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SEN Showcase Game of the Week

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Get the Popcorn Ready for SEN, DJ Deramus, and GYFL Get the Popcorn Ready for SEN, DJ Deramus, and GYFL

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have been telling you all about SEN Television and what they are going to be doing regarding 2016 Fall GYFL Coverage, but it goes WAY beyond that.


Each week, we will have a Varsity Game of the Week pitting two of our best teams. Some weeks we will play on Thursday Nights under the lights, and some weeks we will play on Saturdays. But each week, 2 of the teams will receive the gift of a lifetime and an opportunity to be seen all over the world on internet television.


There will be sideline reporters, a pre-game, halftime, and post game desk show!! It will be phenomenal. Your family members will be able to watch your kids play on smartphones, laptops, or tablets in other countries if they want to. That is major and SEN is bringing it to you live and direct.


We open up the Fall Varsity season on September 1st, with a production that will blow the DMV's mind.  We will bring you the GYFL Reigning Fall Champion Maryland Heat, against the Parkside Shutdown Warriors.  Between these two teams there are 10 of the Elite 101 selections by from this area.  The talent on display will be insane.  

For a link to the entire Varsity Schedule to see when your team is playing in the Showcase Game of the Week click HERE.  

To Get familiar with the TYPE of GYFL coverage that they have already been providing:

They have all of the Spring Weekly Coverage, plays of the week, top performers, etc. They have write ups from the SEN Youth Showcase that are next level. They have coverage of the Grassroots Champions Club/GameChanger/PlayMaker Ceremony that is simply breathtaking, including Photos from the red carpet as the PlayMakers got off of the Limo Bus!!

Red Carpet photos were insane. Where else to 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders break out tailored suits man? Super Star St. Johns 9th Grader Rakim Jarret won the Best Dressed Award.…/

The even lived streamed the actual awards ceremony and it worth the price of Gold to hear 
Doc Walker give the Key Note speech at the end. Check that out:

The Photos and Coverage of the Hot Gates at the University of Maryland was just extraordinary:

These guys just do it differently Folks. You really don't understand what you are missing. Their focus is on High School and they will become even more important for you when you get to High School, but we are blessed that they see the benefit in GYFL and provide exclusive access for us. Some of the content is free with a free account and log in. The VIP access requires a subscription fee per month, but it is WORTH EVERY PENNY in my humble opinion.

Not only does a VIP account give you access to ALL of the above content and so much more, there is some new stuff coming!!!!

SEN has some new twists coming for the Fall of 2016.

#1. SEN Pre-Season Promo videos of the Fall Grassroots Teams.  These things will be smoking!!!!!  Two of them are already up. 

Check out the Northern VA War Eagle Varsity Promo:

The Maryland Heat Varsity Promo is up as well.  Check it out:

Who does it like SEN?

#2. SEN Ranking System is coming. I don't want to say too much just yet, but they will be ranking athletes down to the 7th grade using a complex methodology that will truly be able to capture and accurate assessment of how good the players are, while also projecting what they can be in High School.

#3. The GYFL Message Board is already set up!! I just tested the Forum myself and once we all get comfortable with it, Let the TRASH TALKING COMMENCE: Here is the link: You can access the forum with a free account.

#4. Live Stream of GYFL Varsity Game of the Week. These guys are going to literally break out ALL of the Bells and Whistles for us the same way ESPN does with the Pre-Season HS games that are about to flood our screens over the next two weeks.

#5. SEN/Hudl Accounts are here to stay!! Last Spring there was just not enough support for the Hudl account to justify them filming every game in the Fall. Consequently, we have NO legitimate, high quality HD Film from last season. It is heartbreaking for me to know that we can't afford to hire a videographer to capture each and every game like we did in the past. But that is our reality. There is nothing more important for middle school athletes than video and highlights. SEN has provided that through an exclusive Hudl deal for the last 2 Springs, and THIS YEAR they are bringing it to the Fall.

Enough of you supported it and saw the vision in the Spring to provide them with the incentive to take the financial risk of sending their staff to every stadium to film every game, at great expense to them. I am glad they did, but it is UP TO YOU to TAKE ADVANTAGE.

One of the things they are doing this year that blows my mind is that they are offering a special package that will allow any parents who sign up for the monthly subscription (which provides all access to every bit of content), to receive seasonal Hudl Access FOR FREE!!! Yes I said it. I suggest you jump on this and spread the word because it may not last long.

Here is the link for the deal:

In Conclusion:

My main point is that we need to support these guys. They are the only game in town. Nobody else does this for youth and they are taking a great risk to do it. GYFL does not make a penny from the deal with SEN, but what we receive from them from a value perspective is Priceless as far as I am concerned. They are helping us market our kids and our company to the world and we need to make sure they are successful so they will keep coming back.

So check them out!!! Don't spend anything that you don't have. But, if you can afford to invest in some next level coverage and access for your son, you should do that because it matters.

If you can afford to get a Hudl package for your son, there is NOTHING more important and you should do that because it matters.

If all you can do is jump on the Forum for free and keep it funny and interesting, you should do that too!! I just think these guys are great and what they are doing is revolutionary. You combine a revolutionary league with a revolutionary media company, and the sky is the limit.

GYFL Coaches and GM's it is imperative that you communicate this information to ALL of your parents immediately. I will be watching closely to see who is sharing and commenting on this. Our parents need to know SEN.


For those of you that are just finding us and want to be a part of one of the top youth football leagues in the country, all of the details about our league can be found by CLICKING HERE!!!


If you are not convinced yet and need to see our track record, you can find that by CLICKING HERE!!!


Grassroots and SEN are the ticket to the next level.


Coach Mike



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