2013 Spring MVP

This year we have done something that has never been done before!!!  We selected a 7th Grader as the Most Valuable Player of the Spring League.  We did NOT want to do it.  We tried very hard to give it to someone else.  How on earth could we select a 7th Grader as the League MVP.  It was almost blasphemous!!!  In 2011, 7th Grade QB Ramar Williams of the PG Swarm was the Offensive Player of the Year, and his teammate 7th Grader Ellison Jordan earned the Defensive MVP award.......  But the League MVP........ A 7th Grader!!!  We just couldn't do it.

One of the reasons it took so long was because we were trying so hard to find an 8th grader that was more deserving.  We poured over the film, looked at the stats, searched and searched for a more deserving 8th grader.  We even silently hoped that DC QB Keonte Johnson, who was deep in the running for the award, would have a breakout Championship Game so that we could legitimately give it to him and keep the award for the 8th Graders, where we thought it belonged.

It didn't happen.......

Congratulations to our 2013 GYFL Spring Most Valuable Player:  Mr. Tremayne Stott of the Montgomery County Bearcats

We first met this young man when he was a fifth grader at our first every Montgomery County Combine at Champions Field House.  We only had 20 kids show up on a very rainy day.  There were only 3 running backs.  Tremayne was a 5th grader, his older brother Travon (Two Time GYFL Alum and All Star now at Good Counsel), and one other RB was there.  NFL All Pro Chris Warren trained those 3 that day and raved about the footwork and skill of Travon and his baby brother Tremayne.  We knew they would both be good, but not this good.

We believe we have the authority to say that Grassroots has the most elite collection of talent every spring season, so to be considered the League MVP means that you are a special football player.  Stott is a special football player.  Being named MVP doesn't necessarily mean you are the biggest, the strongest, the fastest, or even the best player or athlete.  It means that you are the most important player in the league, bar none.  The League MVP is most often going to be the player that leads his team to a Championship.  It is not the player that is all about his stats or his notoriety.  It is about the player that is so talented and means so much to his team that he has the ability to put his team on his back and carry them to a Championship.

That is exactly what Tremayne Stott did in the Spring of 2013 for the GYFL Champion Montgomery County Bearcats.  Stott did it all.  He is not a big kid and will probably be a skill player and/or DB at the next level.  He is about 5'8 and 160lbs.  He sacrificed his personal glory to play Fullback and LB for the Bearcats and he was sensational.  The Bearcats did not have a physically imposing and dominating team like they did in 2012.  They had a great coaching staff and a bunch of tough hard nosed football players, with this 7th Grader leading the way.  Every game was close and tough and it seemed like WHENEVER the Bearcats were down and needed a score, the ball was in Stott's hands and he was scoring TD's.  The game that most jumps out at us was the tough contest with Baltimore at Riverdale Baptist when Stott broke two 60 yard TD runs to win the game.  Showed us his speed in that game.

In other games he caught TD passes out of the backfield when the Bearcats needed him.  He made big tackle after big tackle for the team.  He picked off passes when they were needed.  He saved his best efforts for the biggest stages and carried the Bearcats on his back in the playoff victory over the Stars, with a timely score.  He came back and was dominant in the Championship game on offense and defense when his team needed him the most.

Tremayne is a member of the first family of Grassroots.  The Stotts have supported us since 2010 and we love them and their boys, but WE DID NOT GIVE this kid anything.  Tremayne Stott does not say much.  He does not complain.  His parents don't complain.  They just support us in everything that we do and support their boys.  Their boys just play football.  They play whatever position is asked of them and they do their talking with their pads.

Whatever high school that is blessed enough to get this kid and this family should consider it an honor.  He is a true winner in every facet of the word.  He embodies what it means to be a team player and to be a winner.  May not be the fastest.  May not be the flashiest.  But, I would take this kid into battle with me anytime and anyplace.

Congratulations young Mr. Tremayne Stott!!!  You are the GYFL's 2013 Most Valuable Player and you always will be!!!!

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