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2017 Youth Crab Bowl Commitment form & Insurance form

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The Tenth Annual Youth Maryland Crab Bowl powered by BATTLE.


All Star Student Athlete & Guardian All Star Game Participation Commitment


Player’s Name:__________________________School:_______________


PLAYER'S AGREEMENT: I agree to play in the Maryland Crab Bowl. As an invited, student athlete.


CODE OF CONDUCT: As a Player, I understand that I must follow these rules to stay in good standing.


·         Respect the game, play fairly and follow its rules and regulations.

·         Show respect for authority to the officials of the game and of the league.

·         Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during and after games.

·         All players will remain academically eligible and in good standing.

·         All players will be required to attend all practices and meetings. 

·         Be courteous to opposing teams and treat all players and coaches with respect. 

·         All must return all game equipment directly following the event.

·         Respect the privilege of the use of public facilities.

·         Refrain from the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol and abusive language.


Player Signature __________________________________ Date______________________ 



PARENTS PLEDGE: I recognize that parents are the most important role models for their children and that amateur athletics help to develop a sense of teamwork, self worth and sportsmanship. I encourage my child to play by the rules and respect the rights of other. I understand it is important to enforce rules of play and set conduct standards as necessary components in athletics and life. I will, at all times, encourage my child to play by the rules, respect the game officials' decisions and not criticize a game official's ruling during or after an athletic contest. 

CODE OF CONDUCT: As a Parent, I agree to abide by the following:

·         Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, fans and officials at games, practices and other sporting events.

·         Advocate a sports environment for my child that is free of drugs, tobacco, alcohol and abusive language, and refrain from their use during youth sporting events.

·         Encourage my child to play by the rules and respect the rights of other players, coaches, fans and officials.

PARENTS PERMISSION: I give my permission for my child to play in the Maryland Crab Bowl, and hereby waive any and all claims against the Mid Atlantic Sports Foundation, its employees or other persons affiliated with the game, from injuries sustained as a participant or while traveling to/from the game/practice. I also will be financially responsible for any property damage that my son might be at fault for. 


PARENT'S SIGNATURE_____________________________________Date_________


Athlete's Name :___________________________________________


Birthdate:______________________ Parent/Guardian Name(s)___________________




Phone Numbers (H) _______________(w) _______________ Cell) _______________


Emergency Contact Person

Name: _______________________________________________________


Phone Numbers (H) _______________(w) _______________ Cell) _____________


Allergies ______________ Current Medications ________________


Any medical problem we need to be aware of in case of emergency


ln case of emergency do we have permission to transport your child to a hospital or to an available physician? YES _____ NO _______  


I hereby give permission to the physician, athletic trainer, or medical center to provide medical services needed to my child.


Over-Counter Medication:If an injury occurs to my son and emergency care is not indicated, I give permission to the Athletic Trainer to authorize over the counter medication to my son (such as ointment, rub, ibuprofen, etc.) to help alleviate the discomfort associated with the injury until I can be reached and conferred with on the appropriate follow up care with the family physician.


______________________________________________________________Parent/guardian signature & Date



Insurance Information: Students are not permitted to participate in the Crab Bowl without athletic insurance, coverage- see Student Participation and Parental Approval Form-


Insurance Company Name ________________________


Insurance Company Address/Phone #___________________________________________


Policy Holder’s Name____________________ Social Security #_______________________


Member/Group #_______________ Authorization to release benefits to medical center/physician:


____________________________________________________________________________________________ Parent/guardian signature & Date

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