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Terrapin Times Easter Showcase

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April 11, 2013

The third and final Grassroots Showcase took place on Easter Sunday, and it featured some of the area's top 2014, 2015 and 2016 prospects. Check out the top performers below:


By Randy Carrington

We had some outstanding signal callers at the event. Four-star Rivals prospect Caleb Henderson was not supposed to participate, but before we knew it he was out there throwing balls. He has a rocket arm and is well worth his lofty ranking and his numerous offers. But, we had some kids who are not nearly as high on the radar screen that we believe will be in those discussions after successful springs.

Colar Kuhns of Calvert Hall was outstanding. The rising senior has very good footwork and a strong arm, but his accuracy was what stood out the most. The kid has good size at 6-feet-2 and 210 pounds and looked awesome at the Showcase. He made all the throws and he looked mobile enough to get out of trouble. He's calm, cool and collected in the pocket and has the presence that effective quarterbacks need to lead their team.

John Lovett from DeMatha was neck and neck with Kuhns, according to the evaluators. He was zipping strong-armed balls all over the Champions Field House, and his confidence is off the charts. His accuracy was tremendous, and the rising senior threw tight spirals that were very catch-able. Lovett shows excellent leadership qualities for such a young kid.

Jalen Jones of Old Mill has great height, standing 6-2 with a lean and muscular frame. He has a rocket for an arm and showed great athleticism and mobility.

Tarik Smith of Friendly is a rising junior with good size at 6-0 and 165 pounds. He's very similar to Jones - he's mobile and competitive. His accuracy needs work, but he has a chance to be very good.

Kasim Hill of Gilman is an eighth grader who is already 6-2 and 190 pounds, and at the Showcase he showed he is ready to compete with the big boys. The kid has very good mechanics and a strong arm. He's also very accurate for a young kid. He will special if he continues to work hard and remains humble.

We saw potential in Robert Harris III of Surratsville as well. He ha a nice body with a strong arm and intangibles.

Running Backs

By Robert Harris

We had a number of young running backs at the event. We didn't get as many 2014 backs as we expected, but the kids that showed didn't disappoint.

The best evaluation of the day went to ninth grader Lorenzo Harrison from DeMatha. The 5-8, 1780-pound dynamo was just remarkable. He has a low center of gravity that allows him to cut on a dime. His quickness and speed were off the charts as well. He picked up all of the concepts with ease and executed flawlessly.

Joshua Burke from Suitland HS was very impressive on the day as well. The 5-9, 174-pound back displayed versatility at the event and was solid in every aspect. He showed very good speed, quickness and agility, as well as great hands out of the backfield and a high football IQ.

Rising Junior Malik Harvin from Laurel HS caught our evaluators by surprise. We had not heard about this kid, but numbers don't lie and his speed and quickness could not be denied. He was very explosive and competitive. At 5-8 and 147 pounds, he is going to have to get in the weight room and get stronger to play at the next level, but he has the natural ability to be very good.

Abdul Adams of Wilson HS got it done at the Showcase and was the total package. He has great size for a ninth grader at 5-11 and 170 pounds. Has a sculpted body and worked really hard while showing great speed and quickness.

Rising senior Alex Schultz of DeMatha HS was the best fullback prospect at the event. He has a low center of gravity and is powerfully built. The 5-8, 192-pound stud showed great quickness and an extremely high football IQ.

Ronald Bell of Friendly, Darius Hinton of Franklin, and Malonta' Patterson from Dunbar (Baltimore) were also impressive on the day. Keep your eye out for an eighth grader named Darius Golston, who will be attending Seneca Valley in the fall. He has a great body and nice intangibles and held his own with the big boys.

Wide Receivers

By John Panker

This was the most difficult position to evaluate because the talent was absolutely off the charts.

Robbie Walker of Gonzaga made the switch from running back to receiver for this event. The 5-10, 175-pound athlete can do it all. He showed great speed, quickness, agility and hands. He's versatile and can fill a variety of roles at the college level.

DJ Turner of DeMatha has the total package as a slot receiver. He's not very tall at 5-8, but is solidly built at 175 pounds -- with speed and quickness to burn. He was virtually un-guardable in one on ones. He runs precise routes and catches everything.

Nicolas Nelson of Suitland HS has great size at 6-0 and 182 pounds. He scored high in every category.

Byron Barney from Atholton is another kid with very good size at 6-0 and 172 pounds. He has top-line speed, quickness and agility. Barney has very good hands and runs crisp routes.

We were impressed with Morgan Scroggins from Calvert Hall. The rising sophomore is a highly skilled route runner with great size at 6-0 and 177 pounds.

Juwan Hikim of Wilson is similar to DJ Turner and will give defenses fits. Mitch Mona from St. John's showed tremendous athletic ability on both sides of the ball. Also keep your eyes out for Jaron Woodyard from Watkins Mills HS. He's just a freshman, but this kid gave defensive backs fits all day long.

Kalin Powell from Wise is a phenomenal athlete that was impressive as a receiver and a defensive back.

Chris Jones of DeMatha did not catch the ball today as he was recovering from a broken finger, but he is clearly the class of the receiving corps with speed and crisp route running ability.

Offensive Linemen & Defensive Linemen

By Austin Howard

We didn't have a ton of offensive linemen at this event, but the ones who showed were very good.

Terrance Davis from DeMatha and Justin Hilliard from Good Counsel stood out the most from the group. Davis is a mammoth of a young man at 6-3 and 302 pounds. The rising sophomore has long arms that he uses very well to keep defensive linemen off of his body. He has a very good base and quick feet for a big kid. He's still very young with a lot to learn and time to learn it, but he will be special if he keeps working hard. Hilliard is a stout 6-2 and 245 pounds. He's solidly built and fundamentally sound.

Zachariah Titus of Quince Orchard HS is a rising senior who does not have the prototypical size of a lineman at 5-7, 208 pounds. But he was one of the most technically sound linemen that we have seen in quite some time.

Noel Hijazi of St. Johns HS put on another good showing. The rising sophomore has a low center of gravity and a powerfully built body. He is up and ready for any and all challenges and competes like crazy when the whistle is blown.

Devante Fox from DeMatha had a strong showing. The 6-3, 380-pound tackle should be dominant in the run game because of his size. He's competitive and hungry for respect.

On the Defensive side of the ball, the DeMatha boys just showed out. The Stags have two bookend defensive ends that are going to give teams fits this year.

Rising senior Deonte Holden was pretty much unstoppable in one on ones. He has his weight up to 220 pounds on a 6-4 frame and hasn't lost any of his quickness. Holden was way too fast for most tackles to stop from getting the corner, and wire strong enough to bull rush them once he had them on their heels trying to cut off the corner.

Deandre Kelly is the other half of the dynamic duo that gave offensive linemen fits on Sunday. The kid is 6-3 and 235 pounds and is a rising junior. He has the total package of speed, size and quickness. He was able to beat tackles around the corner with ease, then set them up for an array of spin moves and swim moves. He has great hands and used them effectively to get the offensive linemen's' hands off of him to control him, which threw them off-balance and allowed him to get into the backfield with ease.

St. Johns came to the event with an impressive slew of athletes at a variety of positions. None was more impressive than this kid Eric Assoua. The rising junior has great TE/DE size already at 6-2 and 215 pounds, but he stood out on the defensive side of the ball. His speed and quickness devastated the linemen who tried to block him. He needs to bulk up a bit to take on the run with the pads on, but in pass rushing situations, he is going to create havoc.

DeMatha was well represented with Johnathan Sackey Addo as well. The rising senior is a mammoth of a kid at 6-4 and 390 pounds. He moves well for a big man and is very powerful. He competed hard and was effective as a DT.

One of the names to look out for us current ninth grader Marvin Flyth from Arundel HS. At 6-1 and 215 pounds right now, he has a frame to put on weight.

Eighth grade phenom Camaron Spence of Gilman HS more than held his own with the high school boys. At 6-3, 265 pounds, Spence showed great footwork and quickness for a kids so young.


By John Harris

Without question, the cream of the crop was Santoni Graham of Bishop O'Connell HS. Standing 6-1 and 230 pounds, he looks like he is physically ready to suit up for a Division 1 program right now. He picked up reads well and attacked them with quickness. He has the ability to move laterally, which will be critical for him. He did a great job in coverage on smaller and quicker running backs out of the backfield.

Nathan Jones of Wilson HS is a rising junior with a great frame at 6-0 and 209 pounds; he can easily be 220 pounds before he leaves high school. He is a quick learner and very good athlete, who we expect to have a breakout season.

Malik Bridgers from Millford Mill is a 6-0, 193-pound rising senior and was solid across the board in every category. He needs to put on some weight to be effective at the next level, but looks athletic enough to possibly play safety if need be.

Alex Shultz of DeMatha was equally impressive on both sides. He showed impressive coverage skills and quickness, with a nose for the ball. The rising senior is not tall at 5-8, but he will bring the wood at a solid 192 pounds.

A couple of rising sophomores caught our eye on the day. Travon Hollis of Calvert Hall was impressive, as was Daqwan Hill of Good Counsel.

Defensive Backs

By Coach Hubbard

This was as hard to evaluate as the wide receivers. We had a ton of elite caliber defensive backs that stood out.

Ronald Bell of Friendly HS is 5-7 and 155 pounds soaking wet, but every time we have an event, his scores are always at the tippy top. The kid is cat quick and fearless. He has blazing speed and great ball skills. The only thing he lacks is height, but he makes up for it with timing and leaping ability. When receivers did get their hands on the ball, nobody was better at reaching in and ripping it out before the wide-out could tuck it then Bell.

Juron Woodyard of Watkins Mills HS will have no issues with his height when recruiters evaluate him. The rising sophomore is already 5-11 and 160 pounds with great speed, agility and the ability to break on the ball. His hips swivel naturally and he attacks the ball at its highest point.

Devin Williams of St. John's is making the transition from linebacker to safety this year and doing it very well. His backpedal is smooth, as are his transitions to the ball. He's not a burner, but quick enough to cover tight ends and backs out of the backfield.

Jamar Wilson, the rising junior from Northwest HS, caught us off guard by ripping up the sophomore showcase, and he followed that performance up with a strong showing at this event. He's small and quick like Bell, but he will make a college that doesn't get caught up on height very happy.

Terry Chisley of Bethel HS in Hampton, Va., is a rising sophomore with all the tools. He has a great body with speed, agility, and ball hawking skills. More importantly, he is a competitor.

The last DB that showed us special potential was Cedric Content from Blake HS. The kid is as aggressive as it gets. He stays in the hip pocket of receivers and competes on every single rep, just like Chisely. He also has great physique at 5-8 and 155 pounds.

Also, guys like Juwan Hikim of Wilson showed great cover skills, while Robbie Walker of Gonzaga surprised us with his ball skills. We didn't know Lo Lo Harrison from DeMatha could play DB, but he showed some of the best skills out there.

Mitch Mona of St. Johns was equally impressive in coverage as he was running routes. Malik Harvin of Laurel was quite effective as a DB, as was Nicolas Nelson of Suitland.

Darryl Turner of DeMatha was another kid that excelled on both sides of the ball. Kalin Powell of Wise jumped off the page, along with Byron Barney of Atholton.
Also, Malcolm Harley of McNamara was right there on the cusp, as was Christian Melgar of Carroll and Travon Stott of Good Counsel.



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