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Week #5 JV Summary

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Week 5 May 19th @ Loyola HS
500 Chestnut Ave  Towson, MD 21204

Montgomery Village Chiefs


Marlboro Mustangs


DC Warriors


HC Stars


Fairfax County Colts


Gorc Wildcats


Loudoun County Eagles


Hamilton Tigers


This was another exciting week for the JV league.  Not only did we have two of the most exciting youth club games that you will ever see, but we had a very special award go to one of our own.

It is going to take a couple of years for the whole region to truly grasp what we are doing with Grassroots. Yes, this is a youth football league and we are proud of that. But, while most youth leagues are doing their best to prepare young athletes for high school, we are going several steps further. Our goal is to create a platform that will allow each athlete that participates with us to maximize his chances of receiving a college scholarship. We know the formula. Each owner in Grassroots went to football on scholarship and 2 out of 3 played over 10 years in the NFL. We know what we are doing.

We develop strategic relationships with the power brokers in the football industry that can maximize those chances. Our High School relationships are the first and most important aspect and no group has stronger relationships than we do. But, in the offseason Football University is the most powerful brand in the youth and high school football business, and believe me, it is a business.

It is critical to be a tremendous football player with High School film to get on the radar for a college scholarship. It is even more critical to be a strong student so that if you get on the radar for a college scholarship, you will be able to qualify to accept it. But in these days and times, having a reputation and being considered to be one of the top players at your position in your state when your class graduates, is just as important. That is where companies like FBU comes in. They run the best camps in the country bar none. They own the top Post Season All Star Games in the country bar none. They get and give the most exposure that youth athletes can receive, bar none.

They own FBU National Championship Tournament for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders from each state across the country. Winning an FBU National Championship is the biggest accomplishment that a youth team can have (The MD 7th Grade Team currently reigns as National Champions for the 2012 Season).

They own the Eastbay Youth All American Games for 7th and 8th Graders. Being named an Eastbay All American is the biggest accomplishment that an individual player can have. They own the 15U International Game for elite 9th Graders and they name the Eastbay 9th Grade Player of the year, which is the highest individual honor that a 9th Grader can achieve (DeMatha’s own Shane Simmons, who is a Grassroots Alums holds that honor for 2012).

They own the US Army All American Combine for underclassmen. They own the 19U International Game for HS Seniors. Finally, they own the US Army All American Game, which is the biggest and best HS All Star Experience in the country.

The path to be selected for any of those top awards begins and ends with the FBU Football Camp. We held the Northern VA camp last weekend, which was why the season had a bye. One of our own, young Mr. Zaire Green from the Marlboro Mustangs JV team, came away with the youth division defensive MVP for his performance and was invited to FBU’s Top Gun Camp in Columbus, Ohio in July. Top Gun is the All Star Camp for FBU, and is comprised of the top performers from each of their 40 regional camps. Zaire did a phenomenal job along with other GYFL alums and current players who attended FBU Nova.

If you want an opportunity to join Zaire in Columbus Ohio at the Top Gun All Star Camp, you have one more opportunity. FBU Annapolis is coming at the end of June at the Severn School on June 28th – June 30th. In this world, we believe in value and we believe that you get what you pay for in most cases. Every now and then we are lucky enough to find a GYFL League that will provide the level of competition and exposure for your children with a nominal price point. The FBU camp is not inexpensive, but it is worth every penny if you can afford it. Ask any of the parents who attended the NOVA camp if they got their monies worth and I can assure you the masses will confirm that it was worth every penny. Go to Find the Annapolis Camp and register now! You can bypass the nomination process. If you are in Grassroots, you are good enough to get an invite. Your invitation code is VBMA1. Congrats young Mr. Green and we will see you in Ohio!

Game #1 Montgomery Village 18 vs Marlboro Mustangs 0
The Mustangs were not able to get anything going in this game consistently on the offensive side. The game was closer than the score would indicate, but Montgomery Village is beginning to hit their stride after 3 very tough losses to start the season.

Rodney Patterson and Amir Jordan ran the ball effectively between the 20’s for the Mustangs, but they could not get into scoring position as the MV defense got stout when they needed to.

The Chiefs offense was solid all day. Matthew Kane is developing into a GYFL Superstar adding two more TD’s to his impressive season so far. Keep a close eye on this kid.

.As soon as we get a more detailed write up and stats from this game, this page will be updated.

Players of the Game

Montgomery Village Chiefs: Matthew Kane
Marlboro Mustangs: Brandon Overton

Game #2 DC Warriors vs Howard County Stars 2
QB Micheal Toler of the Stars and star RB Darius “Pacman” Harris were able to move the ball up and down the field on the Warriors, but whenever they got into scoring position, the Warriors defense stepped up and forced a turnover, or a turnover on downs. GYFL Announcer Wayne “The Voyce” Matthews calls Harris Pacman because of the way he just gobbles up yards.

The Warriors are not big on defense, but they are lightning fast and were able to come up with timely stops every time they needed them.

On offense, DC is loaded with playmakers and they have two top level QB’s that can throw the heck out of the ball. We knew about Steven Williams’ ability, but we were blown away with the arm strength and accuracy of Khalil Wright. Williams is a lefty. Wright is right handed and they kept the Star defense on edge most of the game.

Neither team could score and it looked like we were going to overtime with under 10 seconds to play and the score tied 0 – 0. The Warriors Williams dropped back to pass close to his own end zone and we heavily pressured. The refs called a controversial intentional grounding play with Williams still in the end zone for the safety that won the game for the Stars, who are still undefeated.

Players of the Game

DC Warriors: Antwan Hart
HC Stars: Darius “Pacman” Harris

Game #3 GORC Wildcats 40 vs Fairfax County Colts 0
The game was a runaway from the start. Gorc was too much for the Colts. RB Demorie Carey, who was also phenomenal at the FBU Camp this past weekend, just went nuts on the ground for the Wildcats.

Fairfax was not able to put up much resistance in this game and Gorc was trying to get back on track after a tough loss the week before to the Stars. We have already addressed the unfortunate circumstance that occurred in the game as both teams and both sidelines got heated.

Frustration with the perception of referee’s calls led to retaliation tactics that must not occur in the GYFL. Both coaches had the best interests of their kids in mind, but emotions got the best of everybody on this day and we must all, including myself, learn to manage those emotions so that we can be the best possible role models to these kids.

Players of the Game

Gorc Wildcats: Demorie Carey
Fairfax County Colts: Hunter Stewart

Game #4  Loudoun County Eagles 6 vs Hamilton Tigers 12

This was definitely the game of the day! There was excitement and hard hitting from beginning to the end. The Loudoun County Eagles are for real ladies and gentlemen. AJ Orgen is coming into his own as a QB and gaining more and more confidence.

He led the time up and down the field on the tough Tigers and was able to find Bryce McAlpine up the left sideline for a beautiful TD pass of about 50 yards to give the Eagles the early momentum.

The QB Tyler Woodard from Hamilton got hot and started hitting receivers. I don’t currently have the name of Jersey #11, but Woodard laid out a beautiful pass right up the seam for about 30 yards in the 4th quarter and #11, who failed to stretch out for a couple of long passes at McNamara, stretched his body out as far as he possibly could and made the play of the day. It was an amazing catch and gave the Tigers the momentum they needed to ride their horse Tyrone Roper Jr., into the end zone for the winning score.

Roper “Little Earl” Roper was electrifying at the FBU Northern VA camp this weekend as well and has a future so bright he will need sunglasses to see it with. If any of you watched the NFL in the 80’s you remember the unforgettable Earl Campbell of the Houston Oilers.

Players of the Game

Loudoun County Eagles: AJ Orgen
Hamilton Tigers: Josh Pugh

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