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10th Grade Whispers

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Team Shot from the Soph Showcase Team Shot from the Soph Showcase

We have hired a top of the line coaching staff headed by retired NFL players that have played at the highest level, but, also have the passion and ability to teach.  We are just trying to do it differently and leave every parent and child walking away feeling as though the had a fair opportunity to compete and get noticed.  We want High School Coaches to feel comfortable with their players attending our events.

Our evaluators are seasoned football guys who do not know who the kids are before the sessions.  There are no politics involved in the process.  All they know the kids by are their ID #'s.  We select the top 5 players from each position, with an Honorable Mention category for players who just barely missed the cut.  We are evaluating EVERYBODY, but not every athlete that participates will make the top 5 and Honorable Mention write up.

If a child does not make the write up, that does not mean that he will not have a chance to improve and raise his stock.  We know that every parent and child that does not make the write up will be disappointed.  Unfortunately the game of football is riddled with disappointement.  We don't say that to be cold and heartless.  Ir breaks our hearts to not be able to include everyone who shows up.  We say that because we need for kids and parents to get tough, have thick skin, and come out working even harder if they didn't make the cut the first time.

The real day that matters the most and what we are shooting for is Signing Day of an athletes graduation year.  Whether or not he makes a top 5 list when he is a freshman or sophomore, does not dictate where he will be when it really counts, on Signing Day.  If your child made this list, celebrate and be proud of him.  His hard work is paying off.  But, he better not get too comfortable and ever believe that he has it made.  The kids that did not make the list and believe they should have will be gunning for him.  If your child did not make this list, we expect you to be disappointed and some may be upset.  Use those emotions as fuel when you hit the gym the next day an every day after that until your next opportunity to compete comes around, and IT WILL COME AROUND!

We love each and every one of you and we want the best for all of you.  This is just the beginning of a long journey for most of you that will have some ups and downs.  When some of you read this it will be an up for you.  For others it will be a down.  But, whether it is short term celebration or sadness for you, you better make sure the emotion is short term, because tomorrow is a new day and Somebody is out there working and gunning for that number one spot!!!!!


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Written By: Joe Hill Jr.

Tarik Smith III (Friendly HS, Fort Washington MD) – 6’0, 165lbs:


Tarik was the only QB at the showcase, so he got a lot of reps and was highly scrutinized. Nice size for a soph QB with more time to grow. Had consistent scores across the board. Showed very good speed, quickness, and footwork. Has a very strong arm, and is extremely mobile. Worked hard all day and is a finely conditioned athlete. Looks to have a very good skill set for a pistol or spread offense. Was inconsistent in one on ones. Would make a perfect throw on one pass, an average throw next, and then an inaccurate throw. Very focused kid who looks like he really wants to be good. Has all the tools to be a very good quarterback. With some positional training, the sky is the limit for this kid.

Running Backs

By: Ricky Hairston

Ronald Bell (Friendly, Fort Washington MD) – 5’6”, 151lbs:

Ronald Bell was just spectacular from the RB position. He was electrifying as a TB on the Prince George’s County Swarm in the 2011 season and he has continued to get better and better. Blazing speed and quickness. Agility was off the charts. Just killed all of the drills. Has the motor and the passion to be the best. Tip top condition and never seemed to get tired. Picked up the concepts quickly and applied to one on ones where he was very difficult to stay with. Kid is just special. Hopefully, colleges don’t get caught up with his height because this kid is a touchdown waiting to happen.

Darius Hinton (Franklin, Pikesville MD) – 6’0”, 188lbs:

The kid Hinton is a stud on both sides of the ball. Awesome physical body that is so well put together. Former track star that made a name for himself in the 100 and 200 meters. Big, fast, and strong, which is a great combination for a running back. Good hands out of the backfield, with very good balance and agility. Looks to be a power back with speed and elusiveness. Highly conditioned athlete that appeared to never tire. Took no plays off and competed hard. With his size and speed, he should be a Division 1 prospect for sure.

Taylor Johnson (DeMatha, Hyattsville MD) – 5’9”, 181lbs:

We were unfamiliar with Taylor before the event. Did not play Grassroots so we had no resume on him. He quickly put himself into the discussion with his competitive play during drills. Graded off the charts on speed and quickness, which are true assets for Running Backs in the WCAC. Has a very solid body to go with that speed. Kind of kid that a showcase event like this is tailor made for. To come in and perform the way he did is very impressive and will put his name into the discussion with the most intriguing backs of the 2015 class in the WCAC. We will be watching very closely to see his development.

Elijah Bilal (Archbishop Carroll, Washington DC) – 5’6”, 166lbs

This young man is another kid that was not on our radar, but took cold advantage of the opportunity and maximized his chances. Impressive as a DB also, but injured a hamstring in one on ones and we were not able to get a full look at him on the defensive side. He did plenty of damage as a RB to catch our attention. Low center of gravity with outstanding balance and agility. He is another compact and short back with great speed and quickness. Love to see him with pads on, but he was very impressive in shorts and T-Shirts. As with Bell, we hope that colleges can see past the height, because this kid is a serious and committed football player with a bright future.

Caleb Peterson (Douglass, Upper Marlboro MD) – 5’7”, 207lbs

Peterson is a PG Swarm alum who had a good day on both sides of the ball. Made Honorable Mention as an LB but made the top performers list as a fullback. Another kid with a low center of gravity and a powerful, stocky build. Looks like he will be one heckuva lead blocker. From watching him in Grassroots, we know he runs hard between the tackles and is not easy to bring down. Has quick feet for a big kid and a barrel chest. Showed good hands out of the backfield.


Wide Receivers

By: Coach Hubbard

Juwan Hakim (Wilson HS, Washington DC) – 5’8”, 150lbs:

Juwan was a star receiver on the 2011 GYFL Champion DC Warriors Team. Once had a game with 2 TD’s and 182 yards in the air. Nicknamed “The Freak” because he just does unbelievable things on the field. Had a wonderful day on offense and defense, but the slot receiver is the spot that he will play in college. Showed blazing speed and quickness in one on ones. Was very difficult to cover. Great route runner with very good hands. Lit the showcase up in every way. Needs to get stronger to take the pounding he will receive, but in Maurice Vaughn’s spread offense he may not get touched often. Expect a breakout year for him that will generate offers.

Damon Hazelton (Loyola HS, Towson MD) – 6’2”, 188lbs:

This young man was very impressive. Good, but not great speed. However, his route running was precise. He ran great patterns all day and competed hard. Made a ton of difficult catches in traffic. Great hands and concentration. Big and physical receiver who used his body very well. A crafty WR that will shock and surprise some people in the MIAA. Another kid who took advantage of this showcase and made himself a household name. We will be watching him very closely and expect to see him playing on Saturdays in the Fall in a few years.

Jamar Wilson (Northwest HS, Montgomery County MD) – 5’9”, 143lbs:

Jamar Wilson blew our doors off! He is another Grassroots Alum that was impressive on the corner for the PG Swarm in 2011, but we honestly did not know this kid was this good. He is truly a special athlete. Not very big, but silky smooth. May not have dropped a pass all day long. Slick and precise on his routes. Set up the DB’s with ease. Had the speed to run past DB’s with ease. Tremendous set of hands. He may not impress college coaches when they first see him, but if they give this kid a chance they will fall in love with him as we did. Keep an eye out for Jamar Wilson.

Jaison Young, Jr. (Riverdale Baptist, Upper Marlboro MD) – 6’1”, 175lbs

Jaison played on the same team with Ronald Bell and Jamar Wilson. He was not heavily recruited as an 8th Grader. Somebody missed on this kid. He was absolutely phenomenal at this event. A big, strong, and fast competitor that attacked every rep like it was a championship game. He went after it on defense and offense. He has hands like glue! He didn’t drop many passes and ran HARD routes from the beginning to the end. Tough kid who took a spill that would have forced most kids to sit out the rest of the day. Young shook it off and was back after it with a vengeance. Plays with a chip on his shoulder and is out to prove some people wrong. Watch out for this kid. With is combination of size and speed, he will play in college.

George Hawkins (Bishop O’Connell, Arlington VA) – 6’2”, 180lbs

The first thing we noticed about George was hit height and physical presence, which is intriguing. Then you see the size of his feet and wonder how tall this kid may end up being. He has a chance to be a 6’4 or 6’5 WR in the WCAC. If he gets that tall, he is going to be impossible to stop. If he stays at 6’2, he is a Division I prospect because the kid has hands like super glue. Not blazing fast, but fast enough to get open. But, as a WR he literally catches everything that comes in his direction, and he competes hard on every play. It was a deep receiver corps with different types of athletes, but Hawkins was one of the best and needs to be followed closely. O’Connell has some freshmen and sophs that will make the WCAC interesting in a year or so.

Honorable Mention:

Josh Walkerof The Potomac School was right there and worked his tail off. We don’t select more than 5 Top Performers, but Walker was 5.1. He is a player that can easily move into the discussion with a strong soph year.

Caylon Wheeler of Eastern Tech was the best pass catching TE in the showcase by far.


Offensive/Defensive Lineman

Written by Emmett Clark

DeAndre’ Kelly (DeMatha, Hyattsville MD) - 6’3”, 235lbs

Clearly he was the class of the defensive lineman in attendance. Kelly is an original Grassroots Trailblazer from the Prince George’s County Swarm. From the time we first saw him in 2010 as a 6’0, 180lb 7th grader, we had a feeling that he would be special. We were not wrong. One of the most coveted 8th grade recruits in the class of 2015, Kelly is ready to burst on the scene this year, as he did in this event. Purely un-blockable all afternoon long. 6 Year NFL veteran Jason Murphy (Titans) was tempted to take his sweats off to try to block the kid. Kelly left us speechless. His size and quickness were at the top of the chart. Flexibility, agility and speed off the ball were exceptional. His command of advanced techniques was not a surprise after watching him in the basic drills. He has the total package as a rush end. Performed well on the offensive drills as a Tight End. His work ethic and ability should pay off with a D-1 offer being in his future. Projection: OLB/Pass Rushing DE

Jack Corso (Tuscarora, Leesburg VA) – 6’4”, 240lbs

Not far behind Kelly, Jack also was significantly above the average. He is another GYFL alum who starred for the Loudoun County Eagles. The Eagles are known for putting out top quality linemen and Corso is one of the best that we have seen from the region. Looks like a man among boys out there. It was amazing to see how much bigger and stronger he has gotten since we have last seen him. Upper body strength is tremendous. He could play on some small college teams right now. He is so well put together. Has an unbelievable motor and was competitive and dominant on almost every rep. His size and technique were on par with the best we saw. He is well on his way to earning a significant look from the next level. His strength in the one-on-one drills was evident in how he controlled the line of scrimmage. This is another player with D-1 potential. I see him as OLB/Pass Rushing DE

Justin Hilliard (Good Counsel, Olney MD) – 6’1”, 245lbs

Just below Kelly and Corso, Justin’s future is bright. He possessed above average flexibility, agility and quickness. Hilliard is the 3rdGrassroots Alum to make the cut. He starred for the Montgomery County Bearcats who made it to the Championship Game in 2011. Justin’s body looks great. He has been making a commitment to the Good Counsel weight program and it is quite evident. He performed well in the individual drills and with continued work he could elevate his play to the top level. Has the size, arm length and leg strength to go along with the upper body technique which again was significantly above average. Projection: 4 technique DT


Julian Lynn (Oakdale HS, Ijamsville MD) – 6’2”, 291lbs)


Like Hilliard the future ahead is bright. Kid is enormous, but carries the weight very well. He had one of the best techniques during drills and his footwork was above average approaching those of the top level performances of Kelly and Corso. His hand speed and upper body positioning was excellent. His quickness off the ball and body positioning during the one-on-one drills really catches the eye. Projection: 3 or 4 technique DT

Honorable Mention:

Shamir Campbell – Grassroots alum with a great body and major upside.
Tyler Covey - He has the size and strength to ascend up the ladder. Good flexibility and agility.



By: Lavon Williams

Nathan Jones (Wilson HS, Washington DC) – 6’0”, 208lbs:

Nathan had a great work out. He was a member of the 2011 Grassroots Champion DC Warriors as a DT. He has grown nicely and has successfully made the transition to LB. Very impressed with his effort. Great body and passes the eye test with flying colors. He was able to move thru drills with ease and transfer what he learned there to his one on ones. He should have a breakout year at Wilson this year. We had some very good LB prospects, but Jones was the class of the showcase at that position. Great motor and gave 100% on all of the drills. Great upside for Jones.

Darius Hinton (Franklin HS, Pikesville MD) – 6’0”, 188lbs:

Hinton is built like a man right now! It is obvious that he has made a commitment to the weight room. Looks to have a combination of great genes and great work ethic. Truly chiseled body, which will allow him to take and deliver blows. As one of the quicker LB’s, he was able to showcase his lateral movement in drills as well as in the one on ones. He was one of the better coverage LBs and with his body he should be a devastating hitter. He should be a household name by the end of the season.

Kareem McDonald (Wilson HS, Washington DC) – 6’2”, 205lbs:

This kid already has the body of a freshman in college. He was a skinny offensive lineman in 2011 on the GYFL Champion DC Warriors. He looked good in drills. He is just transitioning from DE to LB so there is a little bit of a learning curve. When he gets totally comfortable in that LB role he will be a monster. His one on ones were a little hampered by a toe injury during the showcase but he still pressed on trying to compete. He is going to make a name for himself this season coming and should be a top recruit his senior year. Sure fire D-I prospect if he continue to work his tail off to put about 30lbs on his frame and master his position. One of the most impressive physical specimens that we have seen. Wilson will be tough with Jones and McDonald.

Jason Chubbuck (Tuscarora HS, Leesburg VA) – 5’10”, 183lbs

Jason Chubbuck is another GYFL Loudoun County All Star from the 2011 season. This kid is just a hard worker, plain and simple. He went through drills like a true mad man. Outstanding motor. Tremendous desire. Looks to be a LB that will absolutely knock Running Backs blocks off! Can’t wait to see him in pads again. Has a very good muscular frame with a solid base and good feet. He has what it takes to get to the next level. He and Corso should make a devastating defensive duo for the Tuscarora. Very bright future.

Honorable Mention:

Caleb Petersonof Douglass was impressive and almost made the cut for top performers. Continued hard work and he will be right there.

Defensive Backs

By: Randy Carrington and Leo Minus

Ronald Bell (Friendly HS, Fort Washington MD) – 5’6”, 151lbs:

We normally don’t like to have the same player be tops at two positions, because it rarely happens, but Bell was hands down the best RB and the best DB. The kid was just cat quick and lightning fast. He competed with the best WR’s every play and stayed in their hip pockets. Never got beaten deep and was always in position. Taller receivers can out jump him to make catches but his hands are so quick that he made it hard for them to bring the ball down and tuck it in. Bell is just an amazing athlete that can do it all. Colleges and scouting services, you need to take notice of this kid.

Jamar Wilson (Northwest HS, Montgomery County MD) – 5’9”, 143lbs:

Jamar Wilson was just like Bell on the defensive side of the ball. He was ridiculous on the WR side, but equally effective on the defensive side of the ball. Stayed in the hip pockets of top flight receivers all day. Very fast, very quick, with great instincts and a burning desire to win every rep. Wilson is another amazing athlete that colleges and scouting services should keep an eye on and non overlook him because he is not big. His heart is as big as a lion and he has freakish talent.


Taylor Johnson (DeMatha, Hyattsville MD) – 5’9”, 181lbs:

Johnson is another one that was a top performer on both sides of the ball. He was solid, but not spectacular on the defensive side, but he rarely got beat and was almost always in position to make a play on the ball. Solid and sturdy frame that looks like he could play two positions. He is fast enough to play corner and big enough to play safety. Very intriguing prospect that we want to learn a lot more about. Bright upside.

Jaison Young, Jr. (Riverdale Baptist, Upper Marlboro MD) – 6’1”, 175lbs

Jaison is the last of the group of WR’s that were impressive enough of the defensive side to make this list as well. At 6’1 and 175, he has prototype size for a safety, but fast enough to be a big corner. He was aggressive and caught the ball as well attacking it as a DB as he did as a receiver. He showed great hips and quick reactions and he got his head around on the deep balls. Kid is just a baller that should make coach Shields a happy man for two more years!!! Tremendous future and definite college prospect.


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