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Hot Gates Showcase

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The Competition at the Grassroots Hot Gates will be almost as intense as the Battle of Themopylae where King Leonidas led his troops against the Might Persians inside the Real Hot Gates! The Competition at the Grassroots Hot Gates will be almost as intense as the Battle of Themopylae where King Leonidas led his troops against the Might Persians inside the Real Hot Gates!


The Hot Gates Showcase has been postponed and will be rescheduled for late January a month prior to many of the top private schools making their final recruiting selections.  For any parents who have already paid, your money will be held in the account to reserve your spot.  If you would prefer a refund we can do that as well, but the event will occur and it will be fabulous!  With so much going on right now, late November has not proven to be the best time for this event, so we decided to reschedule.

If you are seeing this for the first time, please read the details regarding the event.  Everything will remain the same except the date and time.

How do I get on the Grassroots Radar Screen and Make a name for Myself?

The answer is the Hot Gates Showcase.  This is an elite level showcase event for middle school football players.

This event has been created because of the demand created from our Burning Sands event in October, which was truly spectacular and unprecedented.  We have gotten so many calls and emails about kids that missed the event asking when will we do another one!!!!  Well, the Hot Gates was born!  If any of you need to see what it will be like, all you need to do is go to the GYFL website and study the Burning Sands pages!!!  It was an unreal experience.  We are about to do it again for all of you who missed it.

What is the significance of the term Hot Gates?  When we create these events, they are truly competitive and kids have to battle and compete to get to their goals.  The Burning Sands represented the challenge of crossing over a scorching desert to reach a destination.  In our case, the destination is becoming an elite level football player and the Burning Sands provided the challenge that our kids need to go through to become that.  The Hot Gates was pulled from the Battle of Thermopylae in the move 300.  The 300 men of Troy battled the Persians to the end and they lured the adversary into the Hot Gates to level the battle field and give them a better chance to win.  Our Hot Gates event will level the playing field for those youth football players that are not household names yet, and give them an opportunity to compete for their place in the recruiting wars to get to the next level.

This event will be especially important to the kids who have chosen NOT to participate in our Fall League.  Our Fall League participants have the benefit of auditioning for us every weekend and there is a tremendous advantage that they have with regards to getting massive exposure.  In an effort to give a fair shot to those kids who are playing in other leagues, the Hot Gates has been created.

This is truly an exposure event.  Most of our Crab Bowl and Chesapeake Bowl slots have been filled, but there are a few still open.  This is the final look for those elite All Star Teams.  The main benefit for those not playing in our league will be the opportunity to audition in front of the top public and private school coaches in the DMV.  They will All be on hand at the Hot Gates.  Most of them got a chance to see our kids play every weekend of the Grassroots Season during "Saturday Night Lights."  But, for those in other leagues that don't get that level of attention, this is your chance to make up for it and having a chance to compete on the big stage.

We are inviting youth1.com to come back down for the event.  SigningDay.com will be on hand.  We are inviting ALL of the coaches, but there will be a special emphasis on exposing the kids to some of the schools that may or may not be household names.  We will have coaches from the MIAA B & C divisions, the IAC, the MAC, Public Schools and other conferences running many of the drills.   The bigger schools will most certainly be on hand, but the WCAC, and MIAA A division schools are at all of our games and know about all of the "Big Name" kids.  But we all know that just because kids have Big Names, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are better players.  They are great players that we know about, so we promote them to the fullest.

This event is marketed to not only the "Big Name" kids, but the kids who we DON"T now about yet.  We are looking for those kids who don't have the notoriety yet, but know that they have the skills.  This event is for you.  It is for those schools that don't necessarily have the biggest reputations and the kids that don't have it either.  Come on out and make a name for yourself at the Grassroots "Hot Gates" Showcase!!

Don't miss it.  Space will be limited,   We will be in an exclusive indoor facility and we will NOT be able to take Walk Ups for this event.  We have no interest in creating a meat market for this event.  We will be at the most elite indoor turf facility in the DMV at one of the most beautiful schools that you will ever see!!!

Grassroots Hot Gates Showcase:
Where: Annapolis Area Christian School
             Kilby Athletic Center Fieldhouse
             109 Burns Crossing Road
             Severn, MD 21114

Registration: www.TheGYFL.com
When: TBD
Time: TBD
Price: $40.00 online only.  No Walk ups

Come in your complete team uniform from head to toe for identification purposes.  This will be a full contact event!!!!!  Wear your game day uniform and place a piece of white trainer tape across the front of the helmet with your name and grade then.

See last years indoor Burning Sands event to get a feel for what we will be doing.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Gm8Uopu0nI

If you are registering as a Fall League participant, in the Notes section of checkout,  you must include the Team and Division that your son is playing for in order for your discount to be valid.  (i.e. Ft. Hunt Federals Varsity, or Gorc Wildcats Junior Varsity).

When  you are ready for the Next Level, all  you have to do is Click HERE to get to shopping cart and reserve your chance to make history!

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