Week #5 Summary

Friday Night Lights in THE GYFL had some TREMENDOUS RESULTS!  As Game 1, featured the MARLBORO MUSTANGS & the WESTLAKE BULLDOGS JV.  Marlboro got the win 18 to 6! Even with Andre "The Cat Burglar" Benson doing a Gr8 Job trying to steal the victory. Big Keith Broadnax and The Mustang D Line proved to be a little too much on this night.

In Game 2: The Maryland Seahawks challenged The RED HOT Westlake Bulldogs Varsity in a consolation game. With The Seahawks dominating time of possession utilizing the Single Wing T formation effectively. 19 to 13 was the final score, as the POURING RAIN made visibility and traction a challenge within itself. Westlake still stands Undefeated in League Play due to forfeit, but the game served as a learning experience beyond the scoreboard.
On Saturday, The GYFL Universe took over @ Under Armour Field @ Dunbar HS in Baltimore. Which was one of the Most Beautifully Placed Fields we've been too! For the Teams to come out and NOT DISAPPOINT! Even with The Baltimore Marathon taking place simultaneously!

Game 1: The MoHo County Lions & The Fats Bullies Bulldogs CUT UP! This defensive game filled with Big Hits went to the team who truly benefited from field position. MoHo walked off 46 to 0, but not without Deonte "Dueces" King and Company putting up a HUGE HEART DISPLAY! Tre Wade was the PTP'er for MoHo.

Game 2: Put The GORC Wildcats vs The Hamilton Tigers JV. Gorc jumped out to an early lead and did a Gr8 Job limiting the Big Play Ability of Hamilton in check. Na'Jaye Boyd had a HUGE DAY but just like Jabril The Jet Johnson. It was all outside the endzone. 32 to 7 was the final. "Ounce 4 Ounce" Ryheim Tull & Noah Costopoulicious picked up the PTP'ers in this one.
In the 2nd Half of Saturday's Card, The GYFL Fall League rolls right along from Under Armour Field @ Dunbar HS in Baltimore. Pictured here is Ron Ron Robinson along with his PROUD Mother & Brother. His play level, confidence and evolution into a key contributor to his JV Unit cannot go without comment. Keep up the Good Work! We see you, Lil' Homey.

Game 3: Had The Fats Bullies Bulldogs vs MoHo County's Lions led by the onfield Intensity of "Cowboy" Sean McCutchen. This game was filled with PLENTY of ELECTRIFYING plays in the Special Teams by Donald Brewer #3 for FBB. But Doc, Sutter the Offensive Line and Brandon "Die Hard" Willis executed the offense so crisp that it had to pay off. 41 to 6 was the final. But Brewer's 3 Big Kick Return's were stellar with only one going for 6. The other two landed the Bulldogs inside The Lion's 10 yard line and the Bulldogs couldn't punch it in with Matthew Kane and The Lion's Defense standing STRONG! Brewer & Kane pick up the PTP'er nod in this one.

Game 4: The Hamilton Tigers & GORC Wildcats took the stage! This game was a battle of wills in the trenches. Jermaine Jeter & Jeremy "Widow Makuh" Mensah are virtually mirror images of one another for their teams. Both playing Halfback & Inside Linebacker on Defense exchanged Power Runs met with HUGE HITS once crossing the line of scrimmage. If you think I'm playing.. you should have been there! With the game locked up 6 to 6 for nearly 3 & a half quarters. The Wildcats struck again late in the game and Hamilton couldn't get it back. Big Shout outs to Josh Peeeyyyeeeeooowww Pugh, Garrett Scott, Ryan Wood and the tandem of Calvin Carroll & Jamal "Man Beast" Shearin for Hamilton. "Downtown" Derek Brown, Brandon Hines, and The Turner-Owens twins are special talents.

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