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2014 8th Grade Opening Day

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The Mighty Hamilton Tigers rolled over the Westlake Bulldogs in the 8th Grade Opener The Mighty Hamilton Tigers rolled over the Westlake Bulldogs in the 8th Grade Opener

Week 1 Saturday September 6th @ Calvert Hall HS
8201 La Salle Road, Baltimore, MD

MoHo Co Lions 

32 Ft. Hunt Federals 6
Hamilton Tigers 36 Westlake Bulldogs




MoHo Co Lions 32
Ft. Hunt Federals 6

The MoHo County Lions got it on with The Fort Hunt Federals

Before I get into this deeply, let me say this "This Lions Team is ALREADY PLAYING PLAYOFF CALIBER... FOOTBALL!" Led by Coach Tony Ashley and his efficient staff of Coaches. They have already got a Very Strong grasp of the base offense that will test teams in every area of the game. The Lions came out here and played Very Disciplined and Poised Football for a Varsity Unit. I would be shocked not to see them back in The Championship Game again this year. Now that's based on the fact that they stay healthy & gel. Things can only get better over the course of the season.

With #12 Hudson Primus leading this team under center and #13 Brandon Houston. The idea of QB to WR combinations like Montana to Rice can only compare in the deep ball passing game. The O Line played very cohesive and The Defense didn't just tackle.. they laid THE LUMBER! Which just set the scene for their skill position players to go to work on a Very Solid Fort Hunt Unit. However the player that jumped off the roster sheet to me had to be "The Chef" #3 Ronald Cook! With 3 Td's.. 2 on the ground and 1 by air, he would not be denied as a player to watch for in the future. #25 Zachary "Spanky" Dixon was TURNT UP TOO! This is the Team as a WHOLE is one to watch for moving ahead RIGHT NOW as a candidate to go far.

On the opposite sideline is a Coach who needs no introduction as well, Prettahh Rickahh is what I call him jokingly. But the players and fans know & revere him as Coach Ricky Hairston! This Fort Hunt Federals Squad had its moments to shine as well in this game and showed alot of promise. I can see them as a sleeper that will give out nightmares as they continue to gel under the direction of their coach. Once they buy into the system fully and CATCH THE FOOTBALL! The 5 WR Spread will be hard to account for with #18 Rodney Lee at QB, #1 CJ Lipford, #4 Hunter Stewart, #11 Patrick Doering and #3 Javier Oliver running dynamic routes through defenses.

While the scoreboard didn't reflect the opportunities to seize this game and make it closer if not win it. The Federals have a full season ahead to get this game back. It is totally up to them as players to make that next step. The talent is there! Especially since that game could have been closer, had it not been against a team as polished & executed as well as The Lions did. But that's why you come to play in The GYFL in the 1st Place!

The Final Score: 32 - 6, All Lions All Game and The Feds just couldn't get it going!

PrimeTime Players:

#3 Ronald Cook - MoHo County
#4 Hunter Stewart - Fort Hunt



Hamilton Tigers 36
Westlake Bulldogs 12


The Westlake Bulldogs took on The Hamilton Tigers...

In a game that was more anticipated then a Beyonce & Jay-Z Concert coming to town. The Defending Fall Season Champion Westlake Bulldogs took to the field looking to establish themselves in the history books and still have time to do so. As they took on The TigerNation at Kelly Field in front of a Pumped Up Crowd. From the time The GYFL Schedule dropped the buzz around this game would have you think that Mike Anderson himself poured honey on the paper they drafted it on. Lol

But once the storm clouds reared it's head, we all got louder and louder and LOUDER for this one. And at the start of the game, the only thing more impressive then the rosters were number of fans who made the trip out to Baltimore to support their prospective teams. Unfortunately, even with the edition of #2 Ken Mckissic at QB who made his name for i5 Elite in The Spring. Notably as a Prolific Passer and Field General, something they hadn't had this Spring.  #10 Rodney Patterson isn't a Raymond Boone but can play the position to that level in time. Anchored by #52 Myles "Triple Stacks" Harris, alot of the Key Positions are still in place to play high caliber football at Westlake. #19 "3J" Jermaine Johnson Jr was a helluva pick up along with so many more.

That after the kickoff had taken place, The SHOCK! That's Right, Shock.. would have to be cut with a chainsaw just to accept what you saw. As the game went on in Hamilton's Favor though, you never saw not one fan in BLUE & ORANGE flinch. As this team, talent driven or not had Coach Terrence Byrd at the helm. The Best I have ever seen at making sight adjustments and turning momentum around. The Bulldogs only enemy besides facing a team just as stacked.. was Mother Nature and unfortunately today she had seen enough by the 3rd quarter. But to come out of halftime down 30 and really had minimal miscues just added to how good their opponents were Saturday.

Now across the gridiron laced in lime, was The Hamilton Tigers! Many names you know from their illustrius tenure of success in the JV Division under Rev Redmon. Coach Barnes, Kevin Void and crew had to feel marvelous when they reported to opening day practices. With QB #4 Trace Campbell "Mr. Football" long before Johnny had it! #5 Jabriel "G5" Johnson, #14 Josh "PeeeYeeooowww" Pugh, #3 "The Avatar" Quizzon Tarver, #42 Ny'Jaye Boyd, #34 Deantay Mayo, #28 Jalen Green, #70 Luke Whitty and more move ups. PLUS!.. #25 Nyjil Carr and #10 "Lil Superman" Christopher Clark from MoHo County last year. If this team was a pizza and players were toppings, it would be a SUPER DOOPER DUPER SUPREME!

They not only executed the offense, but at one point Campbell went 12-14 with 2 Td's and that was before the 1st Quarter ended! These many GYFL Veteran Players on one team should be iLLEGAL! I'm not a Coach and I wanna call Minister Farakkhan to negotiate a deal to keep some of them off the field. Lmbo! But that's the results of student athletes getting impactful teaching and application of those teachings early. Next Year's Crop will be HISTORIC to put it mildly. And FBU.. Lawd, Lawd, Lawd Haff Mercy! Team Maryland will be A FORCE!

The only thing that stopped this game from finalizing was THE LOUDEST THUNDER CRACKLE I EVER HEARD! The kind that leads you to believe that Mother Nature wanted to save this for a later date for a reason. GrassRoots Football.. SmH! You Gotta Love it!!!

If you video recorded this game.. PLEASE SEND ME A COPY ASAP! Kay Kromah BOYYYYY! You Guys missed a GR8 ONE! WoW!.. I cant wait to see the match-ups for next week. Go to: for more, including the schedule, places and game times!

See you at St. John's College HS this Saturday coming up! I'll be at The 50 Yardline with VOYCEsports.. Where will you be?

The Final Score: 36 - 12, Hamilton takes this one due to Severe Weather with 5:48 left in the 3rd quarter of play. The Rematch could likely be in The Playoffs or The GYFL Championship. Follow the League and See it for YOURSELF! carried the link to this story on their site.  If you don't know about, you need to.  They are the nations leading scouting service for youth sports!!!  Click Here to see the link.  This is an example of the reach and influence of Grassroots.  They take our write ups verbatim and take to their site!!!!

PrimeTime Players:

#10 Rodney Patterson - Westlake
#14 Josh Pugh - Hamilton

NOTE:  All summaries are courtesy of the one and only Wayne "The Voyce" Matthews!

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