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Week #5 Varsity Summary

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Jonathan Donnelly had a big day for the Bearcats Jonathan Donnelly had a big day for the Bearcats

Week 5 May 18th @ Bishop O'Connell HS
6600 Little Falls Road Arlington, VA 22213

Prince William County Lions


District of Columbia Warriors


Prince George's County Swarm


Charles County Heat


Montgomery County Bearcats


Loudoun County Eagles


Baltimore Metro Stallions


Fairfax County Colts


Anne Arundel County Wildcats


Howard County Stars


Week #5 presented our first opportunity to play at the beautiful new Bishop O’Connell stadium. We had overcast conditions once again, as is expected during the spring time, but the field was more than up to the task. Head Coach Del Smith and the Knights staff were gracious and hospitable as always and we had an outstanding set of games.

 For Game Day Photos by ENP Photography, CLICK HEREto view and order.

Game #1 (0-5) Prince William County Lions 7 vs (4-1) District of Columbia Warriors 39
The Lions started out on fire with Jonte “Big Baby” Craig making a big stop in the backfield on the first play from scrimmage, and then a bad snap was recovered by Myles Gardner for the Lions at the 44 yard line where Prince William took over. On the first play from scrimmage, budding superstar Devante Smith went in motion out of the backfield and turned it up field and found himself in s sprint with the LB. QB Jarrett Powell dropped back and lofted a beautiful spiral up the right sideline. The pass was perfect and Smith made a great catch at the 15 yard line. On the next play, Smith took a handoff into the left side of the line, got a good block, bounced around the left side and turned on the speed. He finished off the 15 yard TD run to give the Lions the 7 – 0 lead after the Smith conversion run.

The Warriors defense stiffened on the next possession, but Smith turned a botched punt into another first down using his amazing athletic ability. Zion Johnson began pecking away at the Warriors defensive line right up the middle with bruising runs and the Lions were back in scoring position inside the 20 yard line. Unfortunately, we did not have an updated roster for the DC Warriors on this day and many of the players were wearing different uniforms, so we will not be able to properly acknowledge all of the players who made great plays. Jarrett Powell tried to scramble around the left of the field and the Warriors free safety tracked him down and made a great play on the ball, forcing a fumble, which was picked up by Brian Blount who scooped it up and sprinted 80 yards up the right side for a game changing TD! After the failed conversion, the score was Lions 7, Warriors 6. Blount recovered the onside kick and the Warriors were back on offense at the Lions 44.

Two plays later the Warriors were back in the end zone. Speedy WR Sean Savoy caught a Damari Sumpter pass over the middle with great concentration after a deflection. Then Sumpter hit Donald Brewer up the left sideline for a perfect TD pass. The score was 12 – 7 Warriors with 2:53 left in the 1st. 7th Grader Brett Cebula has a bright future as a lineman. When the Lion running game was working, they ran right behind the big fella. After a couple of changes of possession, Keonte Johnson took over at QB. He found Savoy on a wheel route on the right sideline and hit him for about 30 yards, down to the Lion 28 yard line. Zion Johnson made a great stop on shifty Henry Thompson on a screen pass for no gain. Then after Ishmael Farmah made a great play on a deep pass, the Lions got it back and ran Johnson up the middle for positive yardage but a bad snap forced a turnover on downs. Savoy took a swing pass deep in Lion territory and Keonte Johnson scored on a QB sneak to make the score 19 – 7 Warriors after the conversion. The first half ended with that score.

Early in the 3rd quarter, the Lions runted the ball over on downs inside their 40 yard line and it didn’t take long for the Warriors to take advantage. Savoy had a highlight catch and run and on the next play #8 for the Warriors caught a hitch in the flat and used his speed to turn it into a 25 yard TD pass from Sumpter. After the conversion the score was 26 – 7. The Warriors did not run up and down the field on the Lions at all in this game. The Lions had costly turnovers and gave the Warriors a very short field, which you can’t do against them. The score was not indicative of the follow of the game at this point. The Lions were moving the chains, but they were not consistent enough.

After a sack by Deon Jones, another botched punt and tackle on the next possession gave the Warriors the ball inside the Lions 25 yard line. Two plays later from the 20, Sumpter found a streaking Savoy in the back of the end zone with a perfect pass and another TD. Keonte Johnson caught the conversion attempt and the score was 33 – 7 with 3:00 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Henry Thompson had a super run as the 3rd quarter ran out. Then Sumpter hit John Johnson on a deep pass up the sideline for 22 yards. A facemask penalty on Thompson gave the Warriors the ball inside the 10 and John Johnson caught a post from Sumpter for the final TD of the game making the score 39 – 7 Warriors.

Players of the Game

Prince William County Lions: Zion Johnson
District of Columbia Warriors: Damari Sumpter

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Game #2 (1-4) Prince George’s County Swarm 19 vs (3-2) Charles County Heat 27
This was a surprising game. Ever since the Southern MD Wildcats of 2011 showed up with 13 kids and fought until they didn’t have enough bodies to finish, I never thought I could be more proud of a group of kids. What the 12 man roster of Swarm did Saturday did not bump Southern MD from the perch, but it most definitely forced them to slide over and make room. These kids were just truly amazing. It is one thing to show up and compete against a powerful and deep opponent with only 12 kids, it is another to be in position to pull out a victory in the end. They were not able to finish the job and upset the favored Heat, but boy did they make it interesting. Coach Leo Minus and his staff did an excellent job and should be commended. These Swarm kids have hearts like Lions and we are amazed and in awe of their performance.

Multi-talented QB Garrison Burnett showed off on Saturday! He runs the pistol offense as well as any youth QB that we have seen. I don’t know if it is a coincidence that he wears burgundy and gold and wears #10, or if RG III is one of his idols, but he has great speed and vision as a runner and is a very capable passer. His passing skill will continue to improve as he gets to the next level and puts that work into it. His upside is phenomenal. On the first play from scrimmage he scampered 50 yards against a Heat defense that can fly. Jaivon Belt is another rising star that we found this season. The FB/LB is a battering ram who lives for contact and exploded up the middle on a couple of runs in the opening drive. The foundation of the offensive line is Victor Olawatimi, who is one of the best lineman in the league bar none. After another spectacular run by Burnett moved the ball to the 15, Belt ran up inside behind Victor, dipped inside and bounced back outside for a sweet 15 yard TD. After the Burnett conversion, the Swarm led 7 – 0 as the rain began to come down.

The kickoff was exciting as Nick Cage almost broke a long run back 40 yards. He looked like a pinball machine before turning on the speed and getting to the left corner. 7th Grade QB Stanton Askew has firmly taken over the starting QB job, but couldn’t get the Heat a conversion on the first drive. The quarter ended with the score 7 – 0 and the rain pelting the kids and the camera. An untimely fumble by the Swarm gave the Heat the ball at the 25 yard line and in scoring position. Chaz Crawford made a nice run to get inside the 10 yard line. Jaivon Belt made 3 consecutive stops from his LB position, where he was lights out, but on 4th down and short, TJ Hawkins was able to convert the first down. On the next play, Hawkins bounced outside for the 4 yard TD run and the conversion tied the score at 7 – 7.

On second and about 22, Belt showed us again why he is making a push for the All Star Team. He caught a swing pass from Burnett, turned it up, shook a man, bounced it out and turned on the speed. He lowered the boom on the DB and converted the first down. Burnett did a phenomenal job of managing his team in the downpour. He hit a WR on a short post to make it 2nd and 2, then ran that pistol up the middle again, found a hole and picked up another 30 yards before wisely stepping out of bounds with Raymond Boone bearing down on him. Not only is he kid talented, but he is SMART too! On the next play, the kid Belt struck again from the 22 yard line. He found a crease right up the middle, exploded, broke a couple of tackles and cruised into the end zone for the score to make it 13 – 7 Swarm. Brandon Rowe made a nice block to free him. That is the way the first half ended.

After a short kickoff, TJ Hawkins exploded up the middle and around the left side for 17 yards to get it into the red zone for the Heat. Rashard Jackson ran behind the huge Heat Line to get it to the 10 yard line. Then he scored from the 5 yard line and with Hawkins run for the conversion, the Heat lead 14 – 13 in a surprisingly close game. On the ensuing kickoff, Nykiem Johnson got a chance to show his immense talent. He began the run back at the 15 yard line, found a hole on the right side and broke through the first line of defense. Before he knew it, he was on the sidelines sprinting up the field being chased by Chaz Crawford. Chaz could not catch him and he scored on an 85 yard TD making the score 19 – 14 Swarm. The Heat ground game began to move the chains as Hawkins blasted a sweet run down inside the 25 yard line and the ball squirted loose. The referees called him down, but on the replay it appears as though it was a fumble that was recovered by the Swarm. As the coaches from the Swarm argued with the referees, an additional penalty was called on the sidelines so instead of the Swarm having the ball at the 40, the Heat had it first and ten at the 14 yard line. As the 4th quarter came to a close with the score 19 – 14 Swarm, the Heat were knocking on the door and Rashard Jackson found a big hole up the middle and made a slick cutback to get in the end zone. Hawkins converted the run and the score was 21 – 19 early in the 4th. The Swarm appeared to fall apart at this point, with a succession of penalties and a big mishandled pitch, which was recovered by the Heat. Two plays later, the Swarm forced a fumble and recovered it inside the 5 yard line. The wet ball was fumbled right back and recovered by Raymond Boone. That is when the Swarm showed their true grit. Belt made a big stop on Hawkins. The LB #35 made a huge stop up the middle. Then Belt belted Hawkins again to bring up 4th down. A penalty pushed it back 10 yards and made it 4th and 14. The Swarm had the goal line stand in effect. The young QB Stanton made a perfect lob throw in the back of the end zone and found the Super Star Raymond Boone for the TD, pushing the score to 28 -19. The game ended that way. Congrats to the Heat for fighting off the upstart Swarm. Congrats to the Swarm for fighting to the end.

Players of the Game

Prince George’s County Swarm: Nykiem Johnson
Charles County Heat: TJ Hawkins

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Game #3 (2-3) Loudoun County Eagles 12 vs (4-1) Montgomery County Bearcats 22
Our 3rd game started off with a bang! Two-Time All Star Damani Neal caught the opening kickoff at the 24 yard line, found a hole in the middle of the coverage team and was at full speed when he hit the 50 yard line. He found himself in a footrace with another Two-time All Star Brian McNeary. McNeary won the footrace and caught Neal at the 7 yard line. QB Mitchell Johns scored on a QB draw from 5 yard line to open up the scoring 6 – 0 Eagles.

Bearcat QB Travis Nannen came out firing, but could not move the chains on the tough Eagle defense on the first possession. Two-time All Stars Noah Nicholson and Jalen Lea came up big on the next Eagle possession, forcing a turnover on downs. Nannen hit JD Guerrero on a pin point post pattern for a first down.   Nannen dropped back on the next play and found his favorite big play receiver Jonathan Donnelly one on one with Damani Neal toward the left side of the end zone. As the ball got close it appears on the film that there was a slight bit of contact by Donnelly to create space, but brilliant receivers have a knack of creating space and not getting called. Donnelly made the catch. Neal tried to come up and tackle him, but the FBU All Star was too strong and powerful. He used his arm strength to push Neal to the ground and trotted in for the score. After the successful kick the score was 8 – 6 Bearcats.

On the next possession, Meech Hembry broke through the line for a 30 yard run, moving into the Bearcat territory, but he defense held and forced a punt pinning the Bearcats near their 10 yard line. The Cats love to run to set up the pass and they run Marvin Beander behind Brandon Johnson and the 8th Grade FBU All Star Naasir Watkins. Nannen hit Donnelly on another quick slant and after a spin move and acceleration, he moved the chains 1st quarter came to an end. The drive was thwarted after two big plays in the backfield by Chima Kpaduwa, one of which was a sack on Nannen. The Eagles love the ground game as well to set up the pass, as well as QB bootlegs with Johns. Malik Davis, Deangelo Thompson, and Lea all made big defensive stops on the next drive, forcing a punt. Johnny “Purple Lantern” Jordan and Daniel “The Boss” Renaud had done a great job of clogging the line of scrimmage and limiting Beander. That is when the 7th Grader and Two Time All Star Tremayne Stott popped up the middle for 27 yards and almost went the distance like he did twice against Baltimore Metro. Beander finally found some running room inside the 30 yard line. Two-time All Star Kevin Burke saved a TD with a one armed tackle, but on the next play, Nannen hit Guerrero on a post pattern and he sprinted down the middle of the field for the 2nd touchdown of the day for the Cats, giving them a 14 – 6 lead at the half.

The second half kickoff was brought out to the 50 yard line and on the first carry, Beander finally broke loose. He took a handoff up the middle; split a couple of defenders and only Meech Hembry could keep him from going the distance as he was pushed out at the 3 yard line. A quick slant to Donnelly and a great diving catch put 6 more up on the board, making the score 20 -6. On the next possession, Johns hit Kash Jackson on a roll out and he turned it up field to move the chains, but the Eagles couldn’t convert. On the Cats next possession, Beander caught a swing pass from Nannen and turned it into a 35 yard sprint up the sidelines. They could not convert, but neither could the Eagles as the 4th quarter began. Eagle Brandon Gonzalez was having a stellar game.

The Eagles were pinned back deep in their territory and the Cats forced a safety to make the score 22 – 6 and it looked like it might be over. On the next possession, Nannen dropped back to throw a flat pass, but Russell Blackwell stepped in front of the receiver, picked it off, and turned on the speed for a 60 yard interception and TD! The Eagles recovered the onside kick and had momentum. They went to the air. That was when the Bearcat defense stepped up. Khalil Owens broke up a pass. Deangelo Thompson got a sack. The defense held and the Bearcats went to the ground game to try to run out the clock. They could not do it and the Eagles got it back. Johns moved them down the field with timely scrambles as the clock was running down. He injured his leg and was replaced by Blake Kinkoph who came in and hit is first couple of passes to Kash Jackson, which moved the Eagles into the Bearcat red zone. As time ran out on the Eagles, the score was 22 – 12.

Players of the Game
Montgomery County Bearcats: Travis Nannen
Loudoun County Eagles: Brandon Hawkins

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Game #4 (2-3) Baltimore Metro Stallions 40 vs (1-4) Fairfax County Colts 0
The Stallions are a proud franchise that is having one of the most difficult seasons in their history. Coach Ty Johnson was looking for a signature win to earn some respect and try to get back to .500. Fairfax was playing for pride as well.

Neither team moved the ball on their first possessions. On the Colts 2nd possession, QB Ty Crabb was hit in the backfield by Avery Thurman and the ball flew up in the air. Ryquan Floyd scooped it up at the 40 yard line and ran it all the way back for the TD. After Terrell Turbo Smith converted the score was 7 – 0. On the Stallions next drive, it was Tyrk “Magnum TA” Alston with a big run up the middle for 20, followed by a 15 yard TD run by Turbo to push the score to 14 – 0 at the end of the 1st quarter. A bobbled snap turned into another TD run around the left side of the line by Antwaun Campbell.

The Colts went to the Wildcat offense and used Asaveon Coleman and John Holzworth to move the ball downfield. They were able to get a few first downs before turning it over on downs. The Stallions went to their own version of the Wildcat with Turbo Smith the lone back. He took the direct snap from his own 35 yard line, found a crease on the left side, turned it up, accelerated into the Fairfax secondary, but it all the way back against the ground, high stepped, and ended up with a 65 yard TD run to make the score 27 – 0 at the half.

The Stallions fell on the 2nd half onside kick at the 44 yard line. On the next play Ryquan Floyd burst up the middle for the 56 yard TD run. Floyd is deceptively fast. The score was 33 – 0 early in the 3rd quarter with the running clock looming on the Colts. A fumble was recovered by Shemar Anderson and on the next play Antwan Harris scored on a 19 yard TD Run right up the middle. After the conversion by Antwaun Campbell, the score was 40 – 0. Asaveon Coleman and Ty Crabb kept playing hard, along with the rest of the Colts, but they were unable to score. Jahlil Puryear continued to play tough defense as well. Kelly Richburg and Turbo Smith had a couple of exciting runs but there was no more scoring on the day.

Players of the Game
Baltimore Metro Stallions: Tyrek “Magnum T.A.” Alston
Fairfax County Colts: John Holzworth

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Game #5 (5-0) Howard County Stars 19 vs (2-3) Anne Arundel County Wildcats 6
This was projected to be the game of the day and although it wasn’t as close as the Heat vs Swarm game, it was very exciting. The Stars are the show of the 2013 season so far. They are undefeated and on a roll right now. They are the defending Champions so people flock to see if they are for real every week.

This was a game that would confirm if they are for real. The Wildcats are very talented and have a great coaching staff as well, led by Rick Peacock, who is the head coach at Pallotti HS. We expected this to be a tough game and it was, particularly in the first half.

The Wildcats came out with a true ball control offense and committed to running the ball, moving the chains, and keeping the ball away from the explosive Stars. It worked in the first quarter, with the Wildcats eating up the entire 10 minutes of the first quarter. In the second quarter Joe Macklin picked off an errant pass and gave the Stars their first possession. They could not move the chains as Timothy Williams and company shut the Stars run game down. But the Wildcats were forced to punt as well due to the sure tackling of Davon Williams, Devin Miller and company. Jaret Patterson, James Patterson, and The “Little Big Man” Deron Whitley kept attacking the Star defense to no avail. There were not many highlights in the first half as neither team could penetrate the other teams’ defense. The score was 0 – 0 as we went into halftime.

T. White lit into the team at halftime and the Stars responded. On the first possession of the 2nd half Mohamed “All I Do is Score” Ibrahim did what his nickname said he would do. From the 37 yard line of the Stars, he took the handoff up the middle and found a crease in the Wildcat defense. Once he broke through the initial line of scrimmage and got to the 45 yard line, it was OVER!!!! The kid is just too fast. He looks like he was literally shot out of a cannon and he split the safeties with his speed. There was no catching him. He took it 63 yards to pay dirt. After the conversion was successful, the score was 7 – 0.

Both teams went back to their running games to no avail over the next couple of possessions and we went into the 4th quarter stuck at 7 – 0. The Wildcats had the ball moving the chains when a fumbled handoff gave the ball back to the Stars on the Wildcat 37 yard line. That is when that kid struck again. His nickname is “All I Do is Score.” He got the handoff to the left side of the line. He used the power spin move to elude the first two tacklers. He shrugged off a 3rd as he broke to the sidelines. He hit the after burners and scored from 30 yards out giving the Stars a 13 – 0 lead after the failed conversion.

The Wildcats has a sense of urgency and Jaret Patterson made a couple of great runs to get the ball inside the Stars Red Zone. They moved deep inside the 5 yard line, but a QB sack an fumble gave the ball back to the Stars with their backs pinned against the goal line. The defense held, forced a punt that “The Little Big Man” Whitley ran back into Stars territory. On the next play, he burst up the middle of the Stars defense for the 15 yard TD to close the score to 13 – 6 with less than 6 minutes in the game. The Wildcats has to go for the onside kick, but it was unsuccessful and the Stars got the ball with great field position.

From the 29 yard line of the Wildcats, the Stars handed the ball up the middle to “you know who.” Ibrahim got the ball, cut up the middle and found daylight in the secondary. He broke a tackle, split the safeties again, and carried Whitley into the end zone for the final score of the day to make it 19 – 7 with a little over 2:00 left in the game. The kid is truly special.

Players of the Game:
Anne Arundel County: Deron “Little Big Man” Whitley
Howard County Stars: Mohamed “All I Do is Score” Ibrahim

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