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2014 8th Grade Week #2

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Trace Campbell of Hamilton played like John Elway in Hamilton's comeback victory Trace Campbell of Hamilton played like John Elway in Hamilton's comeback victory

Week 2 Saturday September 6th @ St. Johns HS
2607 Military Road, NW, Washington, DC

Westlake Bulldogs

50 Ft. Hunt Federals 0
Hamilton Tigers 18 MoHo Co Lions




Westlake Bulldogs 50
Ft. Hunt Federals 0

In WEEK TWO, GAME FIVE of The GYFL Fall League Action..
8th Grade Division

The Westlake Bulldogs met The Fort Hunt Federals

Again, the weather played an enormous role in the field conditions making the turf VERY SLICK after hours of rain belted down remorselessly. But these two teams stepped out onto the field looking to rebound from losses in Week One. Of those two teams, Westlake carries more experienced players on their roster while Fort Hunt carries alot of HEART under their shoulder pads into this one. Both Coaches double as teachers of the game and mentors away from it. The expectancy of a close one would take alot to muster but The Federals came in looking to shock the world given the circumstances.

#1 C.J. Lipford started the game off strong with a decent set of kickoff returns caught in stride and ran into The Bulldogs Special Teams coverage as if determined to will his way into the endzone. The shear tenacity of the effort game a boost to the team time and time again in a first half that was not to be. As on the opening play from scrimmage, #18 Rodney Lee looked to get things going with #4 Hunter Stewart at reciever and instead found a anxiously waiting #8 "3J" Jermaine Johnson Jr. who not only made a break on the ball for a pick but took it all the way back to the house. This would be the first of two pick sixes for him in a very thick stat line by the final whistle.

As Lee found the defensive secondary sitting waiting for his throws. The Westlake front 7 went to work on pressuring every snap with heightned desire to make the next big play! That by the time #2 Kennedy McKissic "The Mad Bomber" cut lose for 4 touchdown passes that easily could have been 5 or 6. It was Johnson, who would bring down two on offense along with #10 "Hot Rod" Rodney Patterson. With defensive stops on the heels of great plays from #22 "The CatBurglar" Andre Benson and all kinds of pressure up the middle from #99 Marcel Hemsley and The Big Man on Campus #52 Myles "Triple Stacks" Harris. Both over 300lbs. and move there feet like Monster Trucks driving over Old Buicks. The Westlake Varsity at times appear to click effortlessly to avenge the Week One loss with a Statement Game. The score was of no consequence to what was to be stopped long before regulation.

I applaud Fort Hunt for fighting as hard as they did, but it wasn't hard to see that on this day Westlake was playing for more then pride. Even with the 2nd and 3rd's playing like they were competing for more time at a later date. On Fort Hunts "Bye Week" I invite all those who would come to spend the day with us to watch the games from the sideline as a barometer for what they would like to eventually get too in this tough, tough league. But heart only take you so far.. This team will be a threat by playoff time! Today just wasnt fruitful.

The Final Score: 50 - 0, Westlake came, saw and executed. The Big Plays didnt hurt either!

Prime Time Players:

#8 Jermaine Johnson Jr. - Westlake
#1 C.J. Lipford - Fort Hunt



Hamilton Tigers 18
MoHo Co Lions 13

In WEEK TWO, GAME  Six of GYFL Fall League Action..

8th Grade Division

(..and Yes, I made The World wait for this one!)

The Hamilton Tigers got it on with The MoHo County Lions

Now let me say this.. There have not been words placed together that could describe the intensity that this game embodied as these two teams took the field on Saturday! You just CAN'T! I have the dubious task of attempting to do so here.

So let's start with the obvious.. YOU MISSED ONE HELL OF A MATCH UP!! These two teams have alot of talent, discipline and heart in all three phases of their games. Coach Ashley and Coach Craig have done amazing jobs of improving their teams even after only a week of practice coming off of victories. The Fans in the stands were LOUD! I mean, REDICULUOSLY LOUD!! I could hardly get the opportunity to pump them up because they were there in the moment every play of the way.

As the feeling out process started this game with a series of good drives that yielded no points for either team. It was finally broken by a Beautiful Rainbow Pass from #4 Trace Campbell to #28 Jalen Green to take the lead. After failing the point after attempt, there wasn't a Lions Fan who had a doubt that they couldn't get it back. With the cheers and screams of encouragement building. It seemed to almost catch the attention of The Football Gods who spoke with Mother Nature and told her, "Hey! Chill Out with all the rain. We want to record this!" As the Sun, for the first time in 3 games pierced through the clouds and gave us the most gorgeous scene for a game the whole day.

The Lions Offense led by #12 Hudson Primus had addressed the bleeding from The Tigers pass rush and settled down quickly moving to a 2 TE package that proved effective. So much so that they were able to attack the seams with accuracy and due diligence. Primus then began to rely on the brutal running style of "The Chef" #3 Ronald Cook, last weeks PTP'er (PrimeTime Player). With #25 Zachary Dixon and #8 Shane "The Hulk" Lee at the TE positions imposing their wills in the run and pass blocking schemes. Hamilton had their hands full going into halftime. Did I leave something out?.. Nawww!

That as the 2nd half started, MoHo struck it rich as Primus found Lee to make it a game. Hamilton wasn't done though. With #14 Josh Pugh being contained and team tackled at every opportunity. The Tigers went to a player I could only compare to Adrian Peterson like. As #5 Jabriel "G5" Johnson often known for taking flight showed off the POWER RUN GAME STYLE. If you ask me, his carries showed heart, vision and character that really exemplifies the passion this team has to win. His carries plowed through a defense that had played to slow down the speedy Pugh appeared stunned at him choosing to drop the stiff arm or his shoulder pads as opposed to shaking you out of your shoes. Something he does very well and has his whole GYFL Career.

Hamilton would go up on the strength of that and leave MoHo to respond. Not only did they respond, but they would put together a drive that would give them the lead 13-12 in the 4th quarter. #5 for MoHo County, The 2 Time Spring League Champion Rohann Bell had a stellar day on defense. Getting to Campbell and really making this game one to sit up on the edge of your seat over. But that too was still possibly not enough.

With time still left in regulation of the 4th quarter.. The Lions playing GREAT ALL DAY! It was the poise.. I used the word, POISE! Of the 7th Grader, Trace Campbell who came down the field with this offense like he scripted it to happen that way. You had fans chattering and yelling names like, "Baby Elway.. Lil Favre.. Itsy Bitsy Brady.." instead on today. The name that left a bad taste in your mouth would be simply, Trace! I would tell you more.. but maybe you should come out and see it for yourselves if your around. The GYFL.. What an experience! "LIONS AND TIGERS & FANS.. OH MY!"

The Final Score: 18 - 13, Hamilton goes on to remain undefeated

Prime Time Players:




#4 Trace Campbell - Hamilton
#12 Hudson Primus - MoHo County

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