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2014 JV Opening Day

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Coach Rev from Hamilton and QB Kam Snell put on a show during the ALL WHITE PARTY for Hamilton Coach Rev from Hamilton and QB Kam Snell put on a show during the ALL WHITE PARTY for Hamilton

Week 1 Sunday April 27th @ Bishop McNamara HS
6800 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD 20747

I5 Elite  45 Marlboro Mustangs 0
Fairfax County Colts 6 Beacon House Falcons


Westlake Bulldogs 46

Loudoun County War Eagles


Hamilton Tigers 33 MoHo Co Lions



Marlboro Mustangs 0
Anne Arundel I5 Elite 45

In Junior Varsity action on Sunday.. "The U" as Marlboro is affectionately called started off the season looking to continue their legacy of fielding Dominant Defense Lines. #48 Johnathan Lee and #97 Harrison Wallace became obvious threats to every offensive lines game plans this year just by halftime. This tandem gets such a HUGE PUSH on the pocket that you better know what your doing or your gonna get flattened in what use to be the backfield.

Fortunately, I5 Elite (formerly GORC) came into the game with a full cast of Veterans from The Fall League. While missing ALOT of those players, this roster has more then enough to get the job done for Coach Montgomery and Phil Slye. #2 Kennedy McKissic brought the burnt toast and #13 Logic Hudgens came with coffee time. As I5, woke The Mustangs up to the tune of 45! McKissic threw for 3 TD's with Logic catching 2 from him. Then went back and got one by himself.

The Mustangs will definitely bounce back and I'm sure I5 has no intention on slowing down. The JV Division may be more wide open then Varsity this season.


Marlboro: #48 Johnathan Lee
Marlboro: #97 Harrison Wallace
I5 Elite: #2 Kennedy McKissic
I5 Elite: #13 Logic Hudgens


Fairfax County Colts 6
D.C. Warriors 8

Now these two JV Teams are SPECIAL! Fairfax historically has been the Well Coached Unconfident 1st Year Players and DC has been the Fountain of Speed and Intimidating Play. Kinda like The Toons vs The MonStars on Space Jam. FOR AGES IT'S SEEMED LIKE! WoW!.. Do you even remember Space Jam?.. Micheal Jordan?.. Ricky Hairston!.. Same Thing! Lol

However, NOT IN THIS YEARS SEASON! The Colts have come to PLAY and Play they did! I dont know if Coach passed out "The Super Secret Drink?" But the team is NOT, I repeat NOT COMING TO LEARN HOW TO LOSE! By halftime, they were all over the place! Making open field tackles.. opening lanes, running strong.. converting 3rd Downs and blocking.. DID I SAY BLOCKING?.. These Boys Are Legit Contenders! #56 Rashaun Phelps wasn't the guy that WoW'd you on offense. He was the dynamo that was collecting tackles on defense like Shawn Merriman in his days with San Diego.

Across from them though, is The Heartbeat of Football Pride, Power and Speed. The Warriors never waiver in puttin together teams that will test your heart just as much as your 40 times! This squad does not disappoint. #2 Steven "Kah Chow" Williams does not leave you waiting long either. While given the name synonymous with Pixar Cars character "Lightning McQueen." The minute you see him take off you will know why. Coach Fats is one of the Best in DC at developing and supporting youth athletes. Has alot to smile about, as the exhibition went back and forth up the field with DC pulling it out in the end.


Fairfax: #56 "Lights On" Rashaun Phelps
Beacon House: #2 "Kah Chow" Steven Williams


Loudoun County WarEagles 12
Westlake Bulldogs 46

This game was "The Wake Up Call", as both teams came into Sunday's Contest looking to establish themselves firmly. The tention level was high! The skill levels were higher.. and NO ONE WANTED TO LOSE THIS GAME!

Loudoun County has became a FOOTBALL HAVEN! It's by no stretch of the imagination that the talent pools swam in, were gonna catch up to the time, talent and Awesome Coaching there. In rolls The War Eagles JV.. led by "Jay-J" #11 Josh Johnson who blew up the defense like sticky bombs on Grand Theft Auto 5! Lol.. every time you turned around Johnson found a way to make up for penalty yards and miscues that should have made things worst then what they were. Dont get it twisted, there was more thsn ample team play that was noteable. Johnson just made the plays that gave coaches a chance to say, "Okay we can do this!"

Across the field from them though is a team who really needs no introduction. Their core is all over Youth Football Talk Nationally. #24 Kameron Adams played for The EastBay All American Team. #42 "The Cannon" Antwain Littleton was the highlight machine during The FBU National Tournament this year and showed it. By scoring off the run, by reception and Pick 6 on defense. #19 "The CatBurglar" Andre Benson was The Fall Season Defensive Player of The Year Candidate. Micheal "The Panther" Prather has arguably been the absolute best all around back on the JV Level behind "G5!"

Its no wonder this game drummed up all kinds of emotions for those watching and those playing. I wouldn't call these two teams a rivalry. But if they met in the playoffs I would really rather watch from a safer distance than the pressbox! These two teams play hard and HIT HARDER!


War Eagles: #11 "Jay-J" Josh Johnson
Westlake: #42 "The Cannon" Antwain Littleton
Westlake: #24 "The All-American" Kameron Adams



***Game of the Week***

Hamilton Tigers 33
MoCo Lions 0

This game featured two teams I'm almost, sorta, kinda, positively sure WILL be in the post season mix. Given an act of God close to parting The Red Sea! Lol

As The Lions come into the Spring for the 1st time without Trace Campbell under center. Littleton and Mini Cooper plays now for Westlake but they still have talent to burn. It was great to see #3 Chris "Lil Superman" Clark putting up lots of yards. Along with additions like #5 Rikye Torres, #12 Hudson Primus at QB and #74 Big George Wolo. The Lions will be a force in a VERY TOUGH JV LEAGUE! As long as #21 Tre "The SoX" Wade is around to make plays your gonna be in the ball game.

Unfortunately.. (cue Darth Vaders Anthem) across the field from them is a team that MOST COACHES!.. I said, MOST! All Caps now.. would wake up out there sleep SWEATING & SCREAMING frantically over if they had to play them in a meaningful game. The Hamilton Tigers ARE STACKED! When I say stacked.. I mean STACKED! The roster isnt written in braille, but a person with limited sight would drop this paper feeling the names on here SCREAMING! Lol

The GYFL Leagues Leading Rusher last year didnt play Varsity. He wore No. #5 for Hamilton and still does! The Most Electrifying Reciever in The League behind a Very Dominant Possession WR in Joshua Dodd for GORC was.. #3 Quizzon Tarver (didn't suit up) to play Sunday. #14 Josh "PeeYoouuuhhh" Pugh is SO FAST.. to compare him to a BLURR is unfair to him! Add #34 Deantay Mayo, #7 Kamerun Snell, #17 Kealin Wade, #1 Cam Hart, #42 "The Bull Dozer" Na'Jaye Boyd and surround them with Veterans like #66 Braden Puller, #12 Kylen Austin, #55 Kijuan Williams, #50 Anthony Anderson.. (panting) "Gimme a Second!" 

Okay.. I caught my breath! It was game you had to see Sunday. I know its My Job to explain it. Let's just say, for all the great things MoCo did. Hamilton returned the favor with Big Plays for TD's! If GYFL had a video game version like Madden25. I would not be hard to understand why you wouldnt pick The Tigers. And I still never talked about the MAMMOTH offensive line or Suffocating Special Teams. I'm done! Rev, I cant type this much every week messing with you. Ma'aannn!


Hamilton: #7 Kamerun Snell
MoHo Co: #21 "The SoX" Tre Wade

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