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2014 7th Grade Opening Day

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I5 Elite's Chris Randolph backed up a Championship Spring Season with a big time opening game performance I5 Elite's Chris Randolph backed up a Championship Spring Season with a big time opening game performance

Week 1 Saturday September 6th @ Calvert Hall HS
8201 La Salle Road, Baltimore, MD

Westlake Bulldogs 

34 MoHo Co Lions 0
I5 Elite  39 Hamilton Tigers




Westlake Bulldogs 34
MoHo Co Lions 0

The Westlake Bulldogs faced The MoHo County Lions

This game started the day off with The Bulldogs really putting on a ground game exhibition that will look to difficult to stop as they continue to gel and build on their playcalling options. "The SS Express" #10 Saiquan Stewart led all rushers for Westlake with 2 HUGE touchdown runs. On a roster that has him behind "The Cannon" Antwain Littleton who changed his uniform number to #7 this Fall. D.J. Anthony had a balanced day on defense notching 1 sack, 1 forced fumble and 1 huge tackle for a loss. The former Signal Caller, turned his attentions to getting stops and allowed Ed Core Jr. to run the offense with the WR #8 Luke Hill showing The GYFL that the air assault has alot of promise to come.

Across the field from them was The MoHo County Lions who came in looking very stout as well. Unfortunately, the offensive line had its hands full picking up the various blitz packages thrown their way and it was pretty much down hill from there. Yet, after shaking off the early jitters playing from behind. The Lions were very tenacious on defense all game at getting stops themselves. If not for the Big Plays made in numerous 3rd & long situations the scoreboard would have been a whole lot different. The play of #74 Andre Porter and #8 Christian Ware gave fans plenty to feel happy about as this team goes forward. With #21 D'Angelo Ferguson playing with so much heart and determination on offense. Once #13 Joseph Babrowicz III or "JB3" settles down and get some time in the pocket, look for this team to mess up alot of teams plans to get wins in the future.

The Final Score: 34 to 0, Westlake in a walk away fashion

PrimeTime Players:

Saiquan Stewart - Westlake
D'Angelo Ferguson - MoHo County 



I5 Elite 39
Hamilton Tigers 0

The Anne Arundel i5 Elite played The Hamilton Tigers

The I5 Elite came into this game under Coach Eric Allen and Coach Phil Slye knowing that to be successful in this league you will have to bring YOUR "A" GAME! As I glanced at the roster I immediately noticed how deep they were at the skill positions but never knew that there was MORE IN STORE! Traditionally solid, i5 got out to a moderate start and appeared to be simply testing what they could and couldn't do against a very sizable Tiger Nation squad.

The immediate success of #28 Ashton Allen, who finished with 2 Td's. Along with #27 Christopher Randolph who finished with 2 Td's. #8 Malcolm Terry & #23 "2 Sweet" Reston Sweetney who both picked up 6 individually the ground. Made it hard to watch by the time #86 David "Lightning Bolt" Holt got one through the air on a beautiful reception. While the scoreboard got worked overtime by I5, The Most Memorable Play came before they even took the field actually as the gathered together and PRAYED AS A TEAM!

Across the field was My Man.. Darryl "Coach Rev" Redman "The Hardest Recruiting Coach in The Universe!" BoL!!! This Tigers Unit unlike many I've seen him field is heavy on offensive and defensive lineman this Fall. Normally, overly blessed with skill players in the past. Rev, has the challenge of forming a team after losing THE MOST STARS EEEEVER to Varsity.

Henceforth, the challenge begins for him behind what has to be a disappointing loss to a man who virtually walked into The Spring League Championship Game just 2 months ago. But to every member of TigerNation I will say this.. "If there is anyone.. and I MEAN ANYONE! That can groom this well balanced team into a POWERHOUSE it's REV!"

With #4 Kylen Austin at The Helm and #6 Jordan Redmond-Ridgeway running as haaard as he did. (No need for spellcheck, I did it on purpose) Once #99 "Sir" Charles Pickett, #92 Antwon "Starburst" Burston get it together. The line of scrimmage will never be the same. They fell short in this one and it was hard to watch.

The Final Score: 39 - 0, I5 Elite was just TOO MUCH, TOO SOON!

Prime Time Players:

#27 Christopher Randolph - I5 Elite
#28 Ashton Allen - I5 Elite
#4 Kylen Austin - Hamilton

NOTE:  All summaries are courtesy of the one and only Wayne "The Voyce" Matthews!

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