County.  Turnover on downs!

Montgomery County still had a few minutes left in the 4th quarter and refused to quit.  Those kids showed the coaches a lot about their character and toughness throughout the entire season, but certainly did so in this game.  They forced a turnover on downs and had one last shot to tie the game up.  Kuhns had the Montgomery County All Stars on the move with a 12 yard pass to Garvin Brooms to get within striking distance, when the play of the game occured.  Perry Stefanelli, who has been great for his team all season long had a heartbreaking play that will haunt him for a while.  #77 for the Southern Maryland All Stars made contact with Stefanelli after a 1 yard gain, but instead of taking him to the ground, he focused on stripping the ball from him.  He yanked and yanked and pulled the ball away from him, as another Montgomery County All Star tried to pull it back away, they both carried the pile backwards for about 10 yards before falling to the ground.  After the referees pulled all the players away, Southern Md had the ball and the game.  Tahir Tyler blasted through the line for the last 2 first downs of the game before time ran out.

Jemal Averette (Good Counsel) and Jessie Frazier (Walter Johnson) were both stalwarts on defense with 6 tackles for Montgomery County.  Garvin Brooms had another stellar game with 3 tackles, another sack, and a fumble recovery.  Devon Cannon played great on defense as well with 4 tackles and Roger Richardson (another 7th grader who will be a coveted recruit) once again played lock down defense on the wide receivers all game long.  For Southern Md, it was Nathaniel Taylor's day to shine with 5 tackles, an interception, and a forced fumble.  Rafiq Douglas and Tahir Tyler both played well on defense with 3 tackles a piece.  Austin long (Calvert) had a big sack and 2 tackles.  James Hall (Patuxent) also chipped in with 2 tackles and played well. 

The final score was Southern Maryland 14, Montgomery County 6

Game Stats:

Southern Maryland All Stars



Passing                     Comp   Att       Yards   TD        Int      Sacks   Fum

-Dequan Chappelle     2          6            14      0          0            1         0

Total Passing:            2          6            14      0          0            1         0


Rushing                         Att       Yards    Avg.    TD       Fum

-Tahir Tyler                    15        111        7.4      1           0

-Rafiq Douglas               4           17        4.3      0           0

-Collin Gant                     1            4         4.0      0           1

-Dequan Chappelle       2           -4        -2.0      0           0

Total Rushing:            22       128         5.8      1           1


Receiving                   Rec      Yards    Avg.     TD        Fum

-Rafiq Douglas             1            12     12.0       0           0

-Andrew Bott                1               2       2.0       0           0

Total Receiving:        2             14       7.0       0           0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing             128

-Total Receiving            14

Total Offense:            142

Southern Maryland All Stars



Name                           Tackles    Sacks         Int        F Fum   R Fum

-Nathaniel Taylor               5            0                1             1           0

-Rafiq Douglas                  3            0                0             0           1(53TD)

-Tahir Tyler                         3            0                0             0           0

-Austin Long                      2            1                0             0           0

-James Hall                       2            0                0             0           0

-Andrew Bott                     2            0                0             0           0

-James Galloway              1            0                0             1           0

-Michael Harley                 1            0                0             0           0

-Collin Gant                       1            0                0              0           0

-#77                                   1            0                0              1           1

-Dakota Edwards             1            0                0              0           0

-Trayvon Chase                1            0                0              0           0

-Adriane Brown                1            0                 0             0            0

-Jacob Anderson             1             0                0             0            0

-Raphael Douglas            0            0                 0             0            1

Totals:                            25            1                 1             3            3     


Southern Maryland All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                   Ret       Yards     Avg.     TD        Fum

-                                          0             0         0.0        0           0

Total KO Returns:         0             0         0.0        0           0


Kick Off Returns              Ret       Yards     Avg.       TD        Fum

-James Hall                      1             13       13.0        0           0

-Sergio Vazquez             1               5          5.0        0           0

Total Punt Returns:     2             18        9.0         0           0


Montgomery County All Stars


Passing                  Comp      Att       Yards   TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Colar Kuhns              4         16          38        1           0            1           0

-Perry Stefenelli         0           1            0         0          1            0           0

Total Passing:         4         17          38        1           1            1           0


Rushing                      Att       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Perry Stefenelli          9           32      3.5         0           2

-Robert Walker            7          15      2.1         0           0

-Colar Kuhns                1         -14      0.0         0           0

Total Rushing:        17          33      1.9         0           2


Receiving                    Rec      Yards   Avg.      TD           Fum

-Shammon Love          2            21      10.5        1              0

-Garvin Brooms           1            12      12.0         0              0

-Johnny Prather           1              5        5.0         0              0

Total Receiving:       4             38       9.5         1              0

Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing               33

-Total Receiving            38

Total Offense:             71


Montgomery County All Stars


Name                           Tackles    Sacks           Int                F Fum   R Fum

-Jemal Averette                 5            0                 0                      0             0

-Jessie Frazier                  5            0                 0                      0             0

-Garvin Brooms                 3            1                 0                      0             1

-Devon Cannon                 4            0                 0                      0             0

-Robert Walker                  1            0                 0                      0             1

-Roger Richardson           1             0                 0                     0             0

-Raphael Douglas             1             0                 0                     0             0

-Perry Stefenelli                 1             0                 0                     0             0

-Abe Pishar                        1             0                 0                     0             0

-Marvin Galdamez             1             0                 0                     0             0

Totals:                             23            1                  0                     0             2     


Montgomery County All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                     Ret       Yards    Avg.       TD       Fum

-Robert Walker                  1             -1      -1.0          0           0

Total Punt Returns:       1             -1      -1.0          0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.      TD         Fum

-Robert Walker              2          26       13.0        0            0

-Shammon Love            1          15       15.0        0            0

Total KO Returns:      3          41       13.6        0            0


Game #3

DC 22, Fairfax County 7


The particapants in the first ever Grassroots Youth Football League Championship game would not be known until after the last game on the last day of the regular season.  We could not believe how lucky the scheduling was for our first year.  We knew that either Fairfax County or DC would be 5 - 1 and the #1 seed in the Championship game, and there was a strong possibility going into the day that we would end up with 3 teams with 4 - 2 records that would have legitimate claims to the #2 seed in the Championship Game.   We just didn't have any idea how things would play out.  It made for a great deal of intrigue.  We did not reveal to the public what the tie breaker system would be if we did have those 3 teams deadlocked at 4 - 2.  Chad Scott, an 11 year NFL veteran, GYFL owner and  partner was assigned to come up with the tie breaker scenario and he was not telling anyone, even us, how he was going to do it.  That meant that going into the final game of the season, there would be 4 teams with something to play for.

Fairfax County and DC were both 4 - 1 with their only losses coming against the tough Baltimore Metro All Stars, whose season was already over and who were in prayer mode at this point, hoping that if it came to a tiebreaker, that it would work in their favor.  Here was the scenario:  The winner of the DC vs Fairfax game would be 5 -1 and in the game.  That would love the loser at 4 - 2.  Baltimore was already 4 - 2.  If Loudoun County beat Prince George's, which they were highly favored to do, they would be be 4 - 2.  The head to head matchups would not solve our dilemma, because although Baltimore did beat both Fairfax and DC, and would have won those head to head tiebreakers, they lost to Loudoun, so they would have lost that tiebreaker.  The only way it would have been easy and clean would have been if PG was able to somehow beat Loudoun, which would have made them 3 - 3.  Baltimore would have automatically played the winner of the DC vs. Fairfax game because of the head to head advantage with the loser.  Since that didn't happen, we knew it would come down to some type of point tie breaker developed by Chad, and we wouldn't be able to add all of the numbers until after the game was over.

Not only would this game impact the Championship participants, it would also have major implications on the GYFL MVP award, as Deandre "The Rifleman" Parker and The "Sensational" Ish Seisay, two of the potential front- runners for the coveted trophy, would go head to head in this much anticipated battle.

To the action.......

The game started out with Seisay looking to get redemption after a poor outing last week against Baltimore Metro where he threw his first 3 interceptions of the season.  He went down swinging last week and never stopped trying to bring his team back but it was not meant to be.  Today was a new day.  Coach Eric Henderson came out in the shotgun, but they started out using the running game to move the ball down the field.  Without super talented running back Demornay Pierson (West Potomac) in the lineup again, the ball carrying duties would fall squarely on the shoulders of Phillip Tyler ((West Potomac) who has been consistent all season on the ground with a 4.9 yard per carry average.  He pushed his way into the top 5 rushers in the league and was sitting at #4 as the game began.  He rushed for 17 yards on the first 3 carries of the drive and Fairfax looked to be ready to bounce back. 

Jake "Pink Slip" Pinkston was inserted into the backfield to add some punch to the running game and got 5 yards on his first carry.  We call Jake "Pink Slip" because when he lines up in front of you, you may has well just clean your locker out and pack it in because he is about to terminate you.  The kid is leading the league in sacks and the 5th leading tackler while playing defensive tackle.  "Pink Slip" is one of the best wrestlers in the state, as well as one of the best baseball players.  On the football field, he is just a pure menace and he terrorizes offensive linemen.  It is not just the sacks and the tackles that haunts and offense.  It is the constant and relentless pressure that he applies on every play that forces quarterbacks out of their comfort zones and disrupts offensive coordinators best laid plans.  He did not disappoint on this beautiful summer day.  Robinson High School is in for a treat when they welcome this kid in the fall.   Seisay went to air and on his first pass attempt, there was a deflection that caused the ball to hang up in the air long enough for Darez Diggs to step in a pick it off for the first turnover of the day. 

Now it was time Deandre Parker "AKA The Rifleman" the take over.  I call him The Rifleman because he just loves to load up and take shots down the field.  The Rifleman (Friendship Collegiate) felt the need to redeem himself as well because in his last outing against Baltimore, he was shut down and had his worst game of the season.  It was on the St. Johns field too, so he was very motivated and brought his gun powder with him.  DC was playing without a couple of their top players as well.  Khari Williams may easily be the fastest player in the leauge, but was still recovering from an ankle injury sustained against Baltimore.  Hard hitting Tevon Green was not in uniform, neither was the only "Big" lineman that DC has, Marcus Jackson. 

Offensive coordinater "Coach Bink" of the DC All stars went against the grain and started out with the running game instead of their customary spread offense that Parker likes to work from.  "Pink Slip" was disrupting plays with his penetration and DC couldn't not move the ball and turned it over on downs.  "The Rifleman" had a look on his face as he came off the field that made it clear he was ready to start firing on the next possession.  "The Sensational" Seisay was back at the helm and wowed the crowd with his feet as he had carries of 7 and 12 yards back to back to move the chains.  Tyler got into the act as well and before we knew it, Fairfax was in striking distance.  Seisay found his favorite reciever Sam Gallahan (undecided) on a 15 yard post pattern and he put the ball where only Gallahan could catch it between the zone defense.  First and goal from the 2.  Seisay scored on the next play on a 2 yard QB sneak and after a succcessful kick, Fairfax was up 7 - 0 with plenty of momentum.

On the ensuing possession, "The Rifleman" was under intense pressure from "Pink Slip" and the rest of the Fairfax defense.  Caleb Henderson (West Potomac) made a sack and a tackle.  Levi Teschler (undecided) made a big stop and Pinkston stopped Deshaun Cannady (undecided) for a 13 yard loss after a bad pitch by Parker.  On the next play, "The Rifleman" had his target in sight.  Coach Bink called a perfect play that had Tony Hansford (gotta get a nickname for him and Touchdown Tony is too easy) one on one against Karee Boyens (undecided).  Being one on one with Hansford is really not a fun place to be when he hasn't touched the ball yet in a game.  I wouldn't recommend it for any DB, and after watching the video of the game on this site, I am quite sure most sane people would agree.  It was 3rd down and very long...... "The Rifleman" could see "Pink Slip" lined up the left of the center and he knew for a fact the heat was coming.  He snapped the ball and Brogan Pruitt tried his best to block Pinkston, but that is easier said than done.  Parker rolled hard to his right while Hansford ran the "go" pattern on Boyens, who has been having a great season for Fairfax.  "Pink Slip" was bearing down on "The Rifleman" in an attempt to serve his termination papers, but Parker threw the ball off of his back foot before Pinkston could hit him (which he did of course).  It was  beautiful 35 yard spiral right up the right sideline where Hansford and Boyens were running stride for stride.  The coverage was great.  Hansford's athleticism was greater.  Coach Azzar Rahim will be very pleased to have this combination playing pitch and catch for Friendship Collegiate for the next 4 years.  Tony leaped up the the air over Boyens outstretched arms and caught the pass.

It would have been spectacular had he fallen down or stepped out out bounds, but remember, Hansford had not been in the endzone yet.  He really likes being in the end zone.  What he did to Karee Boyens and Xavier Wicker (West Potomac) should be outlawed in 30 states.  I will try my best to describe it, but I can't do it justice.  I was on the sideline only 5 feet away from the action and I still can't believe what I saw!  He comes down with the ball, take 2 hard steps to the sideline and stops on a dime to stay in bounds to get Boyens leaning to his left, he cut back to the left on Boyens to make him lean the other way, then jumped backed to the sideline leaving Boyens reaching for air, while staying in bounds.  He sprints up the sidelines thinking about what he was going to to Wicker, who was coming on an angle to make the tackle on the sideline.  Instead of Hansford trying to just outrun him, he realized Wicker had the angle so he cut right towards Wicker, causing him to break down his stride to gather himself for the cut back.  Only Tony didn't cut back against the grain.  He just froze him with the move, jump cut back to the sidelines which caused Wicker to dive, he hopped over the futile attempt to keep him from his goal and sprinted the rest of the 30 yards into the end zone.  73 yard TD pitch and catch from "The Rifleman" to Tony "High Step" Hansford (what do you guys think about High Step?.....Send me an email with suggestions).  After the successful conversion, the score was 8 - 7 DC All Stars.

DC was able to stop Fairfax on the next possession and Parker was at it again.  After a sack by Pinkston, "The Rifleman" realized he would need to roll away from "Pink Slip" if he would have any chances of getting his passes off.  He rolled back to his right and threw another perfect strike down the middle of the field to a streaking Erick Magwood, who caught it in stride, made a great move on the safety Levi Teschler, turned on the jets and scored from 63 yards out.  The play was called back to the 30 yard like because of a clip by Deshaun Cannady which was behind the play and not necessary.  Undaunted, it was time for Darez Diggs (undecided) to get into the action.  Diggs is a 6'0 180lb 14 year old, that has so much natural ability it is mind boggling.  He has a great combination of size and speed.  Diggs lined up at tight end and ran a 5 yard button hook.  Parker hit him over the middle of the field, where he was one on one with Levi Teschler again.  Levi is a tremendous athlete and a remarkable story.  Levi is deaf, but you would never know it by watching him play this game.  He has a bright future, but on this play, Diggs was too big and too strong for him to handle.  He broke that tackle, turned up field and found himself one on one with Wicker who was still reeling from the move Hansford put on him on the prior possession.  Diggs shook him with a stutter step, Wicker dove at his legs, but guessed wrong.  Diggs hopped over Wicker turned on the speed and was in the end zone from 30 yards out.  The missed conversion left the score 14 - 7 DC over Fairfax with 1:53 left in the first half.

We all had the feeling that Ish had seen just about enough and was ready to put his stamp on this game.  He came out on the ensuing possession with a quick 8 yard pass to Gallahan, then a 4 yard run to move the chains.  There was plenty of time to score.  Seisay launched a sensational pass on the next play to Gallahan who was sprinting up the left sideline one on one with Kenneth Holmes.  Gallahan his 6'0 tall and Holmes is about 5'5" so as the ran down the field stride for stride with no safety in sight, it looked like an amazing opportunity for Gallahan to make a catch and possibly get into the end zone to tie up the score.  The height differential was so significant that there was no way Holmes could have made a play on the pass if it was high enough.   It seemed like the ball hung in the air forever as it moved down the field.  The fans stood to their feet in anticipation.  The pass couldn't have been any more perfect.  Seisay threw it to the outside shoulder of the reciever, which meant Holmes had no chance to make a play on it without interfering with Gallahan.  Gallahan opened up and turned to catch it creating separation from Holmes.  The ball hit him right in his hands..........and he dropped it.  Lesser teams and lesser coaches may have left it stop them, but not Coach Henderson and not these kids.

Seisay had a 15 yard run and a personal foul on Keith Myers Jr. put Fairfax back in business.  Fahim Muhammed had a monster sack of Seisay as time was running out in the half.   Seisay called the next play, rolled to his left and had an open reciever (Josh Perez), who had slipped behind Keith Myers Jr. in the defensive backfield.  As Seisay cocked back to launch the ball downfield, he did not feel Raequan Reeves bearing down on him from behind.  Reeves hit Seisay just as he was releasing the ball, causing it to flutter and fall short.  Keith Myers Jr., who was tied for the GYFL lead in interceptions, took over the lead with his 4th pick of the season.  The half came on a fumbled snap by DC which was recovered by Darien Pickett (West Potomac), the league leader in tackles going into the game.  The score was DC All Stars 14, Fairfax All Stars 7.  What a game!!!!!!

DC got the ball to start the second half and "Pink Slip" Pinkston picked up where he left off in the first half, which was applying relentless pressure on DC's offense.  Oscar "The Bull" Gonzalez put a big sack on Parker and caused a fumble, which was recovered by Pinkston.  Unfortunately, Fairfax was unable to capitalize and turned it over on downs.  On DC's next possession, "The Rifleman" came out shooting again.  On the third play from scrimmage, Parker had "High Step" Hansford streaking down the left side of the field wide open.  He launched another perfect spiral and from the stands it looked like another touchdown, but the ball fell just off of the fingertips of Hansford.  He may have had a chance to lay out and make a great catch, but he tried to run under it and couldn't track it down.  Deshaun Cannady had a 13 yard run, but Daijon Carson (undecided) dropped a wide open pass for a first down and after two runs that were shut down by Darien Pickett (West Potomac) and Alex Shultz (DeMatha), DC turned it over on downs. 

The Fairfax All Stars were back on the move again and Seisay found Joshua Perez over the middle running a post pattern on Keith Myers Jr.  It was a 24 yard pitch and catch which was about to put Fairfax back in scoring position.  Myers, who is the leader in interceptions showed that he was much more than a cover corner when he lowered the boom on Perez and the ball popped up in the air.  Devyn Cannon (Central HS) plucked the ball out of the air and took possession, stopping the drive.  Great play by Cannon!!! Greg Bryan took over the ball carrying duties on the next drive with runs of 10 yards and 19 yards before they turned it over on downs.  Fairfax had another shot with about 4 minutes to go and a chance to go down the field and score.  Unfortunately for them, they tried to go back to the ground game and Reaquan Reeves, Eric Magwood, and the rest of the DC defense was up to the task.  They stopped Fairfax in their tracks and Fairfax made the decision to put the game in the hands of the great defense to turn around the field position.  There was plenty of time to punt the ball, make a stop, get it back, and go for the tying score.   DC knew that they would have a chance to get the ball back with an opporunity to eat up the rest of the clock and get out of their with a win and a slot in next week's championship game. 

Sam Gallahan got off a good punt that pushed Tony Hansford back on the other side of the 50 yard line.  Hansford fielded the punt, made a guy miss, headed for the sidelines, got a couple of blocks, hurdled a defender and sprinted up the left sideline for a thrilling 50 yard punt return down to the Fairfax 10 yard line.  There was a penalty on the play that brought it back to the 30.  That's when the small, but fiesty DC offensive line was able to take advantage of the aggressive Fairfax defensive line led by Jonathan Sackey-Addo (DeMatha) and "Pink Slip."  DC ran a draw play to Greg Bryan which allowed the defensive tackles to get up the field.  Bryan ran  underneath them and found himself in the Fairfax secondary on an 18 yard run.   He followed that up with a 6 yard run (all on a bad ankle that kept him out of the second quarter).  Parker hit Cannady on a 5 yard completion over the middle to the 1 yard line and "The Rifleman" capped the drive off using his feet with a 1 yard QB sneak.  The two point conversion made the score 22 - 7 and appeared to put the game out of reach for Fairfax.

With the "Sensational Seisay" being who he is, we knew that he wouldn't give up just because the score looked out of reach.  His mentality was to get a quick score and a 2 point conversion, run an onside kick, then score again.  That is how winners think.  He hit Gallahan on a 33 yard pass to get them back in scoring position with time running out.  He was sacked on two consecutive plays by Raequan Reeves and Fahim Muhammad.  He got off the turf and threw a strike in the back of the end zone to Gallahan,who had slipped behind Hansford.  The pass was perfect and hit Gallahan right in the hands............He dropped it.  With only seconds left, Seisay was still trying.  He found an open reciever #34 open in front of the goal line and hit him in stride at the 2 yard line.  Mark Childs from DC refused to let him into the end zone and not only that, he stripped the ball away and took possession of the ball at the goal line as time ran out.  Great football game ladies and gentlemen.  You must check out the video.

The defensive standouts for DC were Eric Magwood with 8 tackles, Raequan Reeves, with 4 tackles and a sack, Keith Myers Jr. was spectacular with 3 tackles, and interception, and a forced fumble.  Devyn Cannon doesn't get a lot of hype or noteriety, but he just plays tough, solid football on the corner every weekend.  He chipped in with 3 tackles and a fumble recovery.  On the Fairfax County side, Levi Teschler and Alex Shultz were lights out with 5 tackles a piece.  Darien Pickett recorded 4 tackles and a fumble recovery.  Jake "Pink Slip" Pinkston was devastating with a tackle, a sack, a fumble recovery, and too much pressure to calculate.

The complicated tie breaker formula created by Chad concluded with the Baltmore All Stars as the #2 seed and they will play the DC All Stars in the Inaugural Championship Game of the GYFL on July 17th, 2010 @ Bishop McNamara High School in Forestville, MD at 6:00pm.  Be there, or be square!!!!!!

The final score was DC All Stars 22, Fairfax County All stars 7.

Game Stats:

  DC All Stars



Passing                        Comp     Att       Yards  TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Deandre Parker             16        23         181    2          0             3           1

Total Passing:                16       23          181   2          0             3           1


Rushing                       Att       Yards   Avg.     TD       Fum

-Greg Bryan                  6          52       8.6        0           0

-Keith Myers Jr.            1          18     18.0        0           0

-Deshaun Cannady      5           -3        -.6        0           0

-Deandre Parker          6        -16      -2.0        1            1

Total Rushing:         18         51       2.8         1            0


Receiving                    Rec       Yards   Avg.    TD      Fum

-Tony Hansford              3            87     29.0      1          0

-Darez Diggs                 5            34       6.6      1          0

-Eric Magwood              1            33     33.0      0          0

-Keith Myers Jr.             1            14     14.0      0          0

-Deshaun Cannady       4              8       2.0      0          0

-Devyn Cannon              1             -2     -2.0      0          0

-Greg Bryan                   1             -3     -3.0      0          0

Total Receiving:       16          181    11.3      2          0


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing                51

-Total Receiving          181

Total Offense:            232


 DC All Stars



Name                           Tackles   Sacks           Int       F Fum   R Fum

-Eric Magwood                 8            0                 0            0           0

-Reaquan Reeves            4            1                 0            0           0

-Mark Childs                     4            0                 0            1           1

-Devyn Cannon                3            0                 0            0           1

-Keith Myers Jr.                3            0                 1            1           0

-Kenneth Holmes             2            0                 0            0           0

-Fahim Muhammad         1            2                 0            0           0

-Dereon Carr                    1            0                 0            0           0

-Daijon Carson                 1            0                 0            0           0

-Greg Bryan                      1            0                 0            0           0

-Jabari Robinson             1            0                 0            0           0

Totals:                            29           3                  1            2           2     


DC All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                  Ret      Yards      Avg.    TD       Fum

-Tony Hansford               1           35         35.0      0           0

-Keith Myers Jr.              1           10         10.0      0           0

Total Punt Returns:    2            45        22.5      0           0


KO Returns                    Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-Dereon Carr                   1           17     17.0       0           0

Total KO Returns:        1           17     17.0       0           0


Fairfax County All Stars



Passing                        Comp     Att       Yards      TD        Int        Sacks   Fum

-Ish Seisay                       6         18            96         0           2             3           0

Total Passing:               6         18            96         0           2             3           0


Rushing                       Att       Yards    Avg.    TD       Fum

-Phillip Tyler                12          28       2.3       0           0

-Ish Seisay                  10          26       2.6       1           0

-Rick Pinkston              1            5       5.0       0           0

Total Rushing:         23          59       2.6       1           0


Receiving                    Rec      Yards   Avg.    TD        Fum

-Sam Gallahan              4          58      14.5       0           0

-Joshua Perez               1          24      24.0       0           1

-#34                                1          14      14.0       0           0

Total Receiving:         6          96      16.0       0           1


Offense                       Yards

-Total Rushing               59

-Total Receiving            96

Total Offense:           155


 Fairfax County All Stars



Name                          Tackles   Sacks          Int       F Fum   R Fum

-Alex Schultz                    5            0                 0            0           0

-Levi Teschler                  5            0                 0            0           0

-Darien Pickett                4            0                 0            0           1

-Ethan Hall                       2            0                 0            0           0

-Caleb Henderson          2            1                 0            0           0

-Xavier Wicker                2            0                 0            0           0

-Jake Pinkston                1            1                 0            0           1

-Mike Jones                    1            0                 0            0            0

-Karee Boyens               1            0                 0            0            0

-Oscar Gonzalez            1            1                 0            1            0

-Sam Gallahan               1            0                 0            0            0

Totals:                          25            3                 0            1            2     


Fairfax County All Stars

Special Teams


Punt Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.     TD        Fum

-                                        0             0        0.0         0           0

Total Punt Returns:    0             0        0.0         0           0


KO Returns                  Ret       Yards   Avg.      TD      Fum

-Sam Gallahan              1            12      12.0       0          0

-Levi Teschler                1              7        7.0       0          0

-Caleb Henderson        1              1        1.0        0          1

Total KO Returns:      3            20        6.6       0          1


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