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2013 Season Announcements

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2013 GYFL Football Season Announcements:

Steps Before Combines:

  • Athletes need to get in tip top shape to prepare for the combines that run through the month of March.
  • Conditioning Clinics are not mandatory but highly recommended to get in the condition needed to make one of our teams.
  • Combine are mandatory this year.  No child can be on a roster without participating in a Grassroots Combine, without a special waiver from GYFL.  Finanical Aid is available for those who qualify.  Email us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about qualifications.

Steps AFTER Combines:

  • GM's and coaches for the individual regions have the combine results and will be making direct contact with every parent that is in our combine database and interested in Team Tryouts.
  • Team Tryout schedules are different for every region and at the discretion of the GM's and Head Coaches.  Check website regularly for updates.
  • Only combine participants are eligible to try-out, without a special waiver fromt the GYFL.  The combines served as the first opportunity to evaluate talent.

Team Tryouts:

  • Team Tryout information will be updated and posted on the Team Pages for each team as soon as we receive them.
  • Projected initial Try-Outs will begin during the first week of April for All Regions.
  • If interested in trying out and you have NOT received an email from a coach or GM, you MUST first fill out the GYFL Registration page that is on the home page of the site. 
  • Next, visit the team page for the region you are interested in and contact the GM and/or head coach so that you can be added to the email blast.
  • There will be a series of try-outs before the final team is selected and official practice begins in each region.

Team Registration Fees:

  • Final registration fees for 2013 are TBD.
  • There will be a Team Registration fee of $125 that must be paid if you attended a combine.  If a waiver was given and the combine was not attended for any reason, the registration fee will be $175.
  • Registration period will open on April 1st. 

Regional Team Fees:

  • Each Regional All Star Team operates independently and plays in the GYFL in the same way NFL teams operate independently and play in the NFL.  
  • Each region has different financial obligations and issues regarding practices, etc. Individual regions may charge nominal additional fees, which will help cover those expenses.

GYFL Uniforms/Equipment:

  • GYFL supplies uniforms only and there will be a uniform deposit that will be required of $100.  Checks will only be cashed if uniforms are not returned at the end of the year.
  • The deposit is NOT a fee.  It is insurance that we get our uniforms back so we are not forced to replace them as we have had to do the first two years.
  • GYFL Does NOT supply equipment.  Parents are responsible for supplying helmet, shoulder pads, and pads for pants. 
  • A few individual regions have raised funds and absorbed the cost of purchasing equipment because those regions were not able to borrow equipment for youth organizations and if that is the case in your region, the GM/Head Coach will inform you of that. 
  • The 3 Northern Va regions have done this (Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William).  Other regions need to assume that they will need to provide their own equipment.  Some regions will have equipment available for rent.  Speak to regional GM's regarding reasonable rental fees.
  • Most youth organizations allow youth that play for them to borrow the equipment.  GYFL will provide a form letter for parents to send to their youth organizations.  This option allow the youth organization to be represented every Saturday in the Spring and promotes their organizations.  It also shows a sign of support for the young men that have come through the program that are being recognized as All Stars.
  • Parents should always approach the youth organizations that they have supported for years and ask them to borrow the equipment.
  • Another option exist if the parent has decided which high school that they will attend.  If it is a public high school, insurance regulations will not allow the schools to provide equipment.  However, if it is a private HS, the AD and coach has the flexibility to allow you to borrow that equipment and represent that High School on Saturdays in the Spring.
  • Borrowing equipment from youth clubs or High Schools provides a win-win scenario for all concerned.
  • If unable to borrow, equipment will be available for rent at a nominal fee.
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