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The Hot Gates will be opening for Battle on Monday June 19th, 2017 in College Park The Hot Gates will be opening for Battle on Monday June 19th, 2017 in College Park


How do I maximize my exposure to Top High School Coaches and Scouting Services?

How do I maximize my exposure to D-I, D-II, and D-III Colleges while still in middle school?

How do I maximize my chance to make one of the Grassroots Post Season All Star Teams?

The answer is the Grassroots Hot Gates Showcase.  It doesn’t get any better than this for middle school and rising 9th Grade football players!!!!! 







We need All Competitors to wear their Youth Club Jersey for Identification, or any jersey that will allow you to be identified. 


                                                    (Image of the FBU 8th Grade All Americans loaded with Hot Gates Alums)

If you need more information about what the Hot Gates is, please continue to read.

The Hot Gates is High School Showcase Event for middle school prospects. The event is for rising 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Graders.  Classes of 2021 - 2025.

Our Spring and Fall League participants have the benefit of auditioning for us, the top HS Coaches in the DMV, the top Scouting Services in the country, and the College Football Programs that recruit this area every weekend during Grassroots games.  

In an effort to give a fair shot to those kids who are playing in other leagues, the Hot Gates was created.  Hot Gates I was held at St. Johns High School two years ago and it was free.  It was an amazing day for exposure.  Hot Gates II was at the U of Maryland last year and it was mind bending.

The problem with the first Hot Gates being free was that we had way too many athletes to truly evaluate the way we wanted to.  There were about 400 kids there. We decided to charge in year 2 to reduce the number of participants to the ones that are serious.  The fee was still nominal at $35 because we wanted to encourage participation and we HAD to cut off the registration at 300.

We will still continue to improve and expand our Burning Sands Showcase the first Sunday of October every year, but we realized that we needed to create a Pre-Fall Season/Summer event to maximize opportunities for us to scout and for young talented athletes to be scouted.

This Hot Gates event is a Shorts & T-Shirts version of the Burning Sands.  We want you to come with your Youth Club Organization Jerseys for easy identification.

Folks were always curious about how we name our events.  The Burning Sands is named after a grueling initiation process that fraternities put their pledges through. Before they can be admitted into the Brotherhood for life they must not only complete the initiation steps, but they must symbolically cross over the "Burning Sands" to make it into the fraternity.  This is very symbolic for us at Grassroots. There is a reason why our teams are always so good and the Burning Sands Showcase is a critical component of the process.  It plays a major role in our track record for our alums getting to the top High Schools and Colleges, which is just staggering for a youth league.  CLICK HERE to see for yourself.


                (Image of FBU 9th Grade All Americans,including Hot Gates Alums)

The Hot Gates was named after the Battle of Thermopylae and taken from the movie 300, which is one of my favorites.  The 300 Spartans were outnumbered by the 10,000 Persians and to battle them in the open land would have been suicide.  King Leonidas positioned the Spartans at the Coastal pass of Thermopylae (aka the “Hot Gates,” so known because of the nearby sulfur springs), expecting that the narrow pass would funnel the Persian Army toward his own force in a narrow passageway that would mitigate the advantage that the Persians had.   With that being said, in order to get the most out of the Grassroots Experience, athletes must be willing to enter the "Hot Gates" and fight for their spots the same way the Spartans fought for their lives.  

Many of the top public and private school coaches in the DMV will be on hand at this event and they will be looking for the next crop of talent to fit their program needs.  The question is, will yours be there to get noticed? Or will you be disappointed at the end of the season when the Grassroots Goons are going to the top public, private, and charter schools, along with the red carpet treatment?

In addition to exposure to the top HS coaches in the DMV, this is additional look for our FBU National Championship Teams.  We have 3 Teams now. This is NOT an official FBU Tryout, but we are always scouting for talent for our MD and NoVa State Teams.  This is a prelude to the 1st set of FBU National Championship Team tryouts coming in August for Team Maryland, Team Metro Maryland and Team Northern VA.


If you still need more reasons to commit, please continue to read.

This is also the first official tryout Youth Crab Bowl and Youth Capitol Bowl that will be truly spectacular this winter. From a scouting and exposure standpoint, the Hot Gates will be unmatched.  For those of you not familiar yet with FBU yet, or the Youth Crab Bowl and Youth Capitol Bowl, you will learn all about them and their benefits.  You will put yourself in position to be on the FBU, Crab Bowl, and Capitol Bowl radar screens as one of the top middle school athletes in the DMV.



Nationwide HS scouting service SEN will be on hand to capture all the action, rank the athletes, and provide unprecedented national exposure. In addition to their scouting prowess, the actual media production that SEN Television will put on will be spectacular.  No longer do we just have the FBU Platform of National Championship Tournament and the All American Games, but we are now on the selection committee for the the Under Armour 8th Grade All American Game, which is entitled, the UA Next Game. The Game will be played in Orlando, Fl right after the Under Armour High School All American Game.  Participants will spend a week with the Under Armour High School All Americans. 

In addition, we are on the selection committee for the USA Football International Bowls to be played in AT&T Stadium (Jerry World) on Martin Luther King's Birthday in January of 2018. The opportunities for Exposure are legendary.  But it all starts with the Hot Gates!!!!  The Fall 2017 Football Season officially begins when you enter the Hot Gates. There will be so many HS coaches there that your heads will spin.  College Coaches from all over the DMV will be in attendance as well. Towson U, Howard, and Bowie State have already committed.  We expect t0 see Navy, Morgan State, Catholic U, Georgetown, McDaniel and Stevenson College.


Take a peak at the level of coverage that SEN provided for last years Hot Gates by clicking HERE.  The coverage is unreal.

The best news is that NOT ONLY will the event be held on at the University of Maryland on the same practice fields that the Terps use every day, EACH and EVERY Drill of the camp will be run by University of Maryland Coaches!!!!  Yes it is true....  Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach Walt Bell will work exclusively with the middle school QB's.  DB Coach Azzar Abdul Rahim will work exclusively with the Defensive Backs, etc., etc.

So as a middle school student athlete, you have the opportunity to be coached by and audition in front of a Big Ten coaching staff.  This is unprecedented and unheard of.  Only Grassroots has this type of access. The good news is that that Camp is open to Every athlete from every league, in every region that can get to the event.

There is absolutely no excuse NOT to attend.  The only issue is that the space will be limited.  We can not handle a showcase event with 500 kids and we are not interested in mass producing football. We are cutting off online registration at 300 and will only take walk ups until we are at capacity, so the first 300 that fill out this registration page and secure the payment will get the opportunity of a lifetime. 


Here are the Event Highlights:

·        - Invitations for free admission to the Burning Sands for Crab Bowl and FBU Selections will be awarded.

·    ·  -Evaluations by SEN TELEVISION and ALL TOP AREA High School Coaches.

·        -First look for Grassroots Game Changer Evaluations for 2018.

If this information is not more than enough to get you to want to attend the best youth football event of the year, than we are probably not a good fit for you and we wish you the best on your youth football career.  But here is what I will finally say to the masses of youth football players and parents:

You all SAY you want......

If so, then Come get it........ It will be at the Hot Gates!!!!!

Spread the word........

The top rated players from the classes of 2021 and 2022 will be there. Come show the scouts you are just as good if not better. The SEN 2022 Rankings start on Monday June 19th at the U of Maryland.

FBU All Americans will be there like FBU National Player of the Year Antwain Littleton, FBU 8th Grade Offensive MVP Zion Larkins, FBU 8th Grade Defensive MVP Greg Penn, Caleb Coombs, Colin Henrich, and Caleb Coombs, just to n name a few. UA All Americans like 8th Grade MVP Gary Rosemond, Kenjuan Manuel, Jordan Anderson, and others from the game will be there.

Grassroots Game Changers will be there like Under Armour Ill Speed Champion Colby McDonald, and Grassroots Play Makers like Jalil Farooq, Christian Taylor, Mikey Keen, Joshua Williams, and many more.

All the top rated players will be at the Gates.

What about you? Are you going to continue to complain about not being recognized and respected, or are you going to come and take your respect by competing against the best of the best. Those of you that missed the opportunity to play in the Grassroots Spring, have one last shot. Take your best one and get signed up NOW!!!!!

We realize that we are not for everybody.  The rest are details for you to know and share.

Grassroots Hot Gates Middle School Showcase III:

Where: University of Maryland Gossett Field House
              379 Field House Drive
              College Park, MD 20742

Cost: $35.00 online for Current Athletes on Spring GYFL 2017 Rosters;
$50.00 online for NON-GYFL Spring 2017 Rosters.

Walk Up Fee will be $50.00 for ALL walk ups.  

There will be NO Refunds.  GYFL credit will be offered for players who have paid but can't attend for any reason.

When: Monday June 19th, 2017
Time: All Grades register @ 8am; Compete from 9am to 1pm
Details: NO PADS; Bring Water
              Shorts, cleats, T-Shirts; Youth Club Game Jersey

Schedule of Events:

  • Registration
  • Intro by President Mike Anderson
  • Introduction of University of Maryland Coaching Staff
  • Release to field for Dynamic Warm up
  • Break down into individual position groups for Position Skills and Drills
  • One on One sessions (WR vs DB's, RB vs LB's, TE vs Safeties, OL vs DL
  • 7 on 7 Session for skill players
  • Closing Instructions




To truly understand the value of this event and how it can change lives, just take a look at the article from the Baltimore Sun on three of our alums who are currently juniors in High School.  It breaks down how an important element of college recruiting works by the Mid Atlantic Regional Director of Scouting for CLICK HERE to see the Baltimore Sun article, and learn about the Grassroots track record of College Scholarship offers and signings.

See you at the Gates on Monday 19th!!!

By the way, Grassroots............. What is your profession?.............. Ah UH!!!!!!!!




Coach Mike


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