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2014 Fall 7th Grade Standings

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                              2014 GMSFL 7th Grade Regular Season Standings







Point Diff

Westlake Bulldogs







I5 Elite







Hamilton Tigers







MoHo Co Lions







Fatz Bulldogs*********









 **i*********Important Note***************

All Fatz Bulldog 7th Grade games will in effect be scrimmages.  The Fatz Bulldogs 7th Grade Certification books were unable to be validated by the cutoff date, and there was a possibility that there were kids on the roster who may have not met our eligibility requirements for grade and age.  We moved to a Grade division format for the Fall League this year, as opposed the the Frosh, JV, and Varsity format that we used last Fall and that we will continue to use in the Spring.

The Post Season All Star Games that we feed to use grade formats and we want to seamlessly roll right into them (Crab Bowl and FBU Teams). That was the reason for the change.  We modeled our age verification system after prior years FBU rules, which stated the following:

  • 6th Grade eligible players must be in the 6th grade and can not turn 13 before Aug 1st of the current year.
  • 7th Grade eligible players must be in the 7th grade and can not turn 14 before Aug 1st of the current year.
  • 8th Grade eligible players must be in the 8th grade and can not turn 15 before Aug 1st of the current year.

The liberal age allows for 1 year reclassed kids, with late birthdays (After Aug 1st).  For 2014 FBU has moved the age up to October 1st, but we use the August date.

The biggest issue regarding unfair playing advantage is age.  It is not grade.  There can be younger kids in higher grades (i.e. 13 year old 8th graders) and there can be older kids in lower grades (i.e. 14 year old 7th graders).  Grade can be deceptive, but it is still relevant.  It is the age that creates unfair playing advantages though.

In order for our league to maintain our credibility and legitimacy, we must follow rules with regards to certification.  The Bulldogs 7th grade team will still be allowed to play, but they will not be awarded victories as we were unable to certify 100% of the roster in the specified time period.

We still want the Bulldog kids to have an opportunity to showcase their skills, improve, be scouted, etc.  We still want the opponents to have a team to play on their schedule and not have to take byes, which don't allow them to showcase their skills, improve, and be scouted, etc.  The decision has been made by the league to allow them to continue to play for the rest of the season and get all of the benefits that the league has to offer, but they will not be allowed to receive victories and are not eligible for the playoffs.


With that being said, the victories for the Bulldogs will be recorded as losses and will be reflected in the standings.  We can not penalize the organizations that were able to provide all of the documentation in a timely fashion, but we also don't want the Bulldogs to miss out on all the recruitment opportunities.  The best middle ground option was to allow them to play the season, but have the games be basically scrimmages for them.

We will continue to do the write ups and record the scores, but the standing will reflect the victories for their opponents.

GYFL Staff.

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