Week #7 Summary

Jason Labbe of the Westlake Bulldogs Goes Nuts on the Gorc Wildcats

The final week of the first year of The Grassroots Mid Atlantic Football League was truly special.  The weather was great.  The slate was strong and the teams delivered.  It has been an amazing year.  It was tough to pull this season off, but God was with us and we got it done in grand style.  If you think the regular season was great, the playoffs will blow your mind!!!  The Spring Season will make you dizzy and year #2 of the Fall will just be unfair!

Game #1:  Hamilton Tigers JV 50, Fatz Bulldogs 0

The Fatz Bulliez Bulldogs and The Hamilton Tigers started us off with a DOUBLE HEADER! But we're strictly JV on this one, as "G5" Jabril The Jet Johnson & Na'Jaye Boyd celebrate their FBU Acceptance Letters with a Hamilton VICTORY! 50 to 0!.. Ground Breaking Game as the 1st 5 possessions were "1 & Gone's!" That's Right!.. 1 snap, 1 play, 1 touchdown! 5 times straight! Beshon Tyler picked up the PTP'er Nod for FBB.

Game #2: Gorc Wildcats JV 13, Westlake Bulldogs 0

The GORC Wildcats and The Westlake Bulldogs added another "CLASSIC" to their already storied history. As Tony Urbizo (GW) & Kameron Adams (WB) had the kinda defensive games you dream for. Gorc took this one 13 to 0, as Sam "I Am" Sweeney passes his way by Westlake in a close one. 

Game #3: MoHo Co Lions JV 27, Marlboro Mustangs 13

The MoHo County Lions faced off against The Marlboro Mustangs! This game was louder than any JV Game this YEAR! As fans should have gotten the PTP'er in this one. However, Sure Handed Christopher Clark picked up those credentials for MoHo and Dominic Logan Neely ran "War Horse" style for The Little U! The Final was MoHo 27 and Marlboro 13

Game #4: Hamilton Tigers Varsity 27, Fatz Bulldogs 12

This was actually the 2nd played, between The Fatz Bulliez Bulldogs and The Hamilton Tigers! "No, it wasn't just one looong game!.. No, they weren't hoggin' the field!.. it was 2 games by 2 different age groups! Thank You! Lmbo" Anyway, The Bulldogs jumped out to a Gr8 Start, going into halftime up by 12 playing some sound football the week after their coach got the COTW Award. However, the torch would get passed as Hamilton came out after the break period to score 27 unanswered. With that, they take the game 27 to 12! Despite Greg Stewart picking up the PTP'er Nod and not finishing the game due to injury. Josh "PeeeYouuuhhh" Pugh was just TOO FAST and TOO FURIOUS! Running for career highs on the ground.

Game #5: MoHo Co Lions Varsity 46, Ft. Hunt Federals 0

Which brings us actually to the 5th played game of the day. Featured 2 Teams peaking around the right time as well. The Moho County Lions and The Fort Hunt Federals came to "BRING IT!" The Lions without their QB's Doc Bonner & Sutter Urgo had Kyle Fairbanks under center and a BIG DAY from Cooper McGeehan. That made this A LOONG DAY AT THE OFFICE for FBU Championship HB Amir "Pound4Pound" Jordan and The Feds. Zack "Monster Mash" Monson and his comrades weren't enough for all the weapons MoHo County brought to the table, particularly without the services of their leader and best player Big John Holzworth.  Holzworth is one of the best wrestlers in the DMV and had to miss this game.  Even with the abundance of injuries. The Lions Team Depth, may be a viable asset for "Cowboy" Sean McCutchen and "The Body Mover" Jabari Bennett. The Federals fall short in this one, 46 to 0 as "Die Hard" Brandon Willis scaled back on the Witchy Poo Socks and cranked up the Speed. Willis and Jordan take the PTP'er Nods for this one.

Game #6: Westlake Bulldogs Varsity 33, Gorc Wildcats 0

"Whoooo!.." Was beyond worthy of the hype and hoopla! Facebook was ON FIRE leading up to this! In fact.. Nah, Nah, Nahhh! Don't hold me BACK! ..!.. Yeah, I thought so! ((BoL)) The anticipation level was HOT, HOT, HOT! Not in a bad way.. but when you have 2 Teams who believe they are "The BEST IN THE LEAGUE!" And the scheduling just had The GYFL World saying, "Wait til GORC & Westlake Play!.. Just Wait!" The Coaches go over their schemes twice.. The Players are Amped!.. The Bleachers WERE ROCKIN!.. and I sounded, Oh So Fresh & So Clean!.. PLUS WERE UNDER THE LIGHTS AT RIVERDALE BAPTIST! OH, We bout to play some football.. Football.. FOOTBALL! (Panting from EXCITEMENT)

The GORC Wildcats & Westlake Bulldogs finally met up in what was to be a TREMENDOUS GAME! Both teams came out HITTING! I mean, HITTING! This ain't your momma's football over here! Whoooo!.. So much of the 1st half played out like 2 Heavyweights exchange their best blows and neither would budge as they went into halftime. Neither team looking like it was gonna be a cake walk. Penalties, Long Down and Distance and Brain Farts "Excuse Me!.." Kept the crowd in tune to everything.

That would not be the case in the 2nd Half!.. Cause with The GYFL World watching, Jason Labbe introduced the people to "Baby BEASTMODE!" (Ahhhhh!.. and light shined, and little football angels fluttered around) As Labbe ran with a determination that was so overwhelming. We had ministers with oil on stand by! Jason ran so possessed.. The Gorc Defense had done a ridiculously outstanding job holding Westlake out the endzone. My hat comes off to Tee White, The History Maker Jeff Moody and the players. But so much was made of Ellis, Boone, Donnelly, Hill and Goode. That Labbe was not supposed to do that to'em! By the time, Noah Taylor surfaced.. Whoooo! Westlake started firing on all cylinders! The 5 WR Spread of Gorc never materialized, as the blitzing packages had Trent Jackson hoping he could see his 1st read. I'd say more, but I'd have to charge you! "Downtown" Derek Brown got the nod for GORC & Jason "Baby BEASTMODE" Labbe took it for Westlake. Whatta Game! The Final was 33 to 0, Westlake! All roads to the Championship has to go thru the Orange, Blue and Gray! (Not necessarily in that color order, but those colors)

Wheeeeew!.. Im tired.. I feel like I need a couple of days.. Oh, we don't play again til Saturday?.. Cool! I'll see you all at Riverdale Baptist.. for more, football.. Football.. FOOTBALL! Grassroots Style!  FYI....... Bays Trays won't be able to make it out on Saturday and there will be no concessions on hand.  Parents can bring their own food for the first and ONLY Time!!!!

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