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Week #7 JV Summary

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Big Tyrone Roper Directing Traffic against Gorc Big Tyrone Roper Directing Traffic against Gorc

Week 7 June 8th @ Georgetown Prep
10900 Rockville Pike Bethesda, MD 20852

Gorc Wildcats
20 Hamilton Tigers
Fairfax County Colts 7 Montgomery Village Chiefs 21
DC Warriors
W Marlboro Mustangs
HC Stars 20 Loudoun County Eagles 7

Probably one of the best decisions that we ever made was to launch this JV league in the spring and do it with top quality youth organizations that were already in existence, as opposed to creating JV divisions of our current Varsity Teams.  The Prince George's Swarm JV would have been cool, but to be able to partner with the mighty Marlboro Mustangs was a blessing.

To be able to joing forces with Gorc, Hamilton, Montgomery Village, Beacon House, and add them with the organizations that we did create such as Fairfax County Colts, Loudoun County Eagles, and the HC Stars allowed us to bypass many of the hurdles we faced when we first launched in 2010.  This league has just been magnificent.  The parity...... The competition..... It was a special spring!  More importantly, it gave us a glimpse of what the fall was going to look like.  Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen, we will be going for a ride.  Here are the represented regions and the roster:

  • Anne Arundel County (Gorc Wildcats)
  • Baltimore (Hamilton Tigers)
  • Charles County (Westlake Bulldogs)
  • Fairax County (Fort Hunt Generals)
  • Howar County (MoHo County Lions...Combination of Montgomery and Howard Counties)
  • Loudoun County (Loudoun County Eagles)
  • Montgomery County (Montgomery Village Chiefs)
  • Prince George's County (Marlboro Mustangs)
  • Various Counties (HC Stars)


Game #1 Gorc Wildcats 20 vs Hamilton Tigers 7
This was a preview of next week's first round of the playoffs and neither team wanted to show the other team much of what will be in store.  It was a tough hard fought game with Tyrone Roper and Josh Pugh carrying the load on the ground for the Tigers.  Tigers star QB Tyler Woodard was out of this game with a concussion so they were definately not a full strength, but with the defense that the Wildcats put on display on this day, it would have been hard for anyone to do much with them.

The big play was QB Carlos Pearman's 60 yard pass and catch to budding superstar Dae Sean Winston.  This kid is a big play waiting to happen and he made another one on this day.  6th Grader Gerame Spraggins is always a problem on defense and folks better get in with his parents immediately because he is a flat out baller.  Parker Robinson has been awesome all spring for the Cats, as has Spencer Anderson and Big Mike Holt.  Kevin Byrd and Sirus Gay have been spectacular for the Cats and finished the regular season strong with this win.

Can't wait to see the rematch this Saturday at Landon! 

Players of the Game

Hamilton Tigers: Josh Pugh
Gorc Wildcats: Dae Sean Winston

Game #2 DC Montgomery Village Chiefs 21 vs Fairfax County Colts 7
The Village ended the season on a 4 game winning streak in one of the toughest leagues this region has ever seen.  To lose the first 3 games, which MV just does not do, but then keep the team together and go on a 4 game winning streak was phenomenal in this league, becauase there is some kind of competition every single week.  The Fall is going to be scary!!!!  Dallmon Cleveland from the Colts got the scoring off to a bang when he picked off a MV pass at his own goal line and ran it back 99 yards for the first score of the game.

The Colts played their best defensive game of the year in the first half by holding the Chiefs in check and going into halftime with a 7 - 7 tie.  Would the Colts win their first game of the season on the last week of the season?  Coach Moe from the Village is a scientist and MV was not about to have that.  He began going to his secret weapon over the middle of the field Jalen Lowry.  This kid is big, tall, and athletic and is the best TE in the JV league.  We look forward to seeing him try out for that FBU All Star Team.  QB's Tyree Haynes found him over the middle two times for big catches of over 20 yards and they were able to take control in the second half behand Lowry and star Micah McNiel.  The Colts were able to contain the big playmaker Matthew Kane on this day, but you can't stop both Kane and McNeil at this level.  Those kids are too talented.  The Chiefs went on to win 21 - 7 to finish of the 4 game winning streak.  They are the hottest team in the league right now, but they lost a tie breaker becasue of a close, hard fought loss to Hamilton early in the season, so although they tied for 2nd place, they are not eligible for the playoffs this summer.  They have a ton of momentum rolling into the Fall Season.  Congrats on a great season MV!

Players of the Game

Montgomery Village Chiefs: Jaylen Lowry
Fairfax County Colts: Dallmon Cleveland

Game #3 Loudoun County Eagles 20 vs HC Stars 7
These are a couple of well coached teams.  Don't let the record of the Eagles fool you for one moment.  Coach Whitehurst is an absolute scientist and those kids were in every single game that they played.  They surprised a lot of folks and they are looking forward to making an impressive debut in the Fall League.  LeRon West is only a 6th grader and hands down one of the best in the league.  Val Timoshenko, the Russion Rocket was good as always but was not able to  use his speed on this day to get past the speedy HC Stars.

The Stars are a well oiled machine too and Coach Moody always has them ready to perform.  They were shooting for a perfect regular season on this day and the right to be the first team to ever go undefeated in 4 years of Grassroots.  Pacman Darius Harris ran hard all game as he always does and Micheal Toler did a great job as the signal caller as the Stars were too much for the Eagles on this day and took the 20 - 7 win to finish the regular season unblemished at 7 - 0.  Will they be able to keep it going against the Boys from DC on Saturday?  We shall see!

Players of the Game

Loudoun County Eagles:
HC Stars:

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