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Week #4 Summary

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Note: The site has been down for over two weeks and our summaries will be at the very least brief ones.  The second half of the season should be much more detailed.

Gorc JV 24 vs Marlboro JV 0

Info: This game was a bit closer than the score would indicate.  Mike Sumner hit Asante Rutherford on a 15 yard pass that he used his speed to turn into a 60 yard TD for Marlboro, but they were not able to consistenty move the ball on offense.  Rutherford was the Mustang player of the game.  Tyrik Blount made some exciting plays but for the most part, the day belonged to Gorc's Defense led by Gerame Spraggins and Billy Wooden.  DeSean Spencer was lights out as well and was the player of the game for the Wildcats.  Joshua Dodd was impressive again as he is every week.  QB Sam Sweeney and TB Ryheem Tull were very good again.

Game #2:

MoHo Co Lions JV 32 vs Fatz Bulldogs JV 6

Info: The Lion player of the game was Tre "The Glow" Wade who had an opportunity to really shine on the day.  Antionne Littleton was dominant on the ground as the 6th grader continues to get better each week.  Matthew Lipp filled in at QB as the Lions rested star QB Trace Campbell to get ready for the Burning Sands.  Josiah Walters had a coming out party for MoHo Co as did George Wolo.  The Lions got contributions from everybody, with Marques "Mini-Cooper" Cooper toting the rock and getting into the end zone.  For the Bulldogs, Christian Taylor was the player of the game with a very strong performance.

Game #3

Westlake JV 0 vs Hamilton JV 19

Info: Those young Bulldogs are very well coached and are going to be something to see as they get older.  The majority of the team consists of 6th graders and they are going to take their lumps in this league.  They have a couple of 7th grade leaders with Michael "The Panther" Prather in the backfield and Melteon "Boopy" Davis on the OL.  Kam Adams is a future star.  But, there were not enough for these Hamilton Tigers, who are emerging.  Cam Hart is developing as a QB.  The Jabriel Johnson, AKA "The Jet" is a special talent and when he gets in behind Najee Boyd, and unstoppable blocker and LB, he is just hard to stop.  Their OL is getting better and better and we feel this team will be a tough out down the stretch.

Game #4

Gorc Wildcats Varsity 38 vs Ft. Hunt Federals Varsity 0

Info: Don't let the Ft. Hunt scores fool you.  These kids are improving every week.  Amir Jordan was able to move the chains behind a very big offensive line.  Daveon Walton had another good game, as did Hunter Wilkens. There are some players distinguishing themselves on this team.  Jay Holzworth is a star, but others are emeging around him.  They are going to beat somebody this year.  The Gorc Varsity was lights out on this day.  QB Trent Jackson took advantage of the good weather and showed off his arm.  WR Brandon Hines is just plain nice.  He may not be a household name yet, but all you need to do is watch him to see how good and exciting he is.  Jeremy "The Widowmaker" Mensah just brutalized folks with his power running.  He will be a superstar at the HS level.  DJ Brown is emerging as a next level reciever with great routes and hands.  Diamonte Stricker's name was called quite often for his play. The twins from Alabama are both legit ballers.  Keep an eye out for Dejour and Dezuan Turner-Owens.  They are both elite athletes who can play mutliple positions.  Marquis Whitley played well as the Wildcats played hard for their 3 teammates who were injured last week (Luca Hagen, Richard Dion, and Kendall McKissic).  Mensah and Holzworth were your players of the game.

Game #5

Fatz Bulldogs Varsity vs MoHo Co LIons Varsity 27

Info: This was the shocker of the day.  At halftime, the score was MoHo Co 8 and Fatz Bulldogs 6.  Hayden Frazier scooped up a fumble and returned it 60 yards for a TD.  The Bulldogs used the momentem to thwart the Lions defensively and they were only able to score once in the first half.  Grassroots Superstar QB Doc Bonner struck nicely though with a pin point pass to WR Cooper McGeehan for a 40 yard score to give the Lions the lead going into halftime.  The Lions coaching staff is super elite and they came out and took control in the second half.  Bonner went deep to speedster Brandon Willis and an unbelievable diving catch by Josh Kelly made the crowd and the HS coaches drop their jaws.  Sutter Urgo was very effective from his new halfback position and Spanky Dixon picked off a pass and took it back 65 yards for a late TD.  Jabari Bennett is officially unblockable and wrecked havoc on Marcus Swann and the Bulldog backfield.  A brightspot for the Bulldogs was 6'2 WR Donald Brewer who almost broke 2 kickoff returns for TD's.  He is a name to keep an eye on.  The Bulldogs have talent and are getting better every week.

Game #6

Westlake Bulldog Varsity 33 vs Hamilton Tigers Varsity 0

Info:  This was the shocker of the year so far.  We all knew Westlake was loaded and well coached.  But, this is truly scary.  If there is a better 8th grade team in the country I need to see them.  I have never seen anything quite like this.  Hamilton is a talented team and the biggest team in the league.  They have a very good staff and they have history.  This game was not a knock against them.  They were missing Jamal Shearin, who is one of their best OL/DL, but they still have plenty.  I am sure that TE Thomas Booker for one is disappointed at the loss, but he almost assured himself a spot on the MD State All Star Team with his performance Saturday Night.   Jamaine Jeter was solid when he had room, but there was not much room.  Josh Pugh was the highlight of the game for Hamilton with his tough, hard nosed running.  Westlake was just too much on this night. Dejuan Ellis was more spectacular than we have ever seen him.  I don't know the stat line yet, but his long balls were on point and accurate, with amazing touch.  His interemediate passes were like lasers.  The only incompletions that I saw were a couple of drops.  The kid only ran once, but it was truly a masterpiece that showed off is mind boggling speed and quickness.  He is on a mission to show the country that he is more than just a runner.  I have never seen anything like him at this age.  His weapons are endless.  6'2 190lb WR Noah Taylor ran a post pattern and looked like John Stallworth as he leaped and made a circus catch.  6' 175lb WR Raymond Boone made two leaping catches in the end zone that would have made college coaches drool. Not to mention is vicious hits on defense.  Randy Fields caught one of Ellis's bullets for a TD.  Jonathan Donnelly got into the action with a couple of sweek catches and lock down coverage from his corner position.  Chaz Crawford had a highlight reel pick 6 and showed blazing speed.  Jason Labbe impersonated Harry Houdini on an amazing run where it looked like he was going down.  Cant' wait to see the replay.  Rashard Jackson was impressive again on the ground, as was Dee Tull.  7th Grader Myles Harris just can't be blocked.  Cam Goode was a terror up the middle.  Evan Gregory and Devin Petrillo controlled both of the edges of the defense, just suffocating the Hamilton running attack.  Daniel Hood is the QB of an offensive line that just punishes you.  Austin Fontaine is a man among boys.  Keith Felton was solid at LB, as was Nick Gage at WR and Jalen Brown at DL.  There is a name that EVERY HS coach needs to get to know right now.  You know about most of the Westlake star players, but Deonte Hill is one of the most ridiculous athletes that you are going to see at the 8th grade level.  He had a run in this game that I can't even begin to describe.  You saw the toughness, you saw the agility, you saw the quickness.  You got to see the change of direction, along with the power.  Most importantly, you got to see the speed.  I hear he is a great basketball player as well, but if you sleep in this kid, you will be very sorry in a couple of years.

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