2014 GYFL Spring Season

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The 2014 Grassroots Youth Football League (GYFL) consists of 11 All-Star teams from 10 regions.  The regions are: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore Metro, Charles County, District of Columbia, Fairfax County, Howard County, Loudoun County, Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, and Prince William County.

The GYFL is a Spring Football League.  While traditional youth football leagues operate during the fall, we provide unprecedented exposure during the spring and summer months, attracting the best high school coaches in the area.

The GYFL is pleased to partner with local youth organizations to identify and select the best 5th through 8 grade players to represent our All-Star teams. Each week, for at least two months, teams match up and play 11 on 11, full contact against the best of the best from each county. Games are played on state-ofthe-art field turf at locations in DC, Maryland and Virginia. It is a rare chance and amazing experience for players and High School coaches to see 5 games in one day, on one field with the areas best talent!

For 2014, we will have a Varsity League, a Junior Varsity League, and a Frosh League.  The Varsity will consist of 8th graders and elite 7th Graders, while the Junior Varsity will consist of 7th Graders and elite 6th Graders.  The Frosh League will constist of 6th Graders and elite 5th Graders. The Varsity will in essence be what the GYFL Fans have grown to love over the last 3 years.  It will consist of organizations created by and owned by the GYFL, such as the Anne Arundel County Wildcats, the Baltimore Metro Stallions, etc. 

For 2014, the Junior Varsity league will consist of existing organizations that have a 12U equivalent, which encompasses youth in the 7th and 6th Grades.  The teams will be open to all players from different programs, coaches will be recruited from different programs, and players will where the helmets from whatever program they come from.  The Head Coaches will be from the partnering "anchor organizations" and the team will wear the uniforms of the anchor organizations. The Frosh will encompass the 6th and 5th Graders.

Current JV committed organizations are the following (I5 from Anne Arundel County, Hamilton from Baltimore, Westlake from Charles County, Beacon House from DC, HC Stars from Northern PG County, Loudoun County Eagles from Loudoun County, MoHo Co Lions from Montgomery/Howard County, and Marlboro Mustangs from PG County).  We are open for other programs that show interest and will have a maximum of 10 clubs.  If interested in playing on a team or entering a team, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Current Frosh committed organizations are Westlake Bulldogs from Charles County, Fatz Bulldogs from DC, HC Stars from Northern PG County, 2 War Eagle teams from Loudoun County Eagles, and the Marlboro Mustangs from PG County.

For our Spring Leauge, we offer combines/mini-camps act as tryouts for the All-Star teams during the month of March. In early April, we select All- Star players from each region to play in the GYFL. Players practice throughout April to prepare for the April 26th opening day.  Each week, we move the tournament to a different elite High School venue to give each region an opportunity to be seen by area coaches.

Our Spring season will conclude on June 28th with our Varsity Championship Game.

Click HERE for Varsity Schedule

Click HERE for Junior Varsity Schedule

Click HERE for Frosh Schedule

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