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2016 Fall JV Standings

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2016 GYFL Fall JV Standings











Point Diff

#1 Maryland Heat **






 6  +146

#2 DMV Academy






 75    +44

#3 Central PA Pride






 64    +5

#4 EYT Spartans






 124    -73

MoCo Bearcats 






 121    -77

Friendship Collegiate *

1 5    .166 18  65    -47


  •  * The Friendship Collegiate Academy is for the first time attempting to put together middle school football teams.  The Junior Varsity Entry is a pilot program for them.  The majority of their student athletes have not played organized football before and the goal was to get them familiarized with next level football, not to focus on winning a championship in this first year.  A decision has been made by The GYFL Executive Committee, in conjunction with the Coaching Staff of the Friendship Collegiate Academy to play an exhibition season and NOT be eligible for Post Season Play in the 2016 Season.  We will keep their scores and records for the rest of the season, but they will not participate in the playoffs this year.  
  • The reason is that there are 4 players who don't meet the age requirement, as stipulated by the GYFL.  Each of the 4 players have been evaluated by the Executive Committed and based on size and talent, it is universally agreed that they Junior Varsity League is the most appropriate league for ALL 4 of them. However, they don't meet the age requirement, as stipulated by the league and we are making a concerted effort to be consistent with ALL of our rules for integrity of the league to be maintained.  The 4 kids are good players, but they do not pose a size advantage, or a skill advantage by any means.  With that being said, without them the Knights would fail to be competitive and the organization requested the opportunity to disqualify themselves from the playoffs in order to allow the 4 young men to play each week.  
  • What we will do each week is conference with the team scheduled to play Friendship, and give the opportunity to play against them for the work, the exposure and the benefits, without the possibility of taking a loss that will hurt their playoff chances.  We expect that the majority of our teams will have no issues with this, just as DMV Academy had no issues and played them today, defeating them 25 to 7.  
  • Continuing to allow them to play benefits the league by maintaining a consisted 3 game schedule each week, without forcing any teams to have to take byes.  It also provides good competition for those young men to develop, as well as their opponents.  There is no downside to any of the other teams to play them, as any loss will NOT count against them come playoff time.  The top 4 teams in the league will advance to the playoffs.
  • If there are any questions about this decision, please feel free to email Neil Hamilton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • **On 10/8 The MD Heat JV played an exhibition game against the Central VA Hurricanes and won 19 to 6 in a thriller.  The Game is NOT included in the standings or the point differential because each team did NOT play them.
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