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2015 All Star Selections

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Congratulations to all of the young men who were selected to represent their programs, their league, and their conferences in the first ever Grassroots All Star Game Powered by Under Armour to be played at the beautiful Under Armour Field at Dunbar HS.

Grassroots is proud to announce the official partnership with Under Armour and June 20th will be the official launching of the partnership.  Under Armour has supported Grassroots since the beginning with the opportunity to use the logo and with T-Shirts for our combines over the years. But to officially get behind us and come on board as a product sponsor means the world to us.

This partnership will allow us to expand our brand, touch more kids than ever before, and provide them with the opportunity to wear a cutting edge brand at an affordable price.  UA will allow us to grow in so many ways and we are super excited about it.  The kids will get a chance to experience the brand initially with a high quality and outstanding Under Armour Uniform, of which the Athletes will be able to keep the jersey as a replica.

We will be announcing more details about the partnership over the summer, as our entire league will begin the process of transitioning into Under Armour products from head to toe.  We Must Protect this House!!!  We will protect this house.  With less than two weeks before the actual game, we don't have time to put our complete shoe and accessory package together for the kids and parents, so they will be allowed to wear whatever shoes and accessories they currently have for the inaugural games, but beginning in 2016 the Grassroots All Stars will be in official UA gear and apparel from head to toe and we will be able to make it more than affordable as a result of the commitment that Under Armour is making to Grassroots.  

We already have a number of our kids in the product already and we expect to see them sporting their UA shoes, socks, wristbands, visors, gloves, and the whole nine yards to match the bold Red on Red UA uniforms for the North, along with the slick Black on Black uniforms for the South.  We expect to have our banners ready for the game and it should be even more exciting at Dunbar on Saturday the 20th as it was for the Final Four last weekend.

These selections were so very difficult because the talent pool was so deep this year and we only have 25 roster spots.  Unfortunately there were a number of deserving kids that we just didn't have enough roster spots for.  All Star Selections are not an exact science and committees make mistakes all the time.  I can guarantee you that we missed some kids for this game that are truly deserving.

Selecting All Stars to play in a game is different than selecting the best players.  We have to select for positions to make sure that we have enough players at each position to play.  When merely naming All Stars, you can name 4 QB's if they were deserving, or 4 RB's if they were deserving.  But for an All Star Game with only 25 roster spots, you can only take 2 QB's for example.  That was our dilemma.  We tried our best to be objective, but please remember that we play Fall and Spring Football, we play All Star Football in the winter, we evaluate players at combines as well, so some of these selections were not just based on the the Spring Season. For those that see the benefit of this opportunity and exposure but don't play with us in the Fall, or can't compete with us on the FBU Teams or Crab Bowl Teams, or don't participate in our combines, you need to consider taking advantage of those opportunities to better your chances of making one of these teams next year.

Obviously if it came down to 2 players who were very equal, we went with the player that we had been scouting for years know and who we have seen and more comprehensive body of work.  Lastly before we officially release the names, let me remind all of the players, coaches, and parents, that this is still middle school football.  Because a young man may have been selected to be an All Star as a 7th Grader, that does not mean he will maintain that status as an 8th or 9th grader. In this sport you are only as good as your last game and you have to keep working.

Some kids develop earlier, hit their growth spurts sooner, and may be better in middle school.  But, the college offers come in high school and there have been countless examples of kids who were great when they were young, but fell off the radar because they didn't maintain their work ethic, their grades, or their character.  While other kids who were not considered All Stars in middle school turned out to be the best of the best HS players because they used the disappointment as fuel and outworked those that were perceived to be ahead of them when they were younger.

With that being said, we are going to make some mistakes.  Don't be discouraged if you didn't make it.  Prove us wrong by coming to the Grassroots League in the Fall and showing us we were wrong.  Be disappointed and use the disappointment as fuel to get better, but don't be bitter if you are not selected this time.  It is not the end of the world.  If you do make this list, be humble and don't assume that you have it made because we made you a Varsity All Star.  Enjoy it because you earned it and deserve it, but don't let it go to your head and think you have arrived because the game hasn't even begun yet.  That next kid who didn't make it will be gunning for you in the Fall and you better stay on your toes.

Special thanks goes out to All of the Coaches who nominated players for the teams and helped with recommendations and scouting.  BIG THANKS goes to the One and Only Wayne The Voyce Matthews for ALL of his input into the selections.  These were made by a collection of sharp and wise individuals who follow Grassroots closely.  Want to also thank SEN for providing the footage that allow us to scour over hours and hours of film to make the best selections what we could make.  I wish more of the families would have seen the vision, invested in the Hudl account and produced Highlight Videos that we could have reviewed for the process. Thanks to Tony Kennedy and Raleigh Powell for assisting with the Process of selection and film review. 

It would have been so much easier for us to evaluate individual player highlights as opposed to watching entire game films. Unfortunately, we did not have very many highlights to view, which is a shame.  I do hope that you all will still utilize the Hudl account and prepare your highlight videos so that you can begin to create a youth football resume that will roll up with you through High School.  It is very important that you have highlight videos for Grassroots All Star selections and many of the other opportunities that we want to create for you children.  CLICK HERE to get your Hudl account so you can start making your highlights!!!!!

Lastly for the HS coaches who want to scout the top talent, Youth and HS scouting services looking to prepare your evaluations and rankings, Youth and HS All Star Games, as well as college scouts (YES COLLEGES DO SCOUT GRASSROOTS KIDS), we have included jersey numbers beside each players names along with the Grassroots Youth organization they play for.  All you have to do is click the above link to get a Hudl account, find the league you are looking for, pull up those games and scout the talent up close and personal.  It is an amazing tool.

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