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Monday, 29 September 2014 16:14

2014 7th Grade Week #3

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Westlake's Trayvon Branch and Christian Taylor opened up big holes for the Bulldog running backs in this big win! Westlake's Trayvon Branch and Christian Taylor opened up big holes for the Bulldog running backs in this big win!

Week 3 Saturday September 20th @ St. Johns HS
2607 Military Road, NW, Washington, DC

Hamilton Tigers

0**** Ft. Fatz Bulldogs  40****
I5 Elite 13 Westlake Bulldogs




Hamilton Tigers 0******
Fatz Bulldogs 40 *******

The Fatz Bulliez Bulldogs going up against The Hamilton Tigers in 7th Grade Division Action!

After the game, I had a chance to speak extensively with Head Coach Daryl Redman, a Great Man, Mentor & Recruiter. Who helped confirm and provide insight deeper into this team taking the field this Fall. Simply put, it's a work in progress to find the right pieces to go in the right places roughly. With many.. I mean MANY of his JV Unit from the Spring moving up to Varsity from the Skill positions. It's about finding the chemistry that will render the best results on Saturday now.

With Young Gunner #4 Kylen Austin still coming into his own under center. #1 Charles Brown-Barmer picking up the 1 & 2nd down duties at halfback. #6 Jordan Redmond cleaning up at 3rd down back and speciality detail. The Strength of this team generates from the interior players on O & Defensive Line. #99 "Sir" Charles Pickett & #92 Antwan "StarBurst" Burston make a very formidable tandem to cope with inside. On Defense, The Linebacking Corp is Very Promising too! With #34 Greg "Crush" Tolliver and #22 JR Harrison on the edges distrupting on either side.

Across the field though is a team that went thru the fire in Bulliez colors. #2 Tayon "Dueces" Lewis has really come on in the past couple of weeks for them. Along with #1 Charles Creek at QB. #4 Deonta King has found a new sense of confidence drawing strength from them both, as The Bulliez kept it very simple in the game plan and yielded great results from it.

In the Battle of Wills, this week it was The Bulliez who would sweep the double header though. Behind Creek and The Read Option.. that usually meant Creek kept it on the carry more times then not. Yet when he did pull up to pass the threat of him running drew so much attention. That he had no problem connecting with Lewis or King in the seams. #18 Davion Janifer had a good game as well. Along with them pulling out "The WarMachine" #75 Geist Toppings at DT and O Line chores.

The Final Results: 40-0, Fatz Bulliez stepped over The Tigers in this one

PrimeTime Players:

#22 JR Harrison - Hamilton
#1 Charles Creek - Fatz Bulliez

********* Important Note *************

This game was technically played under protest because as of game time, the Fatz Bulldogs 7th Grade Certification books were unable to be validated and there was a possibility that there were kids on the roster who may have not met our eligibility requirements for grade and age.  We moved to a Grade division format for the Fall League this year, as opposed the the Frosh, JV, and Varsity format that we used last Fall and that we will continue to use in the Spring.

The Post Season All Star Games that we feed to use grade formats and we want to seamlessly roll right into them (Crab Bowl and FBU Teams). That was the reason for the change.  We modeled our age verification system after prior years FBU rules, which stated the following:

  • 6th Grade eligible players must be in the 6th grade and can not turn 13 before Aug 1st of the current year.
  • 7th Grade eligible players must be in the 7th grade and can not turn 14 before Aug 1st of the current year.
  • 8th Grade eligible players must be in the 8th grade and can not turn 15 before Aug 1st of the current year.

The liberal age allows for 1 year reclassed kids, with late birthdays (After Aug 1st).  For 2014 FBU has moved the age up to October 1st, but we use the August date.

The biggest issue regarding unfair playing advantage is age.  It is not grade.  There can be younger kids in higher grades (i.e. 13 year old 8th graders) and there can be older kids in lower grades (i.e. 14 year old 7th graders).  Grade can be deceptive, but it is still relevant.  It is the age that creates unfair playing advantages though.

In order for our league to maintain our credibility and legitimacy, we must follow rules with regards to certification.  The Bulldogs 7th grade team was not able to provide all of the certification pieces within 1 week of the protest, and therefore they will still be allowed to play, but they will not be awarded victories. 

We still want the Bulldog kids to have an opportunity to showcase their skills, improve, be scouted, etc.  We still want the opponents to have a team to play on their schedule and not have to take byes, which don't allow them to showcase their skills, improve, and be scouted, etc.  The decision has been made by the league to allow them to continue to play for the rest of the season and get all of the benefits that the league has to offer, but they will not be allowed to receive victories and are not eligible for the playoffs.

With that being said, the victory for this game is awarded to the Hamilton Tigers and will be reflected in the standings.


Westlake Bulldogs 39
I5 Elite 13

In WEEK THREE, GAME FOUR of The GYFL Fall League Action.. 

"THE BATTLE FOR SUPREMACY" as The 2 Undefeated JV Teams faced off for who would be No.#1 in that division early between:

The Westlake Bulldogs & The I5 Elite! These teams both wanted to raise their pointer fingers after this one and the scene setting was GLORIOUS for Youth Football at St. John's College HS.

So let's jump right into this one, as The i5 Elite in My Opinion was The Hotter Team coming into this one. However, somebody forgot to tell Westlake! Cause with it being Westlake's Homecoming Weekend the bleachers were filled with Orange & Blue. Past Westlake Players and Parents filed into the stands beside I5 Elite Fans for a BIG GAME in The Fall League. I5 was focused and coming for that No.#1 SPOT! Along with Westlake who took to the field bursting thru The Westlake Toilet Paper Banner to a Ecstatic Crowd. The Noise Level was only matched by the smoke from The Men of St. John's Concession Stand. The scene was set for Grassroots Action.

Early on in this game, the tempo by both teams were high and never really came down. With the battle over field position swayed back and forth with long drives that ended in long down and distances for each. The line of scrimmage war was ultimately the one that helped decide this one though. As The Elite struggled to give #12 Austin Slye time to settle down and pick this Bulldog Secondary apart like so many others since week one. #28 Ashton Allen was team tackled often and #27 Christopher Randolph had modest carries. With Westlake defenders flying all over the place making plays. None more so, then #7 Antwain Littleton who finished with 3 Td's and 3 Sacks on the day.

As The Bulldogs line continued to rotate in and out, it was very uncharacteristically on the tail end of numerous penalties and having some good plays called back often. While Littleton and The Bulldogs tried to impose their will over The Elite in front of a crowd screaming for life from them. And life they would get, as #1 Joshua Dodd would make a nice catch over a defender. Spin off another. Deliver the stiff arm and break into the end zone for 6! The Elite Fans were all over it YELLING with glee. Then Coach Clark sent his offense out onto the field and Littleton went to work! With what I would call a statement run for the game. Plowing up the middle breaking multiple tackles and high step out of three or four defenders to explode into the open field for a 68 yard gain that appeared to deflate i5.

That would end up being a big misconception as Slye faced blitz packages from deep in The Bulldogs Arsenal all day. #33 Rashad Powell gave them a lift along with a good run from #8 Malcolm Terry down into the redzone. Where #77 Christian Taylor and #62 Treyvon Branch for Westlake made their statement an infadic one. "NOT TODAY!" These 2 teams wont see each other again until after "Burning Sands" but I know The Elite will be ready to flip this outcome as Westlake gets one here. Hey, Ms. Monica.. "Cakes & Pies!" RotfL

The Final Score: 39 - 13, Westlake tops The Elite in a game for the ages


PrimeTime Players:

#7 Antwain Littleton - Westlake
#62 Treyvon Branch - Westlake
#77 Christian Taylor - Westlake
#1 Joshua Dodd - I5 Elite

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