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2017 Pre-Registration Featured

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PARENTS/PLAYERS: Pre-Register for the 2017 GYFL Season of ELITE Competition
We at Grassroots humbly invite you to become a part of the Grassroots Family. If you landed on this page on purpose you are in the right place. Maximizing your son's opportunity to get to the next level begins with step #1, which is learning about Grassroots and getting Pre-Registered.  If you landed here because you saw one of our Championship Game Photos or one of our FBU Team Photos, again you are in the right place. The road to a Championship begins here, with Pre-Registration.  
Please read the following document carefully so that you can be educated on the process.  Knowledge is not power, but it is very powerful. Taking action and applying the knowledge that you learn is where the true power lies.  To take action without the proper education is simply not wise.  One thing we will NOT allow you to do as a parent is to be unwise.  But you can't afford to NOT take the time to read and study the information that we share with you on this site, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  We will arm you with the information and offer you the platform. It is up to you to take advantage.
We understand that we are not for every child.  For the child that is a multi-sport athlete like most of us were back in the day, Grassroots may not be the perfect fit.  For the child that just plays football for fun and does not take it very seriously, Grassroots may not be the right place.  For parents who are concerned about their kids playing with other kids that are larger than they are, we are not the league.  We understand that.......
However, if your son lives, eats, sleeps and breathes football, we are the right place.  If your son dreams about playing big time High School football and making it to college one day to play this great sport, we are the right fit.  Understand this fact.....  There are over 16,000 High School Seniors that play football in the state of Maryland and DC every single year.  They all have dreams of playing college football one day and many dream about the pros.  What they don't realize is that our region only averages 60 Division 1 Football scholarships and 40 Division 2 football scholarships every year.  That is less than 100 football scholarships per year from a pool of over 16,000.  Those numbers are real and they are bone chilling.
(The Maryland Heat won the 2016 Fall GYFL Championship)
If your child dreams about being in that 100 number during his senior year, he can't afford NOT to be a part of the Grassroots family.  There is a science to the politics of college football.  There is a science to the process that goes into securing one of those scarce scholarships and just being in the right high school is only a part of the equation.  Grassroots will lay the entire process out for every child that wants the dream and prepare a platform for the masses of dreamers to truly compete for those coveted spots.
Earning a college scholarship starts in middle school for those that truly get it, and for those that don't get it, at some point they will understand.  If your child is serious about this there is going to have to be a commitment made by your family and by your child to dedicate himself to the pursuit and it will be a year round pursuit.  We are not suggesting that kids need to have contact year round by any means.  But, the commitment to training in the winter must be made.  The commitment to competing in combines and showcase events must be made.  The commitment to playing Spring Football must be made.  Grassroots provides all of that, and now that we have launched a spectacular Fall Football League for select teams, we have the year round model that every child will need to maximize his opportunities.
If you play in our league you will train hard, you will be coached by the best, you will compete against the best talent in the DMV, you will get unprecedented exposure to the top public, private and charter high schools in the area, and most importantly, you will become a BETTER Football Player! 
Let me be very clear!!!!  Becoming a part of the Grassroots family will not guarantee you a college scholarship!!!  No Camp, no combine, no football league, and no High School can make such claims.  What we can guarantee you is that you and your son will KNOW the process from A to Z and the information and opportunities provided by Grassroots will put him in position to compete for a life changing college scholarship.
(Jalen Tabor of Florida will be a 1st Round Pick in the
2017 NFL Draft. His parents chose the Grassroots Way)
It all starts with you the parents though.  As I said, we understand that Grassroots is not for everyone.  It doesn't make us right or wrong.  You have to determine if we are right or wrong for you and your family.  If you are a parent that is not comfortable with making and investment of time and money into this journey, Grassroots is probably not for you.  This is certainly not to suggest that money is our motivation.  Nothing could be further from the truth. However, our model is quite different from the typical youth club model.  We have a very limited number of teams, which creates the fierce competition.  But, our parents must be prepared to make the commitment of travel to get to the right organization for their sons.  If you are looking for convenience and a program that is close to you, we are probably not the right fit.  Our practices may be far from you.  The games on the weekends will require you to travel and spend money on gas that you may not be prepared to spend.
(These FBU Freshman All Americans had parents who made the sacrifice, and they played on the biggest stage)

It costs us a great deal of money to rent the elite level HS facilities where we play each weekend.  The athletic trainers are very expensive.  We have to pay for the referees out of our pocket, which is normally the clubs responsibilities. As a result of all the expenses to do Grassroots the way we do it, we charge a $5.00 gate fee for a day long pass of elite football.  If you are not comfortable with that fee, we may not be the league for you.  We are confident that we are worth every penny that you will invest in your child and then some.  But, this must be something that you understand and are willing to invest in.  If you are not willing to invest the time and resources, it is not necessary for you to read any further.  But, if you are, I can assure you that it will be worth it.  Our track record speaks for itself.  CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR TRACK RECORD.
If you are ready to make the commitment, you need to be a part of this!!!!!
Here is a description of how we operate:
  • During the Fall Season we run the most elite and talent packed Football League.  The League is the Grassroots Youth Football League (GYFL) and it is second to none.
  • We produce the Grassroots Burning Sands Invitational event in October, which is the top HS Showcase event for middle school football players.  It is a showcase for the top national scouting services as well.  We use the Burning Sands for a variety of purposes, but the initial Crab Bowl selections come directly from Burning Sands performance.  The Youth Crab Bowl is developing into one of the premiere youth All Star Tournaments in the Mid Atlantic Region.
  • We recruit and evaluate talent for the GYFL/FBU All Star team that will compete in a post season National Championship Tournament for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  We recruit in August/Sept and have evaluations in September.  Rosters are named in October.  We begin practice in mid November and the tournament begins in early December.  If we win out, the culmination is a Final Four Tournament in Naples, Florida for a select few from each age group.  In 2012, our 6th Grade Team went undefeated and won the Mid Atlantic Regional Champions.  Our 7th Grade Team won the National Championship.  Our 8th Grade Team made it to the Elite 8 before losing to Massachusetts in Ohio.  In 2013 we were the first of 64 national regions to send 2 of our 3 teams to the Final Four (6th and 8th Grade). Both teams lost in nail biters to Team Georgia. In 2014 our 7th Grade team lost in a thrilling Final Four game to Broward County.  We continued to earn respect and knock on the door, but we were not quite ready to kick it in.  In 2015, we sent another 2 of our 3 teams back to the Final Four.  Our 7th Graders lost to Broward County again, and our 8th Graders were beaten handily by Georgia.  We went back to the drawing board.  
  • In 2016, we finally kicked the door in and earned the respect of the Nation.  We sent and unprecedented 3 Teams to the Elite 8. Our 6th Graders finished 5th in the Nation.  Our 7th Graders finished 3rd in the Nation.  Our 8th Graders made an undefeated run to the National Championship and put the running clock on a great Seattle Team in the National Championship Game 41 - 6. Please enjoy the highlights before you read on.  Click Here for the FBU 8th Grade National Championship Highlights, provided by Under the Radar!

(These are the FBU 8th Grade National Champions, who followed the process we are outlining for you)

  • Once the FBU National Championship Tourney ends, it is100% Grassroots time.
  • We begin conditioning clinics and Pre-Combine training in January.  The sessions run through March. Conditioning clinics are optional, but highly beneficial in order to be prepared to excel during the combine season.
  • In March we have combine/mini-camps in for each of the regions which will have All Star Teams. Combines are are a critical part of the Grassroots formula and they are mandatory for league participation.  None of our events are done for revenue generation.  If we believe that an event is a vital component to the full development of an athlete and will help him maximize his opportunity to get exposure to the "Right HS Fit", which will increase his chances to compete for a college scholarship, we offer the event.  We put a price on it that is commensurate with the value of the event.  We don't compare prices with other companies.  Our track record is clear.  We do what we do. We know the value of the Grassroots experience and the prices reflect that.  For any parents that have a legitimate financial hardship, we offer a financial aid process similar to what the private schools offer.  Since 2010, there has never been one kid that didn't attend a Grassroots event or play in a season because his parents could not afford it.
  • After the combine season, which will end on the 4th weekend in March of 2075, we will begin All Star Team try outs in each region during April.
  • Teams will be finalized and regular season play for the 2017 Spring  season will begin the 4th week of April in 2017.  
  • There will be a 5 game regular season, a 8 Team playoff, a Championship Game, and an All Star Game for our Varsity,JV, and Frosh leagues for 2017. 
  • The Post Season Awards Ceremony, The Grassroots Game Game Changer Ceremony (The Grassy Awards) will take place in July.  Then we start the whole process all over again in the Fall.
It is critical that you Pre-Register for our database in order for us to keep you fully updated on all things GYFL.  Please click on the link below to access the GYFL 2017 Registration page and make sure to fill out all of the fields.
We will make decisions regarding combines & new teams coming into the league and other pertinent GYFL decisions based on the Pre-Registration numbers, which give us insight into the interest level in your region.
Make sure to fill out this information asap and pass the word on to other players and parents on your teams and in your league.  The more athletes we have that are registered for combine/mini-camps, the more competitive the league will be in 2017.

Click Here to Pre-Register for the Grassroots 2017 Season of Activities (Mandatory)

STEP #1:
 **************NOTE: Please select the region you are interested in playing in carefully.  Once you sign up for a region, if you wish to change teams and play for another region you will need to apply for a waiver from the current Head Coach and the GYFL to switch teams.********************************
STEP #2:
STEP #3:

Lastly, after completing your 3 steps, make go to the site and make sure to Join Us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for Real Time updates and announcements


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