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Week #1 Summary

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Here is a summary of just a few of the things we learned this weekend:

#1. Marlboro's JV Team is quite impressive.  Westlake JV has Great Potential!

There was so much going on that I couldn't follow that game as closely as I wanted to.  The first night of games and the scoreboard was NOT working after we paid for it.  That stressed me out.  We couldn't get power for our DJ so we had no announcer, which was killing me.   With all that drama, I was unable to watch the first game as closeley as I would have liked.  Although Westlake's JV is mostly 6th graders, they are extremely well coached and talented.  For Marlboro to beat them 26 - 7 means they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.  Theo Blount and his staff had those kids ready to rock and roll. Very impressive. Tyriek Blount is a budding star.  Darius McBride is all that and a case of Dos Equis.  Harrison Wallace is a player as well.  Don't let the Westlake score fool you about Westlake.  Boopy Davis is a true baller and Michael Prather is a rising star.  Greg "Buck" Clark is one of the best youth coaches in the game.  We will have an up close and personal view of both of these teams this Saturday and will be able to do a much more in depth evaluation.   I hate that we had to short these kids a bit on th first week, but I can only stamp and endorse what I have seen with my own two eyes.  Our credibility is everything. 

#2. Ft. Hunt's Varsity has some players and depth.

John Holsworth is a true stud. FT. Hunt is going to be competitive this year, but Westlake Varsity may be one of the most impressive group of 8th graders I have ever seen together. Ft. Hunt had some size but were overwhelmed at the size and speed of Westlake.  Ft. Hunt will be competitive this year.  Amir "Pound for Pound" Jordan is one of the quickest and toughest backs you will see in this leauge.  Zaire Green packs a big punch in a small frame.   Hunter Stewart is the real deal.  We will have much more for you on this roster after week #2. 

#3. The Rumors about Westlake are Real!!!!!!!!

I thought DeJuan Ellis was great as a 7th Grader and he was. But, it is clear that he has made a commitment to mastering the passing game and he rarely ran on Friday. His accuracy was just ridiculous. He was 9/10 for 145 yards and 4 TD's.  Westlake is truly loaded and very well coached.  Each player will get more detailed write ups once the stats come in, but it would take too long to summarize what all the great players Westlake has.  Trust me, Dejuan is NOT alone! They have Raymond Boone, Noah Taylor, Austin Fontaine, Evan Gregory, Devin Petrillo, Jonathan Donnelly, Jason Labbe, Keith Felton, Rashard Jackson, Cam Goode, Chaz Crawford and so many more!!!! If you love football, you must circle this team on your schedule and see for yourself.  Could be the greatest show on field turf!

#4. MoHoCo JV has 2 6th graders that will blow your mind.  Hamilton is a true contender!

The QB Trace Campbell has "mini" Elway Like passing skills for a 6th Grader.  Moxie that is not normally seen in a 6th grader.  Sam Sweeney showed it last year as the 6th Grade FBU QB, but Trace is bigger.  That does not mean better, but only time will tell.  Campbell is a rising star.  They have a RB/LB named Antione Littleton that looks like Christian Okoye.  Big, fast, and strong from Devonne Powell's 12u team.  They have a WR named Clark from the Ravens whose first name we must get.  He was on the recieving end of many of Campbell's clutch passes and he was great after the catch.   Another tall WR named Lipp is a deep ball threat with great hands.  Offensive line was solid all day.  The team is well coached and lethal.  Hamilton JV is tough as nails and coached up well. Jabriel Johnson, who was one of the top 6th graders on last years FBU team ran for 5 TDs (3 over 60 yards). The Hamilton OL is powerful and they have a slick QB who can run and pass named Cam Hart that can get it.  NyJaye Boyd is a stud! Noah Costopolos and Naim Davis stood out.  Jorden Pryor looks like a serious prospect.

#5. Fatz Bulliez has some athletes.

They are talented on both the JV and Varsity and once they get used to the level of talent in this league, they will surprise some folks just like Ft. Hunt. They are new to the Grassroots League and had a rough debut against a powerful Gorc program, but they will get better every week.  Gary Rosemond was the Prime Time Player for the JV and Quran Hughes for the Varsity.  Keep your eye on them.

#6.  Gorc's JV is just ridiculous.

Sam Sweeney, the FBU 6th Grade QB can make All of the throws!!!! He has speed to burn at all of the skill positions. The Allen Brothers Ashton (6th Grader) and Austin (7th Grade) both have special speed and ability.  Joshua Dodd is a killer at WR and a MAJOR HS prospect right now.  Gerame Spraggins, Billy Wooden, Ryheem Tull, Braden Puller, and Adrian Hood are all certified ballers.  Too much talent on the Gorc JV team to get into the details on every kid in this brief post, but trust me, you need to see them asap!!!  They will all be household names in a couple of weeks.  Caleb Dean was the Prime Time Player of the game.

#7. Gorc's Varsity is a Problem!

2 QB's that can flat out get it done. Trent Jackson is about 6'2 with a big arm.  Richard Dion is a lefty who is extremely accurate.  Trent appears to have a slightly stronger arm, and Dion appears to be slightly more accurate.  Either one of them are good enough to start and be big time at the next level.  Coaches need to watch these kids closely.  They will both play.  Phil Slye is a master at getting both of them in.  Jeremy Mensah looks like Jamal Lewis from the Ravens back in the day.  Big, powerful, with the ability to mow down LB's.  So much speed and quickness on this team.  Details to come on each very soon! Keep an eye out for the quick and explosive Kevin Byrd, the speedster Eric Allen, and the power of Parker Robinson from the DE spot.  Luca Hagen anchors the OL, with Ephraim Moore wrecking havoc from the other DE spot.  They have players like twins Dejour and Dezuan Turner-Owens, DJ Brown, Alex Brown, Courtland Daverne, Marquis Whitley, Sean Pencook, and Justice Hubbard and others to be named later, who will cause problems for people.

#8. MoHo Co Varsity is the REAL Deal!! Hamilton will be HARD to BEAT!

MoHo Co is well balanced across the board. Brandon Willis, Jamal Gay, Cowboy McCutcheon, Micah McNeil and others played lights out against Hamilton yesterday.  Alex Ashley, Jabari Bennett, Doc Bonner, Chance Campbell and Sutter Urgo are legit.  Andrew Cave is a 6'3 WR that can go up and get it.  Spanky Dixon and Josh Kelly are no joke.  Hamilton took a loss, but don't let that fool you. They have a ton of big time HS prospects like Purnell Hill, Jamal Shearin, Big Al Cornish, Jealon Hall, and Jermaine Jeter.  Josh Pugh was a standout in the spring JV season, as was Calvin Carroll.   When they get Taron Vincent back from injury they will be an even bigger problem up front.

Our site is finally back up and you will be able to get more detailed updates as they come in.  Appreciate your patience! Hope you enjoyed week #1. I promise you won't want to mess week #2. We will be at Spalding from 9am - 9pm and you can see all the teams up close and personal in one stadium. $5.00 gets you 12 hours of elite football, with in and out privileges!!!!!

I didn't begin to scratch the surface on all of the worthy players and I left many names of great players out. I was just going off the top of my head this morning. Kids and parents, please don't be upset if I didn't mention you here. We have 9 more weeks and every deserving player will be a household name this season. That is hat we do.  Keep playing hard and you will get your recognition. We will highlight different kids every week so if you were deserving and did not get mentioned today, you will!!!!!


Looking for some coaches and/or parents from each of our teams that are willing to produce statistics and video for us so that we can be much more detailed.  If you are interested in assisting us please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  We will work with you on some wristbands to save you money at the gate if you are willing to help us with video and statistics.


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