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2014 JV Week #2 Recap

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This kids nickname is "Drop" and he is one of the best athletes to come through the GYFL. Remember the name! This kids nickname is "Drop" and he is one of the best athletes to come through the GYFL. Remember the name!

Week 2 Sunday May 4th @ Douglass HS
2301 Gwynns Falls Pkwy, Baltimore MD 21217

I5 Elite 32

MoHo Co Lions


Westlake Bulldogs

12 Beacon House Falcons 13

Loudoun County War Eagles 

41 Marlboro Mustangs 0

Fairfax County Colts

6 Hamilton Tigers 21

We don't have write ups yet for games 1 -3 of the JV action at Douglass.  We are looking for reporters for each one of the teams that will assist us with the information that we need to write these games up.  As we get the information these pages will be updated with more information.  In the meantime, we will continue to load the recaps up with the work from the one and only Wayne TheVoyce Matthews!!!


***Battle of the Unbeatens & GOTW***
Fairfax County Colts 6
Hamilton Tigers 21

By no stretch of the imagination would I have thought to see Coach Redman from Hamilton do the impossible.. but he did!

Found a even BIGGER STUD to anchor that O-Line after "The AlphaMale" Al Cornish! In #92 Devin "The Grinch" Grinnage. WoW!! ..gimme a second.. WoW! ..and HE CAN MOVE LIKE A CAT! I'm done.. see this is when, Rev just looks at me a smiles!

The Ever Vigilant Recruiter from Hamilton was not alone this off season. As Fairfax County came up out of The Talent Pool with plenty of recruits as well. But none making their names like #6 Rodney Lee and #28 Tremon "Drop" Mourish-Brash. Lee, The QB of The Colts makes tremendously good decisions with the football in his hands. Either with his legs or his arm.. HE CAN PLAY! With "Drop" beside him, Who minds you can play EVERYTHING but a banjo and bagpipes. Fairfax fielded a VERY IMPRESSIVE TEAM Sunday Afternoon.

But there's always a but.. and this conclusion is No Illusion! #14 Josh "PeeYeeoohhh" Pugh is arguably hands down THE FASTEST PLAYER IN THE GYFL! I'm not a Gambler, BUT.. I would bet on that! With #3 Quizzon Tarver back on the field. QUIZZY?.. THEE QUIZZY?.. All I'm gonna say is that you missed a GREAT GAME! Next time you hear The GYFL is coming to town.. BE THERE! And G5 didnt have to take flight to get the win. Lord forbid when they click on all cylinders. Whooooooo!


Fairfax: #6 Rodney Lee
Fairfax: #28 Tremon "Drop" Mourish-Brash
Hamilton: #14 Josh "PeeYeeoohhh" Pugh
Hamilton: #92 Devin "The Grinch" Grinnage

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