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The Hot Gates will be opening for Battle on July 18th The Hot Gates will be opening for Battle on July 18th

How do I maximize my exposure to Top High School Coaches and Scouting Services? How do I maximize my chance to make one of the Grassroots Post Season All Star Teams?

The answer is the Grassroots Hot Gates Showcase.  The Event is FREE this year thanks to Under Armour and St. Johns HS.

It doesn’t get any better than this for youth football players!!!!! No Pads & Free!!!!

The Hot Gates is High School Showcase Event for middle school prospects. Our Fall League participants have the benefit of auditioning for us, the top HS Coaches in the DMV, and the top Scouting Services in the country every weekend during Grassroots games.  

In an effort to give a fair shot to those kids who are playing in other leagues, the Hot Gates has been created.  We will still continue to improve and expand our Burning Sands Showcase the first Sunday of October every year, but we realized that we needed to create a pre-season event to maximize opportunities for us to scout and for young talented athletes to be scouted. This Hot Gates events is a Shorts & T-Shirts version of the Burning Sands.

Folks were always curious about how we name our events.  The Burning Sands is named after a grueling initiation process that fraternities put their pledges through. Before they can be admitted into the Brotherhood for life they must not only complete the initiation steps, but they must symbolically cross over the Burning Sands to make it into the fraternity.  That last step is the most important, challenging and difficult part of the process and takes a great deal of commitment and fortitude to accomplish.  It is not an easy process. They must Cross over the Burning Sands. We feel as though being selected for one of our Post Season All Star Teams is similar to the fraternity and should not be easy to accomplish.  We make the Burning Sands event the final frontier and last step in the process.  We scout hard the first 6 months of the year looking for talent at our conditioning clinics in January-March, and our combines in March, and certainly our Flagship Spring Football Season. 

However, the most important part of our selections process is our Fall Season, which is where we truly evaluate the athletes who we feel are the right fit for our All Star Teams.   There is nothing more important to our selection process than our Fall Grassroots Season.  Winter Training and Spring Football are about preparation and development for the Fall Season.  Fall is where our pledging process goes to the next level.  There will be FBU Tryouts included in August as well that are a part of the Team MD FBU process, but the Fall is really the most important component and the Burning Sands is the last step in the evaluation process.  This is very symbolic for us at Grassroots. There is a reason why our teams are always so good and the Burning Sands is a critical component of the process.  It plays a major role in our track record for our alums getting to the top High Schools and Colleges, which is just staggering for a youth league.  CLICK HERE to see for yourself.

The Hot Gates was named after the Battle of Thermopylae and taken from the movie 300, which is one of my favorites.  The 300 Spartans were outnumbered by the 10,000 Persians and to battle them on the open land would have been suicide.  King Leonidas positioned the Spartans the Coastal pass of Thermopylae (aka the “Hot Gates,” so known because of the nearby sulfur springs), expecting that the narrow pass would funnel the Persian Army toward his own force in a narrow passageway that would mitigate the advantage that the Persians had in numbers based on their inability to get all of their troops into the narrow passageway.  Mitigating that advantage gave the Spartans the best chance to win. There was no way that 300 would be able to defeat 10,000 in the end, but for 2 Glorious days, the Greek Spartans withstood the determined attacks of their far more numerous enemy and gave them the fight if their lives.  My favorite part of the movie was when King Leonidas asked his troops the following question.  He said, "Spartans......... What is your profession?  After a brief pause the entire army of 300 all shouted in unison, AH UH!!!!!!  What that meant was that all they did was Fight.  They were not carpenters or painters, or fisherman during the week and warriors on the weekends like the other armies.  Their profession was to fight.  In that same light, the Grassroots All Stars are not part time football players that play just for fun.  Our elite athletes play football just like the elite Spartan Warriors did battle.

With that being said, in order to make one of our Post Season All Star Teams, athletes must be willing to enter the Hot Gates and fight for their spots the same way the Spartans fought for their lives.  It will be difficult and challenging for all, but before our athletes can make it through to the final step of the selection process and cross the Burning Sands, they must first be willing to Enter the HOT GATES.  There is no guarantee for our athletes, just as there was no guarantee for the Spartans, but we want to give your kids the best chance to win. The Gates open on July 18th.  The question is whether or not you and your son will be there.

All of the top public and private school coaches in the DMV will be on hand at this event and they will be looking for the next crop of talent to fit their program needs.  The question is, will yours be there to get noticed? Or will you be disappointed at the end of the season when the Grassroots Goons are going to the top public, private, and charter schools with the red carpet treatment?

In addition to exposure to the top HS coaches in the DMV, this is additional look for the FBU Teams State All Star Teams.  This is NOT an official FBU Tryout, but we are always scouting for talent for our MD State Teams.  This is a prelude to the FBU National Championship Team MD tryouts coming in August.

This is the first official tryout Youth Crab Bowls that will be truly spectacular this winter. The format will be expanded to include two weekends of play and up to 12 regions will have a chance for each grade to compete for a true Mid Atlantic Regional Championship. Highlights of the Championship Games will be shown Christmas Day on Comcast Sports at halftime of the HS Crab Bowl, which will be aired on tape delay. Central Pa, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, the Tidewater and Richmond regions will join Northern Maryland, Eastern Maryland, Southern Maryland, the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Metro Virginia in a Youth Crab Bowl event that will astound the region this winter.

From a scouting and exposure standpoint, the Hot Gates will be unmatched.  For those of you not familiar yet with FBU yet, you will learn all about it at this company and its benefits and put yourself in position to be on the FBU radar screen as one of the top middle school athletes in the DMV. The top nationwide HS scouting services like, SigningDay, and SEN will be on hand to capture all the action, rank the athletes, and provide unprecedented national exposure.  Of course Youth will be on hand to cover the youth level like no other.

The best news is that it is 100% Free of charge!!!!  That is right free of charge.  How can we do this you ask?  Ladies and Gentlemen Under Armour has stepped up for Grassroots and we are officially sponsored by the Sports Apparel Giant.  We have by no means hit the sponsorship levels that we dream about hitting with UA.  However, with the product that they have committed to us and the resources, combined with the good folks at St. Johns extending their hands and opening their home to us, we are in position to offer this free event to the youth of the DMV.

There is absolutely no excuse NOT to attend.  The only issue is that the space will be limited.  We can not handle a showcase event with 500 kids and we are not interested in mass producing football. We are cutting off online registration at 250 and we are not taking walk ups, so the first 250 that fill out this registration page in detail will get the opportunity of a lifetime.

Here are the Event Highlights:

·        - Invitations for free admission to the Burning Sands for Crab Bowl and FBU Selections will be awarded.

·         -$300 Under Armour “Gift Pack” awarded to top skill and line player for each grade.

·         -Evaluations by,, SEN and ALL TOP AREA High School Coaches.

·         -Free Under Armour Combine Performance Shirt (while supplies last)

·         -First look for Grassroots Game Changer Evaluations (Click Here to learn about the Game Changer Program which is under development as we speak).

That is all that I have to share with you coaches, parents and athletes.  If this is not more than enough to get you to want to attend the best youth football event of the year, than you are probably not a good fit for our program anyway and we wish you the best on your youth football career.

We realize that we are not for everybody.  The rest are details for you to know and share.

Grassroots Hot Gates Middle School Showcase:

Where: St. Johns High School
             2607 Military Road, NW
             Washington, DC 20015

Cost: Free
When: Saturday July 18th
Time: All Grades register @ 12pm; Compete from 1pm to 4pm
Details: NO PADS; Bring Water
              Shorts, cleats, T-Shirts

Schedule of Events:

  • Registration
  • Intro by President Mike Anderson
  • Release to field for Dynamic Warm up
  • Break down into individual position groups for Position Skills and Drills
  • One on One sessions (WR vs DB's, RB vs LB's, TE vs Safeties, OL vs DL
  • 7 on 7 Session for skill players
  • Closing Instructions

To truly understand the value of this event and how it can change lives, just take a look at the article from the Baltimore Sun on three of our alums who are currently juniors in High School.  It breaks down how an important element of college recruiting works by the Mid Atlantic Regional Director of Scouting for CLICK HERE to see the Baltimore Sun article, and learn about the Grassroots track record of College Scholarship offers and signings.

See you at the Gates on Saturday!!!

By the way, Grassroots............. What is your profession?.............. Ah UH!!!!!!!!




Coach Mike

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