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Round #2 Playoff Summary

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MoHo Co Players excited to make it to the SHIP!! MoHo Co Players excited to make it to the SHIP!!

The first round of the GMAFL playoffs was very exciting.  But Round 2 was even better. We had our #1's play our #4's at the JV and Varsity level, as well as our #2's vs our #4's and the only game that was not close was the Westlake vs Hamilton Varsity game.  It was a thrilling day at a gorgeous facility and God Blessed us with a beautiful day of weather.

GAME #1: Gorc Wildcats 12 vs Hamilton Tigers 0 (JV)

Hamilton made a fantastic run at the end of the season to put themselves in position to make it to the Championship game like they did in the Spring JV League.  They lost to Gorc in the last game of the Spring regular season but came out and shocked them in the playoffs and made it to the ship.  They had all the confidence in the world that they could do it again, and they found themselves in a slugfest with the undefeated Wildcats.  But, the Cats defense was just too much for the Hamilton offense.  With Gorc stacking the box with the best set of LB's in the league, speedster Jabriel Johnson was not able to find any running room and the Tiger offense screached to a halt.

The defense for the Tigers was scrappy all day and held Gorc to only a slim 6 - 0 lead into the 4th quarter when track star Ashton Allen fielded a punt that went over his head and used his blazing speed to return it for a 65 yard touchdown, sealing the game and the trip to the ship for Gorc.

GAME #2: Westlake Bulldogs 39 vs Hamilton Tigers 0 (Varsity)

The Tigers were able to move the ball in the first quarter on the Bulldogs going back to the old wing style of offense that made them legendary in the past.  It was a version of the offense that the MD Seahawks used when they upset Westlake early in the year.  But, Westlake made some adjustments midway through the first quarter and unleashed an onslaught of offense and defense that Hamilton couldn't handle.  The Bulldog offensive line was purely dominant in this game, overpowering the big Tigers at the point of attack.  In the first game, Westlake showed the aerial assault and came away with a 33 - 0 victory on Sept 28th.  Hamilton had revenge on their minds, but this would not be the day.  The Bulldogs were focused with about 20 High School coaches dotting the sidelines.  Rashard Jackson looked like Adrian Peterson bursting through holes and showing off his turbo boosts, and DeJuan Ellis made spectacular plays on offense and had an interception that you need reply to appreciate.  The Bulldogs were impressive across the board and roll into the Championship Game with a ton of momentum.

GAME #3: MoHo Co Lions 20 vs Marlboro Mustangs 19 (JV)

Clearly one of the best games of the season.  A defensive struggle with offensive outbursts on both sides of the ball.  Marlboro was stout on defense and explosive on offense and fought from behind over and over again.  They have arguably the best collection of 7th graders in the region and they proved it on this day.  But, MoHo Co is just a well balanced and exciting team.  Chris Clark is just an amazing playmaker that has played big in every game this year.  6th grade QB Trace Campbell makes big time throws and creates offense with his feet and arms, and 6th Grade FB/LB Antione Littleton Jr is just a man child on the field who was just too much for Marlboro to stop on this day.  MoHo sends their JV to ship to see undefeated Gorc in a rematch of monumental proportions!!!

GAME #4: MoHo Co Lions 26 vs Gorc Wildcats 16 (Varsity)

Gorc jumped out to a 16 - 6 lead at halftime on the legs of Kevin Byrd who is an emerging superstar.  Gorc QB Trent Jackson opened up the game dropping bombs on MoHo Co and hit the big pass down the sidelines to start the scoring.  With the defense that they have it looked bleak for the Lions initially.  Two weeks ago, their defense sacked star QB Doc Bonner 7 times and knocked him out of the game with intense pressure.  We were not sure if we were even going to see Doc Bonner until FBU Season began, but this kid is just a winner and he showed the crowd what all the fuss was about.  Not only is the kid a lights out QB, but he plays a heck of a DE position and turned the game around with an interception returned for a Touchdown that gave the Lions the confidence they needed to turn the corner.  The Lion defense stepped up strong in the 2nd half and caused a number of turnovers that led to scoring opportunities that they were able to convert.  Chance Campbell did a great job of running down the stretch when Lion ball carriers were having problems holding on to the football in the cold weather.  We talk a lot about his 6th grade QB brother, but the kid Chance Campbell made the most of his chances and impressed us a great deal.  MoHo Co will move on to the Ship to take on the Mighty Westlake Bulldogs in what we expect to be a thriller.

Click Here to see the link to the Gorc vs MoHo Co Game under the lights!!!!

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