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Tuesday, 22 May 2018 23:37

Hot Gates IV

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Friday, 09 June 2017 20:31

Hot Gates III

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How do I maximize my exposure to Top High School Coaches and Scouting Services?

How do I maximize my exposure to D-I, D-II, and D-III Colleges while still in middle school?

How do I maximize my chance to make one of the Grassroots Post Season All Star Teams?

The answer is the Grassroots Hot Gates Showcase.  It doesn’t get any better than this for middle school and rising 9th Grade football players!!!!! 







We need All Competitors to wear their Youth Club Jersey for Identification, or any jersey that will allow you to be identified. 


                                                    (Image of the FBU 8th Grade All Americans loaded with Hot Gates Alums)

If you need more information about what the Hot Gates is, please continue to read.

The Hot Gates is High School Showcase Event for middle school prospects. The event is for rising 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Graders.  Classes of 2021 - 2025.

Our Spring and Fall League participants have the benefit of auditioning for us, the top HS Coaches in the DMV, the top Scouting Services in the country, and the College Football Programs that recruit this area every weekend during Grassroots games.  

In an effort to give a fair shot to those kids who are playing in other leagues, the Hot Gates was created.  Hot Gates I was held at St. Johns High School two years ago and it was free.  It was an amazing day for exposure.  Hot Gates II was at the U of Maryland last year and it was mind bending.

The problem with the first Hot Gates being free was that we had way too many athletes to truly evaluate the way we wanted to.  There were about 400 kids there. We decided to charge in year 2 to reduce the number of participants to the ones that are serious.  The fee was still nominal at $35 because we wanted to encourage participation and we HAD to cut off the registration at 300.

We will still continue to improve and expand our Burning Sands Showcase the first Sunday of October every year, but we realized that we needed to create a Pre-Fall Season/Summer event to maximize opportunities for us to scout and for young talented athletes to be scouted.

This Hot Gates event is a Shorts & T-Shirts version of the Burning Sands.  We want you to come with your Youth Club Organization Jerseys for easy identification.

Folks were always curious about how we name our events.  The Burning Sands is named after a grueling initiation process that fraternities put their pledges through. Before they can be admitted into the Brotherhood for life they must not only complete the initiation steps, but they must symbolically cross over the "Burning Sands" to make it into the fraternity.  This is very symbolic for us at Grassroots. There is a reason why our teams are always so good and the Burning Sands Showcase is a critical component of the process.  It plays a major role in our track record for our alums getting to the top High Schools and Colleges, which is just staggering for a youth league.  CLICK HERE to see for yourself.


                (Image of FBU 9th Grade All Americans,including Hot Gates Alums)

The Hot Gates was named after the Battle of Thermopylae and taken from the movie 300, which is one of my favorites.  The 300 Spartans were outnumbered by the 10,000 Persians and to battle them in the open land would have been suicide.  King Leonidas positioned the Spartans at the Coastal pass of Thermopylae (aka the “Hot Gates,” so known because of the nearby sulfur springs), expecting that the narrow pass would funnel the Persian Army toward his own force in a narrow passageway that would mitigate the advantage that the Persians had.   With that being said, in order to get the most out of the Grassroots Experience, athletes must be willing to enter the "Hot Gates" and fight for their spots the same way the Spartans fought for their lives.  

Many of the top public and private school coaches in the DMV will be on hand at this event and they will be looking for the next crop of talent to fit their program needs.  The question is, will yours be there to get noticed? Or will you be disappointed at the end of the season when the Grassroots Goons are going to the top public, private, and charter schools, along with the red carpet treatment?

In addition to exposure to the top HS coaches in the DMV, this is additional look for our FBU National Championship Teams.  We have 3 Teams now. This is NOT an official FBU Tryout, but we are always scouting for talent for our MD and NoVa State Teams.  This is a prelude to the 1st set of FBU National Championship Team tryouts coming in August for Team Maryland, Team Metro Maryland and Team Northern VA.


If you still need more reasons to commit, please continue to read.

This is also the first official tryout Youth Crab Bowl and Youth Capitol Bowl that will be truly spectacular this winter. From a scouting and exposure standpoint, the Hot Gates will be unmatched.  For those of you not familiar yet with FBU yet, or the Youth Crab Bowl and Youth Capitol Bowl, you will learn all about them and their benefits.  You will put yourself in position to be on the FBU, Crab Bowl, and Capitol Bowl radar screens as one of the top middle school athletes in the DMV.



Nationwide HS scouting service SEN will be on hand to capture all the action, rank the athletes, and provide unprecedented national exposure. In addition to their scouting prowess, the actual media production that SEN Television will put on will be spectacular.  No longer do we just have the FBU Platform of National Championship Tournament and the All American Games, but we are now on the selection committee for the the Under Armour 8th Grade All American Game, which is entitled, the UA Next Game. The Game will be played in Orlando, Fl right after the Under Armour High School All American Game.  Participants will spend a week with the Under Armour High School All Americans. 

In addition, we are on the selection committee for the USA Football International Bowls to be played in AT&T Stadium (Jerry World) on Martin Luther King's Birthday in January of 2018. The opportunities for Exposure are legendary.  But it all starts with the Hot Gates!!!!  The Fall 2017 Football Season officially begins when you enter the Hot Gates. There will be so many HS coaches there that your heads will spin.  College Coaches from all over the DMV will be in attendance as well. Towson U, Howard, and Bowie State have already committed.  We expect t0 see Navy, Morgan State, Catholic U, Georgetown, McDaniel and Stevenson College.


Take a peak at the level of coverage that SEN provided for last years Hot Gates by clicking HERE.  The coverage is unreal.

The best news is that NOT ONLY will the event be held on at the University of Maryland on the same practice fields that the Terps use every day, EACH and EVERY Drill of the camp will be run by University of Maryland Coaches!!!!  Yes it is true....  Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach Walt Bell will work exclusively with the middle school QB's.  DB Coach Azzar Abdul Rahim will work exclusively with the Defensive Backs, etc., etc.

So as a middle school student athlete, you have the opportunity to be coached by and audition in front of a Big Ten coaching staff.  This is unprecedented and unheard of.  Only Grassroots has this type of access. The good news is that that Camp is open to Every athlete from every league, in every region that can get to the event.

There is absolutely no excuse NOT to attend.  The only issue is that the space will be limited.  We can not handle a showcase event with 500 kids and we are not interested in mass producing football. We are cutting off online registration at 300 and will only take walk ups until we are at capacity, so the first 300 that fill out this registration page and secure the payment will get the opportunity of a lifetime. 


Here are the Event Highlights:

·        - Invitations for free admission to the Burning Sands for Crab Bowl and FBU Selections will be awarded.

·    ·  -Evaluations by SEN TELEVISION and ALL TOP AREA High School Coaches.

·        -First look for Grassroots Game Changer Evaluations for 2018.

If this information is not more than enough to get you to want to attend the best youth football event of the year, than we are probably not a good fit for you and we wish you the best on your youth football career.  But here is what I will finally say to the masses of youth football players and parents:

You all SAY you want......

If so, then Come get it........ It will be at the Hot Gates!!!!!

Spread the word........

The top rated players from the classes of 2021 and 2022 will be there. Come show the scouts you are just as good if not better. The SEN 2022 Rankings start on Monday June 19th at the U of Maryland.

FBU All Americans will be there like FBU National Player of the Year Antwain Littleton, FBU 8th Grade Offensive MVP Zion Larkins, FBU 8th Grade Defensive MVP Greg Penn, Caleb Coombs, Colin Henrich, and Caleb Coombs, just to n name a few. UA All Americans like 8th Grade MVP Gary Rosemond, Kenjuan Manuel, Jordan Anderson, and others from the game will be there.

Grassroots Game Changers will be there like Under Armour Ill Speed Champion Colby McDonald, and Grassroots Play Makers like Jalil Farooq, Christian Taylor, Mikey Keen, Joshua Williams, and many more.

All the top rated players will be at the Gates.

What about you? Are you going to continue to complain about not being recognized and respected, or are you going to come and take your respect by competing against the best of the best. Those of you that missed the opportunity to play in the Grassroots Spring, have one last shot. Take your best one and get signed up NOW!!!!!

We realize that we are not for everybody.  The rest are details for you to know and share.

Grassroots Hot Gates Middle School Showcase III:

Where: University of Maryland Gossett Field House
              379 Field House Drive
              College Park, MD 20742

Registration: www.TheGYFL.com
Cost: $35.00 online for Current Athletes on Spring GYFL 2017 Rosters;
$50.00 online for NON-GYFL Spring 2017 Rosters.

Walk Up Fee will be $50.00 for ALL walk ups.  

There will be NO Refunds.  GYFL credit will be offered for players who have paid but can't attend for any reason.

When: Monday June 19th, 2017
Time: All Grades register @ 8am; Compete from 9am to 1pm
Details: NO PADS; Bring Water
              Shorts, cleats, T-Shirts; Youth Club Game Jersey

Schedule of Events:

  • Registration
  • Intro by President Mike Anderson
  • Introduction of University of Maryland Coaching Staff
  • Release to field for Dynamic Warm up
  • Break down into individual position groups for Position Skills and Drills
  • One on One sessions (WR vs DB's, RB vs LB's, TE vs Safeties, OL vs DL
  • 7 on 7 Session for skill players
  • Closing Instructions




To truly understand the value of this event and how it can change lives, just take a look at the article from the Baltimore Sun on three of our alums who are currently juniors in High School.  It breaks down how an important element of college recruiting works by the Mid Atlantic Regional Director of Scouting for Rivals.com. CLICK HERE to see the Baltimore Sun article, and learn about the Grassroots track record of College Scholarship offers and signings.

See you at the Gates on Monday 19th!!!

By the way, Grassroots............. What is your profession?.............. Ah UH!!!!!!!!




Coach Mike


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Wednesday, 05 April 2017 17:45

Sports & Learning Combine Results

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Below we have the results of the 2017 GYFL Combine held at the Sports & Learning Complex on 3/25/2017.  Please note that the times are NOT laser and there is always the potential for human error when hand timing.  On average, laser times are .2 of a second slower than hand times and are more accurate.  For example, a 4.66 40 yard dash by hand time, will on average be a 4.86 laser time.  So to get a more accurate assessment of your laser time speed, take your times here and add .2 seconds to it.

Please don't take these times and get an inflated opinion of how fast or slow you are as a middle school athlete.  This event was designed to prepare you for future combines that you will be evaluated on as you get into high school, as well as have get you exposure to HS and scouting services.  As a rule of thumb, it is possible with training to drop .1 of a second for each year that you are in high school.  For HS seniors there are minimum speed expectations that you will have for the position that you play.  For example, a RB should run NO slower than 4.6 if he wants his speed to be impressive to Major Division 1 programs.  4.40 to 4.60 is the top and low end range of speed for skill players (RB, WR, DB).  For LB's and TE's the top and low end speed would be about 4.50 to 4.70.  Pocket Passers would be about 4.60 to 4.85, while Dual Threat QB's would fall into the skill player category.  DT's and OL are not expected to be speed guys,  Speed Rushing DE would be in that LB category.

That means that if you are a skill player and running a 5.0 as an 8th grader, you are at the minimum speed level that you need to be in order to put yourself in position to run at least a 4.6 as a HS Senior.  A 4.9 as an 8th grader, will put you at approximately a 4.5 as a HS Senior.  While a 4.8 as an 8th grader, will put you at approximately a 4.4 as a HS Senior, which is about as fast as a HS Senior can realistically expect.  Going into College running a 4.4 forty will put you in position to get into the 4.3 range during college on a laser, which is smoking for skill players.

For the most part, the times look in order.  There are a couple of extremely low 40 times that I would add a tenth of a second or 2, but it is clear that Zion Larkins was the hands down fastest at the event. But again, don't allow the times to go to your head if they were faster than you thought and don't allow them to hurt your feelings if they were slower than you thought.


                Under Under Above Above Above
Exceptional Scores               5.00 4.90 7'5 22' 24
Name ID# Region Age Grade Pos Ht. Wt. 40 Yard Dash Pro Agility Shuttle Broad Jump Power Ball Thrust Vertical Jump
Sth Grade & Under                        
Bond, Davis 29 PG County 7 1st RB/LT 5'1 104 7.22 6.96 4'8 6' 12.8
Jones Jr., Jason 136 PG County 6 1st QB/DB 4'4 66 7.01 6.03 4'6 8'10 10.3
Helmer, Sean 195 Frederick County 8 2nd C/DT 4'7 92.5 7.03 6.38 4'0 10' 10.8
Marshall, Logan 62 Prince William County 9 4th RB/LB 4'9 113.5 6.26 5.82 5'0 10'9 16.0
Carlton, Davi 52 Hartford County 10 5th OL/DL 5'2 1/2 218 8.38 7.37 4'0 14' 9.3
Hagan, Cole 191 Southern MD 11 5th OT/DT 4'10 125 6.80 5.97 5'6 13' 10.9
Hayman, Jayden 49 PG County 11 5th TE/DE 4'9 62 5.23 5.44 6'0 13'5 17.6
Howard, Donte 241 DC 11 5th RB/LB 5'3 119 5.35 5.59 7'11 22' 26.7
Jones Jr., Justin 149 PG County 10 5th       6.12 5.71 5'9 10' 17.3
Ridley Jr., Darnell 59 Baltimore 11 5th   4'11 161 7.85 7.08 3'6 13' 10.8
6th Grade                         
Bittner, Jackson 199 Frederick County 12 6th WR/CB 5'2 85 6.16 5.78 6'2 13'5 15.1
Bravo, Noah 112 Frederick County 12 6th RB/CB 4'9 80 6.06 5.26 6'2 14'4 18.0
Cox, Michael 50 Cecil County 12 6th RB/LB 5'3 109 5.27 4.97 6'0 18' 15.8
Druyor, Theo 51 Hartford County 11 6th RB/LB 5'1 1/2 96.5 5.97 5.28 5'10 15' 18
Evans, Joshua 137 Southern MD 11 6th QB/DB 5'7 104 5.34 5.08 7'3 17'4 22.0
Forbes, Christopher 621 Southern MD 11 6th FB/DE 5'6 146.5 5.53 5.77 7'6 20' 21.6
Foreman, Ivan 616 St. Mary's County 12 6th RB/LB 4'8 136 5.62 5.45 5'7 14'8 13.6
Gill, Jack 198 Frederick County 12 6th RB/S 4'9 82 6.18 5.99 5'4 12' 16.6
Green IV, Vernon 251 PG County 12 6th WR/DB 5'5 98 5.19 4.93 7'3 14' 21.1
Gunter, Ethan 129 Cecil County 11 6th WR/CB 5'0 108 6.08 5.01 6'11` 18' 19.6
Hester, Rom 148 Baltimore 13 6th RB/MLB 5'0 110 5.81 5.14 5'11 15' 15.7
James, Malachi 620 PG County 12 6th RB/LB 5'8 132 5.31 4.88 6'11 19' 19.9
Johnson, Travis 613 Southern MD 12 6th WR/DB 5'5 114.5 5.72 5.45 6'5 18'2 17.0
Larkins, Solomon 605 Cecil County 12 6th WR/DB 5'3 103.5 5.62 5.96 7'3 15' 21.5
Lewis, Donovan 610 Carroll County 11 6th QB/DB 4'9 96 5.78 5.22 5'9 11'3 16.5
Littleton, Adrian 623 PG County 11 6th RB/LB 5'7 172 5.77 5.64 6'6 19'9 17.5
Mackall, Shaquan 618 St. Mary's County 12 6th RB/LB 5'1 121 5.16 5.10 6'8 19' 20.5
Marshall, Morgan 63 Prince William County 11 6th OL/DL 5'1 1/2 151 6.49 6.15 5'5 15'2 14.6
Moss, Deontae 252 PG County 12 6th RB/CB 4'5 80 6.47 5.89 5'6 10' 15.9
Payne IV, Charles 125 DC 12 6th QB/S 5'8 125 5.13 5.21 6'8 19' 23.1
Pittman, Jaden 70 Baltimore 12 6th QB/S 4'8 73 5.68 5.55 6'0 13' 17.1
Polesovsky, Jayson 60 Hartford County 12 6th QB/DB 5'0 88.5 5.81 5.31 5'11 15' 17.4
Randall, Kamari 147 Baltimore 12 6th RB/S 5'0 111 5.17 5.15 6'8 17' 22.0
Sims, Jaiden 619 St. Mary's County 12 6th WR/DB 5'5 1/2 133.5 5.30 5.07 6'4 19' 20.2
Stewart, Anu 135 Montgomery County 13 6th RB/LB 5'4 137 5.75 5.59 6'8 15' 19.6
Wells, Johnathon 58 Baltimore 11 6th   5'1 1/2 101 6.19 5.62 6'2 13' 17.6
Yarbrough, Elijah 142 Southern MD 12 6th G/DT 5'10 212 6.59 6.08 5'4 16' 11.7
7th Grade                        
Adams Jr., James 617 St. Mary's County 12 7th QB/DB 5'6 97 5.81 5.10 5'3 15' 19.1
Barham, Jaishawn 47 DC 13 7th RB/LB 6'1 172 5.36 5.02 8'0 25' 22.9
Bracey III, Darrell 72 Southern MD 13 7th WR/S 5'10 142 4.94 4.88 8'4 23' 1/2 24.4
Brown Jr., Daniel 615 PG County 13 7th WR/CB 5'3 120 5.31 5.55 6'11 11'2 23.0
Brown Jr., Michael 246 Southern MD 13 7th WR/DB 5'5 115 5.15 5.07 7'1 19' 24.1
Bulluck-Thomas Jr., Clayton 121 Montgomery County 13 7th RB/LB 5'8 147 5.26 5.15 7'3 18' 21.6
Castro, Jason 122 Southern MD 13 7th WR/CB 5'7 128 5.58 5.10 5'7 18' 14.7
Cokley, Jordan 242 Southern MD 13 7th FB/LB 5'5 179 5.97 5.03 6'6 21' 18.9
Cole Jr., Ronald 48 Southern MD 13 7th OL/FB - DE/LB 5'10 191 5.81 5.39 6'5 22' 23.0
Curry, Garrison 55 Hartford County 13 7th WR/DB 5'8 123.5 5.59 5.28 5'6 14' 17.5
Dhaba, Booran 511 Fairfax County 13 7th   5'8 137 5.85 5.52 6'8 17' 21.2
Essex, Xavier 128 Montgomery County 12 7th QB 5'3 130 6.52 5.26 6'0 17' 19.4
Evans III, Willie 115 Montgomery County 13 7th RB/DB 5'7 150 4.73 5.15 8'0 21'1 22.9
Garrison, Azzan 64 Southern MD 12 7th RB/LB 5'1 143 5.15 5.07 6'10 19' 20.6
Gibson, Justin 189 Southern MD 13 7th FB/LB 5'10 162.5 4.80 5.21 8'0 26' 22.2
Glover, Micah 132 Frederick County 13 7th RB/LB 5'9 150 5.70 5.27 6'6 19' 17.8
Green, Devon 609 DE 13 7th RB/CB 5'0 120.5 4.73 4.64 7'5 18'4 20.7
Gregg, Asa 240 Southern MD 13 7th WR/DE 5'11 138 5.46 5.51 6'8 19' 17.5
Hagan, Wyatt 190 Southern MD 13 7th QB 5'9 132 5.12 4.59 7'1 21' 20.7
Hall, Oshton 146 Prince William 12 7th WR/CB 5'3 111 5.18 4.84 6'6 19' 20.1
Hood Jr., Jamal 247 Southern MD 13 7th WR/DB 5'9 158 5.12 5.25 8'7 21' 28.0
Igwacho, Elpris 131 Hartford County 13 7th FB/DL 5'6 194 6.12 5.25 5'7 18' 14.1
Jester, Brian 66 DC 13 7th QB/DE 6'1 204 5.59 4.84 7'6 21' 19.2
Johnson, Davouz 118 DC 14 7th TE/DE 5'11  174 *** 5.40 5'11 *** 16.9
Jordan, Noah 611 St. Mary's County 13 7th   5'9 214.5 6.92 6.26 5'1 18'6 15.4
Kintum, Holy-Fortune 141 Montgomery County 12 7th TE/DE 5'9 128 5.96 5.21 6'5 17' 21.1
Lampkin, Andre 140 PG County 14 7th RB/LB 5'5 126 5.00 5.00 6'0 29' 1/4 24.0
Leonard, Myles 32 Southern MD 13 7th WR/DE 5'10 151 5.06 4.95 7'8 19' 21.1
Lewis, Darrien 65 PG County 12 7th WR/LB 5'9 151.5 *** 4.98 7'6 20' 22.5
Lewis, Deonte' 614 Southern MD 13 7th RB/C 5'4 117 5.10 5.06 7'9 19'1 26.0
Mansaray, Jamine 120 Montgomery County 13 7th TE/DE 5'8 140 5.92 5.02 6'3 14' 1/2 17.8
Ngu, Victor 57 Hartford County 13 7th WR/DB 5'2 1/2 122 4.90 4.84 6'0 16' 23.5
Phillips, Kavari 193 Howard County 13 7th WR/CB 5'7 108 5.28 5.15 7'1 15' 21.6
Polesovsky, Rocco 61 Hartford County 13 7th TE/DB 5'9 1/2 143.5 5.38 5.08 6'3 20' 18.1
Ramos-Cruz, Anthony 113 Montgomery County 13 7th TE/DE 5'5 174 6.44 6.02 5'5 17'8 13.0
Richards, Patrick 127 PG County 12 7th OT/DT 5'10 191 5.78 6.16 5'8 16' 14.3
Russell, Jaden 54 Anne Arundel County 13 7th RB-LB-QB/DB 5'1 130 5.85 5.20 6'0 17' 17.0
Sandy, Zahbari 123 Southern MD 12 7th WR/CB 5'6 120 5.66 5.15 6'1 15' 20.3
Seigman, Tyler 601 PA 12 7th QB/S 5'1 1/2 103.5 5.86 5.02 6'0 16' 16.9
Solomon, Elijah 33 PG County 13 7th RB/S 5'7 131 5.00 4.52 8'4 20' 23.9
Sullivan, Tavian 139 Southern MD 12 7th RB/DB 5'8 120 5.64 5.02 7'0 17' 18.6
Takusi, Michael 56 Hartford County 13 7th RG/DE 5'7 157 5.78 5.22 7'0 16' 22.1
Walls, Travis 124 Hartford County 13 7th RT/LDT 5'10 180 5.13 5.33 6'4 *** 15.5
Williams, Jeremiah 249 Dc 14 7th QB/DB 5'7 136 5.04 5.07 7'6 19'6 26.0
Wilson, Cameron 192 Southern MD 13 7th OL/DL 6'2 251 5.40 5.43 6'0 23' 17.5
Wingfield, Nolan 68 Southern MD 13 7th RB/DB 4'6 150 4.70 5.15 6'8 22' 22.9
8th Grade                        
Altice, Jared 622 Southern MD 14 8th OT/DT 5'11 262 6.31 5.45 6'0 24' 17.4
Arevalo, Christian 116 Montgomery County 14 8th RB/FS 5'6 143 5.21 5.02 6'10 21'7 18.7
Bagwell, Keith 521 Baltimore 14 8th LB 5'8 159 *** *** *** *** ***
Blake, BJ 606 DE 14 8th WR/RB 5'10 158.5 5.34 4.97 8'2 22' 21.0
Bumpass, Jamar 31 PG County 13 8th WR/CB 5'9 134 5.18 4.83 7'9 21' 20.9
Bumpass, Jamil 30 PG County 13 8th WR/CB-S 5'9 141 5.00 4.91 8'7 20' 24.2
Cuellar, Ben 67 Montgomery County 14 8th QB/DB 6'1 151.5 4.94 4.80 6'10 24' 28.2
Doane, Daniel 119 Cecil County 13 8th QB/CB 5'9 128 5.34 4.83 6'9 17' 20.8
Dotson, Jaylen 200 Southern MD 14 8th WR/DB 5'8 148 4.66 4.78 8'6 18'3 27.0
Escoto, Jackson 117 Southern MD 14 8th WR/CB 5'10 144 5.20 4.75 8'0 25' 21.8
Gamble, Jakob 69 Montgomery County 14 8th WR/DB-CB 5'11 145 4.94 4.68 7'7 22' 23.8
Henry, Curt "CJ" 603 Southern MD 15 8th QB 5'7 181 5.07 4.82 7'3 23'1 20.3
Herbert Jr., Kevin 114 Montgomery County 14 8th WR/DB 5'6 121 5.03 5.08 6'10 18' 20.5
Johnson, Gabriel 526 Baltimore 14 8th RB/LB 5'5 174 5.44 5.31 6'0 *** 16.2
Johnson, Jayden 75 PG County 13 8th WR/S 5'9 1/2 155 4.56 5.01 8'2 26' 23.5
Johnson, Marcus 143 DC 14 8th LT/NG 6'5 275 7.75 6.46 *** 20' 10.8
Johnson, Michael 524 Baltimore 14 8th LB 5'9 193 *** *** 6'7 *** 22.0
Johnson, William 612 Southern MD 14 8th WR/DB 5'11 166 4.59 4.97 7'9 22'8 24.5
Joiner, Logan 126 DC 14 8th OL/DL 5'10 245 5.59 5.13 5'11 25' 17.4
Keen, Chaz "Mikey" 607 Southern MD 15 8th RB/LB 5'8 217.5 5.13 5.28 7'7 26'6 23.3
Knight, Christopher 197 Fairfax County 13 8th DE 5'6 138 6.71 6.06 5'5 15'8 15.3
LaFears, David 245 DC 14 8th RB/LB 5'10 164 5.01 5.25 7'4 21'4 20.8
Larkins, Zion 604 Southern MD 15 8th WR/DB 5'8 145.5 4.50 4.72 8'11 24'6 28.7
Lewis, Rashard 248 DC 14 8th RB/DB 5'9 131 5.59 4.85 6'10 16' 22.1
Lusk, Chase 53 Anne Arundel County 14 8th OL/DL 5'8 238.5 5.82 5.20 6'6 25' 16.7
McDonald, Colby 133 Southern MD 14 8th RB/LB 5'10 176 4.63 4.78 7'4 24'9 26.0
McPhail Jr., Sean 130 DC 14 8th WR/DE 5'11 170 4.80 5.27 7'2 28' 27.1
Montgomery, Monty 243 Southern MD 13 8th WR/DB 5'10 159 5.06 5.20 6'9 19' 23.1
Penn, Greg 525 Southern MD 15 8th TE/LB 6'1 242 *** *** *** *** ***
Porter, Andre 144 DC 14 8th TE/DE 6'4 260 5.52 5.08 7'6 27' 18.7
Porter, Daron 145 DC 14 8th RB/DB 5'9 150 5.12 5.14 7'6 23' 21.6
Press, Jacob (Jake) 196 Frederick County 13 8th WR/CB 5'3 107 5.10 4.76 6'9 18' 20.8
Raspberry, Marquis 523 Southern MD 14 8th WR/DB 5'9 134 4.88 4.89 7'11 22'5 27.2
Rawlings, Phillip 71 Southern MD 13 8th WR/DB 5'10 144 4.79 4.81 8'0 19' 27.1
Reeves, Karvin 602 DE 13 8th RB/LB 5'8 169 4.67 4.70 7'4 23' 20.8
Scott, Calian 74 Southern MD 13 8th RB/DB 5'8 136 4.75 4.72 7'0 25' 19.9
Smith, Justin 510 PG County 14 8th RB/S 5'10 139 4.90 5.19 8'0 24' 25.4
Stewart, Mekiel 134 Montgomery County 14 8th RB/S 5'8 138 4.93 5.03 7'3 17'5 23.1
Taylor, Christian 138 Southern MD 15 8th RB/LB 6'1 208 5.22 4.78 8'6 26' 24.9
West, Isaiah 194 Southern MD 13 8th WR/DB 5'8 153 4.84 4.69 8'3 16' 24.0
Wheeler, Keshawn 244 PG County 14 8th RB/LB 5'11 168 4.91 4.83 8'9 22'3 25.0
Williams, Joshua 608 Southern MD 14 8th C-G/DE 5'11 208 *** *** *** *** ***
9th Grade                        
Broussard Jr., Tauriaj 250 DC 15 9th WR/CB 5'11 168 5.09 5.12 7'4 22' 20.9
Simmons, Chase 1 Southern MD           6.00 6.95 4'11 9'2 ***
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2017 Combine/Mini-Camps

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Looking for more exposure for your Athlete? Learn the techniques that will help him stand out from the competition by the time he reaches high school and that will allows to him grow as a football player and student athlete, on and off the field. Our former NFL players, collegiate stars, HS coaches and top trainers from the DMV provide hands-on instructions and teach your player the same techniques that have molded some of the best football players in the country.

If you are already up to speed on the benefits of the Grassroots Combine/Mini-Camp, you can go directly to the details below and click on the link to register.




 The first step to the FBU National Championship Tourney begins with the GYFL combine. The Champs will be at
 the combine in the 25th of March.  Come test yourself.  If you think you are better than come show and prove.  

Open to Ages: 7-15 (Open to All Leagues)

MARCH 24th (Saturday)

Scouting athletes from Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Central Pa, Delaware, Harford County, South Jersey, Eastern MD, District of Columbia, Frederick County, Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Northern Va, Southern Maryland & Surrounding Areas.

PG Sports & Learning Complex
8001 Sherrif Road
Landover, MD 20785
(301) 583-2400
Time: 8am - 4pm (Check in and Registration from 8am to 9am)

What to bring: Water, beverage, sneakers, NO CLEATS!!!  

NOTE:  We also need you to wear a YOUTH CLUB Jersey for our HS Coaches and All Star Game Scouts to more easily identify you!!!  If you don't have one, reach out to your club coach and borrow one for the day.

Incoming Freshman can either wear their youth club jersey or the HS jersey for the school they will be attending if they are committed.  If access to a jersey is not available, just wear your most comfortable shirt and be ready to roll.

Register Here!



Cost: Normally $100, with a special discount available for the 2018 event.  There is a 20% discount for athletes that register online prior to the day of the event.  When you click on the link you will see the price currently set at $80.  We suggest you take advantage.

Walk Up Registration: $100.00.

Value: Priceless



Combine Mini-Camps are Mandatory for Spring Participation.  We are looking for a quality event, not quantity.  It is much more difficult to provide quality for larger groups of participants than it is for smaller groups, so our goal is NOT to have the masses, thus one of the reasons for the price. 

Remember that in this world, you reap what you sow and you get what you pay for. Other events may be cheaper than ours in cost, and they may also be cheaper than ours in quality.  We believe in our product.  It is a proven product and it is more than worth the price that we charge.

Note:  Expect Online registration to Close at 4:59 pm on the previous Friday Night for the Saturday Combines.  

Financial Aid is Available for those who qualify:
If financial aid is a legitimate need, contact Director of Business Affairs Tonya Anderson to see if you qualify.  She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Click Here for a copy of the Financial Aid Form prior to contacting us.




  We had 10 GYFL alums who were selected for the FBU 8th Grade All American Game.  They are GYFL Combine Alums.  


If you are still on the fence, or need more information prior to making the decision, the following paragraphs provide more reasons why we believe you will benefit from our GYFL events.

Grassroots Combines/Mini-Camps provide tremendous exposure for athletes interested in developing their talent as well as an opportunity to gain exposure to top public and private High Schools.  The showcase events provide a platform for athletes to be ranked by top scouting services.  The events provide the venue for athletes to be scouted for the 2017 GYFL All-Star teams. 

Most importantly, it provides and opportunity to IMPROVE as a Football Player.  To be successful long term in the game of football, athletes will have to master the combine events.  Our Youth Combine/Mini-camps prepare young athletes to be ready to dominate in the present and the future.

Finally, the event is the first step in the Process of becoming a Grassroots Game Changer (Click to Learn More). The Grassroots Game Changer is the most prestigious award that we offer to our athletes.  The benefits are unreal but the expectations are extremely high.

These events are scouted by the top football brands in the region (Under Armour All American Games, FBU All American Games, Rivals, USA Football International Bowls, Under The Radar Events and Highlight Videos, etc., and many more).

They are run by some of the best trainers and coaches.  The Sports and Learning Combine portion will be run by top Trainers in the DMV.  They will be bringing their state of the art Electronic Timing Machines to capture the times NFL style.  Mike Brooks from Explosive Performance will be running and coordinating the Combine.  EP is a owned by Sport & Health Clubs and we are proud to have worked out a Sponsorship Agreement with the brand.

Some of the top skills trainers and coaches in the area will be on hand to assist with the testing portion of the event.  The top High School coaches from public and private schools all over the DMV will lead the positional drills during the mini-camp session.  We average at least 30 of the best HS programs from public, private, and charter schools in the region.

Here is a partial list of High Schools that have already confirmed:

  • Georgetown Prep
  • Potomac School
  • Oxon Hill
  • Wise
  • Dunbar (DC)
  • Good Counsel
  • DeMatha
  • St Johns
  • Gonzaga
  • Archbishop Carroll
  • Bishop McNamara
  • Palotti
  • Annapolis Area Christian School
  • Mt. Saint Josephs
  • Calvert Hall
  • St. Frances Academy
  • Landon School
  • John Carroll
  • Archbishop Spalding
  • Bullis School
  • Friendship Collegiate
  • Wilson HS
  • Gwynn Park
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • St. Stephens/St. Agnes
  • Avalon School
  • Riverdale Baptist
  • And others

Under Armour, or official Sponsor with have reps on hand, along with product to view and purchase.  The event will be captured by SEN Television, who will be conducting interviews and capturing footage of the top performers.

Take a Glimpse at a prior years combine video from The Sports and Learning to see for your self.  Click Here to see the video




The 2017 Under Armour All American Game featured 18 players
from DMV. 14 of them are GYFL alums and Combine participants.


If you need still need more convincing, please continue reading.  Our combines measure athletic potential, provide valuable feedback, training guidance and on-field skills development for each athlete as they strive towards the next level of performance.  The results are tallied, posted on the web and e-blasted to all HS coaches in the area. 

There has never been anything like a Grassroots Youth Combine for 7 - 15 year old kids!  This is not just a try out to make a Grassroots team.  It is so much more and it is NEVER too early to Train...... Compete........Get Noticed!!!!

Please KNOW this before you spend your hard on money on ANY of US:

Every combine is NOT created equal because every combine coordinator does NOT have the same connections and influence as we do.  It is not about WHAT you will do at a combine or showcase. It is about WHO you will do it in front of and what THEY can do with your results. Our track record is quite impressive in a few short years. Here is a short list of the powerful connections that we have relationships and influence with:

Our Commissioner is the one and only Rick "Doc" Walker. Technically we could stop right there.  11 Year NFL veteran Chad Scott is a partner and owner. Our list of retired NFL Players who support us is impressive. Troy Vincent, Lamont Jordan, and Derrick Fenner, just to name a few.

We have relationships with every HS program in the DMV, every top youth organization in the DMV, every top trainer and skills coach in the DMV, the HS Crab Bowl, the Youth Crab Bowl, FBU, Under Armour and the UA All American Game, the US Army All American Game, the FBU All American Games, The Under Armour 8th Grade All American Game, USA Football International Bowls and North American Championships, Rivals.comYouth1.com, VTO Sports, Nike Football Training Camps and the Opening, Elite 11, TerrapinTimes.comMarylandvarsity.com, and more.

We have relationships with many of the top colleges and universities that recruit this area. The list continues but if that is not enough for you then you must be connected to some pretty powerful folks in the football game.


In addition, maximizing your chances to get the exposure that you need to is crucial in the competitive world of football.  It is a 3 pronged approach and you have to master all 3 to maximize your opportunity:

  • Athletic Ability
    • High Schools, Scouting Services, Colleges, and Pro Scouts are looking for athletes.  If that was not the case they would not have athletes run 40's at every 1 day camp.  They would not do NFL Combines are have Pro Days. Scouting Services would not measure athletic ability.
    • Combines test Athletic Ability and they are important.  Just playing on game days does not necessarily show how athletic you are.  A WR can play an entire game and not get one pass thrown to him.  A RB can play a game and only get 2 carries if they run a wide open spread.  Some game situations don't allow the opportunity for athletes to get noticed because of the game plan and situations.  It happens in Grassroots often.  QB may not be able to show his talent because the OLine may not be able to give him time.
    • The Combine can and will show speed, quickness, strength, and agility which are very important to coaches and scouts.
  • Positional Skill Set
    • It is important to exhibit the ability to master the drills and skills necessary to play the position of choice.
    • Our Mini Camp portion test position skills.  We can determine an athletes position skill level after 3 hours of mini-camp.  We can NOT determine skill ability from the combine. Since both are important, we offer both options at our events.
  • Game Performance
    • As important as athleticism and skill is concerned, they do not take the place of being able to play the game of football.  It is easy to look great before the pads come on.  The pads separate the men from the boys.  At our combines we can see the first two, but we can't see how much heart you have and whether or not you are real football player until we see you perform on the big stage, under the bright lights of the highly competitive Grassroots Spring Football Season.
  • Neither one of the 3 pieces are enough by themselves.  You need all 3 to maximize your opportunities and to get the full endorsement from us.  We suggest that you start with the combine, go hard at the mini-camp, then compete in the Spring Season.



St. Johns Alum and Under Armour All American Kasim Hill (#11), USA Football All American Cam Spence (#56)
and DeMatha Superstar and Under Armour All American Anthony McFarland (#5) are all Combine Alums!!

LASTLY.........For my current 8th Graders and All 8th Graders who want to maximize their chances of playing college football like these 2017 GYFL Alums above, please take note.

Are you ready to show and prove that you are only as good as your last game..........Or do you feel like your job is done because you got your sweet financial aid package and you acceptance letters?  If we thought that was enough we would have no need for a Varsity Spring for the 8th graders....... think about it.

Now you got your letter 8th graders..... you got your package...... I am thrilled for you. We played a role in that and it is the most important role. We are so proud of you right now.  But just getting the letter is NOT what you came for, is it? What are you gonna do when you get there?

This is not for the kids who are running track, playing Lax or basketball and are multi-sport athletes. This is for the full time football players who may believe the job is done and the mission is complete. The mission just got started!

Consider the following truths:

If training was all you needed to do to get great, every college in America would not be PLAYING SPRING BALL! If you think it is too early to start thinking about college and thinking like college players you are already behind the other kids that don't agree with you. You will see a ton of those kids in the Spring Season. Will you be looking them eye to eye on the gridiron and getting better? Or will you be watching them get better from the stands.

Training is critical...... but if we thought it was enough, we wouldn't be playing Spring ball. Not everyone agrees with us and you may be getting different advice from different people. I hope for your sake they have the influence and connections to do for you what we can do for you when you are at the next level trying to get to do the NEXT level. Not many do that is why I spend so much time counseling my alums parents and advocating for them behind the scenes. 

But I digress.......

There is a science to what we do. While some of you may believe you have arrived and the job is done, another kid is gonna be passing you up this Spring and being the next KeyShawn Wray, Mohamed Ibrahim, or Latrell Palmer!!!!  Google them if you need to, but THEY GOT NEXT and they earned it in the Spring of their 8th grade years. Off Players of the Year for 2013, 2014, and 2015 respectively. Wonder who will take that crown in 2017.

Rest on your laurels of you choose to and believe that just training is enough to get ready for high school. If just training was enough the Good Counsel freshman and now the DeMatha and St. Johns freshmen wouldn't all be suiting up this Spring, just to name few of the High School coaches that get it.

So I am watching my 8th grade Crab Bowl kids and my 8th grade FBU and Crab Bowl kids and parents to see if you believe me or not. I love you all no matter what. Just don't say I didn't tell you, so in a couple of years if another kid has passed you up on the rankings and in recruiting, you won't be shocked and saying, Why didn't somebody tell me? I am officially telling you now.

It is my job to keep you all informed so you can't say you did not know! Don't start cruising at the finish line because you think you have the race won. There is another kid bearing down on you. He is training like a demon for a purpose........ And he ain't waiting for the fall baby!!!!!


It starts with the Grassroots Combine/Mini-Camp for All of you.  For the full time football players, it ends with the Spring Season.  The 8th grade Fall, Team MD FBU, and the Crab Bowl set the pecking order for the last round of recruiting for High school. That is over now. Job well done!

Grassroots Spring for 8th Graders sets the initial pecking order for the scouting services in High School, and reshuffles the deck for the 8th graders as they become 9th graders.  Remember the old saying, you are only as good as your last game fellas! December is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. Take advantage of the opportunity if you are able to. Kids have grown since December. Kids have put on weight since December. Kids have gotten stronger and faster since December. It is quite true that we can see that part from the combine/Mini Camp.

What we can't see is who's heart got bigger. Who got tougher and harder. Who got more durable and dependable. There were some kids that missed the FBU Team and Crab Bowl team and have something to prove as they go into 9th grade. There are some kids who were backups on those teams and thought they were better than you. They are coming to prove it and if you are there you can hold them off.

If you are not there you can't. Grassroots is the proving ground and Grassroots Varsity is where it will all go down.  Will you pass the next kid or will you be passed. Will you rise to top or will you be watching from the stands.

8th Graders........ The choice is yours!

My suggestion is simply this:

Stay thirsty my friends!

What are you waiting for?  Spots are filling up fast.  If financial aid is a legitimate need, contact Director of Business Affairs Tonya Anderson to see if you qualify.  She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Click Here for a copy of the Financial Aid Form prior to contacting us.


The bottom line is that Jalen Tabor (#5 U of Florida) is going to be a first round pick in the 2017
NFL Draft.  He killed the 2010 GYFL Combine/Mini-Camp.  Big Orlando Brown Junior (#78 from the
University of Oklahoma will be a first round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.  GYFL Combines were good
enough for them.  Again I ask you...... Who wants next?

Sample Combine Format:

First Session:
Registration take place during the first hour.
Welcome by the President: 15 minutes
Warm-up/Stretching: 30 minutes
Combine testing: 2 hours

Each participant will be measured in:

  • Height/Weight
  • 40-Yard Dash *
  • Pro Agility (20 yard shuttle) *
  • Standing Broad Jump
  • 3 cone drill or Vertical Jump
  • Power ball Launch

* Events conducted twice with best time used


Second Session Mini-Camp Format:
Warm-up/Stretching: 10 minutes
Offensive Position drill testing: 60 minutes
Defensive Position drill testing: 60 minutes
Coaches can refer to the below link to review some sample drills:


  • QB
    • Drills: 3, 5 7 step drop under center
    • Throws: Slant, Out, In, Corner, Deep route
  • OL
    • Drills: Kick slide drill from the 2-point stance & 3 point- stance
  • DL
    • Drill: Rip & Swim drill
  • RB
    • Drill: Off tackle reaction drill
  • LB
    • Drill: Pass drop & hip rotation drill
  • WR/TE
    • Drill: Gauntlet
  • DB
    • Drill: Speed turn drill


Note: There are no refunds for this event.  League credit will be given for those who are unable to attend for any reason.

849 as of 3/13/2017

Monday, 20 February 2017 14:00

2017 Pre-Registration

Written by
PARENTS/PLAYERS: Pre-Register for the 2017 GYFL Season of ELITE Competition
We at Grassroots humbly invite you to become a part of the Grassroots Family. If you landed on this page on purpose you are in the right place. Maximizing your son's opportunity to get to the next level begins with step #1, which is learning about Grassroots and getting Pre-Registered.  If you landed here because you saw one of our Championship Game Photos or one of our FBU Team Photos, again you are in the right place. The road to a Championship begins here, with Pre-Registration.  
Please read the following document carefully so that you can be educated on the process.  Knowledge is not power, but it is very powerful. Taking action and applying the knowledge that you learn is where the true power lies.  To take action without the proper education is simply not wise.  One thing we will NOT allow you to do as a parent is to be unwise.  But you can't afford to NOT take the time to read and study the information that we share with you on this site, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  We will arm you with the information and offer you the platform. It is up to you to take advantage.
We understand that we are not for every child.  For the child that is a multi-sport athlete like most of us were back in the day, Grassroots may not be the perfect fit.  For the child that just plays football for fun and does not take it very seriously, Grassroots may not be the right place.  For parents who are concerned about their kids playing with other kids that are larger than they are, we are not the league.  We understand that.......
However, if your son lives, eats, sleeps and breathes football, we are the right place.  If your son dreams about playing big time High School football and making it to college one day to play this great sport, we are the right fit.  Understand this fact.....  There are over 16,000 High School Seniors that play football in the state of Maryland and DC every single year.  They all have dreams of playing college football one day and many dream about the pros.  What they don't realize is that our region only averages 60 Division 1 Football scholarships and 40 Division 2 football scholarships every year.  That is less than 100 football scholarships per year from a pool of over 16,000.  Those numbers are real and they are bone chilling.
(The Maryland Heat won the 2016 Fall GYFL Championship)
If your child dreams about being in that 100 number during his senior year, he can't afford NOT to be a part of the Grassroots family.  There is a science to the politics of college football.  There is a science to the process that goes into securing one of those scarce scholarships and just being in the right high school is only a part of the equation.  Grassroots will lay the entire process out for every child that wants the dream and prepare a platform for the masses of dreamers to truly compete for those coveted spots.
Earning a college scholarship starts in middle school for those that truly get it, and for those that don't get it, at some point they will understand.  If your child is serious about this there is going to have to be a commitment made by your family and by your child to dedicate himself to the pursuit and it will be a year round pursuit.  We are not suggesting that kids need to have contact year round by any means.  But, the commitment to training in the winter must be made.  The commitment to competing in combines and showcase events must be made.  The commitment to playing Spring Football must be made.  Grassroots provides all of that, and now that we have launched a spectacular Fall Football League for select teams, we have the year round model that every child will need to maximize his opportunities.
If you play in our league you will train hard, you will be coached by the best, you will compete against the best talent in the DMV, you will get unprecedented exposure to the top public, private and charter high schools in the area, and most importantly, you will become a BETTER Football Player! 
Let me be very clear!!!!  Becoming a part of the Grassroots family will not guarantee you a college scholarship!!!  No Camp, no combine, no football league, and no High School can make such claims.  What we can guarantee you is that you and your son will KNOW the process from A to Z and the information and opportunities provided by Grassroots will put him in position to compete for a life changing college scholarship.
(Jalen Tabor of Florida will be a 1st Round Pick in the
2017 NFL Draft. His parents chose the Grassroots Way)
It all starts with you the parents though.  As I said, we understand that Grassroots is not for everyone.  It doesn't make us right or wrong.  You have to determine if we are right or wrong for you and your family.  If you are a parent that is not comfortable with making and investment of time and money into this journey, Grassroots is probably not for you.  This is certainly not to suggest that money is our motivation.  Nothing could be further from the truth. However, our model is quite different from the typical youth club model.  We have a very limited number of teams, which creates the fierce competition.  But, our parents must be prepared to make the commitment of travel to get to the right organization for their sons.  If you are looking for convenience and a program that is close to you, we are probably not the right fit.  Our practices may be far from you.  The games on the weekends will require you to travel and spend money on gas that you may not be prepared to spend.
(These FBU Freshman All Americans had parents who made the sacrifice, and they played on the biggest stage)

It costs us a great deal of money to rent the elite level HS facilities where we play each weekend.  The athletic trainers are very expensive.  We have to pay for the referees out of our pocket, which is normally the clubs responsibilities. As a result of all the expenses to do Grassroots the way we do it, we charge a $5.00 gate fee for a day long pass of elite football.  If you are not comfortable with that fee, we may not be the league for you.  We are confident that we are worth every penny that you will invest in your child and then some.  But, this must be something that you understand and are willing to invest in.  If you are not willing to invest the time and resources, it is not necessary for you to read any further.  But, if you are, I can assure you that it will be worth it.  Our track record speaks for itself.  CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR TRACK RECORD.
If you are ready to make the commitment, you need to be a part of this!!!!!
Here is a description of how we operate:
  • During the Fall Season we run the most elite and talent packed Football League.  The League is the Grassroots Youth Football League (GYFL) and it is second to none.
  • We produce the Grassroots Burning Sands Invitational event in October, which is the top HS Showcase event for middle school football players.  It is a showcase for the top national scouting services as well.  We use the Burning Sands for a variety of purposes, but the initial Crab Bowl selections come directly from Burning Sands performance.  The Youth Crab Bowl is developing into one of the premiere youth All Star Tournaments in the Mid Atlantic Region.
  • We recruit and evaluate talent for the GYFL/FBU All Star team that will compete in a post season National Championship Tournament for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  We recruit in August/Sept and have evaluations in September.  Rosters are named in October.  We begin practice in mid November and the tournament begins in early December.  If we win out, the culmination is a Final Four Tournament in Naples, Florida for a select few from each age group.  In 2012, our 6th Grade Team went undefeated and won the Mid Atlantic Regional Champions.  Our 7th Grade Team won the National Championship.  Our 8th Grade Team made it to the Elite 8 before losing to Massachusetts in Ohio.  In 2013 we were the first of 64 national regions to send 2 of our 3 teams to the Final Four (6th and 8th Grade). Both teams lost in nail biters to Team Georgia. In 2014 our 7th Grade team lost in a thrilling Final Four game to Broward County.  We continued to earn respect and knock on the door, but we were not quite ready to kick it in.  In 2015, we sent another 2 of our 3 teams back to the Final Four.  Our 7th Graders lost to Broward County again, and our 8th Graders were beaten handily by Georgia.  We went back to the drawing board.  
  • In 2016, we finally kicked the door in and earned the respect of the Nation.  We sent and unprecedented 3 Teams to the Elite 8. Our 6th Graders finished 5th in the Nation.  Our 7th Graders finished 3rd in the Nation.  Our 8th Graders made an undefeated run to the National Championship and put the running clock on a great Seattle Team in the National Championship Game 41 - 6. Please enjoy the highlights before you read on.  Click Here for the FBU 8th Grade National Championship Highlights, provided by Under the Radar!

(These are the FBU 8th Grade National Champions, who followed the process we are outlining for you)

  • Once the FBU National Championship Tourney ends, it is100% Grassroots time.
  • We begin conditioning clinics and Pre-Combine training in January.  The sessions run through March. Conditioning clinics are optional, but highly beneficial in order to be prepared to excel during the combine season.
  • In March we have combine/mini-camps in for each of the regions which will have All Star Teams. Combines are are a critical part of the Grassroots formula and they are mandatory for league participation.  None of our events are done for revenue generation.  If we believe that an event is a vital component to the full development of an athlete and will help him maximize his opportunity to get exposure to the "Right HS Fit", which will increase his chances to compete for a college scholarship, we offer the event.  We put a price on it that is commensurate with the value of the event.  We don't compare prices with other companies.  Our track record is clear.  We do what we do. We know the value of the Grassroots experience and the prices reflect that.  For any parents that have a legitimate financial hardship, we offer a financial aid process similar to what the private schools offer.  Since 2010, there has never been one kid that didn't attend a Grassroots event or play in a season because his parents could not afford it.
  • After the combine season, which will end on the 4th weekend in March of 2075, we will begin All Star Team try outs in each region during April.
  • Teams will be finalized and regular season play for the 2017 Spring  season will begin the 4th week of April in 2017.  
  • There will be a 5 game regular season, a 8 Team playoff, a Championship Game, and an All Star Game for our Varsity,JV, and Frosh leagues for 2017. 
  • The Post Season Awards Ceremony, The Grassroots Game Game Changer Ceremony (The Grassy Awards) will take place in July.  Then we start the whole process all over again in the Fall.
It is critical that you Pre-Register for our database in order for us to keep you fully updated on all things GYFL.  Please click on the link below to access the GYFL 2017 Registration page and make sure to fill out all of the fields.
We will make decisions regarding combines & new teams coming into the league and other pertinent GYFL decisions based on the Pre-Registration numbers, which give us insight into the interest level in your region.
Make sure to fill out this information asap and pass the word on to other players and parents on your teams and in your league.  The more athletes we have that are registered for combine/mini-camps, the more competitive the league will be in 2017.

Click Here to Pre-Register for the Grassroots 2017 Season of Activities (Mandatory)

STEP #1:
 **************NOTE: Please select the region you are interested in playing in carefully.  Once you sign up for a region, if you wish to change teams and play for another region you will need to apply for a waiver from the current Head Coach and the GYFL to switch teams.********************************
STEP #2:
STEP #3:

Lastly, after completing your 3 steps, make go to the site and make sure to Join Us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for Real Time updates and announcements


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GYFL Combine Video

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Burning Sands Interview 2013