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Ray Lewis UA Youth Camp Featured

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         The One and Only Ray Lewis is Hosting a Camp with Under Armour, Grassroots and the Mid Atlantic Sports Foundation!!!!! The One and Only Ray Lewis is Hosting a Camp with Under Armour, Grassroots and the Mid Atlantic Sports Foundation!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are so very excited to announce the launch of the RL52 Youth Football Camp!!!  Ray Lewis, Under Armour, GYFL, and the Mid Atlantic Sports Foundation are joining forces to bring an unbelievable experience to the youth of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area.  There has never been an event quite like this in the DMV.  This camp goes way beyond football.  Ray wants to show the kids something truly special.  We know he is a passionate mentor who believes in giving back to the community.  He did NOT want to just do football and he did NOT want to just do "Elite Athletes." 

The BEST Part is that there is NO CHARGE for this event.........  Ray and Under Armour are truly into giving back!!!!!

This event is for ALL student athletes, no matter what level you may be as a football player.  Ray just wants to meet, bless, and train kids!!!  This event is open to ALL players from ALL leagues in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, AND BEYOND!!!!!! If you can get to Baltimore, you are eligible for consideration.  

It is NOT a GYFL exclusive deal. It is NOT a Mid Atlantic Sports Foundation, Crab Bowl, or Capital Bowl deal. You do NOT have to play in GYFL to be selected for this "Invitation Only Event." We just happened to be blessed enough to be able to present the opportunity and want to use as a way to extend an Olive Branch across the aisle to everyone interested.

You just needed to follow instructions, have filled out the initial registration page and been one of the first 40 5th Graders, 40 6th Graders, and 30 7th Graders to have been CONSIDERED for this awesome chance.  The Pre-Reg is no longer available as the spots have been filled for this one, but filling out the form did NOT Guarantee a spot, but it guaranteed that you were in the running.  We decided to reserve the first 3 spots to the 3 parents that moved on this the quickest and they are listed below.  GYFL and Mid Atlantic Sports Foundation are so fortunate and humbled that Ray and Under Armour decided to include us to bring the kids.

Ray will mentor your child like he is one of his own.........        Seth Minter the Foot Doctor to work on speed.......

When I updated this page on 4/21/2017 at 9:57am, I was simply flabbergasted.  I had never seen a response like this for anything that we have ever done in my life.  I figured that if we started marketing this in late April, that by the beginning of May we would have at least 120 kids showing interest and we would send the invitation code.  I was expecting to get a significant number of hits to the page, and a percentage of those hits would take the time to fill out the Pre-Registration Page for consideration.  Well Ladies and Gentlemen, we had over 3,000 hits in less than 24 hours.........  As of May 2nd when we closed out the Pre-Registrations there were 6,060 hits to the page and 322 actual Pre-Registration applicants for 110 slots.

I have simply never seen anything like this.  When I told Ray he was in a state of Shock as well!!!!  As of the morning of 4/21, we were at 225 Pre-Registered student athletes and now we sit at 322.  It is a good problem to have but it will create disappointment for those that don't make the cut.  As I said, we are already in the process of finding ways to bless all of those who don't make this first cut, but now we must figure out how to deal with this reality.

Here is what we considered and what we planned to do to make this work.  We constantly talk about the importance of academics and character, along with athletic ability.  This situation provided an opportunity to put our money where our mouths were and honor some kids who have truly made the commitment to being bigger than an athlete.  We wanted to reward those who have taken it seriously and here is how we planned to whittle down to 110.  Those in the Pre-Registration database were expected to receive an email from GYFL/MASF representatives asking you to provide the following:

  • Copy of the most recent report card.
  • Essay from the student athlete answering the question, "Why is it so important to attend this Ray Lewis Camp."  No more than one page.
  • Recommendation from the school counselor on school letterhead regarding "Character" of the student-athlete.

Unfortunately for this run, we did not have the time or the manpower to utilize this Great Idea by Ray.  We did have a number of parents inquire about the process of where to send the essays, etc., but we were not able to fulfill the promise and get the information out in time, because we miscalculated the time that would be needed to order shoes, cleats and accessories.  We won't have the luxury of the next two weeks to get this information out.  So we decided to randomly select the masses of the kids for this opportunity, along with selecting certain kids that have exhibited a commitment to the qualities of Academics, Athletics, and mostly character over the years.

Today is the day that we select the final 110.  Those selected will be receiving emails tonight and tomorrow.  It will be imperative for you to follow the instructions immediately to reserve your spots.  You will receive a link to the Under Armour Page that you will need to access asap and provide all the necessary information and Under Armour will do the rest.

Here are some of the Camp highlights:

  • Camp will take place at the UA House 1100 East Fayette Street (Corner of Fayette and Colvin St.).
  • Saturday May 13th is the date.
  • Cost is FREE!!!!!! Invite Only.
  • Camp will be comprised of 120 5th, 6th, & 7th Grade student athletes.  GYFL and Mid Atlantic has 110 spots to work with, as Under Armour is giving 10 spots to Living Classrooms.  We would like to have as even a split across all 3 grades as possible, which is why we can't just take the first 110 that Pre-Register.  
  • The Gear and package the athletes will get is just Priceless.  Athletes will receive the following: Compression Shirt, Shorts, Gloves, Socks, A Sack Pack, Training Shoes, Wristbands & Cleats...... Yest I said Cleats!!!!
  • Exclusive Foot Work Station, led by the one and only Foot Doctor, Seth Minter.
  • Boot Camp Station for Ray Lewis style work to build the body.
  • Ray will personally be running the Yoga Station and sharing his secret to a 17 year career.
  • Of course there will be a Football Skills and Drills Station.
  • The best part will be the mentoring and the Q & A provided to Ray Lewis himself!!
  • There is NO CHARGE for this event, but you must have an invitation code to be allowed in.



Ray will show put you through Boot Camp              Ray Lewis, Tony Kennedy and Coach Mike  
and show you how he chisels his body!!                   at the 2016 Spring GYFL Championship                

Here is the Camp Format:

6:00 am -  7:30 am      Facility set up

7:45 am – 9:00 am      Camp Registration

·         Registration and gear distribution in Classroom

·         Cleats and shoes distribution in Turf Room

·         Option to change in locker room

9:00 am – 9:15 am      Camp Intro/Our Father’s Prayer

·         Basketball Court

9:15 am – 9:30 am
      Warm Up

·         Basketball Court

·         Led by Monte Sanders

9:30 am – 10:15 am   Session 1

·         Group 1 - Agility Stations/Boot Camp – Basketball Court

·         Group 2 – Foot Doctor – Basketball Court

·         Group 3– Yoga – Yoga Room

·         Group 4 – Football Drills – Turf Room

10:15 am – 10:20 am – Hydration and Rotation

10:20 am – 11:05 am – Session 2

·         Group 1 – Football Drills – Turf Room

·         Group 2 –Agility Stations/Boot Camp – Basketball Court

·         Group 3 –Foot Doctor – Basketball Court

·         Group 4– Yoga – Yoga Room

11:05 am – 11:20 am – Hydration and Snack

11:20 am – 12:05 pm – Session 3

·         Group 1 - Yoga – Yoga Room

·         Group 2 – Football Drills – Turf Room

·         Group 3 – Agility Stations/Boot Camp – Basketball Court

·         Group 4 – Foot Doctor – Basketball Court

12:05 pm – 12:10 pm – Hydration and Rotation

12:10 pm – 12:55 pm – Session 4

·         Group 1 - Foot Doctor – Basketball Court (Possible turf)

·         Group 2 – Yoga – Yoga Room

·         Group 3 – Football Drills – Turf Room

·         Group 4 – Agility Stations/Boot Camp – Basketball Court

12:55 pm – 1:00 pm – Organize groups

1:00 pm – 1:40 pm – Tackling Circuit (Turf Room)

·         4 Stations

1:40 pm – 1:45 pm – Hydration and Rotation

1:45 pm – 2:15 pm -  Relays (Turf Room)

2:15 pm – Closing Remarks

·         Q & A with Ray Lewis


The Giveaway Package is just insane!!!!  Nothing compares to this.

The Cleat Game for Under Armour is serious.  Not sure exactly what cleats
they are going to bring, or what training shoes, but you will get both.  Here
are some examples of the UA products that will be distributed.

Drills for Agility and Boot Camp

·         Push-up drill

·         Penguin walk- 2x 50 yds.

·         Bounds- 2x 50 yds.

·         Squats- x 200

·         X Drill-

o   Skip

o   Quad stretch

o   Shuffles & alternate sides

o   Jumping jacks

o   Back peddles

o   Karaoke

o   Sprints

o   Back pedal turn sprints

o   One leg bounds & alternate legs

o   Regular bounds

:  For those that don't make the final 110 this time:

We know that you are going to be disappointed and Ray does too.  The space at the UA House is just not big enough for any more than the 120 total (110 from GYFL/MASF).  We are working on some major options for you TO BENEFIT AND TO SEE RAY!!!

Grassroots Spring Games:

Ray Lewis is making a commitment to Grassroots and he will be with us for the duration, so if you don't get a chance to meet him this time, this will NOT be the last time.  Ray will be at some of our Grassroots Games this Spring, so even if you are not playing in the League, I will let you know when he is coming so you can come meet him.

U of MD Youth Impact Program:

In addition, if any of the kids on this list fall into the category of At Risk, and can get to a central location in PG County from July 10th to July 21st, you will have first dibs on an opportunity to participate in the University of Maryland's Youth Impact Program.  It is one of the most phenomenal concepts we have every seen.  It is a 2 Week camp on the campus of the University of Maryland that is designed to be transformation.  

Yes, there will be football every day to finish off the afternoon, but there will be STEM Education in the morning.  There will be Life Skills, Leadership, and Discipline training by the Marines in the afternoon.  Finally the players from the University of Maryland will teach football skills and drills each and every day for 2 weeks. The Program is sponsored by UA so shirts and shorts will be provide.  All of the details are in this link.  Please Click on THIS LINK AND READ IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!

We have not begun promoting this yet and we won't for the next week or so.  We want to give you guys the opportunity to have first dibs on the slots, so if your child does not get selected for Ray's Camp and he is considered "At Risk", please take advantage of this opportunity,  We are working on Ray's schedule to try to get him to spend a day at the Youth Impact Program and we are confident that we will be able to get it done.  Don't want to promise it just yet, but if he can't come, expect to see other celebrity athletes make an appearance to be a blessing to your child.

Finally, there are more perks for being on this list to those that were not able to be invited to this first camp.

Youth Crab Bowl and Capitol Bowl Camp:

  • Free invitation to the Youth Crab Bowl and Youth Capitol Bowl Exposure Camp.
  • GYFL and the Mid Atlantic Sports Foundation partnered in 2012 to bring a collaborative Youth Crab Bowl All Star Event to the DMV and it has been the most successful Regional Post Season Youth All Star Showcase in the Mid Atlantic Region for the past 9 years.  The 10 Anniversary this Winter will be the best ever.
  • From 2017 and beyond we will have Summer Tryouts in the month of July for all 8 regions that participate and everyone on this list, who did NOT get selected will get an invitation code to attend the tryout in June For Free!!!!  Details to come.
  • The Youth Capitol Bowl featuring Nova vs DC athletes will launch this winter at Georgetown University.  The Camps in July will be free to all who are on this database.
  • We can't promise you just yet that Ray will be in attendance, but we are damn sure working on it and feel very confident that we will make that happen.  But even if he can't make it to the Crab or Capitol Bowls, your experience will be breathtaking.

GYFL Hot Gates Camp at U of Maryland:

  • On Monday June 19th on the Campus of the University of Maryland, we will hold our 2nd Annual Hot Gates Showcase.  The Coaching Staff from the University of Maryland will be on hand to coach and run every position drill and evaluate your babies up close and personal.  Never been anything quite like this.
  • This is not sponsored fully be UA yet, and we have some expenses to pay, so we can't make it free, but you have a guaranteed spot before the slots run out and your cost will only be $10.00.  The General fee is $50.00 so being on this list will give you an 80% discount.
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