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9th Grade HS Showcase

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Team Photo!! Team Photo!!

On Sunday March 17th, 2013 we hosted our very first High School Showcase.  Our events are designed to be different from the other showcases.  We don't begrudge any group from making money and providing a quality services for our youth.  We are trying to do the same thing.  However, many of the events have drawn so much interest that the numbers are far too large for kids to get truly evaluated. 

We have decided to have a maximum number of participants and we have vowed not to go over that number.  We have set that number at 100 becuase we believe that is the maximum amount that can safely work in the space that we have available and the maximum number that our staff is equipped to evaluate.

We have hired a top of the line coaching staff headed by retired NFL players that have played at the highest level, but, also have the passion and ability to teach.  We are just trying to do it differently and leave every parent and child walking away feeling as though the had a fair opportunity to compete and get noticed.  We want High School Coaches to feel comfortable with their players attending our events.

Our evaluators are seasoned football guys who do not know who the kids are before the sessions.  There are no politics involved in the process.  All they know the kids by are their ID #'s.  We select the top 5 players from each position, with an Honorable Mention category for players who just barely missed the cut.  We are evaluating EVERYBODY, but not every athlete that participates will make the top 5 and Honorable Mention write up.

If a child does not make the write up, that does not mean that he will not have a chance to improve and raise his stock.  We know that every parent and child that does not make the write up will be disappointed.  Unfortunately the game of football is riddled with disappointement.  We don't say that to be cold and heartless.  Ir breaks our hearts to not be able to include everyone who shows up.  We say that because we need for kids and parents to get tough, have thick skin, and come out working even harder if they didn't make the cut the first time.

The real day that matters the most and what we are shooting for is Signing Day of an athletes graduation year.  Whether or not he makes a top 5 list when he is a freshman or sophomore, does not dictate where he will be when it really counts, on Signing Day.  If your child made this list, celebrate and be proud of him.  His hard work is paying off.  But, he better not get too comfortable and ever believe that he has it made.  The kids that did not make the list and believe they should have will be gunning for him.  If your child did not make this list, we expect you to be disappointed and some may be upset.  Use those emotions as fuel when you hit the gym the next day an every day after that until your next opportunity to compete comes around, and IT WILL COME AROUND!

We love each and every one of you and we want the best for all of you.  This is just the beginning of a long journey for most of you that will have some ups and downs.  When some of you read this it will be an up for you.  For others it will be a down.  But, whether it is short term celebration or sadness for you, you better make sure the emotion is short term, because tomorrow is a new day and Somebody is out there working and gunning for that number one spot!!!!!

After you review the write ups, whether you made it or not, I want you all to watch this video highlight so that you can get a true understanding of how bad you have to want it, and how hard you have to work if you want a college Scholarship.  No matter what you did or didn't do at this event, we still average 60 Division 1 Scholarships out of 16,000 High School Football Players each and every year.  If you want to be one of the 60, you better have a work ethic like this......................................... Click Here to see the video, "How Bad Do You Want It?" 



Written By: Joe Hill Jr.

Chris Powell (Archbishop Spalding) – 5’11”; 151lbs:

Chris was the most fundamentally sound and consistent quarterback on the day. Chris displayed excellent footwork throughout the drills and during one on ones. He showed surprising zip for his developing frame by doing very good job of following through the throw with his hip. During one on ones Chris completed several excellent deep balls to closely covered receivers and proved accurate on curls and comebacks. As Chris athleticism continues to develop he’s well on his way to being a very well rounded high school quarterback.

Jordan Edwards (DeMatha, Hyattsville MD) – 6’1”, 203lbs:

Jordan’s physique is what first strikes you about this ninth grader. At 6’1 and 200 pounds Jordan already possesses good size for a high school starting quarterback. At that size Jordan moved exceptionally well through all the ladder and bag drills. Such athleticism also allowed him to flash great ability as a linebacker during the defensive period. At quarterback, Jordan has outstanding arm strength, yet still showed some touch as he threw several very good intermediate routes. What proved most impressive about Jordan was how coachable he was. Coaches Marvin Graves and “MV” provided a few pointers to Jordan, which he took in stride and was able to quickly implement.

Isaiah Robinson (8th grader) – 5’10”, 134lbs:

Never saw him sweat, played with great poise and confidence all day. Second to only Chris Powell, Isaiah displayed very solid footwork in his drops. His drops were surprisingly quick for an 8th grader and he holds the football in a great position to begin his delivery.   During one on one’s was very consistent with his deep throws and displayed good accuracy on the intermediate throws. Commitment to hard work in a high school weight room will improve his overall body and arm strength and should help find success as high school quarterback.

Shawn Bliss (Sherwood) – 5’11”, 139lbs:

Was easily the most improved quarterback of the day. Once settled down made several outstanding throws during the one on ones. He showed very good movement in the pocket during that period, throwing the ball on time after taking the appropriate hitch steps to allow the routes to develop. Clearly the competitive aspects of the one of the one period appealed to him and you could see that he enjoyed playing the game. Overall, he proved that he had a good foundation for the position’s fundamentals. Like all young quarterbacks, he needs to keep working on improving his strength, quickness and technique.

Jessiah Rojas (St. Mary’s Ryken) – 5’11”, 168lbs:

While Rojas may not have had his best day throwing the football, he displayed several qualities that will make him a success as a football player at any position. Rojas has very good foot quickness and a great frame for a high school football player. More importantly his attitude was outstanding. Every player has days where they may have wanted to have better results, but results cannot change without continuing to line up with poise and confidence for the next play.  


Wide Receivers

By: Mike Anderson

Steven Smothers (Franklin, Pikesville MD) – 5’10”, 154lbs:

Smothers was clearly the cream of the crop. A Grassroots Legend.   Was the top receiver in the GYFL last Spring and picked up right where he left off by catching 13 TD’s on 15 receptions during his Freshman year. His nickname is “Optimus Prime” because when he puts on a pair of cleats, he literally transforms into an un-guardable machine. He was spectacular, with a flair for the dramatic pattern and catch. He was fluid in his patterns all day.   Very precise and crisp. He displayed great speed and quickness. A true competitor that never shy’s away from competition. Every DB wanted a shot at him and few could handle him. Showed shut down corner ability during DB drills. A special talent, currently holding offers from UVA, Marshall, & Florida State, with MD coming soon.

Abdul Adams (Wilson; Washington DC) – 6’, 163lbs:

Adams has a grown man’s physique right now. Was the GYFL Offensive Player of the year in 2012 and he did not disappoint. Trained at WR, instead of his natural position of RB and was phenomenal.   Played varsity as a freshman for the Tigers and will be special. Displayed great speed and hands all day long. Very physical as a WR and was very competitive in every rep. Needs to work on his route running a bit, but he has been a RB his whole life so he has time. Has the potential to unstoppable at Wide Receiver. Killed the DB Drills as well. Complete athlete and Major Divison 1 prospect.


Devin Judd (Good Counsel, Olney MD) – 5’10”, 130lbs:

Judd is the type of kid that our showcases are truly made for. We already knew about Smothers and Adams. It was a pleasure to have them there, but they both killed Grassroots and were already on the radar screen. We don’t know where this kid Judd came from, but we had to find out. Long and lean kid with great quickness. He blew us away all afternoon with his precise route running and his hands. At first glance he looks like a very slender kid that doesn’t jump off the page. Needs to add bulk and get in the weight room. But, this kid can flat out play ball. His father looks to be about 6’6” tall and the kid is just a hard worker. The sky is the limit for this kid and I wouldn’t be shocked if he wound up near the top of the class for 2016 WR’s before he is done. Beyond impressed with this kid. Sky is the limit for Judd.

Malcolm Harley (McNamara) – 5’10”, 141lbs:

Harley is another kid that took cold advantage of this showcase opportunity. He is a Grassroots alum that played during his 7th grade year but didn’t really have the opportunity to shine amongst a crowded receiver core of 8th graders. Always known as a great track athlete, this kid has apparently been working his tail off. Grown two inches since we last saw him and flat out got it done on both sides of the ball at this event. Not a big kid, but very quick and elusive as a receiver with excellent hands.   Didn’t shy away from any of the top DB’s. Not very powerful yet, but a precise route runner with confidence. Needs to continue to get stronger in the weight room. He was equally as impressive on the defensive side of the ball as a DB. Could have made the top 5 at either position. McNamara may have a sleeper on their hands!

Navon Prince (Wilson) – 5’10”, 149lbs:

Prince is a two time Grassroots All Star that went from back up as a 7th grader to superstar as an 8th grader. We expected him to perform well and he did deliver. Does everything well at this point. Got off the line with ease. Very physical receiver. Has very good speed, not great yet, but he was able to separate. Big time competitor that excelled with the level of DB competition. Made a spectacular juggling catch that displayed his concentration. Desperately wants to be good and has a tremendous upside. The Wilson offense is taylor made for him to have a breakout sophomore season.

Honorable Mention:

Andrew Cassard was just outside the top 5 and was solid across the board.
Tre’ Jones of Gonzaga was impressive with very good hands and almost made the cut.
Taurus Carroll showed very good speed and hands.


Running Backs

By: Tony Kennedy

Jesse Stauffer (St. Mary's Ryken, Leonardtown MD) - 5’7”, 160lbs:

Jesse is a Grassroots alum that suffered an injury last year. We love it when kids come out of nowhere and are extremely impressive. Our analysts don’t know the names of these kids. They are all seasoned and experienced football guys and they only know the ID #’s. He didn’t get this top spot because of politics. He earned the top RB score by being dominant and consistent with speed, quickness, agility, technique, and football IQ. He was above average in EVERY Category and caught our eyes in a big way. Good size for a 9th grade RB. We need to find out where this kid goes to school. Tremendous potential, and we all need to keep an eye on this kid.

Aaron Speight (Riverdale Baptist, Upper Marlboro MD) – 5’8”, 168lbs:

Speight was ready for this event. He played TB for the PG Swarm last spring and showed flashes of brilliance in a crowded backfield. Excelled at the USA 15U competition in Texas last summer and played varsity for the Crusaders as a true freshman. Showed a nice burst of speed, with tremendous quickness and balance in the drills at the showcase. Clearly one of the top backs at the event. Worked extremely hard and looks to be in tip top physical condition. Terrific hands out of the backfield as well. Looks to be a solid back that should be very productive for Riverdale.

Ethan Bell (Bishop O’Connell, Arlington VA) – 5’6”, 153lbs:

Another kid who was not on the radar screen before the event. Transferred from Friendship Collegiate to Bishop O’Connell at the beginning of the semester. Del Smith has a good one on his hands. Solid performer in every aspect. Needs to work on technique a bit, but has the speed, body weight, agility and football IQ that impressed the scouts. If he gets a few more inches on him, he could be a force at the High School level. Extremely hard worker that took advantage of the opportunity to get some exposure and did just that. Younger brother Brandon played on our 6th grade FBU team and looks like a miniature Ricky Williams! Good bloodlines in the Bell family.

Trevon Shorts (Bishop O’Connell, Arlington VA)- 5’9”, 183lbs.

Trevon played on our 2011 FBU MD State All Star Team primarily at LB and we didn’t get a look at him at RB. He is another kid who took advantage of this showcase opportunity where the kids are only known by ID#. He is a big and powerful back that may be able to play FB and power TB, which will give coach Del Smith options for O’Connell. Good Speed for a big kid, but surprising quickness and agility for his size. His technique was sound, but not spectacular. He was extremely consistent throughout the day in all the drills and showed good hands out of the backfield.

Brandon Hilton (Osbourn Park, Manassas VA) – 5’3”, 130lbs:

Hilton never ceases to amaze us. The GYFL Prince William County alum proves that big things can come in small packages. He wowed us last spring with is scintillating kick-off and punt returns. He showed flashes of brilliance out of the backfield last spring and he did it once again at the showcase. He has blazing quickness and agility. The only area that he scored low in was technique, but that can easily be fixed with training. He speed was insane, with great hands. He could not be covered in one on ones. Has a burning passion to prove the naysayers wrong and will certainly continue to do that in high school at Osbourn Park.

Honorable Mention:

Justin Mulbah of Pallotti was impressive accross the board and just missed the cut.

Miles Austin showed tremendous speed and football IQ.

Owen Glass from Boonesboro was close to making the cut as well and is an impressive athlete.


Offensive Lineman

By: Gary Blair

Marvin Flythe (Arundel HS, Anne Arundel County MD) – 6’1”, 215lbs:

When Coach Phil Slye from South River said he wanted to bring an Anne Arundel County kid, little did we know that he would bring the surprise of the camp. Marvin Flythe is a certified monster. As soon as we laid eyes on him, we could see he had a great body and was athletic, but this kid just blew us away with his total package. He got a perfect score on all of the drills. He has unbelievable speed and quickness. He is agile for a big man, with great Football IQ. He was dominant in every phase of the game. Looks to be able to play a multitude of positions right now. His HS coach should be very happy to have him. Can’t think of enough superlatives to describe him. Has it all. A Division 1 prospect waiting to happen.

Terrance Davis (DeMatha, Hyattsville MD) – 6’4”, 314lbs:

Terrance “Big Squeal” Davis has been on everybody’s radar screen for a few years now. A renowned basketball player with quick feet for his enormous size. The best OL prospect in the class of 2016 bar none. Starred at OT for the 2011 FBU All Star Team and the 2012 Charles County Heat. Kid is enormous with long arms and good leverage. You just can’t teach what he has. Very quick and agile for a 300lb kid. Getting stronger in the weight room every day. Definite 4 Star Rivals Prospect in the future with a chance to get a 5 Star, depending on how hard he works. Long arms allow him to reach rush ends that other tackles would not be able to get to. Father is about 6’8”, so the kid may still have a few more inches before he is through. Big Time Major D-1 Prospect.

Noel Hijazi (St. Johns, Washington DC) – 6’2”, 268lbs:


Hijazi is one of the reasons Grassroots was created. To have an All Star Team in Loudoun County that smoked out an athlete like this is heartwarming. Noel is the real deal. Was dominant for the Loudoun County Eagles last spring before moving on to St. Johns. Has obviously been working hard in the weight room because he is a physical specimen. Powerfully built, fast, and quick. Low center of gravity allows him to get into LB’s and DE’s. He was flawless in the drill work and even more impressive in the one on one’s. Definite Division 1 Prospect right now and should be a terror for Coach Patterson for the next few years. Just an amazing physique and motor for a 15 year old.


Yuka Onya (DeMatha, Hyattsville MD) – 5’9”, 249lbs

Another one of those kids who took advantage of the showcase. Found him at 2011 FBU All Star Team. Followed that up with a strong GYFL season with the PG Swarm, but was not spectacular. Worked his butt off to get stronger and quicker and wowed the scouts at the showcase. Short and stocky, but made up for that with speed and quickness. Has a ton of potential right now. The level that he should be able to get to will depend largely on how tall he gets, but he has the work ethic, motor, and passion to take this game a long way.

Daniel Renaud (8th Grader; Going to Stonebridge, Leesburg VA) – 5’8”, 215lbs:

They call him “The Boss” in Loudoun County circles. Watching him work the bag drills and pulling drills makes it easy to see why. Dominant offensive line mate with Hijazi and Johnny Jordon on the Eagle line. Only an 8th grader, he wanted a chance to see how he fared against the 9th graders. He made the top 5 so that answers that. Short in stature, but not small at all. Hard-nosed, old school football player who thrives on contact, but was still impressive in shorts and T-Shirts. Great speed, quickness and power allows him to make up for the lack of height. Has a low center of gravity and tremendous power, which were evident at the showcase. Mickey Thompson will be very happy with “The Boss.”

Honorable Mention:

Jay McCargo of Bishop O’Connell has a great upside, but needs to work on upper body strength.

Zephaniah Titus moved very well for a big man and will be good with more work.


Defensive Lineman

By: Emmett Clark

Marvin Flythe (Arundel HS, Anne Arundel County MD) – 6’1”, 215lbs:

We had no intention of placing the same kids on the top of both offensive and defensive positions, but Flythe was just that impressive to the scouts. His speed and quickness were just undeniable and he couldn’t be blocked on the one on one’s. He is just a ridiculous specimen that should terrorize the Anne Arundel County public league for years to come. Keep a close eye on this kid and remember the name.

Johnny Jordan (8th Grader, Going to Gonzaga) – 6’2”, 234lbs:

Jordan was another one of the Loudoun County Eagles that came across the bridge and wowed us last spring. He did it again on the 2012 FBU All Star Team for Northern Va. The kid just has everything you could possibly want in a lineman. He has great HT at 6’2. At 234lbs, he his sturdy enough to plug holes. He has a mean streak. He mastered the drills taught by the coaches quickly and executed flawlessly. The upside for Johnny is just enormous right now. We expect him to dominate the Spring Grassroots season and head into High School with a ton of confidence. He will be a D-1 prospect in a few year.

Terrance Davis (DeMatha, Hyattsville MD) – 6’4”, 314lbs:

Once again, we had no intention of having kids double up, but “Big Squeal” Davis was just too impressive not to give him his due. He was absolutely solid in all of the measurable and couldn’t be moved off of the ball defensively. He will be a run stopping DT at DeMatha and will have his choice of which side of the ball he wants to play on in college.

Calvin Montgomery (Baltimore, MD) – 5’10”, 238lbs

This kid Montgomery impressed all of the coaches with his work ethic and low center of gravity. Not very tall yet, but we expect a growth spurt based on the height of his father. With the technique that he has and the fundamentals, if he gets that growth spurt the sky is truly the limit for Montgomery. Very impressive in all the drills and took no plays off. He is another example of a kid who didn’t play Grassroots and was not on our radar screen, but took advantage of the showcase and placed himself in the discussion. We don’t know what High School he currently attends, but we will find out shortly and update the site.

Miles Austin – 5’8”, 178lbs:

Miles is an interesting prospect. Undersized for a lineman, which is the first thing you notice when you see him. However, his skill set is very sound and he scored high on all the drills. It is obvious that Austin is a football player and if he grows into the position he has a very high ceiling. But, his athleticism will allow him to switch positions if he does not grow in to the line position. He looks athletic enough to be able to move to LB, TE, or even fullback possibly. Very intriguing kid that we need to keep an eye on. Not sure what High School he currently attends.

Honorable Mention:

Tim Ursery of Great Mills is not big for a lineman, but he is so technically proficient and tough that we had to add him. He is also the best long snapper we have seen at that age.

Kraig Hill, II continues to work hard and show improvement. He has a very good upside.



By: Lavon Williams

Jordan Edwards (DeMatha, Hyattsville MD) – 6’1”, 203lbs:

Jordan did a very good job at QB, but at LB he was the class of the showcase. He is built like a college freshman already. He has a great core, calves, and broad shoulders. Excellent quickness and balance. Tremendous strength. Did a great job of reading and reacting and delivered a blow on each repetition. Very coachable and picked up the concepts quickly. Has the absolute total package and has a chance to be a phenomenal LB prospect in High School. Be interesting to see whether he develops more quickly into a QB or an LB.

Plevon Pryor (DeMatha, Hyattsville MD) – 5’9”, 196lbs:

Pryor is built like a man right now! It is obvious that he has made a commitment to the weight room. The kid is what we call “Cock Diesel.” Showed excellent agility for an almost 200 lb kid on a 5’9 frame. Had a lot more flexibility that you would expect from a kid so stocky. He moved very well through the drills with tremendously quick feet. He filled holes and gaps quickly and aggressively. Performed well in coverage. Looks the part of a LB and with Edwards and Pryor in the 9th grade class, the DeMatha LB core appears to be in good hands.

Gene Blair (Charles County MD) – 5’7”, 157lbs:

Talk about another feel good story. Blair was the top kicker in the GYFL last spring for the Charles County Heat. We didn’t even know he played LB. He came out of nowhere and impressed the evaluators from the opening drill. Not real big or physically impressive initially, but as soon as the whistle blew he made his presence known. Very fast for a LB. Extremely committed and disciplined worker. Didn’t take one play off during the entire showcase. Competed like crazy. A bit undersized compared to the other LB’s and may end up being a Safety at the next level. Not sure what HS he is attending currently, but I am sure he will make his coach very happy.

Sonny Csorba (Pallotti HS, Laurel MD) – 5’9”, 173lbs

We were excited to see how Sonny would recover from a foot injury he suffered during last year’s GYFL Season. He was beginning to make a name for himself when he went down. He picked up right where he left off and will be a serious prospect at the HS level. The kid has very good size. His speed and quickness were off the charts for the LB group. Showed excellent agility. Covered receivers like a glove out of the backfield. Read and reactions skills are top notch. Sonny has all of the skills to be a star in high school and get college looks. Performed well as a RB as well, but we project LB to be his natural position.

James Chasse (DeMatha, Hyattsville MD) – 5’7”, 164lbs:

J.C. impressed us when we met him during the 2011 FBU State Team tryouts. Had to miss the last half of the season last spring with a knee injury. Bounced back and healed well. Tough, hard-nosed LB who models his game after his favorite player Brian Urlacher. Not very big yet, but is working hard in the weight room and will make the commitment to get where he needs to be. Not a burner, but very good quickness. Very physical in one on ones. Has a chance to be very good if he keeps working hard and he has a motor that just won’t quit, so we have no doubts that he will get better and better each year. The Stags have 3 good ones in the class and we assume coach Brooks is not mad about that.

Honorable Mention:

Jordan Jacobs of Potomac was impressive and can play a multitude of positions.

Jason Johnson has a great physique and a chance to break into the top 5 with some training.


Defensive Backs

By: Leo Minus

Terry Chisley (Bethel, Hampton VA) - 5’10”, 162lbs:

The moment you see the physique on this kid you expect big things. Played varsity as a true freshman for longtime power Bethel HS out of Hampton. Father drove 4 hours to get some exposure for his son and boy did he get it. The one on ones between Chisley and Smothers were priceless. Offense always has the advantage because there is no pass rush, but Chisley made it very difficult for Smothers to create space. Great body….Very physical…… Excellent cover skills. Needs work on his backpedal technique, but that is easily fixable. Has all the tools to be a big time Division 1 Cornerback. Performed equally as well as a WR, but we believe corner is where he will truly excel.

Cedric Content (Blake HS, Olney MD) – 5’9”, 157lbs:

We don’t like this kid….. We love him. Came out of nowhere last spring and made a name for himself with knockout blows for the Montgomery County Bearcats. Flat out aggressive. We knew he was a big hitter, but we didn’t really get to see him cover until the showcase. Uses his hands well. Breaks on the ball with ease. Turns his hips extremely well. Excellent closing speed and good hands. He jumped at the chance to try to check Smothers and Prince. Did as good a job as could be expected. Just a straight up football player that may not get a lot of publicity at Blake, which is why these events are so important for him. We will be watching him closely. We believe has unlimited potential.

DeMarco Blount (LaPlata HS, Charles County MD) – 5’8”, 143lbs:

This is another feel good story. Blount was a productive DB for the Charles County Heat last spring, but he was not spectacular and didn’t get a lot of publicity. Boy…… has this kid been working his tail off! He was in the hip pocket of the best receivers all afternoon long. He has great footwork and breaks on the ball in an instant. Showed great closing speed and a knack for getting his hands in on the ball before receivers could tuck it away. Here is a kid that showcases like ours are made for. He put his name in the hat with the top DB’s in the 2016 class. Equally impressive on the offensive side of the ball at RB, but we think Corner or Safety will be his calling card.

Terrell Dance (Bishop O’Connell, Arlington VA) – 5’10”, 159lbs

Look up the word “physical” in the dictionary and a picture of Dance will be there. Played on our 2011 FBU All State Team as a weak side LB and starred on the PG Swarm last spring making play after play. He has a nose for the ball and he loves to tackle. Making the transition from LB to Safety for the O’Connell Knights and we can see the work is paying off. Not sure what Del Smith is doing with these kids, but something is brewing over there in Arlington. Dance is a bit overly aggressive and got beaten a couple of times trying to get his hands on receivers, but he will play Safety in High School and will be DEVASTATING!!! Can’t wait to see his development.

Devin Montgomery (St. Mary’s Ryken, Leonardtown MD) – 5’9”, 179lbs:

Devin caught us by storm as a DB on the 2011 FBU All Star Team. He showed us his RB skills last spring for the Charles County Heat. A versatile athlete that can do it all. At almost 180lbs he has a chance to be a big time safety. His cover skills were very impressive although we know he excels when the pads are on. Runs and moves like a small DB, but it is built like a small LB. Unique athlete that can play multiple positions based on how his body develops. Not Blazing speed, but made up for it with excellent technique and physical play with receivers.

Honorable Mention:

RJ Rountree of Pallotti performed well and has excellent size and cover skills.

Anthony Page has a great body and a chance to break into the top 5 with some training.


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