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Round #1 Playoff Summary

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Hamilton JV Running Back Jabriel "G5 Jet" Johnson after a hard fought win! Hamilton JV Running Back Jabriel "G5 Jet" Johnson after a hard fought win!

The first round of the GMAFL playoffs was very exciting!!!  We didn't have the top 2 seeds play for the JV or Varsity on the field, because they had byes.  The cool part was that several of the players with byes still showed up to scout the competition because they understand that is WIN or GO Home time. 

On the JV level, Gorc and MoHo Co earned the 1st and 2nd Seeds and received byes.  On the Varsity level, Westlake and MoHo Co earned the 1st and 2nd seeds and received byes.  Big shout out to the MoHo Co Lions for both divisions earning #2 seeds in their first year of existence!!!  The future of that 1st year program is very bright.

We also want to give a big shout out to the crowd that showed up strong on a beautiful day.  We actually didn't expect a deep crowd yesterday.  With our top two teams not playing, and us going head to head with the St. Johns vs Gonzaga classic, we were really not sure how many would show up.  On paper, we didn't have the best match ups, and we didn't promote the 1st week very heavily, as we did not want to disappoint the fans with a sub par slate of games during Grassroots Wildcard Weekend.

Boy, did the crowd surprise us and the kids did as well.  The games were not extremely close if you just look at the scores.  But, the kids played their hearts out and all 4 of them were exciting in their own right.  Check the summaries below.

GAME #1: Marlboro 55, Fatz Bulldogs 0 (JV)

This was the only game that was not very compelling.  The young Bulldogs have a number of 6th graders and they did fight to the end this whole season.  They learned a lot and a few of their players stood up and stood out.  But, for the most part they were over matched this year.  We were so proud of them because they showed up every game and gave it their all.  They never quit and they are only going to get better and better.  The Marlboro Mustangs are just plain impressive!!!  They have some 7th graders on their team that will be some of the highest recruited players in the Class of 2019.  RB/DB Tyriek Blount is an electrifying scat back who showed great vision, quickness and speed all season, as well as against the Bulldogs on a number of impressive runs in the game.  QB Mike Sumner didn't need to have a big day yesterday, as the Mustangs did it on the ground, but he had a 4 TD passing game this year, has a father that is 6'4, a mother 5'10, and a chance to be a monster.  He will be training with former Syracuse All American QB Marvin Graves and has a very bright future.  WR Tamar Campbell is arguably the best in the JV league.  He is new to football but he has everything you can't teach.  Stands about 5'10 already, and has blazing speed and great hands.  He is long and lean and he is going to be a problem for DB's for years to come.  Keep your eye on him.  Marlboro has arguably two of the best 3 Technique DT's in the DMV.  Harrison Wallace and Keith Broadnax look like straight menaces to offensive lines right now.  Both are stout, thick, aggressive and play with mean streaks.  Very hard to block those kids.  They both had field days all season, as well as yesterday.  RB Dominic Logan-Nealy is a freakish athlete, who showed us the package yesterday.  Has the perfect size for a RB, has the speed, agility, and power.  He is a scary prospect with ideal TB size.  If you want a bigger back with power and speed, you need to look no further than Darius McBride.  This kid killed the Bulldogs yesterday, but has been dominant in every game that he has played in.  Mustangs have even more talent than that, and we will get each deserving kid their due, but I wanted to highlight these few this week.  We will address the others after the 2nd round next week.  Marlboro has a great team that is coming into it's own and peaking at the right time.  They have a legitimate shot to win the Championship this year.


GAME #2: Hamilton 27. Westlake Bulldogs 7 (JV)

This game was a lot closer than the score would indicate.  Those young Bulldogs are as scrappy as they come.  I don't know if I have ever been more proud of a group of kids than them.  They have about 70% 6th graders on their team this year.  They are small, but boy are they tough.  They have a few elite level 7th Graders on their team.  RB Michael "The Panther" Prather has distinguished himself as a top shelf tailback with excellent vision and quickness.  All he has to do is work on adding one more gear of top end speed when he breaks one and he will move into the super elite category.  LB Andre "Cat Burglar" Benson has a motor that won't stop and brings relentless heat every play.  Kameron Adams is just one of the best DL in the state of MD.  He has the whole package.  Big, strong, quick, tough.  Adams is a truly special prospect.  They have other good 7th graders as well that we will highlight, like Brandon Reem and MelTeon "Boopy" Davis, who we may call the Bionic Man as we saw him come back from a severe ankle sprain last week.  He left in an ambulance last week and was back on the field this week.  Tremendous player.  But, it is the 6th graders that have us so excited about what they can and will become as a result of playing against these elite level 7th graders.  Kids like OL Trayvon Branch, who has a future so bright he will need sunglasses, are going to be the future of the Westlake Bulldogs.  With that being said, they just were not enough for the mighty Hamilton Tigers who are on a roll right now and primed to make some serious noise in the playoffs.  They broke out the brand new uniforms with the names on the back for the playoffs and they sure did look good.  They not only looked good, but they played even better.  If you don't know about Jabriel "G5 Jet" Johnson by now, you must be living in a cave.  Simply the best JV running back in the league this year.  G5 went off on the Bulldogs yesterday with a series of impressive runs and scores.  Running behind FB/LB NyJae Boyd, who is a dominant football player who can do it all.  Reminds you of the old school FB that just mauls LB's.  Every HS program can use a player like Boyd.  He played lights out in the victory.  The offensive line is the heart and soul of the Tigers.  With Anthony Anderson, Kijuan Williams, Carrelle Matthews, and Warren Cornish.  Those kids open up the holes for the elusive running backs to exploit.  DB Noah Costopolous has shown tremendous toughness and cover skills.  DB/RB Quizzon Tarver is the defensive version of the Jet.  He has great speed, instincts, and the ability to take out the opposing teams top receiver, as he did against the Bulldogs.  Tarver was also impressive as a ball carrier yesterday with several slick runs.  LB Deontay Mayo is a rising star.  Extremely aggressive and hard hitting ball player.  Cameron Hart moved back to safety and has been very effective, but his kicking could help the Tigers win a Championship as he knocked through the uprights a perfect extra point.  They have long, tall, WR who has begun to establish himself as one of the potentially elite WR's in the league.  His name is Jamal Randle and you need to get to know him.  He has been a difference maker as the Tiger have gotten hot and made this playoff run.  The biggest impact on this team has been made but a gutsy little 6th grade QB, who took over the reigns a couple of weeks ago and the Tigers have looked great since them.  His name is Kylen Austin.  Not very big in height yet.  But, the heart is big and the skill set is looking very intriguing.  Tigers have a legitimate shot to win this Championship.


GAME #3: Gorc Wildcats 34. Ft. Hunt Federals (Varsity)

This was another one where the score was not close, but it was exciting.  The Federals lost the game and went winless on the year, but the improvement that they made was considerable for all to see.  They started out with an old school wedge offense that took us back to the 40's because they didn't have a QB.  They ended up finding one about midway through the season.  LB Zack "Monster Mash" Monson is not only a devastating, play making LB, but he has shown us that he has the ability to be an effective QB as well.  We love Monson.  He was able to hit 7th Grade WR Hunter Stewart on a couple of beautiful post passes on the day.  One of which, Stewart almost had a chance to score.  The Federals had some of their biggest plays of the season in the playoff game.  Stewart has great size and we expect to see him do big things in the future.  DL Maxwell Towler is a baller for Ft. Hunt.  RB Deveon Walton has the toughness that you need to be an effective HS player.  They have a flat out star RB in Amir "Pound for Pound" Jordan.  This kid has been doing it since he was a 6th grader for Grassroots.  Great vision, tremendous quickness, and as gutsy a football player as I have ever seen.  Not big in stature, but HUGE in heart and skill.  On the defensive side of the ball, they feature LB John Holzworth, aka "Wrestlemania."  Holzworth is just a freak!  If you don't know the name by now, you are not a Grassroots fan.  He is a terror on the wrestling mat, where he is an All American.  But on the football field, he is the heart and soul of the Federals.  Two huge sacks in the game, relentless pressure, too many tackles to keep track of.  I can't wait to see his high school career unfold.  But, they Federals were not able to contain the Wildcats on this day.  QB Trent "Action Jackson" came out firing and throwing a beautiful post TD to get the scoring going on the day to WR/DB/LB Ephraim Moore.  I could probably add more positions for Moore because he is arguably the most versatile player in the league.  You can line him up at any position and get immense productivity.  High School coaches love players like that and so do we.  Moore has a motor that refuses to turn off.  Jackson has great measurables and his upside us off the charts as he gets into high school.  The Wildcats executed the screen play to perfection in this game, allowing us to witness the game breaking speed and quickness of RB Kevin Byrd.  Byrd was flawless on the day wrecking havoc on the Federals secondary.  Jeremy "The WidowMaker" Mensah, who is always dominant from his LB position, was able to show off his FB skills yesterday as well.  This kid is just truly special.  Remember the name.  Parker Robinson is always strong and was again yesterday off the edge.  Joshua Taylor stuffed the run from the DT position.  More Wildcats will be highlighted as we go deeper into the playoffs, but as a group, the depleted Cats, who were missing a number of their better players were just too much for the Federals.  The Turner-Owens twins (Dezuan and Dejour) played lights out on defense like they always do, but the Wildcats showed a wrinkle yesterday by playing Dezuan at QB in the second half.  Not only did he complete a TD pass, but he showed off his running skills over and over again.  Watch out for WR's Eric Allen and DJ Brown next week at Georgetown Prep.  There is not question that Gorc has a chance to win the Varsity Championship.  They desperately want a shot at redemption against Westlake and if they can get through MoHo Co next week, they may have their shot.


GAME #4: Hamilton Tigers 31, Fatz Bulldogs 0 (Varsity)

This game was never in jeopardy as the Hamilton Varsity is beginning to come into it's own with a string of victories.  But, just as proud as we are of the Westlake Bulldog babies, we are just as proud of the Fatz Bulldog Varsity.  These kids took their lumps early and only have one victory on the year, but they have continued to not only show up, but to play hard and get better.  They have a number of kids that have benefitted greatly from this opportunity and put their names in the group of top players in the class of 2018.  OL/DL Vincent Moore has been tough and solid all season long.  WR/DB Hayden Frazier is a slick skill play maker that can get it done on both sides of the ball.  Qu Ran Hughes is one of the best RB talents in the league.  He makes the most out of every carry and almost took one to the house on the last play of the game.  Marcus Swann was dominant on the ground yesterday, running like a man possessed from the FB position.  But, the brightest star of the season has been Donald Brewer without a doubt.  The kid looks to be at least 6'1 and about 175lbs.  He can play anywhere on the field.  Even filled in a QB in this game.  But, he is a big time WR and KR prospect.  He is a fierce competitor with excellent speed.  His size is off the charts but his will to win can't be measured.  Just found out that the young man has a 4.0 GPA.  Donald Brewer ladies and gentleman.  Don't say we didn't try to tell you.  With all of that said, the mighty Tigers were too much for the Bulldogs and they are peaking at the right time.  They seem to be pulling it all together at the right time.  They got their QB Purnell "The Magic Man" Hill and he looked sharper than ever.  He is a great leader with a calm and cool presence that is perfectly suited for the playoffs.  The tigers have skill players that have serious talent.  Demontay Snowden showed off yesterday on the offensive side of the ball.  Outstanding agility and ankle breaking ability.  Garrett Scott, who filled in a QB while Hill was out helped the Tigers stay on course.  RB Josh Pugh's stock just rises higher and higher every time he touches the ball.  He runs with reckless abandon as if each carry may be his last, so he wants to make the most out of it.  He always does, as he did in Saturday's game.  DB/WR Keeshon Martin played well and is always consistent.  Dalen Barrey was solid again from his FB position and Zach Franks saw significant action on the day and was very effective.  The offensive juggernaut was Jemaine Jeter from his RB position.  He ran with great power and vision against the Bulldogs.  He punished defenders that tried to tackle him.  He showed the burst of speed that you need at the next level.  Jeter was very impressive yesterday running behind his powerful offensive line.  The Alpha Male Al Cornish had a very good game blocking, as did Ahman Hines and the rest of the OL.  The Tigers have a TE that is hands down the best in the league.  Thomas Booker has it all.  6'3, about 225 pounds.  He is only 13 years old, with great hands and feet developed on the basketball court.  This kid's upside if absolutely off the charts as this is only his 2nd year playing football.  Big, fast, strong, and by the way, carries a 4.0GPA at GILMAN of all places.  Nuff said..........On the defensive line, Calvin Carrol applied pressure all night on the Bulldogs.  The star of this game was the one and only "Man Beast" Jamal Shearin.  The Beast was unleashed on the Bulldogs in this game and he was purely spectacular.  The kid has so much talent and ability.  I got on him earlier in the year about taking plays off.  He is beginning to understand that with that much ability, all eyes are on him every play and he must go all out every single play.  He has been doing that very well throughout the season, but Saturday night was pinnacle for him.  He had a number of bone jarring tackles and wrecked havoc on a Fatz Bulldog team that had upset on it's mind.  The Tigers will have a rematch with the Westlake Bulldogs on Saturday, who embarrassed them on September 28th at Spalding 35 - 0.  I can assure you that they marked that date on their calendar and they will bring their A Game to Georgetown Prep next Saturday!!!  You need to be there to see it for yourself.

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