2015 Combine/Mini-Camps

Action from the 2014 Sports & Learning Combine Action from the 2014 Sports & Learning Combine

Looking for more exposure for your Athlete? Learn the techniques that will help him stand out from the competition by the time he reaches high school and that will allows to him grow as a football player and student athlete, on and off the field. Our former NFL players, collegiate stars, HS coaches and top trainers from the DMV provide hands-on instructions and teach your player the same techniques that have molded some of the best football players in the country.

If you are already up to speed on the benefits of the Grassroots Combine/Mini-Camp, you can go directly to the details below and click on the link to register.


Open to Ages: 7-15

MARCH 21st (Saturday)

Scouting for DC, Prince Georges. Montgomery County and Charles County Regions
PG Sports & Learning Complex
8001 Sherriff Road
Landover, MD 20785
(301) 583-2400
Time: 8am - 4pm

What to bring: Water, beverage, sneakers, NO CLEATS!!!

Register Here!

MARCH 21st (Saturday)
Recruiting for Loudoun County, Fairfax County, and Prince William County Regions
Dulles Sports Plex
21610 Atlantic Boulevard  Sterling, VA 20166
Time: 2pm - 9pm

Note: Must register for the Nova Combeine at www.bestofloudoun.com.  Click on Register Online Tab on the left side of the page

What to bring: Water, beverage, sneakers, molded cleats.

March 28TH (Saturday)
Scouting for Baltmore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, and Central Pennsylvania All Star Teams
Mervo High School
3500 Hillen Rd, Baltimore MD 21218

Time 11am - 5pm

What to bring: Water, beverage, sweats, football cleats.


Cost: $100 online in advance; For 2015 THERE WILL BE NO WALK UP REGISTRATIONS.
Value: Priceless

We are looking for a quality event, not quantity.  It is much more difficult to provide quality for larger groups of participants than it is for smaller groups.  We will not turn anyone away who registers online, but we will not take any walk ups this year.  We recommend that you register as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

Remember that in this world, you reap what you sow and you get what you pay for.  Other events may be cheaper than ours, and they may also be cheaper than ours.  We believe in our product.  It is a proven product and it is more than worth the price that we charge.

Note:  Expect Online registration to Close at 4:59 pm on the previous Friday Night for the Saturday Combines.  

Financial Aid is Available for those who qualify:
If financial aid is a legitimate need, contact Director of Business Affairs Tonya Anderson to see if you qualify.  She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Click Here for a copy of the Financial Aid Form prior to contacting us.


If you are still on the fence, or need more information prior to making the decision, the following paragraphs provide more reasons why we believe you will benefit from our GYFL events.

For 2015, Grassroots has joined forces with one of the most impressive up and coming companies in the sports marketplace. Xtreme Procision is the brainchild of Legendary Penn State Alum and Redskin Great Lavar Arrington.  XP's goal and desire is to change the game of football by making it safer and more fundamentally sound.  Grassroots is the first XP Fundamental League in the DMV and we are excited to make this dream an official reality.  XP is the official training platform for Under Armour, as well as a strategic partner with the American Youth Football League.  

XP will change the game and we want to be a part of the revolution.  XP products and training techniques will be on display during our 2015 combine season, so be on the lookout.  Oh, and by the way if you saw the Under Armour All American Practices on television in January, you got to see Lavar teaching and all the HS All Americans practicing in the XP practice jerseys, as well as using the products and utilizing the techniques.  If XP is good enough for the Under Armour All Americans, I think it should be good enough for Grassroots!! In addition, it does not hurt to perform in front of Lavar, who selects kids for the UA Game when they are seniors.

Grassroots Combines/Mini-Camps provide tremendous exposure for athletes interested in developing their talent as well as an opportunity to gain exposure to top public and private High Schools.  The showcase events provide a platform for athletes to be ranked by top scouting services.  Finally, the events provide the venue for athletes to be scouted for the 2015 GYFL All-Star teams.  Most importantly, it provides and opportunity to IMPROVE as a Football Player.  To be successful long term in the game of football, athletes will have to master the combine events.  Our Youth Combine/Mini-camps prepare young athletes to be ready to dominate in the present and the future.

These events are not only scouted by the top football brands in the region (Youth1, FBU, Rivals, Crab Bowl, Rivals, SigningDay etc.), but they are run by some of the best trainers and coaches.  Some of the top personal trainers in the area will lead the dynamic warm ups and lead the athletes through the combine portion of the event during the first session.  The top High School coaches from public and private schools all over the DMV will lead the positional drills during the mini-camp session.  

Take a Glimpse at a prior years combine video from The Sports and Learning to see for your self.  Click Here to see the video



If you need still need more convincing, please continue reading.  Our combines measure athletic potential, provide valuable feedback, training guidance and on-field skills development for each athlete as they strive towards the next level of performance.  
The results are tallied, posted on the web and e-blasted to all HS coaches in the area.  There has never been anything like a Grassroots Youth Combine for 7 - 15 year old kids!  This is not just a try out to make a Grassroots team.  It is so much more and it is NEVER too early to Train...... Compete........Get Noticed!!!!

Please KNOW this before you spend your hard on money on ANY of US:

Every combine is NOT created equal because every combine coordinator does NOT have the same connections and influence as we do.
  It is not about WHAT you will do at a combine or showcase. It is about WHO you will do it in front of and what THEY can do with your results. Our track record is quite impressive in a few short years. Here is a short list of the powerful connections that we have relationships and influence with:

Our Commissioner is the one and only Rick "Doc" Walker. Technically we could stop right there. We are an official XP Developmental League, which is owned by Lavar Arrington and is the official training platform of Under Armour. 11 Year NFL veteran Chad Scott is a partner and owner. Our list of retired NFL Players who support us is impressive. JB Brown, Troy Vincent, Lamont Jordan, and Keion Carpenter, just to name a few.

We have relationships with every HS program in the DMV, every top youth organization in the DMV, every top trainer and skills coach in the DMV, Xtreme Procision, the HS Crab Bowl, the Youth Crab Bowl, AYF, FBU, Under Armour and the UA All American Game, the US Army All American Game, the Eastbay All American Games, the Adidas Freshman All American Games, Rivals.comYouth1.com, VTO Sports, USA Football and the US National Teams, Nike Football Training Camps and the Opening, Elite 11, TerrapinTimes.comMarylandvarsity.com.

We have relationships with many of the top colleges and universities that recruit this area (the ones that we don't have we will have after this class of 2016 comes through). The list continues but if that is not enough for you then you must be connected to some pretty powerful folks in the football game.


In addition, maximizing your chances to get the exposure that you need to is crucial in the competitive world of football.  It is a 3 pronged approach and you have to master all 3 to maximize your opportunity:

  • Athletic Ability
    • High Schools, Scouting Services, Colleges, and Pro Scouts are looking for athletes.  If that was not the case they would not have athletes run 40's at every 1 day camp.  They would not do NFL Combines are have Pro Days. Scouting Services would not measure athletic ability.
    • Combines test Athletic Ability and they are important.  Just playing on game days does not necessarily show how athletic you are.  A WR can play an entire game and not get one pass thrown to him.  A RB can play a game and only get 2 carries if they run a wide open spread.  Some game situations don't allow the opportunity for athletes to get noticed because of the game plan and situations.  It happens in Grassroots often.  QB may not be able to show his talent because the OLine may not be able to give him time.
    • The Combine can and will show speed, quickness, strength, and agility which are very important to coaches and scouts.
  • Positional Skill Set
    • It is important to exhibit the ability to master the drills and skills necessary to play the position of choice.
    • Our Mini Camp portion test position skills.  We can determine an athletes position skill level after 3 hours of mini-camp.  We can NOT determine skill ability from the combine. Since both are important, we offer both options at our events.
  • Game Performance
    • As important as athleticism and skill is concerned, they do not take the place of being able to play the game of football.  It is easy to look great before the pads come on.  The pads separate the men from the boys.  At our combines we can see the first two, but we can't see how much heart you have and whether or not you are real football player until we see you perform on the big stage, under the bright lights of the highly competitive Grassroots Spring Football Season.
  • Neither one of the 3 pieces are enough by themselves.  You need all 3 to maximize your opportunities and to get the full endorsement from us.  We suggest that you start with the combine, go hard at the mini-camp, then compete in the Spring Season.

For my current 8th Graders and All 8th Graders, please take note.

Are you ready to show and prove that you are only as good as your last game..........Or do you feel like your job is done because you got your sweet financial aid package and you acceptance letters?  If we thought that was enough we would have no need for a Varsity Spring for the 8th graders....... think about it.

Now you got your letter 8th graders..... you got your package...... I am thrilled for you. We played a role in that and it is the most important role. We are so proud of you right now.  But just getting the letter is NOT what you came for, is it? What are you gonna do when you get there?

This is not for the kids who are running track, playing Lax or basketball and are multi-sport athletes. This is for the full time football players who may believe the job is done and the mission is complete. The mission just got started!

Consider the following truths:

If training was all you needed to do to get great, every college in America would not be PLAYING SPRING BALL! If you think it is too early to start thinking about college and thinking like college players you are already behind the other kids that don't agree with you. You will see a ton of those kids in the Spring Season. Will you be looking them eye to eye on the gridiron and getting better? Or will you be watching them get better from the stands.

Training is critical...... but if we thought it was enough, we wouldn't be playing Spring ball. Not everyone agrees with us and you may be getting different advice from different people. I hope for your sake they have the influence and connections to do for you what we can do for you when you are at the next level trying to get to do the NEXT level. Not many do that is why I spend so much time counseling my alums parents and advocating for them behind the scenes. 

But I digress.......

There is a science to what we do. While some of you may believe you have arrived and the job is done, another kid is gonna be passing you up this Spring and being the next KeyShawn Wray or Mohamed Ibrahim!!!!  Google them if you need to, but THEY GOT NEXT and they earned it in the Spring of their 8th grade years. Off Players of the Year for 2013 and 2014 respectively. Wonder who will take that crown in 2015.

Rest on your laurels of you choose to and believe that just training is enough to get ready for high school. If just training was enough the Good Counsel freshman and now the DeMatha and St. Johns freshmen wouldn't all be suiting up this Spring, just to name few of the High School coaches that get it.

So I am watching my 8th grade Crab Bowl kids and my 8th grade FBU kids and parents to see if you believe me or not. I love you all no matter what. Just don't say I didn't tell you, so in a couple of years if another kid has passed you up on the rankings and in recruiting, you won't be shocked and saying, Why didn't somebody tell me? I am officially telling you now.

It is my job to keep you all informed so you can't say you did not know! Don't start cruising at the finish line because you think you have the race won. There is another kid bearing down on you. He is training like a demon for a purpose........ And he ain't waiting for the fall baby!!!!!


It starts with the Grassroots Combine/Mini-Camp for All of you.  For the full time football players, it ends with the Spring Season.  The 8th grade Fall, Team MD FBU, and the Crab Bowl set the pecking order for the last round of recruiting for High school. That is over now. Job well done!

Grassroots Spring for 8th Graders sets the initial pecking order for the scouting services in High School, and reshuffles the deck for the 8th graders as they become 9th graders.  Remember the old saying, you are only as good as your last game fellas! December is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. Take advantage of the opportunity if you are able to. Kids have grown since December. Kids have put on weight since December. Kids have gotten stronger and faster since December. It is quite true that we can see that part from the combine/Mini Camp.

What we can't see is who's heart got bigger. Who got tougher and harder. Who got more durable and dependable. There were some kids that missed the FBU Team and Crab Bowl team and have something to prove as they go into 9th grade. There are some kids who were backups on those teams and thought they were better than you. They are coming to prove it and if you are there you can hold them off.

If you are not there you can't. Grassroots is the proving ground and Grassroots Varsity is where it will all go down.  Will you pass the next kid or will you be passed. Will you rise to top or will you be watching from the stands.

8th Graders........ The choice is yours!

My suggestion is simply this:

Stay thirsty my friends!

What are you waiting for?  Spots are filling up fast.  If financial aid is a legitimate need, contact Director of Business Affairs Tonya Anderson to see if you qualify.  She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Click Here for a copy of the Financial Aid Form prior to contacting us.

Sample Combine Format:

First Session:
Registration take place during the first hour.
Welcome by the President: 15 minutes
Warm-up/Stretching: 30 minutes
Combine testing: 2 hours

Each participant will be measured in:

  • Height/Weight
  • 40-Yard Dash *
  • Pro Agility (20 yard shuttle) *
  • Standing Broad Jump
  • 3 cone drill
  • Power ball Launch

* Events conducted twice with best time used


Second Session Mini-Camp Format:
Warm-up/Stretching: 10 minutes
Offensive Position drill testing: 60 minutes
Defensive Position drill testing: 60 minutes
Coaches can refer to the below link to review some sample drills:


  • QB
    • Drills: 3, 5 7 step drop under center
    • Throws: Slant, Out, In, Corner, Deep route
  • OL
    • Drills: Kick slide drill from the 2-point stance & 3 point- stance
  • DL
    • Drill: Rip & Swim drill
  • RB
    • Drill: Off tackle reaction drill
  • LB
    • Drill: Pass drop & hip rotation drill
  • WR/TE
    • Drill: Gauntlet
  • DB
    • Drill: Speed turn drill


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