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Varsity All Star Game

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Jaivon Belt is the MVP of the first GYFL All Star Game Jaivon Belt is the MVP of the first GYFL All Star Game


Varsity All Star Game June 22nd @ Loyola Blakefield
500 Chestnut Ave, Towson MD

North All Stars 15 vs South All Stars 6 


Congratulations to the 2013 GYFL All Star Game Winners North All Stars!!!!!!!!

We had another fabulous day of weather for the 1st ever GYFL Varsity All Star Game. The venue was spectacular once again at the Loyola Blakefield. The kids felt like they were on a college campus. The turf was brand new. The athletic center on the back of the North End zone was spectacular. It was just a great day for some All Star Football and we brought the best of the best that the GYFL Varsity had to offer this spring together for a star studded event.

North All Stars 15 vs South All Stars 6
The prognosticators thought he South would get crushed by the North. The North was deeper this year. They were deeper in this game. But you can only play 11 players at a time and the 25 that showed up came to bring everything that they had. There was sick talent on both sides of the ball and we got our monies worth in this one for certain.

The field was perfect, the uniforms were off the chain and we had 12 minute quarters so all the kids could play. The North came out in the white with the purple and black trim. The South sported the Kelly green. The first highlight was Bearcat to Bearcat as Travis Nannen connected with the sure handed Malik Davis on a quick slant. The South kept Jamar “The X Button” Williams in check on the first drive, but Terrell “Turbo” Smith showed us a burst on a first down run. The South made the first big play as Devante “Swing” Smith from the Prince William County Lions was in great position to pick off a Nannen pass at his own 45 yard line. The pressure was applied by Keisean Wilson of Charles County, which is something he did in every game this year. He forced Nannen to rush the pass and Smith picked it and brought it back to the North 36 yard line. Devante Smith sums up what the league is all about. He played on a team that did not win a game, but he proved to the whole DMV that he is one of the best players in the region. Keep your eye on this kid because he is going places.

Garrison Burnett of the PG Swarm came out as the starting QB, but they could not convert on the speedy North defense. Superstar 7th grader Raymond Boone of Charles County tried a fake punt, but it did not work and the North got the ball back near the 50. The X button Williams was able to move the chains on a couple of runs. Nannen tried to hit Malik Davis again on the quick slant. The pass was a tough catch as it was high and behind, but Davis did get his fingers on it. Kid has great hands, but he was not able to bring this one in. The deflection was picked off by the speedy Rashard Jackson of Charles County. A great effort by Tyrek Alston of Baltimore Metro was the only thing that kept Jackson from the endzone. He brought him down at the North 40 yard line and the South was back in business. David Dupree of Charles County had a tough run up the middle, as did Jaivon Belt of the PG Swarm. The first quarter ended with the score 0 – 0, and the South in scoring position, but the fumbled snap turned it back over to the North, who couldn’t convert a first down and had to punt it back.

We were in a defensive struggle as 7th Grader Trent Jackson of the HC Stars took over at QB. Trent completed a pass to Boone, but the North defense stepped up and forced another punt. This time the North offense began to warm up. Nannen dropped back and found Davon “Excitement in a Bottle” Williams of the HC Stars streaking up the right sideline and hit him in stride for a 30 yard gain. We call Williams the “EIB” for a reason and he never disappoints. Next, Nannen found Davis in the slot with a quick slant. Neon Deon Jones of the DC Warriors stopped the drive with a big sack on Nannen and they once again turned it over on downs.

Trent “Action” Jackson was injured on a hard tackle and Boone was tackled in the backfield on a fake punt attempt and the North was in striking distance as Mitchell Johns from Loudoun County took over at QB. The South defense was all over the North and “Neon” recorded another sack, this time on Johns to turn the ball back over on downs. On the next play Garrison Burnett of the Swarm made a perfect back shoulder throw to Rashard Jackson, who made a great adjustment and an even better catch at the North 43 yard line. Then Burnett showed his quick feet as he got outside and out of bounds. Tremayne Stott of the Bearcats made a great defensive play on Burnett as the half came to a close with a 0 – 0 score. The fans in attendance were shocked!

Swaid Belt of the HC stars unloaded on Deron “The Little Big Man” Whitley of the Anne Arundel County Wildcats on the kickoff return. Then Big Jaivon Belt of the Swarm began finding creases behind the big offensive line of the South and started gobbling up yards. The North started the game running the 4 receiver spread of the DC Warriors. But they came out in the 2nd half running straight power football behind young the young linemen from the Charles County Heat (Myles Harris, Daniel Hood, and Austin Fontaine), and the veterans who have gotten it done all year (Jonte “Big Baby” Craig of Prince William and Victor Olawatimi of the PG Swarm). Those guys were flat out getting it done for Belt. Burnett than faked the inside handoff and ran the naked bootleg showing his blazing speed out to the 50 for another first down before another fumbled snap recovered by superstar Jalen Lea of the Champion Bearcats.

Big 7th Grader Jeremy Mensah of the Stars powered through for a 10 yard gain and Nannen hit Davis on that slant again. Davis showed great hands on the reception. Two plays later after sucking the safety in with the slant route, the North ran the wheel route with the speedy Brian McNeary of the Bearcats, who hauled in a perfect 25 yard spiral under pressure for the TD to give the North the 6 – 0 lead with 6:35 in the 3rd quarter. Belt began spinning and breaking tackles on the next drive showing the HS coaches in attendance why he is a force to be reckoned with and slipped through the cracks. Swaid Belt made a big stop on Belt. Then Burnett made his RGIII impression and exploded on the naked boot leg for another 35 yards. The unnecessary roughness penalty gave the South the ball at the 15 yard line with momentum as the 3rd quarter came to a close with a 6 – 0 score. On the next play, that kid Raymond Boone you keep hearing about did it again. He ran a perfect post corner pattern and Burnett put the ball in the perfect position. He lofted it right over the cornerbacks head and into the hands of Boone for the tying score. Anthony Budd of the Bearcats made sure they didn’t convert and take the lead.

Doc Bonner took over at QB for the North and tried to get Mohamed “All I do is Score” Ibrahim from the HC Stars involved in the running game, but there was no room. He made a great punt to pin the South back deep, then Frederick Cooper of the Stars made a bid stop behind the line on Burnett. It was all for not when Belt broke through the line, found a crease, cut back and found himself in the secondary and crossing into North territory at the 44. Raymond Boone caught another slant and got punished by Jalen Lea, but Belt would not be denied on the next play and moved the chains while carrying defenders for extra yards. Finally, Johnny Jordan (The Purple Lantern from Loudoun) had enough and began to shut down the run, with help from Brandon Johnson, who forced a turnover on downs.

The next couple of minutes were as exciting a few minutes of football that you will ever see. The whole game had been great up until this point. We had great defense, big plays and checkmate coaching. But this next play was special. Nannen was under immense pressure from Keisean. I still don’t know how he slipped away from the sack. As a crowd of South All Stars collapsed the pocket, somehow Nannen launched a perfect pass to his Bearcat teammate Davis. Malik was covered like a glove by Chaz Crawford of the Charles County Heat, but he snagged the ball anyway. The crazy part was what he did next. Crawford attacked him and pushed him backwards about 8 yards. He gathered himself and began to drag Crawford and two other South All stars forward for the 8 yards that he lost, plus another two yards in total. It was an nbelievable desire and grit shown by this kid who has really made a name for himself with a great GYFL season.

Next, you all get to see why we call Williams “The X Button.” He is like a Playstation game with the ball in his hands. He can do almost anything. He ran a draw to the right side of the field, bounced outside, set up one of the best defenders in the league (Devante Smith) with an ankle breaking move and hit the sidelines. He turned on the jets for about 25 yards before Boone got him out of bounds. There was a flag on the play but the run was so amazing that I had to write about it. On the next play, the most talented and underrated 7th grade football player in the league STRUCK AGAIN. In a league full of talented 8th Graders, Tremayne Stott always seems to be the man making the big play for the Bearcats. This time he did it for the North All Stars. He ran his favorite quick hitter up the middle that he has scored so many TD’s on this year. From his own 46 he found a creased, bounced to the left side and turned on the jets. The only man that could stop him was Devante “Swing” Smith. Smith did stop him, but a horse collar was called that added 15 more yards to the play.

The South had kept these electrifying runners in check all day long, but on the last drive of the game, the X Button and Stott both found creases for big runs. Keith Felton of the HC Stars forced a big sack on Nannen, which pushed them back to the 17 yard line. Nannen hit McNeary on the money with a quick slant but he couldn’t bring it in with the tight coverage. On 3rd down with less than a minute to go in the game, Nannen was rolling out to his right. He hit McNeary on the sideline at the 10, but Smith was all over him and tackled him immediately. It was 4th down and goal from the 10 and looking like we would be going into overtime. The South defense had bent but did not break and looked like it had recovered. We always talk about the importance of special teams, but who would have thought that the North staff would bring in a 7th grader in Doc Bonner to attempt a 27 yard field goal from the right hash mark? Well….. that is what they did. There was no way that this kid could make this kick was there?

Let’s see…… The snap was perfect. The hold was good by Nannen. Bonner took his three steps. The refs were in position. Doc put his foot on the ball……………Right down the middle for 3 points and a 9 – 6 lead with less than a minute on the clock. What a game. What a league!! This wasn’t just some All Star Game where kids were coming to have fun. The laid it on the line and with 18 seconds left in the game, the South was dejected and the North was ecstatic. There were still 12 seconds after the kickoff. Burnett was in the shotgun. He tried to hit the RB Belt out of the backfield on a quick slant but there was a miscommunication on the route.   Tremayne Stott stepped in front of the pass, picked it off and ran it back for the TD with 3.5 seconds left. Boone intercepted the extra point attempt, but it was a moot point.

What a way to end a fabulous season and send most of these kids into High School with an experience that they will never forget!! For the 7th Graders, we will see you in the Fall. We love you all and we thank you for a wonderful and memorable season!

We did it again GYFL Family. The best is yet to come.

Players of the Game

North All Stars: Jalen Lea
South All Stars: Jaivon Belt (All Star Game MVP)

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