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2014 Varsity Opening Day

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Charles County Heat's Raymond Boone backed up his reputation with a huge opening day. Charles County Heat's Raymond Boone backed up his reputation with a huge opening day.

Week 1 Saturday April 26th @ Riverdale Baptist School
1133 Largo Road Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Anne Arundel County Elite (Week #1 Bye)


Charles County Heat

32 Prince William County Raiders 7
Prince George's County Swarm 7 District of Columbia Warriors


Baltimore Metro Stallions 0

Loudoun County War Eagles North


Fairfax County Colts 14 Loudoun County War Eagles South


HC Stars 13 Montgomery County Bearcats  OT




Charles County Heat 32
Prince William County Raiders 7

The Heat start the year off in a strong fashion! Coach Terrence Byrd arguably took the biggest talent hit from Fall to Spring. Yet brings you The Heat led by "The Number 1 Stunnahhh" The Razor Raymond Boone. Boone continues to validate himself as a playmaker in any phase of the game, simply by scoring and scoring often. His Pick 6, took this game that was played way closer then the score would describe and made it obvious. Big Plays are a MUST!

Coach Levenberry is clearly one of the BEST COACHES in this league of linebackers and lineman. And unlike Fairfax, the Raiders are still looking to build on an offense that moved the chains well.. lets just say.. In spurts! Both teams are solid and will be around as long as these two coaches lay the path. But you just gotta learn to stay away from THE RAZOR! Some say a QB is hard to find.. well its REALLY HARD to find a PLAYMAKER like this.

Varsity Level has a BYE this week, but play will resume in Dumfries, Virginia in Week 3! So all you Football Fans in VA get ready. The GYFL is coming to Potomac High School. All Cranked Up!

Here are your games "PRIMETIME PLAYERS!..

Charles County Heat: #1 The Razor, Raymond Boone
Prince William County Raiders
: #75 The BrickWall, Chris Emerson



Baltimore Metro Stallions 0
Loudoun County WarEagles North 7

This game match two of The Best Coaches across from each other with equal weapons to duel with. The Inaugural Champs (Baltimore) has built a reputation to play hard nosed football over the years and Loudoun clearly didn't care. The WarEagles bring team depth, technique and meticulous attention to detail to the party. However, on this occasion the consistent play by the Big Guys upfront set the tone in this one. #55 Darby Macon for Loudoun was having a HUGE game in the trenches springing #25 Hunter Lawall for more then 150 on the ground.

Unfortunately, Macon was injured and left the game with prayers surrounding him. As Lawall and The WarEagles fought to run this one out. #71 "The Stocking Stuffer" Karl Cromartie did everything to stop just that all day. Stuffing many of the runs that would have been TD's. His efforts kept The Stallions in the game when penalties badgered them and it still limited Loudoun from really running it up. I look y o see both coaches in the playoffs though. Especially since Baltimore has never not made it in. Loudoun North looks real solid and made to play ball control football ALL DAY LONG!


Baltimore Metro Stallions: #71 "The Stocking Stuffer" Karl Cromartie
Loudoun County War Eagles North: #25 Hunter Lawall


Fairfax County Colts 14
Loudoun County WarEagles South 7

For the 2nd Year in a row The Colts started their Spring League campaign off with a victory. But none more than this one. I must say openly, "I was Very Impressed!" Not since Ty Crabb has Fairfax had a signal caller who could flat out throw the pill with accuracy and not be rattled. Longtime Colt John Holzworth"The Heavyweight Champ" has endured and been the anchor on some teams that would have broken another student athletes drive. To be on this team had to feel good for him. Optimistic isn't the word moving forward, its what they ARE!

Across from them, came The War Eagles South! The idea that Loudoun is rich in student athletes has been confirmed. Sound at every position I could see, the only thing that eluded this team was getting in the endzone. #8 Thomas Jarman put on a technical exhibition that few could not appreciate. As I saw on several occasions, he hid the ball so well.. even I didn't know where the football was! His football savy and slight of hand was stellar, but he really has to settle down and take what the defense offers. In time he will, and every snap makes him more lethal I believe and his team will flourish behind it. If he gets on a HOT STREAK Jarmin could be considered "Jammin!" Playing defenses like Sweet Guitar Soloist.


Fairfax County Colts: #7 "The Candyman" Shawn Wray
Fairfax County Colts: "Bling Bling" Daiimon Cleveland
Loudoun County War Eagles South: #8 Thomas "Jammin" Jarmin



H.C. Stars 13
Montgomery County BearCats 6

This rematch of last spring's North Division Championship Game was expected to be a SLOBBER KNOCKER! A DOGFIGHT! A BATTLE OF WILLS! However you wanna label it. You got 2 GYFL Championship Coaches both well above .750 in their win/loss columns career long here. That in itself is no small feet! The Core of the teams are comprised of BONAFIDE BALLERS! The new additions can either make you or break you and they would have to be horrible to not help out. In that case, they wouldn't be on the team anyway.

So "The WidowMaker" breaks a huge run and "Mayne Event" was getting to the edge for Mo County at will. I believe "JD Money" played everything but O Line to help the offense move the chains. And it gave the blaring look that for once.. The BearCats didnt have a Solid QB in sight. Now, I know Coach Andy has one somewhere and they keep a QB either in training or ready to rock.

It would in the end, lead to their demise in my opinion. As even with a late in the game pick run back to the 13 yardline with under a minute left. Put Mo County in position to Win.. it was #99 Cam "Mmm, Mmm" Goode shutting it down in the middle. With "Cowboy.. Yippee Kiyahhh!" and "The WidowMaker" giving the surge to keep them out of the endzone after working down to the goaline. A Heartbreaker for BearCats Fans and Chance at life for The Stars! Who welcomed Alumni Player Devin Miller of Archbishop Spalding to their sidelines cheering too.

That in OVERTIME!.. All the pressure appeared to have shifted or so it would seem. STARS New QB Squirrel Payton on the 1st play of the series finds the seasoned veteran "Easy" Ephraim Moore sitting down on his route DEAD CENTER of the endzone! And the CROWD WENT BONKERS! They picked up the extra point and Mo County gets their shot.

This is where it gets hard to accept.. because JD or Johnathan Donnelly's TD pass got them the score to tie it up. But My Man no disrespect.. should not have been under center. My Opinion!.. He's Electrifying on the edge or maybe as a back. But looking off coverages and read defenses takes time and talent. With everything on the line in OT.. He's your best option? I hope this was just a case of attendance or travel issues for a player. I trust Coach Andy wont leave that that way.

WoW!.. I guess I'm not the only one who wishes a QB would emerge in Black and Yellow. Cause The BearCats drop this one in what I would call a HEARTBREAKER!


HC Stars: #8 "The WidowMaker", Jeremy Mensah
**Dont let the Clark Kent's Fool You!**
Montgomery County Bearcats: "The Mayne Event" Tremayne Stott
Montgomery County Bearcats: "JD Money" Johnathan Donnelly

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