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2014 Varsity Week #3 Recap

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5 Star HS Prospects Damien Prince (McNamara/U of MD) and DaShawn Hand (Woodbridge/U of Alabama) pictured with GYFL Prez Mike Anderson check out the action. 5 Star HS Prospects Damien Prince (McNamara/U of MD) and DaShawn Hand (Woodbridge/U of Alabama) pictured with GYFL Prez Mike Anderson check out the action.

The Varsity had a bye for the entire league during week #2, so we picked our action back up during week 3 and it was Fantastic!!!!

Week 2 Saturday May 3rd @ Varsity Bye Week (No Games Scheduled)

Week 3 Saturday May 10th @ Potomac HS
3401 Panther Pride Dr, Dumfries, VA 22026

DC Warriors (Week #3 Bye)

Loudoun County War Eagles South

0 Prince George's County Swarm 28

Loudoun County War Eagles North

12 HC Stars 27
Baltimore Metro Stallions


Montgomery County Bearcats


Anne Arundel County Elite

15 Charles County Heat 21

Prince William County Raiders

0 Fairfax County Colts 26

All PTP'ers in acknowledgement of Mother's Day took their GLORY PHOTO with their Mother, Grandmother, Auntie or Significant Female Influence in Attendance.


Loudoun County WarEagles South 0
P.G. County Swarm 28

These 2 Teams got the day started with a BANG!.. As both teams came out the gate technically sound and looking for a victory on both sides of the field. But as the 1st half drew to a close you could see that the plays made by 2 New Members were easing the game into The Swarms favor. #17 KeShaun Wray (formerly with Fairfax) led the charge and #14 Jamal Speaks (formerly with HC Stars) really were key.

Never to be doubted though is that "WAREAGLE PRIDE" as they really rallied behind the solid defensive line play of #55 Joshua King and Secondary Standout, #14 Joseph "Joe Eeee" Nameth. At one point it was like the #14 vs #14 Bowl. As both student athletes took over the gridiron stage and left it SMOKIN'! But it would be P.G. who would be the only team to see the endzone that morning.


War Eagles South: #55 Joshua King
War Eagles South: Joseph "Joe Eeee" Nameth
PG Swarm: #17 KeShaun Wray
PG Swarm: #14 Jamal Speaks


Loudoun County War Eagles North 12
HC Stars 27

Two of The Best Coaches our league is blessed to have came into this game intense and ready to start putting the final pieces together before making a charge this season. Coach Rusty Markland from Loudoun & Coach Tee White from The Stars know how to put together a unit. No Doubt!

Also in the house today, was Maryland Terps Offense Lineman, Damian Prince and Defensive Lineman Dashawn Hand! (pictured above) The standouts came through to Show Love, Meet & Greet, Photo Op and Enjoy some Football, FOOTBALL.. FOOTBALL!

They say, Practice Makes Perfect! Well in this one, it took The War Eagles a second to realize it wasn't practice. As The Stars blasted off the ball and jumped to an early lead in front of a healthy crowd of Loudoun Supporters in the stands. #3 Ephraim "Easy E" Moore and #7 Squirrel Payton for the Stars continued to build on their ability to hook up in the passing game. After they won the season opener in overtime doing the same. I've watched Moore for good portion of his GYFL Career and he has really found his niche with The Stars.

But the run was not to go uncontested! Not by a long shot, Daddy! As The War Eagles came out after halftime HITTIN & STICKIN ANYTHING THAT MOVED! #55 Darby Macon had a STRONG GAME for Loudoun. Yet it was the emergence of 2 New Faces in War Eagle places that really stood out to me. Dubbed as "Iron Will" #66 Will Moore ascended from the defensive line as just another player but pillaging and plundering The Stars upfront. And with a KONG like beat of his chest.. "The GO-WILLA" was born! Between his savage play on Defense and #15 Graham Walker dropping PIN-POINT TEAR DROPS to his recievers with remarkable accuracy. The belief that this team could comeback was all too evident. I believed.. The crowd believed.. and The team believed too!

The problem with all that was.. Nobody asked Squirrel who took a simple Read Option play and broke the game open! The clock became an enemy versus a ray of hope to The War Eagles who go down. But stand affirmed, they have NO REASON to be considered out!


War Eagles North: #15 Graham Walker
War Eagles North: #66 "The Go-Willa" Will Moore
HC Stars: #7 Squirrel Payton
HC Stars: #3 "Easy E" Ephraim Moore


Montgomery County Bearcats 38
Baltimore Metro Stallions 12

As The Bearcats look to be the 1st Team in The GYFL to REPEAT! They face a tough task today against The Stallions who came all the way from Charm City to due battle on the gridiron.

Then.. It happened! All the talking had ended abruptly, because #5 Tremayne "The Mayne Event" Stott took over the show. From endzone to endzone faster than Forrest Gump could say, Jenn-nie! He was GONE! And it wasn't hard to speculate either, as he would catch a good kickout block from #34 Jermaine Jeter. The Hamilton Tiger Alum showed what and how being an unselfish teammate can mean to the team. Jeter also had nice carries out the backfield and left his presence felt from the defensive side as well. I Love J.J.'s Game!

But not to be out done, was The Metro Stallions. Who debuted a New Weapon out of Holy Dirt literally! #11 Khalih Williams is officially "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business!" In the run, pass, defense and special teams. He seemed almost EVERYWHERE the football was. Between him and #71 "The BoogieMan" Karl Cromartie running a HANDS ON Scared Straight Program at the line of scrimmage. It wasn't to hard to see that the damage done early and often by Stott and Jeter would decide this one easily. But you couldn't tell that to Khalih.

The Champs get pass Coach Ty Johnson in a hard fought game where the Big Plays just took too much out of the Hope Bucket early.


Bearcats: #5 "Mayne Event" Tremayne Stott
Bearcats: #34 Jermaine Jeter
Stallions: #11 Khalih Williams
Stallions: #71 "Boogie Man" Karl Cromartie



Anne Arundel I5 Elite 15

Charles County HeAT 21

The Game of the Week was NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN! Those in attendance got the chance to see a DOOSIE! As both teams came into this one looking to leave a mark not only on the opponents mind but every fan watching from the bleachers. On a Saturday where the rain had come and gone. The Sun started to peak out from behind the clouds and Potomac HS had The GYFL packing the driveway of Panther Pride with Football Lovers from ALL OVER The DMV!

The Game was so heavily contested that 2 Major Things Stood Out to Me. If you were there and disagree.. feel free to comment below. The Debut of I5 Elite was a STATEMENT as Pure as The Game itself! WE PLAY TEAM FOOTBALL! No Gimmicks Needed, No Standouts, No None of That! And secondly, The Charles County Heat has THE BEST PLAYER IN PADS & CLEATS leading the charge for a GYFL Championship! Tell me if I'm Wrong.. but the addition of #4 "Baby Beast Mode" Jason Labbe to "The Razor"Raymond Boone.. is BANANAS!

This competition was TOUGH! As I5 Elite played a STRONG GAME led by #5 Zaire Allen, #12 Cameron White and "The Full Montee" #94 LaMonte Garrison denying EVERYTHING up the middle. Garrison has a heck of a motor for a Big Man as he never stopped coming forward ALL DAY LONG. But Coach Terrence Byrd is One of The Best in the business at making sight reads and conveying it to his team quickly.

That once this game was cut down to a 1 point lead in favor of I5 (15-13) late in the 3rd going into the 4th. Boone and Labbe had mustered up enough Big Plays to get it in reach. That's when Labbe bounced to the outside and MAN RAN over an I5 defender that even the spectators with the worst knees spring to their feet in the stands!!! 

I would clearly say this with all honesty! I thought it was The Prelude to a Playoff Matchup that would fill FedEx if enough people say it via SEN Television.com



Elite: #5 Zaire Allen
Elite: #12 Cameron White
Elite: #94 "The Full Montee" LaMonte Garrison
Heat: #21 "The Razor" Raymond Boone
Heat: #4 "Baby Beast Mode" Jason Labbe



Prince William County Raiders 0
Fairfax County Colts 26

Historically, The Grand Finale today would put 2 Teams together led by 2 Outstanding and Enthusiastic Coaches to the test. Traditionally, getting The Best out of their student athlete's is a bigger goal then winning philosophically. But today wasn't about tradition! Today we are in Virginia and the closest thing to a Home Game these 2 may see on the schedule. So emotions were definitely running high! The Prince William Alum, Jonte "BIG BAYYBAHHH" Craig along with several others came out to support as well. It was really good to see him and Momma yelling from the sidelines again, like the Good Ole' Days! Lol.. Last Spring! 

The Colts had 2 players move up from their JV and it was gonna be interesting to see how they would gel coming up to Varsity. Along with both teams for once having legitimate QB's who could sling the pill from the pocket. Fairfax's #10 Johnathan Ball is a developing Read Option Passer and The Raiders #14 Casey Blankenship can make every throw from the pocket whether it's stationary or rolling to either side.

Fairfax Coach, Pret-tahhh Ricky Hairston and Raiders Coach, Eric Levenberry have shared similar challenges thru the years in The GYFL grooming and cultivating their teams. In many cases, wrestling with every gambit of a challenge there is short of the scoreboard. That on a couple of occasions I think either one of them would have been cool with just that. Recruiting has been challenging for both, but this year the Talent Spirit has swooped thru Fairfax for sure.

Staple Players like #44 "Heavyweight Champion of The Wooooorld" J Wrestlah Holzworth has played thru some TOUGH SEASONS! On some teams that would make you or break you. Same for Jonte.. which is why they came and keep coming. The Team bonds deepest thru adversity and No 2 other teams can say that more than The Colts & Raiders!

Prince Williams: #4 Isiah Tibbs, #7 D'Andre Stokes, #1 Elijah "ICE AGE" Snow, #43 Natanael Maravilla, #6 Bradley McGee, #33 Dallas Capaletti, #52 Danny Cruz and The Heart of this Team #75 Chris "Brick Wall" Emerson were just a few I really wanted to give light too. There was more, but printing the roster wouldn't be cool on Facebook. Lol.. PLAYED THEIR HEARTS OUT! I repeat.. PLAYED THEIR HEARTS OUT! But it would not be so as time and time again, dropped passes, penalties or just getting beat to the spot cost them this game you could see THEY WANTED! Especially coming out holding hands in sign of UNITY!

Across the field from them.. The Colts who been around knew that look The Raiders had was REAL! And they knew they had to beat it off their faces by playing sound football. And outside of a dropped pass or two, The Colts played VERY DISCIPLINED football. So much so, that it gave the impression that the Referees were partial. But there was a call down by the endzone where the player fumbled the ball crossing the goal that really sucked. Oops!..

Outside of that, The JV acquisition of repeat PTP'ers, #28 Tremon "DROP" Mouris-Brash and #8 "Poppa Smurf" Daiimon Cleveland proved to not only be wise, but put them over the top with HUGE PLAYS on Offense, Defense and Special Teams!


In Street Clothes: EVERYBODY
In The Pressbox: ERR'BODY!

And since it's Mother's Day.. Err'Body Get In The Shot! Dad's take the picture.. Lmbo

Thank You All.. I had a BLAST! Cut this mic off I'm going home to get me some Pre-Mother's Day Sleep

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